25 Most Intriguing Chosen One Tattoos to Show Your Admiration

The Chosen One tattoo is one of the most iconic tattoos in basketball history. It was the famous LeBron James’ tattoo which is inked on his back. The story behind the tattoo brings us back to 2002 when LeBron James was branded as the Chosen One, thanks to a Sports Illustrated Cover in that same year.

Chosen One Tattoo Ideas

The tattoo has become his self-expression and identity, which inspired his fans all over the world. He inspired his fans and basketball enthusiasts to create the ‘Chosen One’ tattoo on their body, too.

Not only on their back but also on their arm, neck, or chest. If you plan on creating one yourself, below we have a list of the coolest 25 the Chosen One tattoos to inspire you.

Chosen One Tattoo on Arm

Let’s start with a list of the coolest Chosen One tattoos on the arm areas. If you want to make a statement through this cool tattoo, make sure you check the list below and we believe you’ll find the one you’ve been looking for in no time!

1. The Chosen One Tattoo on the Upper Arm

Chosen One Tattoos
The Chosen One Tattoo on the Upper Arm

This is a creative ‘Chosen One’ tattoo that comes in black and red. It is made on the back of the arm, which will look cool when you wear your sleeveless shirt. Use a round-shaped font followed by the number 1 on the bottom.

2. The Chosen One Tattoo for Men

Chosen One Tattoos
The Chosen One Tattoo for Men

This is a large-sized ‘Chosen One’ tattoo that combines two fonts together.

Create a cloudy-looking frame that creates a dramatic effect on your lower arm. To show off the tattoo to your fellow LeBron James’ fans, wear your short sleeve shirts and make sure the tattoo is visible for everyone to see.

3. Graffiti Style Tattoo

Chosen One Tattoos
Graffiti Style Tattoo

Treat your arm like a wall of graffiti by creating this super cool ‘Chosen One’ tattoo on your lower arm area.

It uses graffiti font that creates an artistic vibe to your look. People will immediately know that LeBron James is your true role model. In our opinion, a silver bracelet will match perfectly with the tattoo.

4. Black and Red

Chosen One Tattoos
Black and Red

This tattoo has a vibe that reminds you about the excitement during the NBA playoffs. It has a design and font that were inspired by the common design of basketball field’s elements.

Mix black and red together, and use red ink only for the number 1, making a focal point of the tattoo.

5. The One on the Arm

Chosen One Tattoos
The One on the Arm

In our opinion, this next tattoo idea is one of the most good-looking tattoos on the list. You can have this artistic ‘Chosen One’ tattoo on your lower arm and make sure you ask a professional tattoo artist to do the job.

6. Cloud Frames

Chosen One Tattoos
Cloud Frames

This is another option of ‘Chosen One’ tattoo that combines black and red ink into one artwork. Have this tattoo inked on your lower arm area and use red ink to create the ‘One’ word to make it a graphic to highlight from the tattoo.

7. Flower Accent

Chosen One Tattoos
Flower Accent

If you are a female fan of LeBron James, you might want to check out this next ‘Chosen One’ tattoo recommendation. It has a design that features cursive letters plus a graphic of a flower as the background. Bold and sweet, indeed.

8. Wings to Fly

Chosen One Tattoos
Wings to Fly

If you are looking for a tattoo with iconic design, this one needs to be considered.

This ‘Chosen One’ tattoo features two wings on both sides, right and left, and the number one graphic in the center of them. The word ‘Chosen’ is inked using red tattoo ink on top of the tattoo.

9. Simple ‘Chosen’ Tattoo

Chosen One Tattoos
Simple ‘Chosen’ Tattoo

We have another option of a ‘Chosen’ tattoo for female basketball fans, particularly fans of LeBron James.

This tattoo comes as a word tattoo using cursive letters, plus a small heart shape on the side. What Lovely and meaningful for a sweet female fan. In addition, if you don’t feel like having a permanent tattoo, you can always go for temporary tattoos.

10. Word Art Tattoo

Chosen One Tattoos
Word Art Tattoo

Looking for another graffiti tattoo to be inked on your upper arm? We have the perfect recommendation for you. This ‘Chosen One’ tattoo is perfect for a true fan who would love to create a symbol of admiration to basketball or LeBron James on his body.

If you are one, this tattoo is for you. Wear your black LeBron James’ vintage shirt to make you look awesome.

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11. Classic Font

Chosen One Tattoos
Classic Font

Small and meaningful tattoo is suitable for female fans who want to get a ‘Chosen One’ tattoo as part of fashion. It comes as a tattoo with classic fonts, inked on the lower arm. It will make sure that tattoo is visible by everyone.

Chosen One Tattoo on Chest

LeBron James had his tattoo on his back, which is a recommended spot for large-sized tattoos. But creating a ‘Chosen One’ tattoo on your chest is also a great idea. It will make sure the tattoo is seen while you wear your casual shirt.

So check out below the recommendations of the ‘Chosen One’ tattoo on your chest.

12. Big Wings on the Chest

Chosen One Tattoos
Big Wings on the Chest

This popular ‘Chosen One’ tattoo design has the perfect design and size to be inked on your chest. You can have it to make a statement, or to complete your tattoo collection. Also, it will be a super cool tattoo that attracts attention from girls, for sure.

13. Artistic Chosen One Tattoo

Chosen One Tattoos
Artistic Chosen One Tattoo

Next up we have an artistic ‘Chosen One’ tattoo with a design that features classic letters made on your chest. It has a pretty huge size, which will look super awesome when you are shirtless, or wear a V-neck shirt at the beach or pool party.

14. Simple and Fierce

Chosen One Tattoos
Simple and Fierce

If you are looking for a smaller ‘Chosen One’ tattoo option to be inked on your chest, you need to check this one out. This tattoo has a masculine design for those of you who love to wear your shirt unbuttoned.

Wear a silver necklace to create a stylish and elegant look if you will.

15. Small and Simple The Chosen One Tattoo

Chosen One Tattoos
Small and Simple The Chosen One Tattoo

This small and simple The Chosen One tattoo is perfect for a sweet fan who wants to show her admiration in a simple yet meaningful way.

The tattoo is made as a phrase tattoo using cursive letters, inked on your right chest. Wearing tank tops will be a great way to show off your tattoo to everyone.

Chosen One Tattoo on Back

Your back is also a great spot to create an artistic ‘Chosen One’ tattoo. You can go for a small, medium, or large-sized tattoo, and pick one idea from the list of tattoo recommendations below that matches your taste and preference. 

16. Statement Tattoo on the Back

Chosen One Tattoos
Statement Tattoo on the Back

This tattoo offers a look that has the old newspaper vibe, which we believe will look super awesome on your back. You can draw an image of a flying angel on the left side of the ‘Chosen One’ tattoo to add a meaningful element to your tattoo.

17. Artistic ‘Chosen’ Tattoo 

Chosen One Tattoos
Artistic ‘Chosen’ Tattoo

The ‘Chosen One’ tattoo has a specific meaning for Lebron James’ fans.

However, if you are thinking of having a ‘Chosen’ tattoo instead, that’s ok, too. It also has a deep meaning and is able to become a form of identity that describes your character, personality, and faith.

18. Street Art Tattoo

Chosen One Tattoos
Street Art Tattoo

Similar to our previous recommendation, this is another option of an artistic tattoo to be inked on your back. Applying classic letters, you can definitely consider this tattoo if you are a fan of LeBron James, or a believer, or perhaps both?

19. Simple but Bold

Chosen One Tattoos
Simple but Bold

If you are a true fan of LeBron James, then we recommend you to create a tattoo that looks similar to his actual tattoo. It will definitely become a statement of your admiration, and it will be a symbol of identity as a basketball fan, too.

20. Black and White Tattoo

Chosen One Tattoos
Black and White Tattoo

This next tattoo idea is a perfect ‘Chosen One’ tattoo for male basketball and LeBron James’ fans. It has a modern design that features black and white-looking graphics that will make you look awesome with a badass ‘Chosen One’ tattoo.

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Chosen One Tattoo on Neck

Do you know that your neck is also a great spot on your body to have an awesome tattoo? Yes, it includes a cool ‘Chosen One’ tattoo! If you are looking for some cool ideas of ‘Chosen One’ tattoos on your neck, scroll down now and be ready to be inspired!

21. Gorilla on the Neck

Gorilla on the Neck
Gorilla on the Neck

Having this super badass ‘Chosen One’ tattoo on your neck, along with other tattoos that you previously had. But as for this particular tattoo, you are suggested to have a tattoo in the form of a gorilla’s face with red eyes. Then, use red ink to create the number 1 in the center.

22. Statement Tattoo

Statement Tattoo
Statement Tattoo

This Chosen One tattoo will also make a great tattoo idea for fans who want to create a symbol of admiration and identity on their body.

However, this one offers a simple design with the word Chosen and a rough image of a bird with wings underneath the word. Then wear a gold necklace to look stylish.

23. The Red ‘One’

The Red ‘One’
The Red ‘One’

For a fierce tattoo that uses black and red inks, you might want to go for this tattoo design. It comes with an artistic choice of letters that will turn your tattoo into a work of art. Write the number 1 using a red tattoo ink for  dramatic touch. 

24. Simple Chosen One Tattoo on the Side

Simple Chosen One Tattoo on the Side
Simple Chosen One Tattoo on the Side

If you are looking for the simplest design of a Chosen One tattoo, we recommend you to check this recommendation.

It comes as a word art on your skin, inked on the right side of your neck, just behind your ear. Wear a simple and masculine earring on your right ear, and you will look awesome instantly!

25. The Chosen Tattoo on the Back of Your Neck

The Chosen Tattoo on the Back of Your Neck
The Chosen Tattoo on the Back of Your Neck

No, we don’t forget about a tattoo recommendation for those of you who are looking for a Chosen One tattoo on the back of your neck. This Chosen tattoo comes with a design that has a cloud graphic around the Chosen word, making it a wonderful and meaningful tattoo to pick.

Final Thoughts

The Chosen One tattoo is a creative choice of tattoo to show your admiration to the one and only, LeBron James, and also to be a symbol of your identity, personality, and faith. There are countless choices of tattoo designs, which you can choose based on your taste and preference. 

So, hope you find the most suitable choice of a Chosen One tattoo. Once you have the chosen tattoo inked on your body, make sure you share it online through photos and make your tattoo an inspiration.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the symbolism behind a Chosen One tattoo?

LeBron James has a famous tattoo on his back that reads ‘Chosen 1’ that he got after being featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2002. 

How do I choose the right design for a Chosen One tattoo?

First, decide the spot on your body to have the tattoo inked on the spot, and then choose the design and shape that will fit the spot perfectly. You can also choose to have it as a one-colored, or two-colored tattoo based on taste and preference. 

The most popular styles include the one that looks similar to the actual LeBron James’ tattoo on his back, as well as the tattoo design that features two wings with the word Chosen One on the center.

How can I personalize my Chosen One tattoo to make it unique?

You can add colors to the tattoo and combine it with other related graphics to make it look more dramatic and artistic. 

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