25 Sexiest Catwoman Cosplay Ideas for True Female Fans

Catwoman is truly a key character in all Batman stories. She has a unique and charming personality and several A-list actresses have been playing the role of Catwoman in several Batman movies including Michelle Pfifer, Halle Berry, Alicia Silverstone and Anne Hathaway. 

Aside from the charming and evil-ish character, Catwoman is also seen wearing sexy and iconic outfits that make her look a great cosplay inspiration. Her looks are just very appealing and make a great representation of the famous pop culture.

Sexiest Catwoman Cosplay Ideas

Based on that, you need to consider cosplaying as Catwoman to steal the show. Below we have a list of 25 catwoman cosplay ideas that will inspire you. From the sexy outfits to the classic and modern options, we have everything on our list.

Sexy Catwoman Cosplay

First we will share some of the sexiest catwoman cosplay ideas that will make you look stunning, hot and sexy with the coolest Catwoman outfits. 

1. Sexy and Authentic Catwoman Costume

Source: Instagram (@tatahtrintrin)

This costume was inspired by Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman outfit with the all black bodysuit, long black hair, the mask and headpiece. This sexy-looking costume will make you the star of the night.

It is highly recommended for those of you with a slender body type.

2. The Deadly Whip

Source: Instagram (@heroshotllc)

If you notice, a whip is actually one of Catwoman’s reliable weapons and so, we think you need to consider this costume that includes the iconic weapon.

You can wear a full bodysuit with the black boots and full-face mask, and carry Catwoman’s iconic whip on your hand to make you look fearless.

3. All Leather Suit

Source: Facebook (@The Dark Multiverse)

Wearing an all black leather Catwoman costume like this one will make you look sexy in no time. It will show your sexy cleavage while looking tight and fit on your body. If you have black hair, leave it as it is and wear a leather catwoman mask to finish the look.

4. Halle Berry-inspired Costume

Source: Instagram (@sentientmodels)

This version of Catwoman’s outfit was inspired by Halle Berry’ version of the outfit with the black bra and leather pants. It is recommended if you want to pick a cool Catwoman cosplay idea with a masculine vibe.

Also, make sure you pull your hair up and wear the Catwoman mask to complete your look.

5. Gray Catwoman Suit

Source: Facebook (@Long Live The Bat)

This gray Catwoman bodysuit is another option of a sexy idea for those who seek for stunning cosplay performance. Aside from the suit, it also comes with the golden chain belt, whip, black leather boots and gloves, too.

Lastly, don’t forget to wear the iconic Catwoman mask that makes a crucial final touch.

6. Sexy Leather Catwoman Costume

Source: Instagram (@snarkyjaycosplay)

Here we have another choice of a full leather Catwoman for those of you who want to look sexy. This Catwoman cosplay idea offers a look that will compliment your body shape and make you the center of attention.

As for the mask, it comes with the headpiece plus the goggles, too. 

7. Purple Catwoman Costume

Source: Instagram (@amaliaaacat)

We believe you remember that Catwoman is also known for her purple outfit. Here we recommend you to consider wearing this purple suit that will bring out the classic Catwoman look.

Being a unique Catwoman cosplay guide, we believe that this is an idea that deserves your consideration. Plus, it comes with the whip, too!

8. Blue Catwoman Suit

Source: Instagram (@snarkyjaycosplay)

After we suggested the gray Catwoman suit, now we have another option of a suit that comes in blue. As for this one, we have to say that it is made of soft and comfortable material that will make you enjoy wearing it all day long.

Plus, it also comes with the gold belt, leather gloves and boots, and of course, the mask, too.

9. Patterned Catwoman Costume

Source: Facebook (@The Dark Multiverse)

Looking like a fierce Catwoman is definitely something worth trying.

Take this patterned Catwoman costume for instance. It comes with a masculine look plus the necessary accessories such as the red goggles, the whip, and last but not least, the black choker with a kitty pendant.

Classic Catwoman Cosplay

Being one of the most popular superhero stories that has been around for ages, Catwoman can be considered as a strong character that has been through many changes and modifications in her looks.

In this category we will share with you the best options of classic Catwoman cosplay ideas that offer their everlasting charm.

10. Catwoman’s Purple Gown

Source: Instagram (@cupcakesandcosplay)

This purple dress is definitely a classic look of Catwoman that deserves your attention. It includes gorgeous elements that will make you win the best cosplay award. It comes with the purple dress and mask, green cape, and suede boots to complete your look.

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11. Purple Suit and Suede Boots

Source: Pinterest

We recommend this costume for female cosplayers who are tall and slender, because we think this costume will beautifully compliment their look. It comes with an adorable purple suit and mask, completed with high heeled boots, leather gloves and the iconic whip. 

12. Gold Chain Belt and Pearl Necklaces

Source: Instagram (@woodeye.photo)

To create a classic Catwoman look you might want to add some sparkles to your costume. Wear a glossy gray bodysuit and pair it with a gold chain belt while carrying a handful of pearl necklaces.

You will look super stunning as if you just successfully stole a set of valuable jewelry from the richest people of Gotham.

13. Hot Catwoman Costume

Source: Pinterest (@project-nerd.com)

When it comes to the most classic Catwoman costume, we think this next cosplay idea is going to be a wise choice. It comes with the classic black suit and the iconic Catwoman headpiece, plus the gold necklace and belt that will make you look vintage and classic at the same time. 

14. Balent-style Catwoman Suit

Source: Instagram (@amaliaaacat)

Next we have another Catwoman cosplay idea that offers a bright purple suit.

You will look stunning in an instant, as long you pair the suit along with black leather boots and gloves. Then, you might want to wear a thick curly hair wig under the purple mask to create a more convincing look. 

15. Short-haired Catwoman

Source: Instagram (@amaliaaacat)

For female cosplayers who want to look unique as Catwoman, this idea might be an attractive choice for you. It is perfect for short-haired cosplayers who want to look feminine with the purple dress and green cape. Then add the Catwoman cosplay accessories that include the headpiece, belt, and leather gloves

16. Leather Boots and Gloves

Leather Boots and Gloves
Source: Instagram (@amaliaaacat)

Wearing this adorable black and purple Catwoman costume will make purple your new favorite color. It looks adorable especially when it pairs with leather boots and gloves plus the purple headpiece. Then, make sure you carry your whip while wearing this costume.

17. Classic Catwoman Mask and Suit

Classic Catwoman Mask and Suit
Source: Instagram (@miss_sam_mae)

This grayscale-themed Catwoman costume is recommended for female cosplayers who love to wear grayscale outfits. It comes with the gray bodysuit and silver belt, plus the black gloves with claws, black mask and black whip, too!

Modern Catwoman Costume

Let’s move on with the last category on the list; the modern Catwoman costume ideas. Here you will find the coolest options of Catwoman costumes that will make you look stylish yet fierce as Catwoman.

Scroll down to see our recommendations!

18. Catwoman Costume with a Corset

Catwoman Costume with a Corset
Source: flickr (@sonia giusti)

A good corset is modern women’s best friend. If you think that’s true, then how about wearing a tight and fit black Catwoman suit that includes a corset, too?

The corset will make you look stylish yet making sure you look on point as the lady cat. Then, carry a handgun and black gloves to make you look fierce. 

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19. Catwoman with Claws

Catwoman with Claws
Source: Instagram (@beku.cos)

Just like real cats, Catwoman is also known for her claws that are part of her outfits.

Like the one shown in the pic, we recommend you to consider wearing this costume because it has the claws, which will make you look authentic. Plus, the costume also includes the white-framed goggles and choker necklace as accessories.

20. Full Catwoman Bodysuit

Full Catwoman Bodysuit
Source: Instagram (@snarkyjaycosplay)

Having a costume that covers almost 90% of your body is also a great idea for you. It will make you look like a pro cosplayer that has been thinking thoroughly about your look.

You can get this high-quality Catwoman’s full body suit, and carry the black whip as a mandatory accessory that completes your look.

21. Red Goggles and Glossy Bodysuit

Red Goggles and Glossy Bodysuit
Source: Instagram (@amaliaaacat)

The red eve covers and glossy leather bodysuit are two of the main costume elements to consider having.

You will look super sexy and stylish in this costume, which makes you the most stunning Catwoman cosplayer ever. Pair it with a pair of leather boots and gloves, and you’re all set!

22. Hot and Badass Catwoman Costume

Hot and Badass Catwoman Costume
Source: Instagram (@goodoldfashioncos)

Become a hot and badass Catwoman by wearing this fierce and amazing costume.

It comes with a black costume set that includes the leather pants, long sleeve top, the mask, and also the inner part to make sure your costume comes in black from head to toe. 

23. Sweet and Sexy Catwoman

Sweet and Sexy Catwoman
Source: Instagram (@tatahtrintrin)

If you recreate this sweet and sexy Catwoman look for the next cosplay convention, we believe all eyes will be on you.

This is a costume that will boost your appearance, thanks to the seamless design, high-quality material, and also the unique headpiece. You will be everyone’s favorite in no time!

24. Purple Leather Suit

Purple Leather Suit
Source: Pinterest

If you think that Catwoman’s black costume is too mainstream, we suggest that you go for this purple leather suit instead. It comes with amazing design and high-quality materials, offering you extra comfort all day long.

Plus, it also comes with dark purple gloves and a mask, too. Lastly, dye your hair purple for an extra effort.

25. Super Tight Catwoman Bodysuit

Super Tight Catwoman Bodysuit
Source: Pinterest (@TakerlamaCosplay)

This is another option of a glossy Catwoman bodysuit that will make you look like a stylish and stunning Catwoman ever. It comes with the suit plus the corset made of the same material as the suit.

Once you wear the unique mask or headpiece, put on your red lipstick to create a super sexy look.

Catwoman Essential Accessories

If you aim for perfection in cosplaying Catwoman, it is necessary that you include the essential accessories into the costume as well. Accessories like the famous Catwoman’s whip, black gloves and red goggles are purely mandatory. 

However, you can put some personal touch to those accessories such as wearing white goggles instead of white, or wear different types of gloves to make you look more attractive.

Also, getting high-quality items that will boost your appearance from trusted costume stores or rentals is always recommended.

But whatever it is that you aim for by cosplaying as Catwoman, make sure you put extra attention to the details of your costume, because the more you go into the details, the better your performance will become. 

Final Thoughts

Being one of the most iconic female characters in the DC universe, cosplaying as Catwoiman will always be appealing for most female cosplayers. So, if you are thinking of cosplaying as her, we are on your team.

With several options of outfits to choose from, make sure you pick the one that represents your personality and style. But still, have fun with the princess and be free with your imagination and creativity to achieve the best results. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Catwoman’s whip called?

It is called a Bullwhip. She uses the whip because it is a weapon that she was trained to use, and therefore it cannot be taken from her and used against her in a confrontation.

Why does Catwoman wear a suit?

It was reported that Catwoman dressed in a tight suit so it wouldn’t get in the way of her aerobatics. 

Which Catwoman costume is the best?

Many people, fans, and cosplayers think that the best Catwoman costume is the Anne Hathaway Catwoman look, because the body suit is straight out of the modern-day depictions of Catwoman.

What material is Catwoman’s suit made from?

Catwoman’s suit is made of black latex in the form of a full bodysuit, aimed to make her free to move around.

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