25 Captivating Valentine Nails Ideas to Spread the Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and ladies, make sure your nails are up for it! It is necessary to make your nails look captivating to welcome the special day. Also, keeping up with the latest Valentine’s Day nail polish trends is important, too! 

Valentine Nails Ideas

Below, we have created a list of 25 most captivating Valentine nails ideas to make sure your nails are ready for V day. Scroll down to start discovering the perfect Valentine’s Day nail art idea!

Red Valentine Nails

Red is for sure the color of Valentine’s Day aside from pink. If you are feeling like having red nails this year, we have 15 of the most charming Valentine Nails Ideas and we are sharing all of them to you below. 

1. With Love, XOXO

Source: Instagram (@mtnails_mcmurray)

These charming red and white nails are so full of love! The design combines red and white nails with small red hearts painted on white nails as the patterns. Then create nail arts in the form of ‘XOXO’ on the nails of your ring fingers, left and right. Lovely!

2. Metallic Red Square Nails

Source: Instagram (@lucylove_nailz)

If you feel like polishing your nails using metallic red nail polish, then we think you need to go for it.

To make them look charming, create square-shaped nails and only paint the tip of the nails using the red metallic nail polish. Draw one small white heart on each of your pinky fingers’ nails to add a sweet touch to the design. 

3. Pretty Red Nails with Gold Rings

Source: Pinterest (@fashion)

Heart shapes are one of the most crucial elements for all Valentine nails ideas. Take this idea for instance. Your red oval nails will look a lot more charming with small white hearts on them.

In addition, we think it would be a lovely idea to wear multiple simple-designed gold rings on your fingers. The rings and pretty nails will make a pretty combination on your hands.

4. Love-themed Nails

Source: Pinterest (@discover.hubpages.com)

Make a statement through the design of your nails this Valentine’s Day by writing the word ‘LOVE’ on one nail, next to the one with heart shapes on it.

You can combine the design by painting several nails in red. Everyone will feel the love shines on you through your love-themed nails. 

5. Yin and Yang Inspired Red Nails

Source: Pinterest (@nailo)

The Yin and Yang design can be one of the most charming Valentine nails ideas this year.

Instead of black and white, use red and white nail polishes to create the design on your nails. Then, replace the black and white dots with red and white heart shapes to bring out the sweet Valentine’s Day vibe. 

6. Red Nails with a Heart Beat

Source: Pinterest (@Biya Arts)

Your stiletto-shaped nails will look more adorable with red nail polish. Paint them red and leave your ring fingers’ nails with white nail polish and paint the shape of a heartbeat with red heart shape on the center of it.

On your other ring finger, paint the nail in white and draw two small red hearts on them. 

7. White Hearts and Lines on Red Nails

Source: Pinterest (@Nails Designs)

These metallic stiletto-shaped nails are looking ready for Valentine’s Day! If you feel like having elegant nails to welcome this year’s Valentine’s Day. This is one of the perfect Valentine nails ideas to consider.

Paint the nails in metallic red and draw lines and heart shapes using white nail polish on all nails. Be creative with the pattern to create unique looking nails.

8. Red and White Roses

Source: Instagram (@sickgirlnails_)

Draw red and white roses on your nails that have been painted in red and white. Aside from chocolates, roses also symbolize love thus roses will be something for you to draw on your nails.

Design your ring fingers’ nails based on a ‘Queen’ playing card design to add a unique touch to the overall design.

9. Sparkling Hearts on Your Nails

Source: Instagram (@melonbun.nails)

This next recommendation is one of the most romantic nail ideas on the list.

As you can see, it includes some diamond-like gemstones or clear crystals embedded on the red-painted nails, which we think create a romantic vibe. With this nail idea, we think you are ready for Valentine’s Day, to spread the love.

10. Sharp Valentine’s Day Nails

Source: Instagram (@danny_nails91)

Super sharp stiletto nails on Valentine’s Day? Why not! Look fiercely romantic by applying this unique nail design on your nails.

Paint your nails in red and transparent alternately, and then draw red hearts on the transparent nails as the patterns. All set, and you are ready to spread the love.

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11. Heart Covered Nails

Source: Instagram (@lechatnails)

Look cheerfully this Valentine’s Day by having adorable heart-covered nails. Paint all your nails using crimson red nail polish.

Once you’re done with all the nails, stick heart shapes made of small beads, charms, gold paper, and add several small gemstones to the nails. We believe your nails will look fun and cheerful. 

12. Red Fiery Nails

Source: Pinterest (@ndnailsupply.com)

Sometimes, red square-shaped nails are all you need to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

However, we think it would be a lovely idea to decorate your ring fingers’ nails on both hands with a fiery design. In our opinion, your red fiery nails will be perfect for a romantic dinner with your loved one.

13. Vintage Black, Red and White Nails

Source: Pinterest

Vintage is a design that will never go out of style. And guess what? It also applies to your nails! You can take your nail art to the next level by applying this idea using three nail polish colors; red, white and black. 

14. Simple, Sweet and Everything Nice

Source: Pinterest (@Caro Suki)

These nails are looking like something simple, sweet and everything nice. We truly love the simple design of them, and you only need to use red and beige nail polish for this one.

Draw half-heart shape on each nail tip. Plus, we think almond shape is the perfect nail shape for this idea. 

15. Gemstones’ Sparks

Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

Add some sparkle to your ballerina-shaped nails by applying ombre painting method to your nails, except the nails of your ring and middle fingers. For the ring fingers’ nails, paint them all red and add three small gemstones on the bottom of each of them.

As for the middle singers’ nails, paint them using ‘healthy nails’ polish and draw 5 to 6 small red heart shapes on them. 

Pink Valentine Nails

As we mentioned earlier, pink is without a doubt one of the colors of Valentine’s Day. Therefore, it is necessary for us to also share with you some recommendations of Valentine nails ideas that come in pink.

So girls, who want to paint your nails pink for Valentine’s Day, scroll down to find the one you’re looking for.

16. Pink Nails with Cherry on Top

Pink Nails with Cherry on Top
Source: Instagram (@nail_stoned)

If you have short nails and want to make them look cheerfully romantic this Valentine’s Day, we think this idea is perfect for you.

You can use several shades of pink nail polishes and create different patterns on each nail. You can draw a cherry, heart-shape, flowers, or smiley faces on the nails. All in pink!

17. Simple Valentine Nails

Simple Valentine Nails
Source: Pinterest (@megs.nailnook)

This next idea is undoubtedly one of our most favorite Valentine nails ideas of all. These nails look sweet, simple yet adorable with a tiny heart shape on each of them. However, the key for this one is to pick the right shade of pink nail polish.

If you ask us, we think barbie pink or hot pink nail polish would be a great choice. 

18. Candy-themed Valentine’s Day Nails

Candy-themed Valentine’s Day Nails
Source: Pinterest (@An Unblurred Lady)

Candies are girls’ best friends! Well, diamonds, too. But how about candy nails for Valentine’s Day? We believe you are up for it. So, here it is, the candy-themed Valentine’s Day nails.

Pick soft and pastel pink nail polish, paint all nails with it, and draw pastel-colored heart shapes on your middle and ring fingers’ nails only. Super cute!

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19. Square Pink Nails

Square Pink Nails
Source: Pinterest (@Norma Tovar)

These ballerina shaped nails are looking so ready for Valentine’s Day. Make sure you consider this idea since we think this is one of the most elegant Valentine nails ideas for you.

You only need bright pink nail polish and paint several nails with it. As for the rest of the nails, draw small heart shapes using the nail polish. 

20. Black Hearts on Pink Nails

Black Hearts on Pink Nails
Source: Pinterest (@Graceful Guides)

Pink and black are one of the best color combos for your nails, and it’s proven by this image.

As you see, the pink matte nails look elegant yet romantic with a small heart shape in the middle of each of them, with black nail polish sparkles around the mini heart. 

21. Nude Ombre Pink Nails

Nude Ombre Pink Nails
Source: Pinterest (@Kiara Sky Nails)

Similar to the square pink nails that we recommended earlier, this next idea comes with a similar concept, but this one offers Ombre design in matte nail polish.

For the perfect result, as a professional nail art artist to help you with this design. Also, it will be more stunning if you have ballerina-shaped nails for this one. 

22. Pink Nails with Swirls

Pink Nails with Swirls
Source: Pinterest (@Blushing Beauty)

Use your nails as a canvas to draw heart-shaped swirls all over them. Make sure you only use pink nail polish for this one, and we recommend you to have ballerina-shaped nails, or simply use fake nails to have instant results.

23. Sparkling and Festive Valentine Nails

Sparkling and Festive Valentine Nails
Source: Pinterest (@⚕)

We think it would be a great idea to have sparkling and festive nails to welcome this year’s Valentine’s Day. After all, not everyday you celebrate a day full of love, right? For this one, use white, clear and light hot pink nail polish.

Create adorable artwork on each nail, and since the design is a bit complicated, we recommend you to go to a nail salon instead.

24. Glittery Pink Nails

Glittery Pink Nails
Source: Pinterest

All women love glitters, and so, we think we just had to award this glittery pink nails idea as one of the most charming Valentine nails ideas on the list.

Grab your pink, white and pink glitter nail polish ready, and create different patterns on each nail until they look like the ones shown in the pic. We think your nails will look adorable!

25. French Nails with Pink Hearts

French Nails with Pink Hearts
Source: Instagram (@peachinails)

For those of you who think that simplicity is the ultimate beauty, then this last one recommendation is for you.

The basic idea is to have a french manicure on all nails. But since it’s Valentine’s Day, you can decorate them by painting small heart shapes in red and pink. The nails will still look simple and sweet, but they spread some love to be adored. 

Final Thoughts

For most women, nails are part of the most important elements to style and polish. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, make sure you decorate your nails in line with the occasion.

Red and pink are definitely the colors to pick, and you can explore your creativity by adding decorative elements like stickers or patterns to make you all ready to spread the love this month. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are there any trendy Valentine’s nail art ideas for this year?

This year, pink and red nails will still be the perfect Valentine’s Day color combo. Swirl nails that highlight pink and white as the main shades will also take the spotlight along with the classic French nails that offer timeless touch. 

How can I incorporate hearts into my Valentine’s nail design?

The best way to do that is to incorporate heart decals and shapes in a subtle way, and opt for heart-shaped French tips. ALternatively, you can also paint on small red or pink hearts because it will really pop against a bare base.

Can you suggest some Valentine’s nail designs for short nails?

For short nails, you can go for Valentine nail designs that look like our recommendations above, including the Pink Nails with Cherry on Top or Simple Valentine Nails. 

How can I make my Valentine’s nails stand out with unique patterns?

Playing with colors and patterns is a great way to create nails that stand out this upcoming Valentine’s Day. Patterns like swirls, full or half heart shapes, or small gemstones will create stunning patterns. While ombre or matte colors will create elegant looking nails. 

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