25 Outstanding Akatsuki Cosplay Ideas to Win the Best Cosplay Awards

Known as the most popular anime series, Naruto has the biggest fan base all over the world. The characters are iconic, with outfits that make great inspiration for cosplay. Fans of Naruto must know about Akatsuki, including how cool Akatsuki members look in their outfits.

Therefore, before the season of the biggest cosplay events is coming, make sure you know who to cosplay.

Akatsuki Cosplay Ideas

And if you plan on cosplaying as one of Akatsuki members, make sure you check out below, a complete list of the most recommended Akatsuki cosplay ideas to help you decide who to cosplay. Without further ado, let’s start exploring the list below!

Members of Akatsuki Cosplay

All members of Akatsuki have unique outfits, hairstyles, hair colors, and makeup. They also have different abilities with weapons that can be explored to become cosplay accessories.

To device which Akatsuki member to cosplay, scroll down and get ready to be inspired!

1. Sexy Female Konan Cosplay

akatsuki cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@Morgana)

Let’s start the list with this sexy female Konan cosplay that will surely make you the star of the night. It comes with the iconic black cloak with red clouds, but it features a high slit skirt that covers your fishnet stockings in a sexy way.

Dye your hair purple and wear a sleeveless black shirt as your inner piece.

2. Hidan Cosplay

akatsuki cosplay
Source: Pinterest

Did we mention that Akatsuki members have cool weapons? Hidan is undoubtedly a member with the coolest weapon called the triple bladed scythe. You can cosplay as Hidan by wearing a black cloak and Akatsuki shoes.

You can DIY the weapon and dye your hair white or gray to complete the look.

3. Obito Uchiha Cosplay

akatsuki cosplay
Source: Pinterest

Obito Uchiha is seen wearing his mask in the Naruto story, known to hide his identity.

It would be a great idea to cosplay as him and wear the iconic white ninja mask through the cosplay convention. Then make sure you carry his Gunbai that also comes in white. Truly a great Akatsuki cosplay idea.

4. Obito Uchiha in Red Mask

akatsuki cosplay
Source: Pinterest

Obito mask is without a doubt a unique and iconic costume accessory to include if you plan on cosplaying as Obito Uchiha.

The black cloak with red clouds is of course the key element of the costume, but make sure you wear the red Obito mask along with it. It will make you look cool and convincing as a cosplayer.

5. Nagato Uzumaki Cosplay

akatsuki cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@Hahahaha)

Here we have one of the most authentic Akatsuki cosplay ever! Cosplaying as Nagato Uzumaki seems like a great idea after seeing this pic.

Wear the black cloak with a high collar, and work with a professional cosplay makeup artist to style your makeup, hair, and add the necessary accessories like earrings, black onyx necklace and nose rings.

6. Female Nagato Cosplay

akatsuki cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@Yandere Neko)

If you have long hair and want to cosplay as Nagato, we are on your team.

In fact, you can cosplay as a sexy female Nagato by wearing a black bikini top under the fishnet shirt and unbuttoned black cloak. Put on some lip, nose, and eyebrow rings and dye your hair orange to finish it off.

7. Female Itachi Uchiha Cosplay

akatsuki cosplay
Source: Pinterest

This female Itachi Uchiha is just so out of this world. The look is so authentic and makes a wonderful inspiration for those of you who want to cosplay as a female Utachi Uchiha.

Wear your fishnet shirt under the black Akatsuki cloak, wear the iconic necklace, and put on makeup with red eyes and have some blood on the right eye for a convincing cosplay look.

8. Female Sasori Cosplay

akatsuki cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@Hahahaha)

This female version of Sasori is also something that female cosplayers can consider for the upcoming cosplay convention.

Take this recommendation for instance. It comes with a high-quality cloak that resembles the one we see in the story, plus the hairstyle and color that resembles the actual look. You can also wear black nail polish to complete the look.

9. Dark Skin Female Sasori

akatsuki cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@LuxSteez)

This dark skin female version of Sasori will be proof that cosplayers with dark skin tone can look super cool while cosplaying as an Akatsuki member.

Based on this pic, you can cosplay as Sasoru with the red hair wig, black cloak, and the weapon of the Hiruko Puppet.

10. Authentic Itachi Uchiha Costume

akatsuki cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@Cosplayer akatsuki)

This is probably one of our personal favorite Akatsuki cosplay ideas on this list.

As you can see, this cosplay look is so authentic with an amazing hair wig and great black cloak. It also comes with the headband and necklaces as necessary accessories, which will make you the winner of the best cosplay competition.

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11. Kisame Cosplay

akatsuki cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@brysenpai.cos)

Looking ready for battle by cosplaying Kisame with this authentic look.

It comes with a leather black cloak, the iconic mask, the headband, and the sword that looks exactly like the original one seen in the story. Then, make sure you style your hair based on Kisame’s look to get a convincing look.

12. Long Haired Kisame Cosplay

Miccostumes Français
Source: Pinterest (@Miccostumes Français)

Known as the shark guy, Kisame is one of the Akatsuki characters with a unique appearance. But since you will enter the cosplay world, you can cosplay as the shark girl, or the female version of Kisame.

Get a long blue hair wig and put on ‘shark’ makeup done by a professional for a perfect look.

13. Kakuzu Cosplay

akatsuki cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@sc_rogue)

Kakuzu is also an attractive character to cosplay, which is shown in this pic.

You can wear the complete costume plus the accessories that include the black cloak with a high collar, the mask, headband and fake white hair, plus the tattoos on both wrists. You will look super cool, no doubt about it.

14. Female Nagato Uzumaki Cosplay

akatsuki cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@gianna_croft_cosplay)

The paper girl a.k.a Konan is the only female member of the Akatsuki team. If you are a female fan of Naruto and plan on cosplaying Konan, you can definitely take this next Akatsuki cosplay idea as an inspiration.

You can wear an oversized black and red cloak plus the blonde hair wig and carry the paper bird which is also your weapon. Adorable!

Akatsuki Team Cosplay

In this category we have a list of Akatsuki cosplay ideas for groups, which will let you and your fellow Naruto fans cosplay as a unity of Akatsuki members. Check out below for some awesome inspirations of Akatsuki group cosplay.

15. Akatsuki Team Cosplay, the Whole Crew

akatsuki cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@Jerusha Dass)

This Akatsuki group cosplay includes everyone in the family, and it comes as a group of 11, just like a soccer team.

Each of you can pick your own favorite character to cosplay plus the weapons and accessories, and come to a cosplay convention in a group to surprise everybody.

16. Akatsuki Crew and Jiraiya Cosplay

akatsuki cosplay
Source: Pinterest

True fans of Naruto and Akatsuki in particular know that we just can’t forget about Jiraiya. Therefore, this next Akatsuki cosplay idea includes Jiraiya in the picture.

This idea applies for a group of 7 naruto fans and 1 member has to cosplay as Jiraiya. In addition, you can take a unique picture like this one to keep the moment documented.

17. Female Akatsuki Group Cosplay

akatsuki cosplay
Source: Pinterest

A female group of five can also cosplay as Akatsuki members. Although Akatsuki only has 1 female member, it doesn’t mean that girls can’t cosplay as the male characters, though.

You can all wear high quality black cloaks and wear different accessories and wigs to differ yourselves from each other. If you cosplay as Obito, make sure you wear the mask.

18. High Quality Wigs Matter

akatsuki cosplay
Source: Pinterest

Wigs are one of the most important elements of cosplay costumes. This next Akatsuki cosplay idea confirms that fact.

As you can see, these six cosplayers are taking wigs seriously. From Konan purple hair to Deidara’s yellow hair, these cosplayers deserve an award for the best cosplay wigs!

19. Female Akatsuki Kwartet

akatsuki cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@cosplay kingdom 7dayscosplay)

These cosplayers are all female, and as you can see, they can cosplay as male Akatsuki characters perfectly. They look awesome with their cloaks and accessories such as the headbands, wigs and of course, the black sandals under the white socks.

20. Rock Star Akatsuki Crew

akatsuki cosplay
Source: Pinterest

If you think that these guys are looking like a rock band or boy band, well… we can’t blame you for that.

Thanks to these guys, Akatsuki crew members can look like boy band members with the black cloaks, makeup and wigs, white socks and blue sandals, and last but not least, their boy band pose.

21. Unique Group Costume for Maximum Performance

akatsuki cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@𝘕𝘈𝘑𝘖𝘛𝘈𝘕)

If you can use black Akatsuki cloaks made of high-quality fabrics, then why not go for that? If you notice, this pic shows that the cloaks are unlike other cloaks we recommended earlier.

These cloaks are made of thick and durable fabric, which can be used multiple times. Then, once you have the cloaks ready, make sure you put on high-quality makeup, wigs, and accessories as well.

22. Complete Crew Members

akatsuki cosplay
Source: Pinterest

Look at what we have here. Here we have everyone in the group posing with their iconic outfits, styles and accessories. If you are a group of 10 Naruto fans, make sure you take a picture like this after you wear a complete set of costumes.

23. The Iconic Akatsuki Hats

akatsuki cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@Hahahaha)

If you have a group of professional cosplayers who love to cosplay as anime groups, cosplaying as Akatsuki members is highly recommended.

With Akatsuki cloaks, your group will be seen as the most awesome cosplay groups. As for this one, make sure you and everyone in the group wear the iconic Akatsuki bamboo straw hats.

24. All Female Akatsuki Group Cosplay

Source: Pinterest (@Hahahaha)

Similar to the previous Akatsuki cosplay idea, this group cosplay idea also comes with a complete set of costumes with the iconic Akatsuki bamboo straw hats as accessories.

You and 7 of your fellow Natruto fans need to wear high-quality Akatsuki costumes with different accessories based on who you cosplay, and all wear the hat to turn heads.

25. The Fabulous Akatsuki Trio

akatsuki cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@PinxtyBruxoo)

Yes, we also have Akatsuki cosplay ideas for a trio. If you and two of your friends are fans of Naruto and also cosplayers, then make sure you consider this pic of the fabulous Akatsuki trio as an inspiration.

Each of you can be Hidan, Kisame, and Deidara. Carry Kisame’s iconic sword, and wear black sandals of your choice to complete your look.

Final Thoughts

For true fans, embracing the spirit of Akatsuki in your cosplay is mandatory. It will make you look more awesome and convincing, while also inspiring other cosplayers or Naruto fans to improve their cosplay skills as well.

You can also inspire others by sharing your Akatsuki cosplay photos online, especially to the cosplayer community groups. Once you do that, they will surely be encouraged to do the same. After all, sharing is caring, even in the cosplay world, right?

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the essential elements of an Akatsuki cosplay outfit?

The most essential elements of the Akatsuki cosplay outfit include the red black Akatsuki cloak, Akatsuki shoes, twill joggers, and cosplay wigs. The outfit also needs the necessary items including the Itachi accessories set, plastic Kunai darts, and black nail polish.

Which Akatsuki character is the most popular to cosplay and why?

The most popular Akatsuki character is Itachi Uchiha.

Being the man who slaughtered his own family, he joined the Akatsuki to act as an informant for the Third Hokage. His mysterious atmosphere plus the hair style make him a popular Akatsuki character to cosplay.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when putting together an Akatsuki cosplay?

Each Akatsuki member has different characteristics and outfit details. The black cloak with red clouds is a key element and you need to make sure it has the length from your shoulders to your knees.

The common mistakes, aside from the length of the cloak, also happen mostly on the makeup and wigs. Make sure you cosplay your preferred character with the cloak as well as the right makeup style -such as eye color, and the style and color of the wig.

Are there any tips for applying Akatsuki-style makeup, especially the eyes?

The most important tip is to always prep your face because it is key. To protect your skin, invest in a primer and setting spray and use eyeliners and eyeshadow correctly to make your eyes look larger and more ‘alive.’

Brush on eyeshadow around your eyes using softer and lighter shades to accentuate the appearance of most anime eyes. Then use colored contact lenses based on each Akatsuki character carefully. 

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