25 Badass and Awesome Back Tattoo Ideas for Tattoo Enthusiasts

For tattoo enthusiasts, having an intriguing back tattoo is something that will make a bold and artistic statement. From small and cute back tattoos to the huge and artistic ones, we believe that if you plan on having a tattoo on your back, you would want it to be awesome and meaningful.

Back Tattoo Ideas

To help you make your final decision about the design of a back tattoo, below we have a list of 25 back tattoo ideas that will give you some insightful inspirations. For our easy reference, we separate the list into two categories; back tattoo ideas for women and men.

So scroll down and let’s start discovering!

Back Tattoo Ideas for Women

Ladies first! In this first category we have a list of the coolest back tattoo ideas for women. From small tattoos to big ones, from monochrome designs to colorful ones, we have them all! 

1. The Scary Baphomet Back Tattoo

Source: Facebook (@Tattoo Lovers)

Whoever said that Baphomet tattoos are only for men, now we just have to prove them wrong. This is a Baphomet tattoo on a woman’s back. It has a scary design that is fierce and makes you look like a badass.

2. Two Blooming Sunflowers 

Source: Instagram (@adi_inc)

This is one of the loveliest back tattoo ideas for women who love the design of sun flowers as a tattoo. It comes in full color that includes yellow, black and green. You can also add some words to add meaning to it.

3. Colorful Dreamcatcher

Source: Facebook (@Harshita Baruah)

Dreamcatcher is an item that holds a deep meaning. If you believe in the power of dreams, then we recommend you to consider having this tattoo on your back.

Have it in full color and make sure you wear your tank tops to show off your tattoo to everyone.

4. 3D Beetle Firefly

Source: Facebook (@Tattoo Lovers)

If you are looking for an artistic back tattoo idea, then this 3D beetle firefly tattoo needs to be considered. It is huge in size, but it looks awesome with the graphic made by a professional featuring a wonderful combo of black and teal.

You can wear a beetle hair clip to lift up your hair while showing the tattoo to everyone.

5. Chinese Dragon

Source: Pinterest

A work of art on your back. Imagine having this graphic inked on your back, we believe it will look amazing. This is one of the best back tattoo ideas for those who love Chinese folklore, and adore dragons.

This majestic dragon will be a piece of Chinese traditional art on your back like no other. Wear your pearl necklace to complete your look.

6. Huge Snake Skeleton

Source: Facebook (@Jessica ‘Freya’ Boyles)

In terms of graphics, the image of a snake has so many meanings and those meanings include good and bad.

If you are a believer that snakes have good meaning, this tattoo might be one of the back tattoo ideas that interests you. It comes as a skeleton snake, and it is pretty huge in size.

7. Lotus and Sanskrit Alphabet

Source: Instagram (@hawktattooofficial)

If you are a Yogi, then we have the perfect back tattoo idea for you. This is an amazing 3D tattoo that features an image of a Lotus flower plus Sanskrit words that will show how much you care about the balance between body, mind and soul. 

8. Artistic Tree

Source: Pinterest (@Jules Cabbott)

A tree also has a deep meaning, which is why we also recommend you to consider having this tree tattoo on your back. It has a graphic of a tree with lots of branches and solid roots.

It will be a perfect tattoo to show how much you are connected to the world we are living in.

9. Red Phoenix Back Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@bangbangforever.com)

The Red Phoenix is a famous animal that we know from stories. It is said that the Red Phoenix is strong and has amazing colors and powers.

This Red Phoenix tattoo will be a perfect choice of tattoo for a strong willed woman who knows exactly what her roles are in the world. Wear your red tube top to match the tattoo.

10. Butterflies 

Source: Pinterest (@Elsa | Spiritual & Personal Development)

Calling social butterflies out there! We think they need to check out this back tattoo recommendation, since it features a graphic of the butterflies.

If you are a social person and would love to have a statement of that character in the form of a back tattoo, this tattoo is definitely the one. A pair of butterfly earrings will also enhance the tattoo.

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11. Japanese Flowers

Source: Pinterest (@SolongTattoo)

In our opinion, we believe this red and black tattoo is one of the most elegant back tattoo ideas on the list. It comes in the form of a Japanese graphic that will turn your curvy back into a wonderful canvas.

You can wear your red or black backless top to make sure everyone sees your tattoo. 

12. Amazing Dragon Tattoo

Source: Pinterest

When it comes to your back, you can choose which part of your back can become a canvas for an artistic back tattoo. Take this one for instance. This is an amazing dragon tattoo that comes in full color.

It combines black and purple in the most wonderful way, and you can choose to have it inked on your right or left area of your back.

13. Flowery Snake

Source: Pinterest (@Amber Spence)

Say hello to this stunning medium size snake tattoo. It is a perfect tattoo to be inked on your back, especially if you believe that snakes have a deep and positive meaning to it.

You can have it as a statement to your character and belief, and it will look good if you are the type of person who loves to wear backless dresses.

Back Tattoo Ideas for Man

Now that we have shared awesome back tattoo ideas for women, here comes the moment for us to share recommendations for men. From badass to artistic back tattoos, we have the best ideas for you to check out below.

14. Crazy and Artistic Joker

Source: Pinterest (@Trending Tattoo)

This crazy and artistic tattoo describes our beloved Joker in a different way.

The top part of the head consists of small birds with two white holes as the eyes. But as for the lips, of course you need to have red lips that go up to the cheeks. Also, it’s better to have it inked on the whole area of your back.

15. Traveler’s Back Tattoo

Source: Facebook (@Rob Kanys Tattoo)

If you are a true traveler who loves to discover the world, why not create a statement of it on your back through a travel-themed tattoo? This is one amazing tattoo idea that we think you can apply to your back.

Imagine wearing your beach shorts with this tattoo on your back. You will look awesome!

16. Indian Sanskrit Full Back Tattoo

Indian Sanskrit Full Back Tattoo
Source: Facebook (@Coen Mitchell Tattoo Gold)

Sanskrit sayings are meaningful, and sanskrit alphabets make good tattoo design. You can ink sanskrit alphabets on your back and create two women with traditional masks and crowns facing each other.

Pair it with a necklace with healing stones to complete your look.

17. The Powerful Sword

The Powerful Sword
Source: Instagram (@glassbeetletattoo)

Swords make a great and powerful symbol, and therefore a sword makes one of the best back tattoo ideas for men. We recommend you to create a one color tattoo, which is black, and see how it will make you look manly and masculine. 

18. Fight the Devil

Fight the Devil
Source: Instagram (@heyheybitches)

This one is a tattoo that holds religious meaning with so many patterns and graphics.

We think that it will be a great work of art to be created on your back from top to bottom. Also, wearing a simple black necklace will possibly make you look even more masculine. 

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19. Fierce Tiger Tattoo

Fierce Tiger
Source: Instagram (@cubestudiotattoo)

A tiger is one of the most popular tattoo images that will never go out of style.

We believe that having a tiger tattoo will be a perfect tattoo to be made on your right area of your back. Also, a gold necklace will definitely boost your appearance, especially to attract girls.

20. The Inner Yoga in You

The Inner Yoga in You
Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

Yoga is all about the balance between mind, body and soul. If you are a male yogi that wants to create a statement that symbolizes your identity as a Yogi, this is a unique and artistic tattoo that will complete the life of a true Yogi.

21. Ancient Tattoo

Ancient Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Toma Tmina)

Next up, we have a tattoo design that is perfect for those members of motorcycle clubs who wear leather pants and jackets.

Have this tattoo on your back and wear a sleeveless shirt with similar graphics and drawings as your back tattoo.

22. Geographical Back Tattoo

Geographical Back Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@TheTrendSpotter)

Again, here we recommend you one of the coolest back tattoo ideas for true travelers.

However, this one offers more thin lines and images that spread around the whole area of your back. This is a recommended tattoo for casual travelers, and would look great if you pair it with linen pants

23. Mysterious Woman Tattoo

Mysterious Woman Tattoo
Source: Facebook (@World’s Top Tattoo Artists)

A Woman’s face is one of the most popular back tattoo ideas for men. But as for this one, we recommend you to have a woman’s face tattoo covered in women’s hands and fingers full of rings.

To create a more dramatic effect, you can have the fingers have nails in black nail polish.

24. Colorful Ship Sails at the Sea

Colorful Ship Sails at the Sea
Source: Facebook (@Living for Tattoos)

This is one of the most colorful back tattoos for male, which includes a ship sailing on the sea, and the sky and with all the related elements of nature.

Cover your whole back area to your shoulders. An awesome tattoo design indeed!

25. Cross Back Tattoo for the Believer

Cross Back Tattoo for the Believer
Source: Pinterest

If you are a believer, show your faith by having this classic-looking cross tattoo on your back.

There are countless designs of cross tattoos that you can choose to become a piece of art on your back. Wear cross accessories like necklaces, bracelets or earrings to complete your look.

Final Thoughts

A tattoo is a permanent work of art inked on your body permanently. So, enjoy the journey of choosing the perfect design of your back tattoo to find the one design designated for you. Make sure you consider your personality and characters and let your tattoo embrace the inner you perfectly. 

Once you have your tattoo inked permanently, we recommend you to share it and become an inspiration for other tattoo enthusiasts. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The most popular designs of back tattoos include cross, swords, and the famous Baphomet. These three designs also come with many shapes, colors and models, which you can choose based on your taste, preference and personality.

What should I consider before getting a back tattoo?

Specifically, there are special reminders to note before you get a back tattoo. First you need to get a clearance from your doctor, bear in mind that it will hurt, know exactly that you cannot watch the tattoo making process.

So, do make the necessary preparations before you get a back tattoo.

How do I choose a tattoo artist for a back tattoo?

There are two methods to finding the right tattoo artist. First you need to decide what you want: the style, the placement, what you’re prepared to pay and how far you’re willing to travel. Then, you need to look at who you’d like to do it. 

What are the best styles for back tattoos?

The best styles of back tattoos include images that feature bolder, deeper and darker lineworks. Also, back tattoos done in black or gray ink tend to hold up over time.

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