30 Amazing Small Tattoo On Hand for Girls With Deep Meanings

Tattoos are getting even more popular nowadays, no longer limited by gender and age. The popularity increase is not only for the permanent tattoo that requires painful needles stabbing the skin a thousand times. There are choices of temporary tattoos that are much more easy to do, pain-free, and can be removed anytime. Such tattoos can be put on the skin of underage girls as well. For you who are looking for wonderful ideas for small tattoos on hand for girls, we’ve compiled some that have a deep meaning and perfectly represent your personality.

But before we get to it, did you know that tattoo artists share a lot about the pain in painting permanent tattoos on the hand and wrist? They are said to be much more painful compared to the forearm and the upper and lower back. It is caused by thin skin and numerous nerve endings that are spread in the hand and wrist which can trigger pain. And so, here we created a comprehensive list of the most wonderful ideas for small tattoos on hand for girls.

Get ready, and let’s jump into the list!

AMAZING Small Tattoo On Hand Ideas for Girls

1. Butterfly Tattoo

small tattoo on hand for girl
Source: Pinterest (@projaqk.com)

Butterflies are well-known as the most beautiful creature on Earth that represents love, femininity, change, and freedom. It is a beautiful part of nature that can be personalized in size, form, details, and color.

It is a beautiful element to be in your small tattoos that would suit your personality. Whether you like it to be bold, simple, one-sided, or with wings fully spread. Whether you like it to be monochrome or colored in white, yellow, blue, or other colors, you are free to decide on your own tattoo on your hand.

2. Sunflower Tattoo

small tattoo on hand for girl
Source: Pinterest (@tattoopro.net)

Here is another amazing idea of a small tattoo on hand for a girl! You may choose a sunflower tattoo. Sunflowers represent longevity, good luck, and intelligence. The sunflower tattooed on hand has convey a deep meaning and hope for your happy long life. It’ll bring good luck going around you.

The bright yellow-orange color of the flower petal, the green leaves, and the strong stalk can show how cheerful, strong, and smart you are as a girl.

3. Lotus Tattoo

small tattoo on hand for girl
Source: pinterest (@Andrea Casas Cordoba)

If you are looking for a small but meaningful tattoo on a hand or wrist for girls, you will love the idea of this lotus tattoo. The Lotus flower represents a spirit of elevating yourself to be a better person and aware of your spiritual side.

Lotus or also known as Padma symbolizes beauty and stability that is combined with infinite symbols. This tattoo will not only be decoration on your hand but a mantra or prayer to your beautiful self. 

4. Rose Tattoo

small tattoo on hand for girl
Source: pinterest (@savedtattoo.com)

Rose flowers usually come in a bucket flower which have always been used by men to flatter women since ages. But instead of waiting for someone to give a bunch of roses to you, you can draw your own rose on your hand.

A small rose tattoo can show how beautiful you see and love yourself. The rose tattoo is a legendary tattoo idea for females with the meaning of self-love and passion.

5. Dandelion Tattoo

small tattoo on hand for girl
Source: pinterest (@Hera’s Pocketbook)

People believe that when you find a dandelion, you can make a wish and then blow the flower away to make it comes true. The dandelion flower brings hope, youthfulness, and happiness every time you see it.

Having a dandelion flower as your small wrist tattoo can give you a strong spirit to walk your daily life. It is not just an idea of small hand tattoos for girls but also hopes for a happy life.

6. Four-leaf Clover Tattoo

small tattoo on hand for girl
Source: pinterest (@stayglam.com)

A four-leaf clover is rarely found in a group of three-leaf clovers. Finding the four-leaf clover means that you are lucky, and good things are waiting for you in the future. If you are looking for ideas for small wrist tattoos for ladies with meaning, then this four-leaf clover tattoo is a perfect choice for you.

Whether you make the tattoo on your own hand or along with your besties, it will be cute and adorable.

7. Tree Tattoo

small tattoo on hand for girl
Source: pinterest (@Fernanda Feijó)

It is not only flowers that can be used as small tattoo designs on hands and wrists for girls, but trees are also good. A tree is a single creature that has roots, a trunk, branches, leaves, flowers, and fruits. It represents beauty, strength, prosperity, community, and regeneration.

A tree as a small tattoo on your hand represents how you are also a social creature who needs the whole ecosystem to live.

8. Sun Tattoo

small tattoo on hand for girl
Source: Pinterest (@astridandmiyu.com)

The Sun is believed to be the center of the solar system in our galaxy, the Milky Way. It brings heat, light, and life to our Earth, keeping everything alive on and below the surface. The sun as a small wrist tattoo might look simple tattoo but also powerful. The sun tattoo for ladies means power, light, and life to whatever she does.

9. Moon Tattoo

small tattoo on hand for girl
Source: Pinterest (@thetatt.com)

The moon is another symbol of power, growth, balance, and transition. It is a perfect small wrist tattoos for girls.

The moon has different appearances in one month when it can be seen fully, half, dark, or as a beautiful crescent, just like how ladies are. It is a beautiful small tattoo idea for girls with a simple crescent form with a beautiful flower in it. 

10. Star Tattoo

small tattoo on hand for girl
Source: pinterest (@popsugar.com)

Stars will also make a good small tattoo idea for ladies with the meaning of independent strength and shine. Little stars in outer space can shine on their own and are not dependent on any other creatures in the galaxy.

The star tattoo can be a representation of a great woman’s value in this era to be an independent, cheerful lady. The smaller star’s details can give your small hand tattoo a sense of shine.

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11. Fire Tattoo

small tattoo on hand for girl
Source: Pinterest (@Shophiee 🧿)

If you are looking for small tattoos on hand to show how passionate you are, then a fire or flame tattoo would be perfect for you. It is a tattoo for ladies with the meaning of passion, energy, creation, and light.

The simple design of a fire tattoo can be painted on your fingers or even become your wrist tattoo. It holds a deep meaning that when the fire is under control, it can lighten the darkness and give warmth in cold weather, just like your personality.

12. Snowflake Tattoo

small tattoo on hand for girl
Source: Pinterest (@tatteco.com)

Snowflakes are like the magical form of water that crystallizes at freezing temperatures. It is magical that the water is frozen into a beautiful state named snowflakes. However, when the temperature gets hot, the snowflakes will melt and turn into the water again.

The snowflakes tattoo represents how soft and fragile a girl can be that she needs a certain condition to live on. 

13. Compass Tattoo

small tattoo on hand for girl
Source: Pinterest (@society19.com)

The artistic thing about a compass is that it shows you all directions, and you can choose where you need to go. It is a tattoo for girls with the meaning of the adventurous spirit and guidance in the directions you are leading to.

The bold and simple design of your compass tattoo can represent how clear you are with your life purpose or at least the view you are looking at.  

14. Arrow Tattoo

small tattoo on hand for girl

An arrow is a tool shot from a bow used for hunting or protection from wild animals. Now this small tattoo for ladies featuring an arrow has the meaning of war and peace. Arrow tattoos also symbolize a direction to move forward. It is a good tattoo for girls who do not hesitate through any obstacles in front of them.

15. Dreamcatcher Tattoo

small tattoo on hand for girl
Source: Pinterest (@culturacolectiva.com)

Dreamcatcher is a spiritual hoop that North American Indians originally made to absorb positive energy. The positive energy hopefully brings good dreams to the owner. Thus, having a dreamcatcher as your small tattoo on your hand or wrist hopefully improves your luck and encourages you to always think positively.

The simple design and the blue color of the tattoo can also give you a sense of calmness so you are ready to face any challenges.

16. Child’s Birthdate Tattoo

small tattoo on hand for girl
Source: Pinterest (@rememberingforgood.com)

Putting your child’s birth date is another level of cuteness and love for your child. It has a profound meaning. A heart shape that is made from two red curves can represent both parents who love the baby.

The baby is represented as the tiny hand in the heart. Finally, the date is written below the heart shape. It is a true love painted as a small tattoo on the hand.

17. Quote Tattoo

small tattoo on hand for girl

Quotes are a sentence or phrases that can motivate and remind the reader about positive facts and give suggestions.

What if we can remind ourselves about our motivation when we look at our hand tattoos? So, when we feel down or demotivated, we see the motivating tattoos on our hands or wrist. It surely will help us during a hard time and help us to fight on. Choose your best quote and stay motivated.

18. The All-Seeing Eye Tattoo

small tattoo on hand for girl
Source: Pinterest (@Deb Meek)

The all-seeing eye is there to see your behavior wherever you are, even if there are no people around. It is an amazing tattoo for females with the meaning of guidance. It reminds you that wherever you are, there is someone powerful watching, and everything that you do will come back around as karma, good or bad.

Do your best with anything you do and be brave because you are not alone.

19. Angel Wings Tattoo

small tattoo on hand for girl
Source: pinterest (@2ɱα૨α)

Having an angel around is comforting. The mysterious guardian watching over you sounds creepy. But when it comes to angels, then it’s cute. So, consider yourself lucky when you put an angel wings tattoo on your hands or wrist.

An angel wings tattoo represents protection, freedom, healing, or even a tribute to someone who has passed away. 

20. Crown Tattoo

small tattoo on hand for girl
Source: Pinterest (@hocdieuhay.com)

Whenever you are down or feel outcasted, it would be great to find a reminder that you are the queen of your life. A crown tattoo is one of the most awesome ideas of small tattoos on hand for girls that will remind you that you rule your life.

A simple crown tattoo yet carries a deep meaning to lift your mood and confidence whenever you need it.

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21. Diamond Tattoo

small tattoo on hand for girl
Source: Pinterest (@𝒽𝒶𝓃𝒶)

The next wonderful idea for a small tattoo on hand for a girl is this diamond tattoo. Anyone may experience a slump or failure in life. That may make them feel worthless. But, Hey! “Shine bright like a diamond!”

This diamond tattoo will remind you of how you have become a wonderful creature on Earth. The tattoo screams that you are valuable and precious like a diamond.

22. Anchor Tattoo

small tattoo on hand for girl
Source: pinterest (@tattoopro.net)

The anchor is thrown into the water when the sailor needs the boat to settle. Thus, an anchor tattoo represents stability and resilience in life. An anchor tattoo can be designed as a small tattoo on your hand, depending on your preference. Though simple, it still has a deep meaning that shows your value.  

23. Special Code Tattoo

small tattoo on hand for girl
Source: Pinterest (@Madison)

Some people may put this tattoo on their bodies without malicious intent. But did you that this symbol represents something dark?

This special code tattoo has a semicolon symbol with butterfly wings, representing that the owner experienced sexual harassment. It is a dark experience for them, yet they want to share awareness with everyone that there are ladies who survive it.

24. Duo Panda on The Wrist

Duo Panda on the Wrist
Source: Pinterest (@Unnatiii)

There’s nothing cuter than having these two pandas on your wrist. Panda is known as an adorable animal that can create a strong bond with humans. So, we can fully understand if you love Pandas and want to have them tattoo-ed on your wrist.

This cute tattoo will be a nice choice for women with a kind and pure heart, just like you. 

25. Cute Little Paw Tattoo

Cute Little Paw Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.ph)

Saying goodbye to a special furry friend in your life is not easy. In fact, sometimes it can be one of the most difficult things to do.

If your lovely furry friend just passed away and you want to keep its spirit close to you for life, then having a tattoo dedicated to your pet is recommended. You can create a paw tattoo that has your pet’s name initial on it. By doing so, you can always see the tiny paw tattoo in your wrist and smile while remembering all those precious moments spent with your pet.

26. The Little Kitten and the Moon

The Little Kitten and the Moon
Source: Pinterest (@culturacolectiva.com)

This tattoo idea is perfect for those of you who just had a bad breakup with your loved one. As a song says, “breaking is never easy I know but I have to go,” which means that there’s nothing else to but to move on and go on with your life.

Having a new tattoo can be a great way to move on, and this little kitten tattoo and the crescent moon is the perfect one to have. It describes how the little kitten is sad but still standing tall on a solid and colorful crescent moon, ready to move on, just like you.

27. Music on Your Wrist

Music on Your Wrist
Source: Pinterest (@Monix)

Music lovers would love to have this set of musical notes tattooed on their wrist. If you are one of them, then this tattoo is definitely a must-have for you. It comes in a set of three musical notes that will look lovely on your wrist.

If one day you left music behind because you are tied up with your daily routines and one thousand other things in life, just take a look at these tattoos and we can assure you that you will always find your way back to music. 

28. ‘Just Breathe’ Motivational Lettering Tattoo

‘Just Breathe’ Motivational Lettering Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@tattoofilter.com)

Everyone needs motivation. Sometimes, the best kind of motivation can come in the form of motivational quotes such as “Just Breathe.”

When things get rough, this quote can give us a strong message to keep our head up and hopes high. But then again, what can be the best way to remind us about this quote than having it tattoo-ed on our hand, right? 

29. Zodiac Sign Tattoo

Zodiac Sign Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@ourmindfullife.com)

A zodiac sign tattoo will always be everyone’s favorite tattoo, ever! With so many versions of zodiac sign’s model and types out there, this one can come as the most preferred and recommended one for you.

You can have your zodiac sign tattoo-ed on any part of your hand, left or right, and add a circle around it to make it look more attractive. So, have your zodiac sign tattoo-ed on your hand, and be proud of it.

30. Constellation Tattoo

Constellation Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@kottattoo.ru)

The Zodiac sign is not the only popular tattoo, because this sign constellation tattoo is also popular among tattoo lovers out there.

If you’re not feeling like having a zodiac sign tattoo, then you might want to go for a constellation sign tattoo instead. It will look more adorable and sweet on your hand, because the design is very simple but still attractive. 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which is the best small tattoo for the hand?

The best small tattoo on a girl’s hand should be the one that can represent herself. Tattoos on hands are highly visible and should represent yourself well to anyone who may see it.

Choose the best design and make it look aesthetic enough to go with. Avoid putting too many elements in your hand tattoo design because it can confuse the meaning of your tattoo itself. 

What do tattoos on the hand mean?

Hands are the highly visible body parts used to shake hands, give signs, and develop non-verbal communication. The right side can be associated with the dominant hand, which is related to the sun and logic.

Meanwhile, the left hand can be associated with the moon and emotions. Hands are the perfect place for tattoes should you want to share a message to the world.

Hand tattoo’s popularity in America is moderate. It is shown statistically in 2017 in a survey, and 46% of the respondents like hand tattoos for both men and women. Rihanna, Demi Lovato, Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Kesha, and Dove Cameron, are several female celebrities who got tattoos on their hands and fingers. 

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