20 Fun Ideas on How to Celebrate a Birthday in Tennessee for Adults

When we are looking for fun ways to celebrate birthdays, oftentimes we need to circle back to the location we live in or where we are at that moment. You may come across this article because you are looking for unique ideas on how to celebrate a birthday in Tennessee. But keep in mind here that Tennessee isn’t just a city, it is a whole state of hundreds of cities so you will end up with too many choices when looking for birthday activities in Tennessee. 

To narrow down our options, we may need to focus on its major cities such as Nashville, Memphis, and Knoxville. Even when we focus on its capital, Nashville, we will still have so many fun options to look up for. The good news is, Nashville is well known for its country scene, so taking a Nashville birthday trip is a great idea if a true unique experience is what you are looking for. We are just as excited as you so without further ado, let’s dive to ways to celebrate your birthday in Tennessee.

1. Boozy Tour

Going on a city tour is exciting especially if you are a traveler. But for a birthday party, going on a regular tour seems so basic. Spice it up a little and make it boozy can be a great Nashville 21st birthday idea. Yes, Nashville offers different ways for you to enjoy an adult city tour with booz involved from party bicycles, party boat, to party boat on wheels. What more do you ask, seriously? You can book this 21+ only tour from Nashville Party Barge for an affordable price starting from $32 per person.

2. Live Music Concerts

A fan of live music concerts? Great, you are on the right path because going to Nashville and not attending a single live music concert would be a crime. Since the people here love music so much, looking for a fun concert to attend wouldn’t be a problem. You’ll get many options and you don’t have to worry because every single one offers the coolest line up that will not disappoint you. The Basement East is one of Nashville’s bars and music venues you can visit. They hold live concerts regularly with various genres of music you can choose from. The tickets are very affordable starting from only $10.

3. Go on a Vineyard Picnic

Looking for an idea on how to celebrate a birthday in Tennessee that is a bit more casual but also classy at the same time? A vineyard picnic is one of the amazing things to do on your birthday in TN. Arrington Vineyards is a well-known getaway spot for youth whether they just want to sit and enjoy the amazing hillside view, or taste the best wine in town. It is located 25 miles south of Nashville and open daily from 11 am to 8 pm. On top of the breathtaking view, they also hold music and winery events regularly so make sure to check their event calendar before planning your visit. 

4. Intimate Private Dinner

Birthday is a special day worth celebrating with special people. If you are looking for places to celebrate your birthday in a semi private and more intimate way, The 404 Kitchen will not let you down. Located at 507 12th Avenue S, Nashville, they open daily from 5pm to 9pm. They offer a variety of spaces for private events from a lowkey cocktail party to bigger celebrations with up to 150 guests. It is a great place to have a Nashville birthday dinner. And if the night is still young after dinner, you can jump right to Gertie’s Whiskey Bar at the same location. 

5. Brewery Tour

You may already have bar crawling as one of your Nashville 21th birthday ideas. It can be a fun activity to do to celebrate the moment where you can legally drink alcohol. But there are still even more fun things to do for your birthday in Tennessee. Instead of bar hopping, you can go on a brewer tour and taste the best beers directly from the source. Tennessee Brew Work is a place where you can enjoy a guided tour of the brewery, while learning the brew system and inspiration behind their beers. With only $15, you can participate in the tour, get beer samples, and even bring home a pint glass as a souvenir. The tours are available every Saturday and limited to only 10 people so make sure to book your tour in advance. 

6. The Escape Game

You may get older, but escape games will never get old. It will always be fun and will be an appropriate way to celebrate the special day with your friend group. If you are looking for places to celebrate your birthday in downtown Nashville, The Escape Game Nashville can be one of the activities to pick. They offer different themes from heist, prison break, to time travel. They open daily from 7am to 8pm. After that, you can have a dinner party at a nearby restaurant after the game. 

7. Brunch Bowling Party

Can’t decide whether you are going to have a brunch or a bowling party? Go to Pinewood Social and you can have both. They open daily and even have their pool and patio area available on weekends. You can book a reservation whether for two people for dinner or a group party. It will cost you $100 for a private dining room and $240 for a 2 lane bowling alley. The food is very affordable starting from only $11 per meal.

8. Music City Pub Crawl 

Looking for a cheap birthday idea in TN? You definitely need to give pub party crawl a try. It is a fun and inexpensive way to bring a group together to celebrate the special occasion. With 10 people minimum, you can have a private Nashville bar crawl tour. The price is very affordable for only $20 per person, and you can pick your own time and have your own guide. Book a tour and find the best places to celebrate your birthday along the way. 

9. Cinderella Private Narrated Carriage

You can basically get anything you can imagine to celebrate a birthday in Nashville, TN. Yes, even a Cinderella private narrated carriage. A little bit extra? Probably. But this tour is for those who aren’t afraid of living their princess dream at least once in their lifetime. During the tour, you’ll get to sightsee the city’s most famous landmarks in a royal way. It cost only $135,50 for a group tour of up to 6 people.

10. Private Guided Tour with Local Singer-Songwriter

There are so many fun things to do, especially when you think of the best on how to celebrate a birthday in Tennessee. Known as the capital of music, why don’t you try a private tour guided by a local singer-songwriter? A very unique Nashville 30th birthday idea. You can admire the hotspots of the music city while listening to facts and stories about the site. All by your very own private guide who knows the city best. This tour is a little bit pricey and will cost you $438 for a group tour of up to 6 people. 

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11. Outdoor Birthday Getaway at Gatlinburg

If you are interested in good things in east Tennessee, then you might as well look up for its outdoor activity. Gatlinburg is a mountainous site in east Tennessee worth visiting. They have miles of hiking trails in the mountains and countless dining sites and attractions in the city. There is just so much you can do here from sky lifting, walking on the longest sky bridge, and nightlife entertainment. You can as well stay in one of the best lodging and make your birthday a once in a lifetime experience.

12. Visit the Birthplace of Rock ‘n Roll

While you are celebrating your birthday, it should be appropriate to give the Sun Studio a visit. It is a legendary music studio in Memphis where ultra famous musicians such as Elvis and Johnny Cash recorded their albums. Not only will you learn about the stories of those great musicians, you will also get to see their memorabilia and even listen to unreleased songs. The tours are available daily and they apply the ‘first come, first served’ rule, so it is advised for you to arrive early to secure your spot. Tickets are very affordable at only $15 for adults.

13. Visit the King’s Mansion

After we mentioned Elvis in the previous point, why not visit Graceland as well? This is the opportunity for you to get to know the legend on a more personal level. In Graceland, you’ll get to see his famous jungle room, pink cadillac, records collection, and even his shoes. Reviewers say it is a place worth visiting even for non-fans. And after that, you can head to Elvis Presley’s Memphis at Graceland, a 200,000-square-foot entertainment complex filled with restaurants, museum exhibits, gift shops and more. 

14. Memphis Riverboat Cruise

Memphis Riverboat Cruise

Not everyone has a chance to go on a cruise trip in their life, but now you do. Book this trip and you don’t need to thin about ideas on how to celebrate a birthday in Tennessee anymore. At a cruise service such as the Memphis Riverboats, you’ll get to experience a 90 minutes cruise down the Mississippi river. The price is pretty affordable with only $25 for the sightseeing cruise and $50 for dinner and music cruise where you’ll get an on board dinner experience accompanied by a live band playing R & B, jazz, and of course, blues. 

15. Enjoy Sunshine at Shelby Farms Park

Enjoy Sunshine at Shelby Farms Park

Shelby Farms Park is a conservatory park located in Memphis, Tennessee with 4.500 acres making it the largest urban park in the country. They open daily from sunrise to sunset and you can get to experience the beautiful sunset in nature. They are usually close at sunset but sometimes they hold after dark events as well so make sure to check their event calendar. The price? Oh don’t worry about that because you are welcome to visit the park free of charge. Unless you are planning to hold your own private party at one of their venues, then you need to pay for the venue rent.

16. Step Back in Time at Victorian Village

Step Back in Time at Victorian Village

Celebrating a birthday means a step forward, but it can be a good idea if you like to step back in time instead. Memphis Victorian Village is the best place in TN to celebrate your birthday. Not only do you get to see the historic Millionaire’s row, they also have a number of breakfast and lunch spots, as well as a stylish cocktail lounge. You can visit their Woodruff-Fontaine House Museum and get yourself involved in one of their historical events. What a fun way to celebrate a birthday in Tennessee.

17. Watch a Concert at Overton Park Shell

Watch a Concert at Overton Park Shell
(Source : overtonparkshell)

Overton Park Shell is an open air amphitheater where Elvis Presley held his first concert. Built during the late depression era, the bandshell is still standing in a good condition. It was more than just a concert site. It has so much history after being used for operas, musicals, orchestras, and a series of bold festivals. Now have the chance to witness the greatness of this iconic theater by attending one of their free events on your birthday. 

18. Get a VVIP Birthday Service at The Grand Majestic Theater

Get a VVIP Birthday Service at The Grand Majestic Theater

The Grand Majestic Theater is located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. They hold all kinds of spectacular shows from music, magic shows, to theaters. It can be the best place to celebrate your birthday in Tennessee because by upgrading your ticket, you will get birthday VVIP benefits such as fresh flowers, party favors, appetizer platters, and cupcakes. The food and drinks are very affordable starting from only $4. They open from Monday to Saturday but make sure to check their event calendar before you go. 

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19. Knoxville Bar Scavenger Hunt

Knoxville Bar Scavenger Hunt

When looking up fun things for your birthday in Tennessee, you may find some recommendations of restaurants and clubs. But, have you ever heard of the idea of bar scavenger hunt? The Knoxville Scavenger Hunt is best to be done with your best friends since the challenge requires teamwork. You’ll get to visit several bars while trying to complete the task and have fun along the way. You can get tickets for this fun bar adventure for $12,99 per player. 

20. Have a Birthday Brunch at Ruby Sunshine

Have a Birthday Brunch at ruby Sunshine

After all of the activities you do and probably the ultra fu bar crawling the night before, you will need a tasty meal the next day. And what can be better other than having a birthday brunch? Ruby Sunshine is a brunch expert in Knoxville so if you go to that place, you’ll never get disappointed. They offer a wide array of menus from sweet, savory, to syrup priced from $5 to $18 each. They even have seasonal menus and dietary preferences. Such a tasty and comforting way to start the new milestone. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know that Tennessee offers a long list of ideas on how to celebrate a birthday there, don’t just go for one excitement. You can explore and experience at least 2 or 3 ideas with your friends and family while you’re there. After all, it is your birthday and it is always a great idea to make the most out of it. However, you might need to book in advance to enjoy some shows and performances.

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