REVO Party Barge Cooler

Ever felt like your party set-up is missing something? The REVO Party Barge will keep all the snacks, dips, and beverages on display giving your party a catered feel.

Instead of laying out the food on plastic plates, show it off in this topless cooler. The insulated compartments will keep the snacks fresh and appetizing.

Get creative and experiment with a variety of display combinations.

Don’t lock up the beverages in a faceless cooler. Arrange them on top of ice cubes making them impossible to resist.

REVO Party Barge

Even better, throw in the optional glowing ice cubes into the mix. Your guests will feel like in the VIP area of a luxurious resort or football complex.

REVO Party Barge

The 44-inch long barge has the capacity to hold 39 beer bottles or 18 bottles of wine. Store your homemade salsa and guacamole in two double condiments trays or fill them out with gummy bears for a girl’s night movie marathon.

Now you know what your party set-up was missing all along. It’s a mix of fancy and fun that the REVO Party Barge brings to the table. 

REVO Party Barge

REVO Party Barge

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