20 Unique Activities How to Celebrate Your Birthday in Houston

During our younger years, a birthday was something that we just can’t wait to celebrate and look forward to. It was a huge celebration, and probably we just can’t wait to welcome our next exciting birthday parties. However, as we grow older we tend to overlook the importance of celebrating our birthday. Sometimes, all we want is just to enjoy our favorite drink or meal, and just call it a day. But what if we can do it in one of the most exciting cities in Texas? You can visit Houston to find countless exciting things to do while you’re there. Since it’s your birthday, it’s a great idea for you to know how to celebrate your birthday in Houston, especially if you take your friends and family along.

Just like kids, adults like yourself have the right to feel special on your birthdays, too. It’s more than just singing cheesy happy birthday songs and blowing a candle now, because there are lots of things to do when it comes to birthday celebrations. Therefore, if you plan on going to Houston to celebrate your birthday this year, make sure you check out the following ideas on how to celebrate your birthday in one of the most exciting cities in Texas, below.

1. Play Till Drop at the Cidercade

We just love arcade games, don’t we? Even with the development of online gaming with the latest technology nowadays, arcade still has its own uniqueness that can’t be replaced by the advance of the gaming industry. In our opinion, arcade games have a nostalgic kind of feeling that we just can’t let go just like that. Playing arcade games can be even more fun if you do it with your friends, especially if you can grab some drinks after the thrilling battles. At Cidercade Houston, you can get unlimited access to their humongous arcade collection with only $10 admission. You can also enjoy 48 taps of adult beverages and food trucks during the play. It opens daily from 10am to 12am.

2. Rooftop and Chill at Rooftop Cinema Club Uptown

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After months and years of watching home movies during the pandemic, it is now time for you to go outside and watch a good movie at a real cinema. In Houston, you can have the most unique birthday celebration at the Rooftop Cinema Club Uptown. Located above a Whole Foods garage, you can enjoy great movies and priceless city views at the same time. With only $21,50, you will get a comfy lounge seat with a pack of popcorn. Please note that this place is open only on weekends, so you may consider celebrating a late birthday if your birthday falls on a weekday.

3. Compete at the Game Show Challenge

A birthday party won’t be fun without party games. If you celebrate your birthday in Houston, your games can go to the next level instantly because you can have your very own game show. Yes you heard it right, at The Game Show Challenge, you will be able to compete with your party guests in a real live game show. Numerous rounds of unique game show challenges are available to keep your friends and family engaged, which may lead to an unforgettable birthday celebration. Do note that you can get this experience for $34,95 per person.

4. Artsy Part at Color Factory

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If you are looking for exciting ideas on how to celebrate your 30th birthday in Houston, or simply looking for things to do in Houston for your birthday, then you can try to go to Color Factory. This art museum has a very great reputation and almost everyone raves about it. This place has a different and unique room that you can explore with your friends and family. On top of that, each room offers different snacks such as ice cream, macaroons and popcorn, making it such an artsy and fun way to celebrate a birthday. The admission starts from $36.49 per pax.

5. Enjoy Crafted Cocktails at Z in 23 Rooftop

Are currently in search of something different that Houston has to offer? Get yourself and your besties to Z in 23 Rooftop. Just like its name, it is located on the rooftop of a 23-floor building. You can enjoy the city view while having the best cocktail that they serve. On the price point of view, the drinks are pretty pricey, but the view makes it totally worth the price. You can also book the place for private events, both in the Z rooftop or Zutro restaurant downstairs. The place is open daily but they will close the restaurant to public if they have a private event. So make sure to check their website for updates.

6. Rage Party at Tantrums

We all need to let out our anger and negative emotions every once in a while, especially since adulthood tends to make us feel overwhelmed quite easily. If you are looking for uncommon ways to celebrate your 30th birthday in Houston, you can go to Tantrums. In this facility, you can let out all of your frustrations by destroying stuff that they provide intentionally to be destroyed. It will cost you only $35 for 5 minutes in the room. Based on visitors experience, this place offers such a relieving way to have fun with your friends, indeed.

7. Birthday Dining and Bowling at Pinstripes

Pinstripes is a well known bowling alley and restaurant in Houston. You can walk in and pay $35 for two hours of bowling games. Aside from being able to play bowling with your friends, the food is also pretty affordable, which will cost you around $20 for each meal. If you prefer to host your private birthday party without involving other visitors, you can choose to book your birthday celebration for a private event. Pinstripes provide various rooms to accommodate starting from 20 to as big as 1.200 people. They open daily from 12pm to 10pm.

8. Bar Crawling with Pedal Party

Have you considered to have some unusual things to do in Houston for your birthday? Say no more, because Pedal Party is the one thing you should try. It is basically a pedal party service where you can rent a pedal that can host a small group of people. How often can you have your birthday celebration on wheels? You can enjoy beer together, or you can also bring your own drinks and snacks, too. Plus, you are also allowed to play some music while you’re on the road. You can even stop at nearby bars when your team members get tired of pedaling. It costs anywhere from $26-$40 per person for 10-15 people, and in our opinion, this activity is definitely worth it.

9. Axe Throwing Party at Ratchet Hatchet

If you and your friends love challenges, you can try to beat each other at Ratchet Hatchet. When we say beat, it doesn’t mean that you and your friends will beat each other using actual hatchet. It means that you can beat each other at an aiming competition. Ratchet Hatchet is an axe house where you can throw axes to a target. We must say that it’s a little extreme to do to celebrate a birthday, but you can have once in a lifetime experience here. Ratchet Hatchet opens daily and costs $35 per person for 90 minutes duration.

10. Solve Adventurous Mission at Escape Hunt

We all love mission games and probably spent half of our childhood imagining how it would feel to go on a treasure hunt adventure. Well, now your dream can come true, because Escape Hunt Houston offers different themes of escape rooms that you can try. They offer different themes such as fantasy and pirates just like how we imagine it. The stories are well crafted to give us excitement. It cost $35.95 per player and we can go in groups for up to 6 players.

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11. Birthday Dinner at the Melting Pot

There are so many restaurants to choose from when it comes to birthday dinner in Houston. But if you are looking for the perfect dinner for two, we recommend Melting Pot as your choice. The menus are relatively affordable for its quality, which cost you only $105 for a complete four course meal for two people. You can also book for group events and enjoy the best fondue in town with your loved ones.

12. Private Dining at Brenner’s Steakhouse

If you are looking for the best places to celebrate your birthday in Houston, you better not skip Brenner’s on the Bayou. Yes, it offers a different experience not like any other steakhouses, and there are lots of positive reviews from those who have visited the place. If you want to celebrate your birthday with friends and family, you can choose the sharing menu, which will cost you around $13 each. The place opens daily from 5pm to 10pm, and sometimes they also hold special events, so make sure to check their website to make your reservation early.

13. Experience Real Life Battle at Battlefield Houston

Want to have that gaming experience in real life? Battlefield Houston got you covered. It is an urban combat simulation that takes laser tag to the next level. You can step into the combat zone with the best equipment and missions. Basically it will feels like as if you play the game online, but this time, it’s real. They also accommodate private events such as birthday parties for up to 10 to 50 players. Plus, it costs only $180 for 30 minutes of game time.

14. Rave Party at Axelrad

Rave Party at Axelrad

Being 25 means you are entering the quarter life crisis zone. And what do we do when we hit that number? Yes, we rave. being a 25 yo means you are officially a full adult now, so why not throw the last rave party before dealing with life consequences? Axelrad is a beer garden that provides different spaces to book for private events. The prices vary but it started with only $25 per table in the garden, where you can sit with a group of up to 10 people comfortably. You can also book a bougier space with DJ service and that will make a great 25th birthday party idea in Houston.

15. Go Karting at Track 21

Go Karting at Track 21

When was the last time you went on a Go Kart race? We know that Go Kart is often associated with kids, and we can understand if you think of the same. But, you will probably change your mind once you get to Track 21, which is a Go Kart space where everybody is welcome. If you book their private party service, not only you will get to choose the race time, but you will also get a private race line and even an add-in private room for dinner or cakes. Moreover, it is also budget friendly since they allow you to bring your own beverages. Cost started from $250 for a private race up to 8 drivers.

16. Eat, Drink, Golf

Eat, Drink, Golf
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If you prefer golf over other activities for your birthday celebration in Houston, you can try and go to Loft 18. It is a sports bar and grill where they provide golf simulation for you and your friends amusement. You can also plan your very own private event with a multi-functional simulator, delicious food & drink, music & entertainment,  outdoor patio, table games, and even dance-floor, basically everything that a good party needs. The private events are fully customizable so the price will depend on your own customizations.

17. Have an Underwater Dinner

Have an Underwater Dinner

You can find a lot of places to celebrate your birthday in Houston but no one will give you an unforgettable experience quite like underwater Dining Adventures. You can have your mermaid fantasy as your favorite Disney princess Ariel, as you are seated around a floor to ceiling 150,000 gallon aquarium, home to over 100 species of aquatic life from around the world. They are open from 11am to 8:30pm on weekdays and up to 10pm on weekends. They offer birthday packages but the infos are only available for kids so far. However, you can book your own private event by filling the event request form on their website.

18. Join the Cultural Art Scene at Avantgarden

Join the Cultural Art Scene at Avantgarden

If you consider yourself as edgy, like things that are truly unique and love to contribute in small but meaningful communities, then the Avantgarden can be the best place to celebrate your birthday in Houston. One look at the website and you already know that this is the place for creative individuals who are not afraid to be different. They hold events you can join on a daily basis. But other than that, you can also book your very own private event whether it is a birthday party, arts, or something in between.

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19. Fancy Karaoke at Glitter Karaoke

Fancy Karaoke at Glitter Karaoke

Karaoke is an appropriate activity to do on birthdays. There is also no shame in taking it to the next step and making it fancy. Glitter Karaoke is the place where you can party, drink, dance, and of course, sing. If singing in front of the crowd is not your thing, you can always request a private event. The food in this place is also awesome and very affordable starting from only $2.

20. Dance Worry-Free at Etro Nightclub

Dance Worry-Free at Etro Nightclub

It’s your party and you can dance if you want to. To celebrate your special day in Houston, you can always go to a nightclub. It is the time when you can let go of some of your life burdens and anxiety and just dance worry free. Etro nightclub offers different types of fun events you can enjoy with friends. The viscous 80s vibe definitely makes this place different. However, they fuse 80s music with modern EDMs too. They are open from Thursday to Sunday from 9pm to 2am.

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What is a unique way to celebrate your birthday in Houston?

There are so many unique ways to celebrate your birthday in Houston. From escape hunt, real life battle fields, bar crawling on pedals, to smashing things with sledgehammers. Houston just has so many to offer. If you are not interested in extreme activities, you can always chill and enjoy drinks or have a humble birthday dinner.

How can I celebrate my birthday without a party in Houston?

You can, for example, watch movies on the rooftop. It will be a fun, humble, yet a different experience. You can also visit art museums like the Color Factory to simply admire the beauty of modern arts. Don’t forget that you can also spend your coins at the arcade all day.

How do you celebrate a perfect birthday in Houston?

Celebrating a perfect birthday is actually easier than we think. We just need a day off, an activity to do, good drinks and food and maybe some company if you want to. However, it doesn’t have to be fancy or over the top. A perfect birthday party can be as simple as having dinner but it will be perfect if you are grateful for everything you get and don’t forget to thank yourself.

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