Vehicle Rooftop Assistance Doorstep

This Vehicle Rooftop Assistance Doorstep gives you a swift and easy access to the roof of your car.

Whenever you need to attach some gear to the rooftop you can use this doorstep instead of standing on your tiptoes or worse – your car seat.

There are times when you come across a product that is so simple yet useful that you start wondering “why didn’t I come up with something like that?”. Moki Doorstep is one of those products.

If your car’s rooftop is typically used for transporting skis, kayaks, bikes, or any other outdoor gear, then you might benefit from having Moki around. 

Vehicle Rooftop Assistance Doorstep

It is made out of aircraft-grade heat treated aluminum and its weight capacity is whopping 300 lbs. You can hook it to your car door frame in a matter of seconds.

This will give you far more reach and visibility when securing anything to the rooftop.

Vehicle Rooftop Assistance Doorstep

Spare yourself and your car seats some trouble. You can easily step up your game when it comes to gear logistics with Moki Doorstep. 

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