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iKamper: Expandable Rooftop Car Tent

The iKamper: Expandable Rooftop Car Tent completely redefines camping, making RVs and ground tents irrelevant if you have your car with you.

The spacious tent can snuggly sit on top of your car taking up little to no space while you’re looking for the perfect spot to camp.

When you reach your destination, this expandable tent is ready for use in less than a minute. Yes, the set up is that intuitive and easy. Struggling with poles, stakes, and ropes in ground tents will be just a distant memory to you. 

The tent comes with included king size mattress, making sleeping and resting for your companions a delightful and pain-free activity. It easily fits 2 adults and 2 children or just 3 adults.

iKamper: Expandable Rooftop Car Tent

The tent’s floor is manufactured from aluminum honeycomb panels that provide the residents with ultimate support and security. They are also lightweight, so it won’t add highly noticeable weight to your vehicle.

iKamper: Expandable Rooftop Car Tent

The tent can also be customized with many accessories, like a shoe rack or additional annex room. It’s up to you to build the perfect camping home that will make every trip of yours an absolute delight. 

iKamper: Expandable Rooftop Car Tent

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