Wireless Automatic Car Tent

This Wireless Automatic Car Tent by the innovative company Lanmodo, not only protects your car but it also possesses some pretty neat transforming qualities that will make traveling much more enjoyable.

First and foremost it serves as a protector of your car. As romantic as it sounds, it doesn’t protect your car from dragons or giants, but more from trivial threats.

Like your car getting overheated in summer where you can’t even put your hands on the steering wheel. The tent cools down your car in hot weather, making a difference of up to 36º C. Secondly, it protects the vehicle from bird waste, hale, snow, and other small debris. 

Wireless Automatic Car Tent

It’s easy to install with the suction cup that helps avoid scratches and the material of the tent itself is waterproof.

The whole setting up process takes about 30 seconds. You can keep it folded when driving, but when you’re parked you can unfold it with a wireless remote control in 8 seconds. So if you’re not used to waiting for things, this tent won’t let you down.

Wireless Automatic Car Tent

As for the whole transforming part of this Wireless Automatic Car Tent, then prepare to be amazed. The tent can serve you as an impromptu beach umbrella, 7-person tent, and even an outdoor movie theater. 

Wireless Automatic Car Tent

The tent can be mounted on any type of car. So if you want to keep your beautiful car safe and simultaneously get yourself an all-in-one tent, this baby hits the jackpot.  

Wireless Automatic Car Tent

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