Under Bed Motorized TV Lift

This Under Bed Motorized TV Lift allows you to comfortably watch TV in bed without sacrificing valuable space in the room.

This installation hides your TV under your bed. Well, there won’t be much use to the TV if it stays hidden there, of course.

That’s why with a simple push of a button it will emerge from underneath the bed placing itself at a perfect viewing angle.

This TV lift makes space-saving much easier in your bedroom. If you don’t want to throw the whole aesthetics of the room off balance with a TV mounted on the wall or standing in the corner, this solution is definitely for you. 

Plus, watching the TV sliding right in front of your eyes will give you the giddy satisfaction of feeling like Q or Tony Stark. All while lying in bed in your pajamas.

Under Bed Motorized TV Lift

The whole installation is built out of hot and cold rolled steel (other materials used in outdoor lift options). It has a weight capacity of 500 pounds, but custom solutions are also available.

The TV can also be swiveled if you’d rather leave the bed once in awhile (we know, tragic), you just need to choose the appropriate model. 

Under Bed Motorized TV Lift

Overall, this is a dream come true for people who love gadgets and motorization of everything that can be motorized.

It looks cool, saves space, and you’ll have the ultimate excuse for staying in bed which is “testing the product”.  

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