Magisso Cake Servers

Magisso Cake Servers will allow you to slice and serve perfect pieces of cake every time. Cakes are a delight to look at and they are even more delightful to eat.

But when you face cutting the cake you always run the risk of the piece toppling over or falling apart. The piece of cake can also land on your pristine white tablecloth and that’s just no way to live.

To prevent the pieces of cake going through all of that the Magisso Cake Servers come into play.

These cake servers are extremely easy to use. Just push it into the cake, squeeze, lift, and transfer the perfect piece onto the plate. 

Now you can stop worrying about your perfect cake getting ruined. The tongs-like effect of this cake server keeps the cake’s layers together even when you lift the piece into the air.

Magisso Cake Servers

The cake server is made out of stainless steel which allows it to easily cut through all types of cakes.

It is also dishwasher safe so if you don’t want to lick the icing off it yourself, then feel free to throw it into the dishwasher.

Magisso Cake Servers

For the best cake-piece-removing results it’s best to use it on room-temperature cakes.

This can be a perfect gift for any sweet-tooth you know or for someone who enjoys baking the cakes themselves and wants each piece to look as perfect as the cake itself. 

Magisso Cake Servers

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