Northwest Territory Front Porch Tent

Northwest Territory Front Porch Tent will make you feel as if you didn’t leave your house for the camping trip. Not only because it actually looks like a luxurious house, but also because of the comfort it will provide you with.

This tent is quite enormous, with its height reaching 18′ and width settling at 12′. It easily provides accommodation for up to 10 adults.

So, frankly, the choice is yours – you can enjoy the camping trip with your whole family or enjoy the space and luxury with a smaller group of people.

The size of this tent also allows you to move freely within its bounds, without having to crouch or strain your back. 

Even though you can easily share it with lots of people, this Northwest Territory tent is equipped with zip-up dividing panels that can offer you some privacy. Plus, what house would be complete without windows?

Northwest Territory Front Porch Tent

That’s right, this tent also has full-size “windows” through which you can enjoy the view if you’re not much of an outdoorsy type of person.

Northwest Territory Front Porch Tent

The floor of this tent keeps the nasty insects and other unwanted visitors at bay, so no need to worry about that. Even so, the floor is removable and can be washed at any time. 

The tent also comes with easily comprehensible instructions that will make the assembly fast and smooth.

Northwest Territory Front Porch Tent

With this tent, you can lure even the most grumpy hermit outside for a camping trip and that says a lot in itself.

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