Heimplanet Inflatable Cave Tent

The Heimplanet Inflatable Cave Tent makes ropes and rods obsolete with its extremely easy set-up. It’s an ultra-stable tent that can be assembled in mere minutes by simply pumping it up.

Even if you love camping you know that setting up a tent can be quite torturing, especially the first time. Complicated instructions, rods that don’t quite bend the way they’re supposed to, just no.

These awesome tents, however, allow you to start enjoying the camping trip right away spending only a fraction of time on setting up your shelter.

Even though this tent is inflatable, don’t let yourself be fooled. It’s extremely stable thanks to its geodesic design. It is also waterproof and resistant to harsh weather conditions. 

The tent can be inflated through a single valve with an included pump. Don’t worry, if you manage to poke a hole in it the tent won’t set off into the air like a balloon making indecent noises.

Heimplanet Inflatable Cave Tent

The air chambers in the tent are isolated from one another so a leak in one beam doesn’t cause the whole structure to deflate.

Heimplanet Inflatable Cave Tent

Heimplanet Inflatable Cave Tent is made out of high-quality materials with its PU-coated polyester fly and 70-denier nylon floor.

It’s spacious enough to house 2-3 people, so it’s perfect for going onto impromptu camping or hiking trips with your significant other or several close friends. 

Heimplanet Inflatable Cave Tent

So there you go, all the tent dummies can sleep peacefully knowing that they won’t embarrass themselves on the next group camping trip. Just pump your tent up and feel like a boss.

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