Stand Up Pedal Boards

These Stand Up Pedal Boards have a pretty self-explanatory name and they allow you to exercise while “walking” on water.

This cool water transport looks like a surfboard that is equipped with a set of pedals and a handlebar for stability.

The handlebar actually allows you to not only retain your balance. It also has hand-levers that make steering this board an easy-peasy job.

If you get tired of pedaling, you can always dismantle the handlebar, lock the pedals in place and use this board as a traditional paddleboard.  

No one would blame you, it must be challenging to pedal all day long but imagine the shape you’ll be in after using this board for even a month!

Stand Up Pedal Boards

For those who like fishing, you can even install a special crate (sold separately) to your pedal board designed specifically for holding all your fishing gear.

Stand Up Pedal Boards

Overall, this is a cool water transport that will make any day spent by a beach a fun activity that can also get you into shape. 

Stand Up Pedal Boards

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