Wazoo Adventure Survival Belt

The Wazoo Adventure Survival Belt is the one and only survival multi-tool belt you’ll ever need. Probably. Of course, we never know what kind of situation you can wind up in.

Life is unpredictable like that. But looking at what this belt has in store makes us think that it actually has everything you might need to survive.

This cache belt puts Batman’s silly yellow utility belt to shame. Why? Because it looks completely inconspicuous and nobody would guess that this belt is packed with a signal mirror or a water purification kit. Yeah, it has those in addition to bandages, zip ties, fish hooks, a brass cord, a compass, a flashlight, a ceramic knife and so much more. 

Wazoo Adventure Survival Belt

So if you are an adventurer yourself, whether it’s camping, hiking, mountain climbing or anything else that you like doing, you need this belt.

Wazoo Adventure Survival Belt

This can also be a perfect gift for an outdoors-loving person or someone who you don’t want to see struggling in a Bear Grylls kind of situation. 

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