25 Cool BTS Tattoo Ideas That A True ARMY Must Have 

As the biggest Korean boy band today, BTS has its own charm and persona. BTS is popular because its music inspires people to be better, and the band members are all super charismatic. The Bangtan Boys also made a point of being very inclusive and supportive of their fans, ARMY, which is why they’ve been able to sustain a huge fan base over several years. Therefore, no wonder that BTS tattoo ideas are becoming popular.

Besides being the symbol of loyalty, people put some meaningful symbols or lyrics from BTS songs to motivate and inspire themselves on a daily basis. There is no doubt that BTS tattoos are the perfect way to show your love and feel you have a “connection” with your favorite band. And let’s be honest here. Who doesn’t want a cute and meaningful tattoo?

If you are going to have one, let us share some special BTS tattoo ideas that only ARMY and BTS understand!

Why Do People Love BTS?

People are captivated by BTS for various reasons. First, their music is filled with inspiring and powerful lyrics that touch the hearts of listeners. Second, their energetic dance performances and exceptional stage presence add to their allure. BTS’s genuine love for its fans, the ARMY, and its active involvement in social issues further strengthen the bond. Through their authenticity, hard work, and positive attitudes, BTS has forged a profound connection with the ARMY, making them one of the most loyal fandoms in the world.

Who Is The Member of BTS That Has A Lot of Tattoos?

Jimin and Jungkook are two BTS members that love to have many tattoos. The tattoos on Jungkook’s entire sleeve include, among other things, snakes, tigers, clocks, and flowers. His more emotive tattoos include the word “Army” over his knuckles and the number 7 behind his ear, which is a friendship tattoo that each member of BTS has. Meanwhile, Jimin has more than 6 tattoos on their body parts, and some of them are hidden.

Are There Any Specific Tattoo Designs Inspired by Individual BTS Members?

Certainly! When it comes to specific tattoo designs inspired by individual BTS members, the creative options are vast. For Jin, you might consider a blooming flower to symbolize his role as the “Eternal Visual” of the group. Suga enthusiasts could explore a mixtape cassette tape or a burning matchstick to represent his passion for music and his fiery performances.

Jimin admirers might find inspiration in a pair of delicate ballet shoes or a cherry blossom branch, symbolizing his graceful dance moves and ethereal beauty. RM enthusiasts could consider a design featuring a galaxy or a constellation, reflecting his introspective and philosophical nature. J-Hope lovers might explore a design incorporating a vibrant rainbow or a phoenix rising from the ashes, symbolizing his optimism and resilience. Ultimately, the best tattoo design is one that resonates with your personal connection to the BTS member and represents their unique qualities and influence in your life.

Meaningful BTS Tattoo Ideas

You can never have too much BTS in your life, and the same goes for your body. With all the tattoos out there, it can be hard to find one that really speaks to you.

But, for those who never have had a tattoo before but are eager to try one, a simple BTS tattoo design can have so much meaning in your life. That’s why we’ve put together this list of meaningful BTS tattoo ideas for you to consider. Check them out!

1. Love Myself Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@m.vk.com)

When it comes to an inspiring quote from BTS songs, ARMY will definitely agree that the “Love Myself” campaign is actually magic. Therefore, a simple text on the finger can be a meaningful BTS tattoo for BTS fans.

Choose a handwriting-style font and black ink for the tattoo to get an artsy and aesthetic appeal. It can also be a beautiful reminder to love and respect yourself every day amidst the onslaught of unrealistic social demands.

2. “7” Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Laura)

Inspired by the friendship tattoo of the band members, you can have a simple “7” tattoo on your body part. Besides, it can have many BTS tattoo meanings that are hiding underneath.

This symbol can represent the number of BTS members or the lucky seven as the good luck charm. You can put a small dot next to the “7” symbol to make a captivating BTS tattoo, meaning that you will love the 7 members until the end.

3. “I’ll Show You Magic Shop” Lyric Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@☁️)

BTS has many inspired lyrics, and one of the most special parts is from the “Magic Shop”. Since the song is actually written for ARMY, the “I’ll Show You” lyric is the beautiful part when ARMY can sing along with BTS.

Therefore, why don’t you put a little part of the Magic Shop lyric for your tattoo? Use an aesthetic font so it can be a unique BTS tattoo that reminds you of the love from the members of the ARMY. Also, consider tattooing one on your forearm to have a perfect showcase!

4. “I Live So I Love” Lyric Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@amanda)

Shout out to RM for this meaningful lyric! Inspired by a powerful lyric from RM in the Trivia: Love, you can create this tattoo on your body to make you love yourself more every day, despite your flaws.

This simple lyric with good rhyme encourages persons who have dreams to never give up hope and to keep waiting for the day when they will be able to carry out the activities that give them comfort. You can have it on your wrist or collar bone for an awesome display. What a beautiful tattoo to treasure forever!

5. Nevermind Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Mile Athie)

Jimin tattoos are always meaningful and charming. Sometimes you may spot the “Nevermind” tattoo on his chest and find it aesthetic. If so, why don’t you have the smaller version on your forearm?

In addition, it is also inspired by the BTS’ Intro: Nevermind, from The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 2 albums. The lyric “Never mind, it’s not easy, but engrave it onto your chest” holds a profound beauty. It resonates deeply with listeners, encouraging resilience and determination in the face of challenges.

6. Begin Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

Got a favorite member? We’ve got a design for that! Especially if you love Jungkook, the simple “Begin” tattoo is a wonderful choice. The song is a beautiful symbol of gratitude from Jungkook to all the members who raised him and made him begin until now.

Therefore, the song tattoo can also represent sentiments, emotions, and love you’ve got from BTS that make you a better person today! To make it visible, consider having one on your thumb or wrist.

7. Spring Day Tattoo

For that ARMY who always misses BTS every day, the Spring Day tattoo is a great symbol to have. You can portray seven members from the back, watching a tree grow as the spring comes for the tattoo.

It’s the ideal tattoo design to romanticize your love for BTS. It has a meaningful, emotive vibe about love, grief, and longing for the past. You will have a lot of feelings every time you see this tattoo. Since it has a pretty wide design, drawing one on your upper arm or wrist is a brilliant idea.

8. “Dream Hope Keep Going” Lyric Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@aminoapps.com)

An inspiring tattoo with universal meaning, did you know that this tattoo comes from the “Young Forever” lyric? In case you want to put a motivational lyric from BTS that general people can understand, use this tattoo idea.

Simply choose capital letters and separate each word with a dot. To give the Korean vibe, you can write the Korean translation below the English word. We also recommend getting the tattoo on your forearm for a better visual.

9. Hope World Tattoo

The hook part of the “Hope World” song is definitely addictive! If you can’t move on from the beat and lyrics of this fun song by J-Hope BTS, then it’s a sign to mark your skin with the “Hope World” tattoo.

Hope World resembles the start of the end. It also talks about knowing what you want to be when you grow up and realizing that it isn’t something you want to share with others is important. If you already have a tattoo on your forearm, consider drawing it on your wrist but make the size smaller.

10. “134340” Song Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@jhihiro)

Just like Pluto and the sun, ARMY, and BTS always have love for each other no matter how distant they are. So, the “134340” song can be your tattoo inspiration. The “13430” is a code for Pluto, a dwarf planet that is far away from the sun but still holds on it.

You can have the “134340” number with a small dot, a target symbol, and also a connecting line to represent the meaning of the song. Also, showcasing one on your wrist or forearm will make amazing body art.

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BTS Tattoo Ideas for ARMY Girl

Express your unwavering love for your favorite BTS idol with a charming and cute BTS tattoo. It’s the perfect way for ARMY girls to showcase their adoration. Whether you have a favorite member or want to capture the essence of the entire group, there are enchanting BTS tattoo ideas designed for various body parts.

From delicate and petite designs to lovely expressions of fangirl pride, these tattoo ideas will add a touch of elegance to your personal style as a loyal ARMY girl.

11. I Purple U Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Stuff Magazin)

One of the most popular BTS tattoo ideas is the Army Bomb with the iconic “I Purple U” slogan. Army Bomb is a must-have item for ARMY girls, and the “I Purple U” is a romantic way to say “I Love You.”

You can use black ink to make the outline of the Army Bomb and the text. And in case you want to express your creativity even further, fill the blank inner part with purple tones. Feel the energy and excitement as a fangirl when listening to BTS’s music or seeing them perform live.

12. Singularity V BTS Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@allure.com)

In case V is your favorite member of the band, you can put his song title for your next tattoo! Feel the seductive but depressed vibe as V sings the beautiful song through this tattoo.

In fact, the song represents the person trapped in a beautiful dream of romantic love. Just like you are trapped in V’s charm, this tattoo can make you fall in love and connect more with your idol. Besides looking fabulous on forearm, we highly recommend creating a smaller size to draw on your wrist.

13. Love Yourself BTS Symbol Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@swantaegi)

Suppose you want to have a pretty symbol for your BTS tattoo, why don’t you put the love yourself design from the BTS Love Yourself Album? Simply use black ink with a sharp line to create the aesthetic love symbol.

It can be a charming symbol of BTS’s campaign that the ARMY will understand. In addition, it can be your own good luck charm to motivate you every day! For the best visual, have it on your wrist or around the collar bone.

14. Chimmy Tattoo

Chimmy Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@allure.com)

Who can’t resist the cuteness of the little Chimmy? If you are a fan of BTS, you may also be familiar with Chimmy from BT21. This adorable puppy is specially made by Jimin, representing a playful and active character from the band.

So, having the Chimmy tattoo is a perfect idea for ARMY girls! You can have a simple Chimmy face feature with eyes, a nose, and the iconic tongue sticking out on your point finger, or make it a bit bigger to feature on your wrist.

15. Serendipity Tattoo

Serendipity Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Vianca Arroyo)

Some ARMY girls may find BTS as the source of comfort and happiness unintentionally. Just like the beautiful lyrics of “Serendipity”, it talks about finding valuable things as good luck.

If so, you can write the “Serendipity” for your tattoo. Choose an aesthetic font with black ink. You can also add the Plumeria flower symbol that represents the start of a new beginning. For this bloom, we recommend drawing it in maroon.

16. Jimin and V Tattoo

Jimin and V Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Giorgia Scaldaferri)

Being the 95 lines, Jimin and V’s friendship is indeed adorable and beautiful! Suppose you are fans of them. Having their face on your skin is definitely fantastic. They are charming symbols of friendship and siblings.

In case you want to have the bond resonates in your life, draw a sketch of Jimin and V while singing to each other at the concert and transfer it as a tattoo on your forearm or upper arm. You can also create depth in the tattoo design and the 3D feel with black ink.

17. Mikrokosmos Tattoo

Mikrokosmos Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@vero xx)

Mikrokosmos is a beautiful song that represents BTS’s love for ARMY as their everything. In Korean, the title of the song can be translated as the universe. Therefore, a combination of some stars and planets above the “Mikrokosmos” text can be a great design.

Having this tattoo can make you feel special as an ARMY. In addition, this tattoo is perfect for ARMY girls who also love space objects. Consider your forearms or wrist to display this art.

BTS Logo Tattoo Ideas

BTS tattoo ideas with logos are a popular choice among fans of the group. Whether you opt for the full band logo, with its iconic typography and design, or prefer a more minimalistic approach, there are countless possibilities to explore.

Let these BTS symbols inspire your next tattoo, a permanent mark celebrating your strong connection with the group and the music that has touched your soul.

18. BTS Arrow Tattoo

BTS Arrow Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Krithika Bharath Ram)

Many people thank BTS as the songs have inspired many people to achieve their dreams. So, an arrow symbol with the hidden BTS logo is a creative way to express your gratitude for being ARMY.

You can put the BTS logo in the fletching part of the arrow, resembling the motivation and support you got from BTS to reach your goals in life. Moreover, a beautiful BTS name tattoo on the shaft part is also a great idea. Whether you opt for the first or second choice, consider your forearm to provide a vast area to draw the tattoo.

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19. Minimalist BTS ARMY Logo Tattoo

Minimalist BTS ARMY Logo Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@⏤͟͟͞͞★𝐼𝓈𝒽)

A pair of ARMY BTS tattoos in your hands is a simple but charming choice. In fact, the ARMY logo is the BTS logo reversed. You can put the BTS logo on your right wrist and the ARMY symbol on the left.

Use black ink to create the full logo design, showing that BTS and ARMY are always side by side. If you think the logo is too big, request a smaller size. Having a pair of band and fandom logos will make you feel proud as ARMY.

20. Infinity RM BTS Tattoo

Infinity RM BTS Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@s_j_sope)

Mark your infinity love to BTS with this small BTS logo tattoo. This idea portrays the infinity symbol with the BTS logo and the “RM” as the leader of the band. The infinity symbol represents your love and support for BTS.

Besides, you can also put your name in Hangul or the Korean alphabet on the center of the infinity logo to add a level of personalization. With this symbol, you better draw the tattoo on your wrist.

21. BTS and Whale Tattoo

BTS and Whale Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@twitter.com)

ARMY must be familiar with the iconic “kore” or “whale” in English that is drawn by Jin. If your favorite member is Jin, but you still have the BTS logo tattoo, don’t worry! This tattoo idea will surely blow your mind.

You can have the pinkish-purple BTS logo outline with an aesthetic whale swimming with the moon and stars. The “Moon” is also the title of the song that is written by Jin! Display the tattoo on your forearm that will surely make other ARMYs get jealous.

22. BTS Song Titles’ Tattoo

BTS Song Titles’ Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@naomiderosephotography.com)

As an army, you must remember most of BTS songs’ titles by heart. But what about having your favorite BTS songs tattooed on your body? Sounds interesting, right? Therefore, we recommend this unique BTS tattoo that will be a unique piece of art on your skin.

You can create a tattoo that looks like a crossword puzzle and choose a classic font such as Times New Roman or Georgia. Due to its quite big design, nothing can beat the forearm or upper arm as the best spot to show off your tattoo.

23. Colored Love Yourself Tattoo

Colored Love Yourself Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@brontebride.com)

If you want to create a dedicated tattoo for BTS that stands out among other tattoos on your body, this one might be one of the most suitable options. The iconic ‘Love Yourself’ shape from the BTS Love Yourself album comes in soft and fun colors like blue, magenta, yellow, purple, and pink.

Moreover, it will be the perfect tattoo on your wrist as it will be visible for anyone to see. You can also opt for a forearm if you want to request a bigger size, It will also be a nice way to tell the world how much you love BTS. 

24. BTS 00:00 Tattoo

BTS 00:00 Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@~Val~)

This is another unique tattoo that represents your love for BTS as it shows the images of 00:00 or Zero o’clock, which is the title of the famous BTS single. Any BTS fan would immediately know that you are a fan of the group once they see your tattoo.

It might even inspire them to create the same one on their body, too. In our opinion, the best area to have this kind of tattoo is definitely on your inner elbow area.

25. Round Mikrokosmos Tattoo

Round Mikrokosmos Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Kisyusha)

We have one of the sweetest tattoos for a sweet BTS army. It comes in the shape of a tiny round Mikrokosmos tattoo on the back of the ear area or perhaps on your collar bone.

Due to the tiny size, this tattoo is not something that people can see immediately, especially if you put your hair down. But when you pull your hair up, this tattoo will be visible, which we think would be a nice form of identity to tell the world that you are a proud BTS army.

Final Thoughts

As BTS has inspired many people to reach their dreams, having a BTS tattoo can be a great way to express your gratitude. There are many beautiful BTS lyrics and symbols you can draw on your skin that can encourage and motivate you to be a better person every day. As much as you are eager to make a BTS tattoo, you must consider which parts of your body you can draw your tattoo on.

For small BTS tattoo ideas, the wrist, collarbone, and back of the ears areas will make the best spots. Meanwhile, the forearm and upper arm will make amazing visuals for bigger tattoos. We hope our BTS tattoo design can give you more insights for ARMY, who want an eternal connection with BTS through a tattoo.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How BTS personnel inspired people around the world?

BTS always speak their mind through beautiful lyrics. Some of BTS members such as RM, Suga, and J-Hope are often to write their own songs. Therefore, they tend to share genuine messages to many people. No wonder that their songs can inspire many people around the world.

Should you consider the placement and size of your BTS tattoo?

Placement and size are important considerations for any tattoo. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a small and discreet design or opt for a larger piece that makes a bolder statement. Popular placements for BTS tattoos include wrists, forearms, shoulders, ankles, and behind the ear. Ultimately, choose a location that feels meaningful to you and complements the design you have in mind.

Which members of BTS have tattoos?

In 2022, all BTS members decided to have a friendship tattoo. It is the number 7 tattoo that represents the 7 members of BTS. The band’s leader, RM, was the first to display his number 7 tattoo. J-Hope, Jungkook, Jimin, and V came after him. The most recent BTS member to display the tattoo in a shirtless photo is Jin, the group’s oldest member. Meanwhile, Suga’s tattoo is still not revealed yet.

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