25 Stunning Forearm Tattoos for Women You Must See!

Forearm tattoos for women are a form of self-expression channeled through the art of body drawing. You can make it permanent or temporary, but most often, they opt for a permanent one, especially those with meaningful designs to remind them of specific events.

forearm tattoos for women
Forearm Tattoos for Women

Generally, women who fancy forearm tattoo designs choose ones with specific symbols reflecting their astrology, zodiac, or birth statements.

Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, we’ve curated some of the best ones in the following section for you to explore.

Small Forearm Tattoos with Meaning

Dare to try your very first women forearm tattoo? We’ve compiled minimalist forearm tattoos for women. They are dense in meaning, so choose the one that represents yourself.

1. Shining Stars Symbol

forearm tattoos for women
Source: Pinterest (@Our Mindful Life)

For those diving into tattoos for the first time, we highly recommend starting with something minimalist yet deeply meaningful, like this one. 

This tattoo showcases a symbol of shining stars beautifully inked on your forearm, representing aspirations, dreams, and significant goals.

You can extend it to save space, just in case more tattoos are on your radar.

2. Wavy Quote Tattoo

forearm tattoos for women
Source: Pinterest (@Our Mindful Life)

Everyone’s got that one life motto or quote they hold dearly for motivation. Carry it on your arm by turning it into a wavy quote tattoo. 

To amp up the aesthetic, go for a wavy style on your inner forearm with a small but bold font, like a typewriter. You can even make it circular like a band, as you prefer. But for this one, opt for birthright or lavishly font styles. 

3. Floral Face Tattoo

forearm tattoos for women
Source: Pinterest (@Byrdie)

Someone with an aesthetic soul is bound to adore this design.

It combines an upside-down flower with a female face that appears to be made of the bloom’s parts

For an elegant and subtle tattoo like this, we highly recommend placing it on your outer arm. Ask the tattoo artist to use a thin ink style to enhance the aesthetics.

4. Moon Tree Design

forearm tattoos for women
Source: Pinterest (@Glaminati)

Here’s another cool option to deck out your forearm. This moon tree design is super attractive, bridging the celestial with the earthly. 

Plus, the combo of the moon and tree also symbolizes the passage of time and growth—a perfect fit for those aiming for positive transformations.

Considering the size and style, we reckon the inner forearm is the ideal spot to rock this tattoo design.

5. Tiny Sun and Moon Tattoo

forearm tattoos for women
Source: Pinterest (@Our Mindful Life)

Invite your bestie to join you in getting this sun and moon tattoo! It’s an ideal choice to represent the everlasting bond of friendship you share with your best friends. 

The design is simple, featuring only a crescent moon and half sun beautifully inked on the inner forearm.

With this style, a small size works better to highlight its lovely charm.

6. Initial Tattoo

forearm tattoos for women
Source: Pinterest (@Our Mindful Life)

Who would’ve thought that your initials could become an inspiring and meaningful minimalist tattoo? Plus, you don’t have to endure too much pain since the design is simple. The only thing you need to ask the tattoo artist for is the font style. 

Make sure to pick a font that stands out with its aesthetic appeal, like Kayleigh or Scriptina.

You can go for a bold one if you want the tattoo to be more vivid.

7. Lotus Flower Tattoo

forearm tattoos for women
Source: Pinterest (@Female Tattoo ideas)

If last year was the toughest journey you’ve been through and you want a tattoo to represent it, nothing beats a lotus flower tattoo. This flower is famous for growing in muddy waters, turning into an exquisite purple bloom.

Its life cycle symbolizes growth and the journey of overcoming challenges, just like what you experienced.

To add to its aesthetic vibe, we recommend adding your favorite Korean proverbs above the lotus, just like the picture shows.

Inner Forearm Tattoos for Females

Females who are getting a forearm tattoo for the first time usually want to keep it humble. If you are one of them, then these inner forearm tattoos for women below will suit your preferences.

8. Beloved Pet Tattoo

forearm tattoos for women
Source: Pinterest (@Our Mindful Life)

Losing a pet is probably one of the toughest trials you face because a furry friend is like your bestie and family. But, don’t get stuck in sorrow to the point where the sweet memories slip away.

Instead, try to immortalize those memories with a beloved pet tattoo like this. 

You can ask the tattoo artist to sketch their face and ink it on your inner forearm in sections. Add their name too if you want to add a personal touch.

9. Elegant Blue Moon Tats

forearm tattoos for women
Source: Pinterest (@Glaminati)

The term “blue moon” usually symbolizes rare events because it’s the second full moon within a calendar month, which happens very rarely.

If you like this representation, you can consider getting the tattoo on your inner forearm. 

Instead of a full blue moon, try a crescent moon shape in blue with sparkling stars and garlands as decoration around it. If you wish, you can also add your favorite daily quote!

10. Couple Coordinate Tattoos

forearm tattoos for women
Source: Pinterest (@Our Mindful Life)

Navigating a long-distance relationship is indeed challenging. But, there’s always a way to make you feel close to your partner. One way is by getting a couple coordinate tattoos like this. 

You can place them on the inner forearm with half-circle shapes that, when brought together with your partner’s hand, form a complete circle.

Consider a small-size tattoo and choose the inner side forearm area for ease in creating the circle.

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11. Dandelion Tattoo

forearm tattoos for women
Source: Pinterest (@TattMag)

Though considered weeds, a dandelion tattoo surprisingly depicts resilience and freedom. You can embrace this meaning by getting one for your inner forearm tattoo. 

The dandelion seeds often flying in the wind symbolize letting go of burdens or the past, embracing the freedom of life and choice.

Add your favorite word or quote around the dandelion to spice up the tattoo.

12. Butterfly Tattoo

forearm tattoos for women
Source: Pinterest (@Our Mindful Life)

This one is a favorite character among forearm tattoos for women. Butterflies symbolize transformation or the cycle of life that ends beautifully. The insect undergoes a challenging journey before becoming a beautiful creature. 

If you want to ink one on your inner forearm, choose a design of a butterfly in mid-flight with traces filled with sparkling stars to jazz up its beauty.

13. Forearm Band Tattoo

forearm tattoos for women
Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.de)

We agree that forearm tattoos for women indeed come with their meanings. But, they also showcase beauty, just like this band tattoo.

It may not have a significant meaning, yet featuring enchanting floral designs that serve as accessories as well. 

For a tattoo design like this, it will be best to ink it on your upper forearm. Let the flower stay in the middle as a stunning permanent pendant.

Outer Forearm Tattoos for Females

Different from the previous design, the outer forearm tattoos for females are for those who want to reveal their awesome tattoo designs to the world.

Choose one of the most stunning tattoo styles for women below that suits your personality.

14. Minimalist Blossom Tattoo

forearm tattoos for women
Source: Pinterest (@Chloe Kim)

In case you’re interested in getting an outer forearm tattoo but don’t want the design to be too flashy, opt for this minimalist blossom tattoo. It features a blend of rose and sunflower that intertwine with each other. 

Roses symbolize happiness, while sunflowers are often linked to new beginnings, two meanings that may represent your journey.

You can also engrave names of significance on the stems to add a personal touch.

15. Flower Bouquet Tattoo

forearm tattoos for women
Source: Pinterest (@Tattoofilter)

Florists or those who love flower bouquets will appreciate this design. Even though it looks simple, it depicts a bunch of flowers with various beautiful variations coming together. 

We recommend drawing the tattoo on the outer side of your arm near the wrist to make it clearly visible but not too flashy.

You can also try adding the name of your pet, child, or partner if this bouquet tattoo is meant for them.

16. Enchanting Side Tattoo

forearm tattoos for women
Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.com)

Getting a tattoo on the outer forearm may seem a bit too bold for some. In that case, you can work around it by asking your tattoo artist to draw a design like this one on the side of your arm. 

You can request big flowers starting from the bottom and gradually getting smaller upwards.

The type of flowers depends on your taste, but we recommend choosing vining ones to make it easier for the artist to design the tattoo.

17. Vining Floral Band Tats

forearm tattoos for women
Source: Pinterest (@FASHION CRAZ)

Floral band tattoos are a savior for those who want a tattoo and a hand accessory in one. They have a vining style that makes the flowers look like they’re crawling from the wrist to the upper forearm. 

You can request to have only the flowers if you’re not into leaves in this design.

In this case, we recommend reducing the size so your tattoo won’t be too overcrowded.

18. Weightless Tattoo

forearm tattoos for women
Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.jp)

This weightless tattoo is perfect for those who dig unique, elegant, and minimalist designs. It looks like smoke but somehow appears aesthetic when inked on the outer forearm. 

Instead of placing it at the bottom part, consider positioning it slightly above to make it look more vivid whenever you want to showcase it.

You can also create a double tattoo by combining the weightless one with a line tattoo that connects to the wrist.

19. Morse Code Tattoo

forearm tattoos for women
Source: Pinterest (@outsons.com)

Wanna play a secret game? You can try this Morse code tattoo. Hide a message or secret code on your outer forearm with this tattoo. 

Make it stretch from the wrist to the end of the forearm to allow more code to ink.

For an aesthetic touch, we recommend adding abstract lines at the end part of the Morse tattoo.

Female Meaningful Forearm Tattoos

Meaningful forearm tattoos are on trend now because they represent feelings, strength, and significant parts of the holder. Assuming you love such tattoos, we have compiled some awe-inspiring ones for you to get inspired.

20. Arrow Tattoo Design

forearm tattoos for women
Source: Pinterest (@Saved Tattoo)

Many people like arrow tattoo designs on their forearms because of the various meanings embedded in this symbol.

If you’re someone who loves adventure and exploration, having an arrow tattoo is a brilliant idea to represent your personality. 

We suggest placing it on the inner arm as it provides a more spacious tattoo area than the outer side. You can also add your favorite word between these tattoos for an additional statement.

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21. Women Strength Symbols

forearm tattoos for women
Source: Pinterest (@Alexie.co)

There are people who think women have less power than men. To debunk that, you can showcase your values through women’s strength tattoo symbols. They represent your aspirations that women can have a voice and the choice to live the life they want. 

Since it has four symbols, consider making the tattoo small to ink on your inner forearm.

Arrange them vertically instead of horizontally to save space.

22. Simple Aquarius Tattoo

forearm tattoos for women
Source: Pinterest (@IdeasDonuts)

Is your zodiac Aquarius? If yes, consider adopting this tattoo for your side forearm if you’re looking for new ink inspiration.

It has a simple symbol that speaks loudly about your zodiac, which some people believe represents your personality and destiny.

To spice up the design, go for a tiny size and add your initials if you love incorporating some personality traits.

23. Four Elements Tattoo

forearm tattoos for women
Source: Pinterest (@outsons.com)

Suppose you’re a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender; you must be familiar with the four elements representing water, air, fire, and earth. Try featuring them on your forearm as an interesting tattoo. 

You can request to use ink in the colors of each element for a more representative look.

If you prefer a minimalist vibe, you better opt for black ink, just like the picture displays.

24. Birth Flower Tattoo

forearm tattoos for women
Source: Pinterest (@ELLE UK)

The zodiac isn’t the only symbol that defines yourself. You can also explore birth flowers to turn them into inspiration for a forearm tattoo design. 

Customize the color and design you want, then request it from your favorite tattoo artist.

We recommend getting it done with thin lines for a more aesthetic and feminine touch on the tattoo.

25. Stunning Wave Tattoo

forearm tattoos for women
Source: Pinterest (@Our Mindful Life)

A wave tattoo might be common in the list of forearm tattoos for women. But, we’re sure this kind of tattoo style is still rare. It features a long wave with astronomical elements like planets, the moon, and stars, making it quite entertaining.

We also encourage you to add other elements, like a coconut tree between the wave lines, along with shining stars to make the design even more appealing.

Final Thought

Forearm tattoos for women offer a variety of styles, sizes, and designs. So, why not explore your creativity in designing your own tattoo that reflects your taste? 

Infuse each tattoo with your personality and meaningful symbols that speak loudly about your journey. Whether it includes flowers, birthstones, or other whimsical symbols, let your forearm be the canvas for your wild imagination.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is a forearm tattoo painful?

Having a forearm tattoo, whether it’s an outer or inner one, can sting a bit. It’s like you are having a prolonged cat scratch on your skin. But, the pain may vary, depending on your pain tolerance.

In case you’ve survived sunburn while sunbathing, the forearm tattoo is manageable.

Is it smart to get a forearm tattoo?

Getting a forearm tattoo, especially with meaning, can be a smart move as long as you are sure of the design, style, and size you want to have. 

We recommend that you consider several factors, such as pain tolerance and job implications, knowing that some do not allow tattoos.

Also, you can’t donate blood for at least 6 months after having a tattoo or body piercing. So, do it wisely. 

Which tattoo is best for the forearm?

The best women’s forearm tattoo is the one that suits your personality, style, and preferences. If you are into symbolism and meaningful tattoos, you can choose zodiac, birthstone, or birth flower designs. 

As for the size, we recommend opting for small inner tattoos for beginners, knowing they are not flashy.

Where should forearm tattoos be placed?

Generally, you can place your meaningful forearm tattoo on the outer or inner side of your forearm.

If you love to showcase your tattoo design, it’s better to have one on your outer side, while the inner one is for those who want to stay discreet.

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