25 Epic Brook Cosplay Ideas to Become the Undead Musician

Known as the “Soul King,” Brook is the ninth member of the Straw Hat Pirates and the musician of the group. He ate the Yomi Yomi no Mi fruit that allowed him to live after death, which made him become a living skeleton.

In the story of One Piece, Brook is one of the most influential characters with a unique personality. He is eccentric, and he is also a unique undead musician who has an amazing power to master the art of music to use as a weapon.

Aside from his amazing ability, Brook also has an amazing look and appearance.

Brook Cosplay
Brook Cosplay Ideas

He is actually a very tall skeleton dressed in formal attire complete with top hat and cane. He is also seen in colorful and high-end clothes that make him look like a rock star, making him a great inspiration for cosplayers, pro or beginner.

Below we have a list of the best recommendations of Brook cosplay ideas that will sure inspire you. So, scroll down to discover the best option!

Amazing and Funny Brook Cosplay Ideas

Aside from wearing a formal black suit, Brook is also seen wearing a super colorful rock star attire with unique accessories. Heart-shaped sunglasses, a yellow feather boa, and a new top hat with a giant crown on the brim are some of the most iconic accessories of Brook.

Curious to know more about Brook cosplay? Read on and make sure you check all ideas to find the perfect one!

1. Brook’s Orange and White Rock Star Costume

Source: Pinterest (@Adibah Ali)

Brook is looking like a rock star in this costume with his flare pants and flowery leather jacket. The afro hair is also one of his most iconic appearances which makes him look like Jimmy Hendrix in a way.

If you think that this look is cool, then we are on the same team, and we encourage you to recreate this look for the next cosplay event.

You can get the complete set of Brook costumes or you can create the costume yourself and search for the mask and afro hair wig online. 

2. Brook in Formal Black Suit

Source: Pinterest

Here we have the iconic formal look of Brook that we think will be the perfect choice of costume for female fans. It comes with a sleek looking black suit plus the skeleton shirt and gloves

Then wear the skull mask and afro hair, and complete the look with the black magician hat. As an accessory, make sure you carry the purple stick which will make you look iconic and eye-catching at the same time. 

3. Brook in Black Suit with Yellow Collars

Source: Pinterest (@youtu.be)

If you want to look somehow dramatic, then perhaps you need to consider this unique look of Brook. This one Brook cosplay idea that will turn all heads. It features a black suit with a huge yellow collar as the accent.

Then, grab a unique skull mask with the mouth wide open.

You can also get a mask that comes with the afro hair and magician hat online as well. Then, wear a pair of black leather shoes while carrying the iconic purple stick.

4. Tall Brook with Thick Sole Shoes

Source: Pinterest (@Chris Lewter)

We know that Brook is very tall. While we know that you can’t be as tall as him in real life, you can wear a pair of black thick sole shoes to add some height to your costume.

Then, pair the shoes with a black suit and a shirt with orange collar and blue bow tie as accessories.

As for the face, make sure you wear an iconic Brook’s mask plus the afro hair and hat. Then, to add the level of authenticity to your look, carrying a real violin might be a good option, too. And oh, don’t forget to wear skeleton gloves, too.

5. Huge Head and Mask

Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

Since the world of cosplays allow you to explore your creativity and be anything you like, then how about cosplaying as Brook but add some unique twists to the look?

Take this next Brook cosplay idea for instance. This one comes with an extra large head that will surely make you the star of the night.

The mask comes with a mouth wide open and a gigantic afro hair to pair with the skull face. Super awesome!

6. Tall Magician Hat to Steal the Show

Source: Pinterest (@meltingmirror.ca)

Aside from using stilts to add heights to your cosplay look, you can also wear this tall magician hat to add some height. After all, cosplaying as Brook will make people expect to see you with some additional heights, don’t you think?

You can wear the black suit and a skeleton shirt while carrying the iconic stick and blue ribbon bow on your front neck. Then, complete the look by wearing a unique skull mask with the afro hair and tall magician mask.

7. The Skull with the Scary Face

Source: Pinterest

Say hello to this version of Brook that has a scary skull face. Similar to the cosplay idea we previously shared above, this one offers a different kind of skull face. We think this kind of skull face gives a scarier look that will make you look fierce.

As for the costume, wear a skull shirt to be paired with a black suit and a pair of black leather shoes.

Lastly, don’t forget to carry brook’s iconic purple stick and wear the blue ribbon bow, too!

8. Simple Suit and White Shirt

Source: Pinterest (@cosplayfu.com)

This next Brook cosplay idea is simple and can be prepared instantly. You can even DIY the costume yourself using the things and outfits you may already have at home.

The first thing you need to prepare is the black suit and a pair of black leather shoes. Then, create the blue ribbon bow and the orange lines and accents to be applied to your suit.

The next step is to look for the iconic skull face, afro hair, the black magician hat, and the iconic purple stick.

9. No Skull Mask, No Worries

Source: X (@⬛TBURGH🟨(Steelers 10-7))

Moving on to the next Brook cosplay idea is this unique costume that requires no skull mask. All you need is a makeup skill to make your face look like a skull face, and an afro wig with a black magician hat.

As for the costume, you can wear a yellow shirt, wear a blue ribbon around your neck, and wear your black suit and a pair of black leather shoes to complete the look.

However, make sure you wear the skull gloves too to become an identity of you cosplaying Brook.

10. Brook with the White Crown Hat

Source: Faceboook (@horrible pirate cosplay)

One of the most iconic things about Brook’s outfit is the crown hat. In the story of the One Piece, the crown hat comes in gold that makes it look like a dramatic element of his look.

In this next Brook cosplay idea, the crown hat comes in white, which we think still looks okay to be paired with the other colorful elements of the costume.

However, we do think that the skull mask also plays an important role and it is advised that you go for a high-quality mask to make you look awesome as Brook.

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11. Skull Mas with a Big Grin

Source: Pinterest (@animeclick.it)

Next up we have a wonderful brook cosplay idea for female cosplayers. This costume will definitely offer the perfect look of Brook with the red trousers with floral pattern and the black jacket with a blue ribbon bow and orange feather boa.

As for the face look and appearance, search for a skull mask with the mouth wide open to create a dramatic yet hilarious look. Then, it would be great if you can find the mask that comes with the afro hair as well, plus the crown hat, too!

In addition, instead of wearing black skeleton gloves, you can choose to wear white gloves instead.

12. Human Version of Brook

Source: Deviantart (@MugiwaraTeamCosplay)

Although Brooke is an undead character, he used to be a man just like most of the Straw Hat Pirates. If you want to cosplay Brook’s look back to when he was still human, then you need to check out this next cosplay idea.

This costume comes with a very simple look that includes a black suit, a pair f black leather shoes, an afro hair with the tall and slim magician hat, a pair of sunglasses, and last but not least, a real violin to complete the look.

And you know what? It will be a lot cooler if you are able to play the violin, too! You can play during the cosplay convention, and you will surely be the center of attention.

13. The More the Merrier

Source: Deviantart (@sharidakenplz)

The more the merrier. Have you ever heard about this quote? If you have, then we think it is the perfect quote to describe this next Brook cosplay idea.

Well, although it has all the necessary elements that a great Book costume needs, somehow it also includes extra effort to make it look on point.

Take the red stick for instance. It really adds extra creativity to the costume, same as the feather boa and the expression of the skull face, too! Then, instead of wearing plain black leather shoes, you can choose shoes that come with additional colors and patterns.

You will look more colorful with some extra work, no doubt about it.

14. The Laughing Brook 

Source: Deviantart (@sharidakenplz)

Although Brook is a human left with only skeletons, he is still a fun person to hang out with, especially since he is a great musician who can turn music into weapons.

To show people that Brook is a fun character, then you can wear a laughing skull mask during the upcoming cosplay convention.

Then, wear the black suit with all the necessary elements including the purple stick, and put on the afro hair with a slim and high black magician hat to complete your ‘happy Brook’ look.

15. The “Magician” Brook

Source: Deviantart (@MrJechgo)

Although Brook is a musician, his look can sometimes make us think if he is also a magician, right? Well, since we are living in the world of cosplay where anything can happen, why don’t you become the ‘magician’ Brook with your look and style?

You can wear a black suit and a skeleton shirt, and pair them with a magician stick and hat to complete the look. Then, you can have a photo session or record videos of you doing some magic to entertain people.

A pretty cool idea to try, don’t you think?

Brook Cosplay with Music Instrument

Immersing oneself in the vibrant world of cosplay, we explore the unique fusion of Brook, the iconic skeletal musician from the beloved series ‘One Piece,’ with the eclectic realm of musical instruments.

This creative blend promises a captivating journey through visual artistry and melodious expression, embodying Brook’s charismatic and musical essence.

16. DIY Green “Fishy” Guitar

DIY Green “Fishy” Guitar
Source: Pinterest (@┊hklwn)

This is another iconic look of Brook that deserves to be considered by professional cosplayers. If you are one of them then we highly recommend you to go for this iconic rock star look.

Wear the colorful outfit plus the yellow feather scarf, and complete your look with the skull mask, afro hair and the giant crown. Lastly, make sure you include the unique green fish-shaped guitar in your costume.

You can create the guitar yourself and be creative with your imagination. 

17. Short Haired Brook

Source: Pinterest (@Valters Linde)

This is another version of Brook’s colorful rock star cosplay idea for true fans and cosplayers. This look was inspired by Brook’s look during the Fish-Man Island Arc episode, which included the black jacket, red trousers with a floral design.

As for the hair, this one features a short afro hair compared to the actual look. 

Then grab a yellow feather boa and the big hat, and carry the fish-shaped guitar with you.

In addition, make sure you pay attention to details to create an iconic look of Brook, such as the skeleton gloves and the blue ribbon to add to the front side of your shirt. 

18. Tall Brook Costume

Tall Brook Costume
Source: Pinterest

Next up we have one of the best recommendations of Brook cosplay ideas for professionals. As you can see, this is a costume that describes Brook in his authentic look, which is a very tall Brook that will make you the center of attention.

However, do bear in mind that you need to master how to use stilts to make sure you can perform your best during the long-awaited cosplay convention.

Then, wear a long pair of orange trousers that cover the stilts, and pair with a black jacket, yellow feather boa, blue guitar, purple stick and last but not least, the skull mask and afro hair.

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19. Brook with Spade-shaped Glasses

Brook with Spade-shaped Glasses
Source: Pinterest (@adelia divinagracia)

We think this next look will make you look like Brook and Slash at the same time. As you can see, the crown hat, afro hair, spade-shaped glasses and the orange feather boa will remind you of Slash when he performs on stage.

If you happen to be a fan of Brook and Slash, then we think this Brook cosplay idea is perfect for you.

Wearing the red trousers with floral pattern, black jacket and the blue fish-shaped guitar will make you a true rock star version of Brook.

20. Unique Brook Mask for a Unique Touch

Unique Brook Mask for a Unique Touch
Source: X (@Toei Animation)

If you don’t feel like wearing the usual Brook’s skull mask, perhaps you can choose a mask that offers a unique expression such as this Brook cosplay idea.

This costume includes the basic elements of Brook’s look such as the red trousers and black jacket, but it also comes with a different kind of skull mask.

You can search for a unique skull mask but still include the iconic afro hair, crown hat and the space glasses. Then as the last touch, make sure you carry the blue fish-shaped guitar.

We can assure you, people would be lining up to have a selfie with you.

21. Smiley Skull Mask

Smiley Skull Mask
Source: Facebook (@The ART of COSPLAY)

With such a unique and eccentric character, we believe that you would want to cosplay as Brook with his big grin, just like the one in the pic. We have no doubt that you look silly and funny with this mask.

As for the costume, wear the orange trousers with floral pattern, a skull shirt, and a black jacket to be the main elements. Then add the required accessories like the blue ribbon bow, orange feather boa, skull gloves, the spade glasses, and the huge crown hat, too!

Lastly, carry the iconic fish-shaped guitar to finish it off.

22. Rock n’ Roll Brook Costume

Rock n’ Roll Brook Costume
Source: Pinterest (@ridgetroopa)

We think that there’s no other Brook cosplay idea that can be as rock and roll as this one.

As you can see, this Brook’s costume features everything you need to show the authentic look of Brook with his Jimmy Hendrix kind of vibe.

All the necessary elements are presented perfectly in this costume, including the red trousers with floral pattern, black jacket with the blue ribbon bow, the yellow feather boa and the most important elements, the skull face with the space glasses and the huge crown hat.

Moreover, you will look a lot cooler if you carry the blue fish-shaped guitar, too!

23. Leather Shoes

Leather Shoes
Source: Facebook (@horrible pirate cosplay)

One Piece is a great story with amazing characters to cosplay. From Luffy to Chopper, we have to say that Brook is also one unique character to cosplay.

Being an undead character, Brook comes in the form of a skeleton with an eccentric personality and colorful outfit.

This next idea is a great example of an authentic Brook look. It comes with all the necessary elements of his outfit including the red flowery trousers, black jacket and a skull mask with an afro hair and golf crown hat.

Also, the blue ribbon bow and the orange feather boa are the elements that you can’t miss as well.

24. Broken Skull and Real Violin

Broken Skull and Real Violin
Source: Pinterest (@Moon_child)

Pay attention to this pic carefully, you will see that there are two things that make this Brook costume unique compared to the rest. If you think that the two elements are the broken skull face and a real violin, you’re right!

If you want to add some authenticity to this costume, then you can consider wearing a broken skull to add a scary element, and a real violin to add a dramatic look to your whole appearance.

Also, make sure you wear the afro hair wig and pair it with a slim and tall magician hat.

25. DIY Skull Mask

DIY Skull Mask
Source: Pinterest (@Deimer Cavadia)

If you have time on your hands, perhaps you might want to create the Brook’s skull mask yourself. If you can be creative with the expression, and add some scars to make you look fierce.

Then, pair it with an afro hair and wear the most authentic elements of Brook’s costume to boost your look. You can also carry a real violin as an accessory, and wear high-quality skeleton gloves to finish it off.

Final Thoughts

With so many unique characters to cosplay, there is one character in One Piece that will make a great cosplay inspiration, and it’s Brook!

The best way to cosplay as Brook is by wearing the most crucial elements of his outfit, especially the skull face in the form of a mask, and also the afro hair and the iconic magician hat. 

Brook is also known for his colorful outfit, so make sure you make your Brook’s costume colorful to make you the center of attention. Our advice, take photos of you with the costume and post them on social media to inspire other cosplayers who plan on cosplaying Brook. After all, sharing is caring, right?

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What tips are there for cosplaying as Brook comfortably?

Choose costume elements that are made of soft and breathable materials to make sure that you feel comfortable and able to move freely all day long. Also, in choosing the skull mask, choose the mask that gives you enough room to breathe, and not too tight or too loose. 

What are the key accessories to include in a Brook cosplay?

The most important accessories are the yellow feather boa, the spade sunglasses, the magician hat, and the violin of the blue fish-shape guitar. It is best that you include most of the accessories, because in our opinion, Brook just can’t go anywhere without these accessories. 

How do I choose the right wig for Brook’s afro, and what styling tips should I consider? 

The best way to choose the right afro wig is to go for the ones that look like Brook’s afro hair the most. The wig should be light as well, because you will be wearing it all day long, and it needs to be made in great detail, too. 

What challenges might cosplayers face when portraying Brook and how can they overcome them?

The most common challenges when portraying Brook include the fact that cosplayers need to wear a skull mask for long hours, and some cosplayers also choose to wear stilts to make them look higher and look more like Brook. 

The best ways to overcome those challenges include choosing a high-quality and breathable skull mask, and choosing shoes with thick soles instead of stilts. But if you are an expert in using stilts, you can of course use your tilts to cosplay as Brook.

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