25 Best Gifts for Tall Guys to Surprise Them

For many people, being tall is a gift. Especially for guys, tall bodies make them look dashing and strong. Therefore, many men try to increase their height by exercising and maintaining their nutritional intake.

However, tall guys also experienced difficulties that only they could understand, as their height was above average. If you happen to get gifts for tall guys, then try to put yourself in their shoes to understand their needs. To help you get more inspiration, we have selected the best gifts for tall guys that definitely will surprise them.

Gifts for Tall Guys at Home

When tall guys are at home, sometimes they struggle with their stuff as it is designed in normal size. Everything made for normal sized people is usually uncomfortable for tall guys. Therefore, you can try to get them one of those items below as gifts for tall guys. 

1. Extra Long Blanket

Extra Long Blanket

For tall guys, a normal size blanket is too small to wrap them up. Therefore, this extra long blanket can be the ‘normal size’ for them. Made of exclusive premium microfleece yarns, your tall men can feel the softness of this blanket. It is perfect for  lounging on the couch while watching favorite TV shows.

2. Support Contour Pillow

Support Contour Pillow

To support a perfect sleep position for tall guys, this contour pillow will be a perfect gift. Since usually tall guys have to tuck their necks while sleeping, it may cause injury. Therefore, this pillow can fix the sleeping position, offering both the comfort and support your tall men need until they wake up.

3. Back Neck Shoulder Massager

Back Neck Shoulder Massager

Who wouldn’t love massage therapy? Especially for tall guys who are often bending under door frames or slouching in front of a computer, this massager is all they need. This is a gift that will help your tall guys relax their full body, relieving muscles, and releasing stress.

4. Shower Head Extension

Shower Head Extension

Help your tall guys to take a bath easier with this shower head extension as a gift. When your tall guys are living with their normal sized family, usually the shower is also set in the normal height. Therefore, this adjustable luxury finished shower head extension can make an enjoyable shower time.

5. Toilet Bowl Night Light

Toilet Bowl Night Light

Did you know that more than 30,000 toilet-related injuries occur annually in the United States? Especially for those tall guys who have difficulty maintaining balance. Therefore, this automatic toilet night light will be a perfect gift to guide your tall guys when woken up by sudden nature’s call without worry of bumping stuff.

6. Jumbo Bath Towel

Jumbo Bath Towel

Being surrounded by normal size stuff for tall guys is like living in the land of the midgets. So, try to give your tall guys this jumbo bath towel that definitely will fit with their size. Moreover, this towel is made from 100% cotton fabric and has been specially combed, making them comfortable and luxurious. 

7. Bed Frame Extension

Bed Frame Extension

If your tall guys need to bend their knees in order to fit in the bed, then it is a sign to give them this bed frame extension. This is a universal frame bed extension which can be used for twin, queen, or  king size bed frames. Moreover, the high quality design will provide extra secure connections.

8. Men Body Spa Gift Set

Men Body Spa Gift Set

A tall guy will take a long time to take a bath as he has many areas to wash up. In case he needs a refreshing spa experience, especially after a stressful day, this gift will be a perfect idea. Moreover, this body spa set offers a variety of wonderful products that your tall guy can relax for  change.

9. Extended Sizes Sleep Pant

Extended Sizes Sleep Pant

Sometimes it is difficult for a tall guy to have a good sleep due to uncomfortable sleep pants, since it might be too tight or too short. Therefore, this extended size sleep pant will surely put a smile on his face. Made of soft fabric in the perfect size which gives extra comfort, your tall guy can have a relaxing time with this gift.

10. Adjustable Cutting Board

Adjustable Cutting Board

Cooking can be challenging for a tall guy, as the kitchen cabinet is designed too low for him. Moreover, he has to bend his knee while cutting the food, which can be a tiring activity. Therefore, you can buy this adjustable cutting board to please your tall guy. This gift is made of natural bamboo and designed to freely adjust the legs.

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Gifts for Tall Guys at Work

Living as a tall guy is really challenging, especially during work. Sometimes your tall guys need a little bit of adjustment to fit with the working environment. Here are selected gifts for tall guys which can make their work easier.

11. Laptop Stand Holder

Laptop Stand Holder

For tall guys, working in front of a laptop is tiresome. Usually the tall guy’s posture can’t fit with the table, causing back, shoulder, or neck pain. So, this gift can comfort their work as they can adjust the height to their comfort level. Made from high quality aluminum alloy, it gives good support for laptops.

12. Ergonomic Office Chair

Ergonomic Office Chair

If your tall guys need to sit all day for work, then this ergonomic office chair will be a perfect gift. Unlike the usual office chair which only can go up and down, this chair can go forwards, back, sideways, up and down for the best fit to your tall guy’s body. Moreover, it is also designed to support the back, perfect for office work.

13. Bifold Tall Wallet

Bifold Tall Wallet

In case your tall guy may need to carry a lot of things inside the wallet such as checks, bills, or other currencies during a business trip, you can give him a tall wallet as a gift. Moreover, it can be personalized with laser engraved names inside. Made from leather, your tall guy will fall in love with this gift.

14. Extra Long Tie

Extra Long Tie

Dress your tall guy before work with a perfect size of tie. This extra long tie will perfectly match with the body size of your tall guy. Moreover, this tie is textured making it more substantial and stands out in your tall guy. Your tall guy will absolutely love to wear it everyday.

15. Personalized Stuff Holder

Personalized Stuff Holder

If your tall guy happens to be a careless and forgetful person, a personalized stuff holder will be a useful gift. With this gift, you can get your tall guy organized while working. This gift is designed to hold all of his everyday items. Moreover, this gift can be customized with the initials of your tall guy.

16. Tall Drink of Water Dad Hat

gifts for tall guy

Embrace your tall guys’ appearance with a dad hat that says ‘Tall Drink of Water’. This gift can be a perfect item to show his charm while working in the field. Made from high quality pre-shrunk cotton twill material, this hat will match perfectly with any outfit.

17. Survival Gear Kit

Survival Gear Kit

In case your tall guy is working on the field, then this survival kit will be a useful gift to treasure. This gift includes amazing survival equipment such as cord saw, flint stone scraper, flashlight, water-resistant box, and many more things that will keep him safe while working.

Unique Gifts for Tall Guys

Surprise your tall guy with unique and unexpected gifts he never imagined before! With his above average height, a tall guy may find himself as a unique person. Therefore, he definitely deserves unique gifts for tall guys from you. 

18. BDE Trophy Award

gifts for tall guy

There is a myth that a tall guy may have a big penis. If you have a tall friend, then you can surprise him with this unique gift to make a gag. This is a hilarious gold trophy with Big Dick Energy (BDE) plaque, which will be an unforgettable present all the time.

19. LED Flashlight Gloves

LED Flashlight Gloves

A tall guy usually finds it difficult to search things under the table or a tight place as they have a larger size than the average person. Therefore, a flashlight glove as a gift will be a smart idea. With this gift, now your tall guys can hold a flashlight while working in dark tight spaces.

20. Tool Box Tumblr

gifts for tall guy

Surprise your tall guy with the amazing design of this tumblr! This is a handmade tumblr made from metal which is designed as if it were a real tool box. In case your tall guy also works at engineering, this gift will be a wonderful company at work that he will cherish forever.

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21. Panty Dropper Scent Men Candle

gifts for tall guy

This is a unique combination of cardamom, hemp, purple, amber and sandalwood in a scented candle that will make your tall boyfriend scent like a sexy man. A tall guy is already charming, but a sexy tall guy is a hundred times better! This gift will perfume his entire room and transform it into a sexy atmosphere.

22. Magic Color Changing Mug

gifts for tall guy

If your tall guy loves magic, then try to surprise him with this unusual magic color changing mug. This unique eye closed mug design will turn into big open eyes once filled with hot liquid, amazing isn’t it? Your tall guy will surely can’t help but laugh watching its transformation. It will be a perfect buddy for enjoying his favorite drink.

23. Beer Chiller Sticks

Beer Chiller Sticks

In case your tall guy needs a glass of cold beer after a long tiring day, this gift can be a perfect savior. These stainless steel sticks have advanced cooling technology that helps keep the beer cold and tasty. Your tall guy can use this unique magic stick instead of taking time to keep the beer in the chiller, so that he can enjoy cold beer anytime and anywhere.

24. Outdoor Gift Set

Outdoor Gift Set

As a tall guy has a large body size, he is usually also good at sports or loves outdoor activity. Therefore, a gift set full of unique outdoor related items is definitely hard to resist. This gift set contains unexpected things such as a knife, rope, scent candle, and mug that will be a perfect company of your adventurous tall guy enjoying his outdoor activities.

25. Beard Care Kit

gifts for tall guy

To make your tall guy’s beard look neat and clean, you can surprise him with this unique gift. This is a 3 in 1 beard care consisting of beard straightener, beard growth oil, and beard brush. Moreover, this gift can moisturize and soften his beard, making it easier to groom his beard.

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What are the best and funny presents for tall guys?

If your tall guys are often having difficulties because of their size, try to embrace it in a funny and sarcastic way with gifts. For example, you can give him a Beard Care Kit to remind him that his beard is already uncontrollable. Or, if he loves to have titles, then a BDE Trophy Award will definitely be one of the most hilarious gifts for tall guys.

What are the best gifts for a tall boyfriend?

Well, it actually depends on your boyfriend’s needs or interests. There are many gifts for tall guys which accommodate your boyfriend’s needs. For instance, a Survival Gear Kit will be a perfect gift to protect him while working in the field. Moreover, if your boyfriend wants to be sexier, then a Panty Dropper Scent Candle as a gift will be a genius idea which also makes you closer to each other.

What are the best gifts for a tall father?

A tall father usually has several issues such as back pain or sore muscles from carrying a huge body for a long time. Therefore, a Back Neck Shoulder Massager will be one of the best gifts for a tall father to relax muscles and release pain. If you are looking for more gifts for tall guys, let’s check on the items above.

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