26 Customized Gifts for Best Friends

Getting a gift for your best friend is always a good idea. It will show them how much you care. After all, best friends must always stick together, right? And if you’re looking for a unique kind of gift for them, you probably should try and buy them customized gifts. In fact, customized gifts can make your friend feel more special, as you can customize the items to something that your friend would have preferred. 

If you don’t really have a clue in buying gifts for your friend, you don’t really need to worry. On our list of customized gifts for best friends below, we’re going to list off some of the best gifts that will be memorable for your best friend. These customizable items make them all the more unique, and we guarantee that your friend will love them. Let’s begin the customized gifts for best friends list now!

Customized Gifts for Birthday

In our first category, we’re going to be offering some of the best items that will be perfect for your best friend’s birthday. These customized gifts for best friends are really cool. Check it out for yourselves if you don’t believe in us!

1. Personalized Family Art

Personalized Family Art

Even if your friend gets older, they won’t turn their back on their own family. That’s the reason why you should really consider giving this unique artwork to them. You can choose to customize the set of characters to resemble your best friend’s family members. 

2. Decorative Boat Model and Phone Holder

Decorative Boat Model and Phone Holder

Dock your phone with style using this cool item. You can choose to customize the logo, picture, or text of the boat model to your liking. If your best friend loves boats, this will be the best item to accompany them during their work hours. 

3. Personalized Photo Pendant

Personalized Photo Pendant

If your friend is a loving parent who loves taking care of their child, you probably should consider buying this unique pendant for them. Take a picture of their lovely children and insert it in this personalized photo pendant. Now they can look at their sweetheart anywhere, even during work hours. 

4. Customizable Keychain Film Roll

Customizable Keychain Film Roll

Collect all the cool photos that you took with your best friend now! Compile them and don’t throw it away, because you can use it for this awesome keychain film roll. After buying this cool film roll, customize it by adding all the photos that you have compiled. They will be stored inside a real film roll that will last for a very long time. 

5. Customized Pet Portrait Pendant

Customized Pet Portrait Pendant

Having a pet is like having a kid. You need to love and take care of them every day. If your best friend happens to own a pet, you can honor that by giving this cool pendant. Their pets will be engraved on the pendant too!

6. Personalized Song Plaque

Personalized Song Plaque

You would be lying if you don’t have a particular song that serves as the soundtrack of your friendship. Whatever the song is, immortalize that with this cute song plaque. You can choose to add a photo of the two of you too. If you’re shy, just include the song’s album cover!

7. Engraved Whiskey Glasses

Engraved Whiskey Glasses

Celebrate your friend’s birthday with style. Perhaps, a fine wine can set up a good mood. But you know what makes it even better? A wine poured inside this cool customized glass. You can even add your friend’s name or initials on it. 

8. Personalized Family Recipe Board

Personalized Family Recipe Board

Every family has their own secret recipe for a saucy food. If you really adore your friend’s recipe, you can choose to engrave it on this cool cutting board. On the off chance that they forgot about the recipe, they’ll just need to look at this board!

9. Initial Pendant Necklace

Initial Pendant Necklace

Now this is what you call an elegant pendant. There are very many variants of this necklace, depending on your best friend’s initials. By wearing this elegant necklace, your friend will definitely be the “Belle of the ball”!

Customized Gifts for Best Friends That are Useful

Sometimes, giving out customized gifts for best friends that are useful proves to be a good idea. It will be a special gift that they can use for their daily lives. Let’s take a look at some of the best customized gifts for best friends that they can use for daily chores down below. 

10. Customizable Volleyball Tumbler

Customizable Volleyball Tumbler

Volleyball is a really exciting sport. If your friend loves to play indoor or beach volleyball, you can show your support through this awesome tumbler. Don’t forget to add your friend’s name to be printed on the tumbler too!

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11. 12 Customizable Acrylic Tumbler

12 Customizable Acrylic Tumbler

Previously, we have talked a lot about customizable items that the seller offered. However, if you want to get creative with your own idea, you should just buy these cool tumblers. It contains 12 tumblers with various colors for you to go crazy. 

12. Personalized Bar Sign

customized gifts for best friends

Celebrate the opening of your best friend’s business by giving this awesome customizable bar sign. It is made using high quality aluminum that makes it very durable. Your friend will definitely love this gift and hang it in their bar for everyone to see. 

13. Customizable Record-shaped Tray 

customized gifts for best friends

This is the perfect gift for all music freaks out there. With this awesome tray, your best friend can serve out drinks in style! Plus, you can also customize the text on the label in the center of the record. However, don’t ever try to play this on a turntable!

14. Customizable Perfume Box

customized gifts for best friends

When your best friend obtained a good perfume that is rare to find, they might want to store it somewhere safe in order to prevent it from getting damaged. That’s the reason why you should buy this cool perfume box for them. You can also customize the logo on the box!

15. Personalized Charcuterie Board

customized gifts for best friends

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term “charcuterie”, it is a cooking term that specializes in dressing meat. If your friend really loves to dress up their food in a mannerly fashion, then you shouldn’t think twice about buying this item. To make it better, you can choose to customize the logo located on the center of the board. 

16. Personalized Baby Hat

customized gifts for best friends

Having a baby is a wonderful experience for every parent. If your friend has a baby, you can give them this cute baby hat for them. It is lightweight and it will keep their baby comfortable too. Plus, you can also choose to add their names on the hat. 

17. Personalized Phone Case

customized gifts for best friends

A phone is nothing without the case. If you’re not going to protect your gadget with it, then smartphones will be very vulnerable to any kinds of damage. If you want to find one for your friend, we highly recommend this cool phone case. You can add their names and it will definitely look very beautiful! 

18. Personalized Wooden Pen with Box

customized gifts for best friends

When you aspire for promotions in the office, you must also start to act like one. We thought that having a cool wooden pen is a great start to it. The lovely pen also comes with an elegant box. You can also choose to customize the pen and the box so that it will have your best friend’s name or initials on it. Give it to your best friend and ask them to display it in their office desk to charm everyone else!

Funny, Cool, and Memorable Gifts for Best Friends

Don’t leave just yet, because we still have a lot of items to offer! If you’re looking for unique items for your best friend, you should really take a look at our list below. Here are some of the best customized gifts for best friends that are funny, cool, and memorable. 

19. New York Times Custom Front Page

customized gifts for best friends

Celebrate a certain date that you and your best friend shared by giving out this cool NY Times artwork. The catch is: you can custom order this cool artwork and choose from over 57,000 different headlines of the New York Times. Then, it will be framed as a good artwork to be displayed. 

20. Capsule Letter Message in a Bottle Glass

Capsule Letter Message in a Bottle Glass

Start to write notes containing all the feelings that you have towards your friend. You can also write about some of the best experiences that you two shared. After you manage to collect many capsules containing the messages, put it inside the bottle so that he can open it one by one. 

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21. Customizable Doctor Figure

customized gifts for best friends

This hilarious figurine is the perfect gift should your friend work as a doctor. Just give a photo of them to the seller, and they will turn the figurine into a miniaturized version of your best friend. It can be displayed in their house or on their desk. 

22. Custom Song Wood Carving

customized gifts for best friends

Turn your best friend’s favorite song into an art masterpiece with this item. Every song has its own unique sound wave, which makes this wood carving all the more special. Your friend can hang this anywhere in their house!

23. Customized Monopoly Boardgame

customized gifts for best friends

This cool monopoly board game is dubbed as the Youropoly, which makes sense as you can personalize the board to your liking. Every single aspect is customizable, including the center picture, property name and pictures, and many more!

24. Custom Royal Pet Portrait

customized gifts for best friends

Your pet might seem cute and lovely. But have you ever thought about how they might look as a member of the royal family? Guess what, they will absolutely be more adorable than ever! It’s practically the reason why you should consider buying this cute portrait

25. Customized Thong

customized gifts for best friends

Now this is the real ultimate prank gift for a best friend. What’s funnier than to print your own face to a thong and hand it over for your friend? Just make sure that you capture their reaction when receiving the gift!

26. Retro Viewer Custom Reel

customized gifts for best friends

Our smartphones can store thousands of photos. However, nothing can beat the nostalgic feeling of looking at the retro viewer custom reel. You can upload photos of you and your best friend and add some 3D texts to make it more interesting. 

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