RFID Fraud Protection Card

This RFID Fraud Protection Card ensures the safety of your credit card information when you wirelessly pay with your credit card for purchases.

Conscious of the problem of credit card hacking, this card has been designed to protect you from becoming another victim of this crime.

Paying with a credit card without inserting it into a scanner and providing your PIN is a helpful and convenient way of making purchases.

It saves us time and that’s a good thing. But just as a scanner can read your credit card information, so can criminals from several meters away. 

Without delving into overcomplicated jargon and technical terms, this card jams the signal that hackers might use for accessing your credit card information. You don’t need to turn it on or perform any activity to enable it to do so.

RFID Fraud Protection Card

Just put it in your wallet, as you would with any other credit or business card. When paying with your credit card, be sure to keep it at an 8” distance from your wallet where you have this protection card.

RFID Fraud Protection Card

You might not believe in such type of crime or just think that it can happen to anyone but you. But maybe it’s worth investing in just to be on a safe side. The card will work forever and will set your mind at ease.

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