64 Of The Coolest USB Drives & Unique Flash Drives You Can Buy

In today’s world having a USB drive is a necessity, Whether it’s at work, at home, at school, it’s always handy to have one in case something needs copying or transferring. However, the fact that USB flash drives are important to have around doesn’t mean that they have to be boring silver sticks with no personality or appeal. Fortunately, humanity is infinitely creative, which of course means that you have heaps of the coolest USB drives to choose from.

Some are elegant and classy and can serve as an ideal tool for highlighting your style of life, or can become an integral part of your company’s corporate identity. Others are just cute and put a smile your face, as well as make the people around you chuckle. Also, some geeky USB drives pay tribute to our favorite movie franchises and also game series. The point is, finding the perfect one for you is not easy, and we are here to your rescue.

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Cool USB Drives to Buy

In order to make your search for the ultimate USB stick that will suit your personality feels a little bit easier, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the coolest USB drives that are creative, unique and amusing. Let’s check them out!

1. Thor’s Hammer USB Flash Drive

Thor’s Hammer USB drive

For Marvel fans out there, this one just might be one of the coolest USB drives for them. But first, as this question to yourself, “do you think you’re worthy of using the mighty Mjolnir for storing your data?” If you consider yourself as worthy, then this one is definitely for you. On thing though, let’s only hope that this flash drive is not as heavy as the real thing because if it is, then it would be a problem.

2. Transformer USB Drive

Transformer USB Drive

There are plenty of people who like fiddling with stuff to keep their hands busy. Well if you are one of those people, what would you say to transforming one of the coolest USB drives into a robotic panther instead of just clicking your pen? It will be a cool item that will not only keep you data safe, but it will keep your hands busy, too! Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

3. T-Virus DNA USB Flash Drive

T-Virus DNA USB Flash Drive

These awesome flash drives look like old-fashioned tubes that have managed to encapsulate a DNA model inside. They have a steampunk-ish feel to them, thanks to a combination of glass and copper materials.

Additionally, they light up when inserted into a port and that’s is always a nice touch to any flash drive. If you are looking for a different kind of USB flash drives that can light up your days in front of your computer, we highly recommend you to pick one of these cool drives.

Silver Cufflinks USB Drive

These are some unique USB drives as they offer something more than just a storage to keep your data secure. It also comes as fashion items! Do you know that one of the most fun parts of any spy movie was seeing various gadgets disguised as everyday objects? We often hear lines like, “oh, there’s a glass that needs cutting? Let me whip out my laser lipstick”.

Well, we can say that these USB drive cufflinks are a bit similar to that laser lipstick in a movie. 8 GB of data right up your sleeve, and you can act like James Bond for one day.

5. Gold Bar USB Drive

Gold Bar USB Drive

When you’re looking for some of the coolest USB flash drives, you can stumble upon some that go a little over the top with their intricate shapes. Well, if you want a flash drive that looks fun, cool, one-of-a-kind, but still simple and eye-catching, then we would suggest you to pick this USB drive that comes in the shape of a shiny gold bar.

Since it looks like a real gold bar, you might need to be prepared to receive some curious questions about this item from your friends at work or school.

6. Personalized Engraved Glass USB

Personalized Engraved Glass USB

This elegant USB drive is a beautiful item to admire, especially by those who love the concept of simplicity and minimalism. Since it comes in a pretty design plus an elegant packaging, it would be a great gift for a special person in your life.

Moreover, this flash drive also looks beautiful even when it’s closed. And amazingly, it glows when inserted into a USB port, thanks to the built-in LED light. If that’s not enough for you, it can also be engraved with anything you want, making it a personalized gift for a special someone.

7. Stylish Personalized Wooden USB Drives

Engraving USB Flash Drive, Custom USB Box, Personalized Wooden USB, Wedding Photo usb, Walnut usb Drive Stick, Maple usb drive

This one is another option of the coolest USB flash drive that you can have as a thoughtful gift for friends or family. These ones are made out of wood (there are several types of woods available) and they look incredibly sleek and stylish.

In our opinion, this item will be the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates unique and classy things in life. More importantly, you can also engrave details like names or special dates on the wooden box to make it a more personal and meaningful gift for your loved one.

8. Humping Dog USB

In life, you might stumble upon those plain and serious USB drives. But then, you may also come across some funny USB drives, like these ones for instance. These humping dogs USB drives will look as if a tiny dog is relentlessly trying to get close and personal with it.

If you fall in love with these cute items, then you kinda start to realize that you’re not as adult as you hoped to be. You might even find yourself silently order one of these cute items because it’s just too cute to ignore.

9. Colorful Rainbow USB Drive

Colorful Rainbow USB Drive

This beautiful rainbow USB drive looks like something that belongs to the My Little Pony world, making it a perfect item for a lovely and cheerful girl. Having this item will fill your days with a bundle of happiness and cheerfulness, and just makes you want to crawl under a fluffy blanket.

In addition, this cutie also comes with a chain. You can hang it on your bag or backpack, which will make you feel free from worrying that you might lose your USB drive one day.

10. Message In A Bottle USB

Message In A Bottle USB

This sweet USB drive is one of those unique USB flash drives that you can use as means to deliver a gift. Although we’ve moved on from mixed tapes and photo albums being the most popular gifts out there, you can always compile a slideshow for your loved ones and store it in this beautiful flash drive. Some of the love experts say that sending a message in a bottle will never goes out of style, and we just couldn’t agree more!

11. Bottle Opener USB Drive

Bottle Opener USB Drive

For all you tech-minded kids who love multi-tools and overall things that have multiple purposes, we are delighted to present to you one of the coolest USB drives. With this item, we can assure you that you can enjoy a bottle of soda you want, anytime and anywhere.

In summary, having one of these cool items will not only help you in terms of data storage, but also in terms of a tool to help you open a bottle of beer, too.

12. Motorized Steampunk Gatling Gun USB Drive

Motorized Steampunk Gatling Gun USB Drive

Even the coolest USB drives have nothing on this one. This flash drive is basically a masterpiece. Made out of copper and brass, you can see the level of attention to detail that has been put into it. The best part, when the flash drive is connected to the computer and the data from it is being interacted with, the “machine gun” glows and rotates. It can easily serve as a centerpiece of your desk, too.

13. Condom USB Drive

Condom USB Flash Drive

This one is truly an item that can safe your life. It is one of the coolest USB drives that works as a reminder for you to be safe always. There are no jokes with transferring your data from the computer to your USB drive. Negligence in these matters can ruin your life.

Just carefully remove the top part of the casing on the USB stick and gently insert it into the consenting port opening. Let it adjust to the size for a little bit, and transfer those files in and out.

14. Football USB Drive

Football USB Drive

Cool USB sticks are the ones that can somehow showcase your personality or relate to your hobbies and interests. Moreover, they also make the best small gifts because they show that you know the person very well. So, if you’re looking for a gift for football (or soccer) fan, then we would recommend this flash drive as a gift. It will be a thoughtful gift, which will come super useful, too.

15. Custom Made Deadpool Minifigure USB

Custom Made Deadpool Minifigure USB

If Deadpool was somehow magically transformed into a USB drive, then it would probably be filled with inappropriate images and videos, lots of unicorns, Hello Kitty and perhaps chimichangas, too! Fortunately for you, this Deadpool USB drive is empty and highly appropriate, at least for now. Once this item is in your hands, we clearly don’t know what you’re gonna fill it up with.

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16. Custom Engraved Bamboo Swivel USB Flash Drive

Custom Engraved Bamboo Swivel USB Flash Drive

These cool USB drives are made out of bamboo and even that small fact makes them look very classy and sophisticated. The swiveling part comes in several color options to choose from. Moreover, this item can also be engraved with the design of your choice. So if this one is for pick, then feel free to to decide whether it’s going to be your business logo or a monogram engraving.

17. Quality Custom Made Steampunk USB Drive

USB Flash drive USB 3.0 Steampunk lamp 32 GB

This beautiful USB drive is exactly what you need if you’re looking for cool USB sticks. It’s made in compliance with everything you’d expect out of a steampunk item and features copper, brass and a variety of cogs and gears. Aside from the cool and sophisticated design, it also comes with an extension cord, too. So grab this cool USB stick and get both function and style at once.

18. Chocolate USB Drive

Chocolate USB Drive

This is one of those unique USB drives that are meant to look realistic enough to have bystanders scratch their head in bewilderment. Why would someone have a loose piece of chocolate lying around on their desk? Well, because it’s actually a USB drive.

19. Toaster USB Hub With Thumb Drives

Toaster USB Hub With Thumb Drives

Now, this is one of the coolest USB flash drive designs ever. The cutest, too. How can it not be cute when it features four tiny pieces of toast that are actually thumb drives? It can go into a toaster-shaped USB hub drive where these little guys belong as well, super cute! Each toast even has a name and a little face, which only adds overall charm to this whole installment.

20. Game Of Thrones USB Drives

Game Of Thrones USB Drives

You really thought that a list zooming in on cool USB drives would be complete without featuring some Game of Thrones related ones? Come on, that would be impossible. Especially considering how awesome these ones look. Now we wouldn’t be able to look at the Hand of the King without thinking of flash drives. 

21. Cute Cats Paw USB

Cute Cats Paw USB

People who love cats will agree that cat paws are one of the cutest parts of cats. They just look so tiny, cute, soft, and smooth, too. And just how it usually goes with us, human beings, we will take something cute and turn it into cool USB flash drive designs. Since cat paws are just the cutest, then we just can’t ignore this cute cat paws USB sticks, for sure.

22. Pill USB With Keychain

Pill USB With Keychain

Now, at this point, any half-red half-white item strikes a Pokemon-related cord in your brain. But let’s put Pokemon aside for a moment because this flash drive has nothing to do with them.

This flash drive is actually shaped like a pill and also comes with a cord that allows you to use it as a keychain. As you know, it’s always nice to have everything in one place.

23. Beer USB Flash Drive

Beer Glass 8GB USB Ale Flash Pen Drive Memory Thumb Stick Data Storage Yellow And White

Enjoying Beer rich flavor is a pricey pleasure. But after a long day at work, it’s completely worth it. If you want your favorite drink to always be by your side, at least visually, then we highly recommend this item for you. It comes in the shape of a tiny glass of beer, plus the foam. What can be more cuter than this, right? So make this item yours, because it is truly one of the coolest USB drives out there.

24. Basketball USB Drive

Basketball USB Drive

With this awesome basketball-shaped flash drive, you can have a lot of fun whenever you feel bored at the office. You can fiddle with it, throw it at hoops made out of office supplies or roll it around your desk. You could, of course, use it as a flash drive too, but to be honest, acting like a giant basketball player with a tiny basketball is much more fun to do.

25. Light-Up Steampunk USB Drive

Light-Up Steampunk USB Drive

This is one of the coolest USB drives for you if you’re looking for an ideal balance between science, style, and geekiness. The vacuum tube featured in its design also has a built-in LED light that lights up anytime you stick it into a computer.

26. Wooden Chess USB

Real Wood USB Stick 'Chess Figure King

This USB flash drive looks very classy in that antique old-fashioned sort of way. Comes in the shape of a chess game, this item is the perfect USB drive for those who love to play chess. It will be an item that shows their identity to the world. On the other hand, if you want a USB drive that looks serious but also unique and interesting, then this one really hit the bull’s eye, too. It is also made out of rare exotic hardwood called Amboyna Burl. Now, there’s a conversation starter right there.

27. Iron Man USB

Iron Man USB

While we’re all expecting the Avengers to finally assemble for good entertain yourself with this glowing Iron Man flash Drive. The helmet, more specifically its “eyes” light up when you plug it into your computer. For Marvel fans out there, particularly the iron Man’s fans, isn’t this one of the coolest USB drives ever? We can help you with the answer, since we know that it would definitely be, “yes, it is!”.

28. Lipstick USB

Lipstick USB

In spy movies, lipstick is usually a go-to item for the field spies to be given some cool abilities. It can be a laser, a knife or a sleep-inducing agent. Well, this lipstick might not be able to cut through the glass, but it is still a rather unique-looking flash drive, so that’s good enough for us. For women out there, it will definitely be a pretty USB drive that deserves a spot in their make up pouch, too!

29. Stone Pebble USB

Stone Pebble USB

At first, you wouldn’t even realize that this realistic-looking pebble is actually a flash drive. That fact already makes it one of the most unique USB drives. Because it’s deceptive. But in all seriousness, this sweet little flash drive is just what you need if you’re a fan of things that are not what they seem. Those are the best things.

30. Handmade Natural Amethyst Stone Steampunk Style USB Drives

Handmade Natural Amethyst Stone Steampunk Style USB Drives

Now, this is one of those unusual USB drives that smacks you in the face with how original it looks. At first, it instantly reminded us of the plasmids that were heavily featured in the Bioshock games.

But honestly, the elegance of combining copper with amethyst with a steampunk twist to it is what makes this flash drive unique, and allows you to come up with your own interpretation of what it might represent.

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31. Retro Mix-tape USB Drives

Retro Mixtape USB Drives

Now, the days of making mix tapes for your significant other are long gone but it was the thought that counted. If you still can’t get over the demise of the mixtapes, then you need to take a look at these unique USB drives shaped like tape cassettes.

It might be big in size and might need some extra space to store it, but nothing can beat the nostalgia side of it.

32. Custom Made Flashing USB Flash Drive

USB Flash drive USB 3.0 Steampunk lamp 32 GB

When it comes to steampunk inspired USB drives, they just get more and more beautiful, and this one is no exception. If you look at the fact that the glass globe featured in it looks like a little planet that can glow in different colors when connected to the port, you will see how this item deserves it’s place on this list. This item would be a great birthday gift for a friend, too.

33. Storm Trooper USB Pendant

USB stick 32 GB Stormtrooper TLJ

This just might be the best gift for a boyfriend who enjoys Star Wars. It’s a little bit on a geeky side since it’s shaped like a Storm Trooper. Despite that, the best part is, it also conceals a small USB drive inside.

In our opinion, all fans of star Wars need to have this Storm Trooper USB pendant, no question about it. Talk about creative USB designs, huh?

34. Hand Grenade USB Drives

Hand Grenade USB Drives

These metal hand grenade USB can be the perfect gift for someone who is interested in the military, weaponry or just enjoys playing the game of Call of Duty. These cool USB drives come in several colors and have different capacities available to suit your needs.

However, do remember that you won’t use it to scare off your friends of younger siblings, ok?

35. Bullet USB Keychains

Bullet USB Keychains

These USB drives remind me of that one Top Gear special where the trio tried to cross the border to Jordan and Hammond had a lighter shaped just like this bullet flash drive. He got instantly called out on it, of course. The moral of the story – these are the coolest USB drives if you want to mess with the border police, but you really really shouldn’t do that.

36. Customized Wooden Pen With Inbuilt USB Drive

Customized Wooden Pen With Inbuilt USB Drive

This flash drive is actually on the verge of being a multi-tool or at least a dual-tool as it combines a USB drive with a pen. These novelty flash drives are also made of high-quality wood, which instantly makes them look more unique and classy.

In addition, it can also be customized to your preferences, plus it comes in a beautiful wooden case, making it a nice and exclusive gift for a special person in your life.

37. Watermelon Wedge USB Drive

Watermelon Wedge USB Drive

This is one of the coolest USB drives to remind you of warm summer sun and the sweet taste watermelon that melts on your tongue. This flash drive looks so realistic that it will make you want to take a bite of it at some point but it’s probably not the best idea.

38. Mini Guitar USB Drive

Mini Guitar USB Drive

This mini guitar flash drive has been created with such amazing attention to detail, that you can not easily walk past it. You can even attack the tension of the copper strings on it.

Being a beautiful art piece, it also comes in a beautifully crafted case, which makes it one of those USB drives that can make a guitar enthusiast very happy. For a guitarist boyfriend who currently need a new USB drive, this item is the perfect gift for him.

39. Natural Wooden Twig USB

Natural Wooden Twig USB

If you want to keep in touch with nature and generally cultivate a great appreciation of rustic handmade things, this USB drive is for you. Each one of these cool USB drives slightly in shape and color, which makes the one you get truly one of a kind.

The raw wooden material and the realistic and natural final touch will make it a nice item to own. Not only as a data storage device, but also as an item to keep.

40. Wooden Ring USB Drive

Wooden Ring USB Drive

If you love unique and cool rings then here’s the one that not only looks amazing but also has a USB drive hidden inside. With this ring, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your flash drive as it will right there, at the tip of your fingers. Well, the base of them, actually, but you get the gist.

41. Wearable Pendant USB Necklace

Light Bulb USB Drive

You know how in costume dramas there’s always a high probability of someone having a necklace with a concealed photo of their beloved inside? Well, in 200 years or so the movies will be depicting characters having necklaces with USB drives instead of pendants filled with such photos. It does offer more variety, after all.

42. Yoda USB Drive

Yoda USB Drive

If the coolest USB drives you are looking for can be provided by Master Yoda, would you be happy? Well, if you would, then we will be delighted to present this item that offers the calming impression of Yoda to you. It would be a nice USB stick for a Star Wars fan, especially those who prefers the Light Side of The Force to the Dark one.

43. Wolverine Knife Model USB

Light Bulb USB Drive

Even though Hugh Jackman has bowed out as our favorite Wolverine, his legacy will remains with us in the form of the awesome X-men and Wolverine movies. Some better than others. If The Wolverine movie has a special place in your heart, then in our opinion, this USB drive and you are also meant for each other.

44. Corporate Custom Business Card USB Drive

Corporate Custom Business Card USB Drive

If you want your business venture to look fancier than your competition, or your main service relies on ultimately transferring finished files to your client (finished blueprints, branding solution, etc.) Then this USB Drive is for you. In terms of design, it has a shape of a business card and it can also be engraved with your company logo or contact information.

45. Light Bulb USB Drive

Light Bulb USB Drive

We’ve shown you so many cool USB drives in various shapes and forms that light up when connected to a computer. But there’s one flash drive design that makes a lot more sense to be lit up than any other. That’s the light bulb design, and somehow it’s the simplest and the most genius of them all.

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46. VW Kombi Van USB Drive

VW Kombi Van USB Drive

Ah, for some reason the famous “hippie buses” look so cool and sweet that they actually make you feel more cheerful just by looking at them. Therefore, if they have that effect on you then we would suggest you to treat yourself and get this cool USB drive, among other things. You will enjoy your time in front of a computer even more if you have this tiny VW park in front of you, on your desk.

47. Sushi USB Drives

Sushi USB Drives

With sushi it’s simple – you either love it or hate it, there’s no in-between. If you belong to the former group of people who can not get enough of sushi, then these creative USB designs have already captured your attention. Just don’t try to eat these flash drives, they might look delicious but your stomach wouldn’t share that sentiment.

48. Canadian Club USB Drives

Canadian Club USB Drives

If you love Canadian Club whiskey and want to screw with people’s heads when they see you trying to insert the bottle into a computer, then this USB drive was meant for you. If you don’t feel like doing it, well you can always have it as a cool USB drive as a tiny yet useful tool to store your files and data.

49. Golden Robot USB


When you see a golden robot your mind almost instantly goes to the good-old C3PO. Well, this little guy might not be the shining star of Star Wars but he might as well be C3PO’s distant relative. It even has bendable arms and legs so it’s fun to play around with when its head is not stuck in your computer transferring data.

50. Steampunk USB Flash Drive – Alien DNA Arrow

Steampunk USB Flash Drive - Alien DNA Arrow - USB 3.0 - 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB - Gift for him - Birthday gift

This cool steampunk flash drive allows you to see the insides of it and how it’s all wired together. The combination of copper, brass and vacuum tube gives it a vintage geeky quality that you or anyone who receives it will certainly appreciate. In our opinion, this item also has that Lava lamp kind of feel, too.

51. Handmade Baltic Birchwood Pentode Light Up USB Drives

Handmade Baltic Birchwood Pentode Light Up USB Drives

If you’re looking for unusual USB drives you have to not only look at its shape and design but also pay attention to the material the casing is made out of. This flash drive ticks all the boxes. It utilizes the Baltic birch wood and a bit of sci-fi and steampunk inspired design to give you a beautiful piece of technology.

52. Lego USB Drive

Lego USB Drive

You are never too old to get excited about Lego. You are also never too old to have a USB drive encased in Lego bricks. Especially considering that if you find yourself lacking several bricks in your latest Lego sculpture you will always have one extra piece.

53. Industrial Style Blue Quartz Crystal USB Drive

Handmade 64GB USB 3.0 BLUE Quartz Crystal USB Flash Drive with natural leather cord. Steampunk Style

This beautiful USB drive gives an amazing combination of copper and rose quartz that looks amazing when connected to a computer. But the flash drive looks even more stunning when disconnected, which you can proudly showcase thanks to the included wood stand.

54. Crafting Scissors USB Flash Drive

Crafting Scissors USB Flash Drive

If you know someone who loves crafting and has every imaginable bit of ribbons and strings stashed around their house, then you know what USB drive they might like. This one. This is one of the coolest USB drives form them, as it might be the only instance when putting scissors into a computer is actually advisable.

55. Darth Vader USB Drive

16GB Star Wars Darth Vader USB Flash Drive

As far as weird USB drives go, this one probably takes the cake. Darth Vader might look surprising at first. But when you think about all the dramatics Anakin has shown in the prequels, it kinda makes sense that he’d go for something even more flashy than his normal armor.

56. Firey Red Tribal Fox Kitsune Flash Drive

Firey Red Tribal Fox Kitsune Flash Drive

Petite figurines have made a name for themselves in the recent years, in light of the aesthetics-oriented popular culture surrounding us. This beautiful USB fox really does deserve the admiration and the fact that it’s also a USB drive is an added bonus.

57. Wooden Guitar Flash Drive With Keychain & Gift Box

Wooden Guitar Flash Drive With Keychain & Gift Box
Wooden Guitar Flash Drive With Keychain & Gift Box

This Wooden Guitar Flash Drive with the Keychain is one of our favorite flash drives, plus it comes with that cute little gift box! How adorable is that! if you are still looking here and there for a special gift for your boyfriend’s upcoming birthday, this one is the perfect pick. He will be thrilled to have this unique USB drive.

58. Heart Key Shaped Thumb Drive

64GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive, BorlterClamp Memory Stick Retro Metal Love Heart Key Shaped Thumb Drive

If you plan to give a romantic digital file to your girlfriend or wife, then you should use this. Whether the file is your memorable video, unforgettable photos, or romantic songs inside the flash drive for your spouse.

This heart key-shaped will fit the files inside. It is like opening the heart using this key-shaped one. Since the material is metal, it completes the look, and rose gold is a beautiful color for a special gift.

59. Gun Shape USB Flash Drive

Let’s confuse people by using this gun-shaped flash drive to save your files. Put this on your desk at the office or classroom and see how your friends react. Although the size is mini, it can make people who see it first feel surprised. The materials are ringstone and chrome. So, it is pretty sturdy for a flash drive.

60. Game of Thrones ‘Drogon’ USB Flash Drive

Tribe Games of Thrones Pendrive Figure 16 GB Funny USB Flash Drive 2.0

Calling all the Game of Thrones fans! Now, you can save the files using Drogon! This cute mini Drogon is ready to be your file guardian. No need to worry about any virus or losing files in your laptop anymore. You can bring Drogon everywhere you want to access the files.

61. USB Flash Drive with Pink Crystal for Girls

USB Flash Drive with Pink Crystal for Girls

Here is a good USB flash drive for ladies! This stunning device comes with some pink crystals inside its transparent frame, adding a lovely feminine yet elegant touch to the design. You can get one for your girlfriend to express your love. To surprise her, put some sweet photos or a note inside the beautiful pen drive!

62. Skeleton Pen Drive

Skeleton Pen Drive

Do you know which flash drive would make a good Halloween gift? This USB stick that features a spooky skeleton design is the answer! The black skeleton frame houses a 32GB pen drive that can reliably store photos and files. You can pop open the skull to reveal the USB dongle. It looks as if the skeleton is popping off its own head!

63. Gamepad-shaped USB Flash Drive

Gamepad-shaped USB Flash Drive

Gamers will absolutely be thrilled if they are to receive this gamepad-shaped USB flash disk! The mini gamepad comes in excellent detail, as you can see the arrows and the various controller buttons. This item will be a useful gift for gamers who may need to transfer or back up some of their save files.

64. Cute Silicone Owl USB Stick

Cute Silicone Owl USB Stick

The silicone owl design on this USB flash drive is not just cute but also offers protection! The rubbery outer layer will protect the flash drive from fall damage. Moreover, the colorful adorable owl also carries a hidden meaning. People believe that this bird symbolizes the bringer of wisdom, and inside the device, there lies some digital knowledge!

65. Adorable Cat USB Flash Drive

Adorable Cat USB Flash Drive

Previously, we have mentioned the cute cat paw-shaped USB flash disk. Now, here we have the whole cat! The tiny black cat looks absolutely so cute. There is a hole above its head for the keychain so that your USB stick can be easily located. The adorable cat flash disk would be a suitable gift for someone who loves felines.

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Final Thoughts

There you have it! An epic list of cool USB drives. Whether you are looking for a USB drive for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones, we have everything on this list to help you pick the perfect item to meet your needs. We hope our list can be a source of recommendations and ideas. Even better, you can also help others who are also looking for the coolest USB drives by sharing this post with your geeky, gadgety friends who might love these Unique Flash drives!

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