25 Unique Lava Lamps to Light Up Your Room

Have you ever considered changing your table lamp into something more unique and significant? To create a different ambience to your room, you might want to consider having unique lava lamps. The soft and warm light is the special feature of lava lamps so that lava lamps can be your one-of-a-kind lamp décor. The vintage lamp first appeared on TV in the 1960s and resurfaced to its peak popularity in the 1990s after the Austin Powers movies were released.

You can use lava lamps as a lighting in any room of your house, but they only cast a low light. The main purpose of the lamps is to create mood. These unique lava lamps give a soothing atmosphere with the graceful movement of the lava. Setting the lamp in a place that is comfortable for you to watch will help you relax. You can make them an excellent gift for special occasions like Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. So, to help you choose which lamp is best for your room’s decoration ornament, we have listed 25 unique lava lamps as a recommendation below. 

1. Classic Rainbow Glitter Lava Lamp 

Classic Rainbow Glitter Lava Lamp

Won’t it be exciting to have an eye-catching décor in your home? This Classic Rainbow Glitter lava lamp will be an excellent choice for it. The gold cap and base will steal some attention even before the light is on. The colorful glitter will be active instantly without a long warm-up.  

2. Rhinestoned Lava Lamp

Rhinestoned Lava Lamp

How about having a bling-bling ornament in the living room? This lava lamp has a unique combination of blue and yellow color with a hearty rhinestone all over it. It will make your living room shine with soft light and you can use the shining lava lamp as your night lamp. Bring the unique lava lamp to your bedroom and make it fancier than before.

3. Pirate Skull Lava Lamp

Pirate Skull Lava Lamp

You will need this black and mysterious lava lamp to tone up your Halloween decoration. The Pirate theme with skull and crossbones design on the base will be great for create a horror vibe. The red moving wax inside the unique lava lamp emphasizes the suspense mood of the pirates. Since it doesn’t need any battery, you can just place it near AC power and light it up. 

4. Metallic Purple Wax Lava Lamp

Metallic Purple Wax Lava Lamp

Many consider a lava lamp as a fascinating vintage lamp, which is why we think that this metallic wax lava lamp is the perfect example of a vintage and modern look. The purple wax look will enchant people to follow its flow. You can get this unique lava lamp as a birthday gift for a friend who loves warm glow lamps. In addition, it will also stand out in any room you place.

5. S-Shape Motion Volcano Lava Lamp

S-Shape Motion Volcano Lava Lamp

An exquisite lava lamp shape may represent your unique personality. The S-Shape lava lamp’s existence is enough to fill the entire room of your living room. It’s quite tall to replace your table lamp on the corner of your side table. In short, this unique lava lamp offers you a change for any room’s ambience with its presence.

6. 2009 Bob Marley Lava Lamp

2009 Bob Marley Lava Lamp

This yellow light lava lamp will be the best item as a birthday gift for Bob Marley’s fans. It has the singer’s picture on the globe, which will make it a favorite trophy to display at home. You can suggest your friend to play Bob Marley’s song while turning on the light at the same time. Relax to the reggae rhythm following the unique lava lamp’s wax movement. 

7. Graffiti Globe Lava Lamp

Graffiti Globe Lava Lamp

It’s a retro-style lava lamp that gives a new atmosphere to your house. It features a white wax with graffiti globe, so it will make you feel like you have a colorful wax flying around the globe. The dark cap and base will nicely contrast the vibrant globe. So, wait no more and place a 25-watt light bulb into this lava lamp to light up your room. 

8. Jellyfish Unique Lava Lamp

Jellyfish Unique Lava Lamp

Instead of the moving lava inside the tube, you will get a couple of life-like jellyfish on this unique lava lamp. The cool lava lamp can change its brightness into three levels that are suitable for any purpose. It also has four color-changing modes, which makes it even cooler. Plus, if you want to use it as your children’s night lamp, then you can change the power from electricity-powered USB to battery for convenience.

9. Multi-Color Groovy Lava Motion Lamp

Multi-Color Groovy Lava Motion Lamp

A lava lamp is timeless and unique with its slow-motion movement inside the unique lamp shape. The filler can be varied from lava-like wax to glitter like this lava lamp. The rocket-shaped lamp has clear water with multicolor glitters. When the light is on, it will feel like you have hundreds of fireflies. It’s different from others with its sturdy aluminum base that offers you a solid balance to stand.

10. Retro I-Total Lamps

Retro I-Total Lamps

Many people love lava lamps with their retro identities, and this item is one of the most unique lava lamps for them. This magma lamp from I-Total offers a modern design while keeping the retro soul. It is available in three color options: pink, silver, and gold. You can have the unique lava lamp for yourself or for your children’s bedroom night lamp Moreover, it will also be a beautiful decoration in your parents’ living room. 

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11. Star Wars Dart Vader Lamp

Star Wars Dart Vader Lamp

Darth Vader must be the most loved villain among moviegoers. If you collect Star Wars merchandise, then you can add this Darth Vader lava lamp to your collection. It has the villain’s helmet as the top cap and the cartoon costume as the bottom cap. Plus, the red lava that moves up and down inside the unique lava lamp perfectly portrays his lightsaber.

12. Star Wars Jedi Master Yoda Lamp

Star Wars Jedi Master Yoda Lamp

You can’t leave out Jedi Master Yoda from the Star Wars discussion. He is an iconic character who is greatly loved by his loyal fans. Thus, fans of the movie series will be excited to get this Yoda lava lamp as a gift. Green color wax matches perfectly with Yoda’s head as the cap. In addition, the unique lava lamp makes a great décor ornament in the Star Wars fans’ home.

13. Tricolor White and Clear Lava Lamp

Tricolor White and Clear Lava Lamp

Doesn’t it feel satisfying to look over the unique lava lamp mindlessly? You can just follow the beautiful interaction between the lava and gravity. The tricolor tower lava lamp creates a cool color-changing lava when the light is on. Then, the wax will start from a white color at the bottom, then turn yellow in the middle before finally turning red at the globe’s top. Without a doubt, it’s a relaxing cycle to watch in your leisure time.

14. Retro Rocket Lava Lamp

Retro Rocket Lava Lamp

If you’re looking for a great item to decorate your children’s room, then this rocket lava lamp should come into consideration. It fits a futuristic or space theme interior, and you can also use the tall lava lamp as the children’s night lamp. Moreover, the red lamp will also fascinate them and lull them to sleep.

15. Tie-Dye Pink Spiral Lava Lamp

Tie-Dye Pink Spiral Lava Lamp

Your cute daughter will be excited to get the pink bubble gum lava lamp as a birthday gift, because she can display the colorful lava lamp next to her dollhouse. A funky tie-dye decal covers the cap and base of the lamp. A light bulb will come as a set, so you can turn on the light right after it arrives. The unique lava lamp will strangely stand out while blending in with her other toys. 

16. Unique Lava Lite

Unique Lava Lite

It’s always fun to play with color. This silver lava lamp has a blue liquid and yellow color wax. As the yellow wax meets the blue water, it makes the wax turn into green-colored lava. Besides the relaxing effect of having the unique lava lamp, it’s also amusing that you can see two different lava when it’s on.

17. Vintage Soviet Lava Glitter Lamp

Most lava lamps have a rocket-shaped body with various water and lava colors. This 1980s lava lamp comes with a glittery liquid that flows beautifully. The unique lava lamp includes a 60-watt red light bulb. It gives a magical vibe with the shining glitters that move around. You can change the light bulb into another color because this vintage lava lamp is easy to assemble and install.

18. Rainbow Groovy Light

Rainbow Groovy Light

If many color lamps use painted globes, this Rainbow Groovy Light uses clear globes with vibrant wax. The lava will move groovily after warming up. The top cap and base have rainbow colors to match the lava’s color inside the lamp. Wherever you place the unique lava lamp in your house, it will catch anyone’s eyes.

19. My Groovy Light

My Groovy Light

A lava lamp is famous for its slow, elegant movement that hypnotizes people into calmness. The slim and long lamp brings a modern style with a bright blue color. It uses clear glass that makes the blue wax inside clearly seen. The rocket-shaped lava lamp is available in four colors: blue, green, pink, and purple. The other color lava lamp has the matching top, base, and wax too.

20. Vintage Crestworth Coachlite Lava Lamp

Vintage Crestworth Coachlite Lava Lamp

Isn’t this lamp’s visual amusing? It is a unique lava lamp with an oil lamp shape. It even has a fake switch on the front side. The beautiful lava lamp comes from the 1970s with a copper finish. The lava from this vintage lamp will be warm and start to move after 30 minutes. Since the unique lamp is vintage, it’s very rare and available in limited stock.

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21. 1975 Lava Lamp

1975 Lava Lamp

Have you seen a rare vintage lava lamp like this one? It has holes in the golden color base that shines like a diamond. The vintage lamp is dated from 1975. The unique lava lamp has pinkish-red wax and will move slowly after an hour of warming up. Different from others, it uses a 40 watt light bulb to operate. It’s a good condition vintage lamp, so it’s limited in number.

22. Vintage 1980s Rare Soviet Scarlet Lava Lamp 

Vintage 1980s Rare Soviet Scarlet Lava Lamp

The glass and metal make a unique lava lamp in the shape of an oil lamp. It has a wide cap with three strings of metal that connect the top part to the lower part. The red lava makes a great opposite to the colorless grey color of the body. Since it’s a vintage lamp from the 1980s, there is only one piece left.

23. Volcano Lava Lamp

Volcano Lava Lamp

What design is more suitable for a lava lamp than a volcano? This volcano lava lamp’s lava looks like it’s coming out from the volcano, starting from the bottom of the globe to the top. It uses a standard household electrical outlet so that you can place the unique lava lamp in any room near the outlet. It will be the awesome décor item that steals your guests’ attention.

24. Tornado Lava Lamp

Tornado Lava Lamp

The tornado lava lamp is a newcomer that is advanced in the unique and creative idea. As the lava lamp is best-known for its slow movement, this lamp will go a bit faster. It gives you more excitement and fun by watching it operate. The unique lava lamp features an automatic color-changing system for you to enjoy the colorful lamp from afar.

25. Northern Lights Lava Lamp

Northern Lights Lava Lamp

Inspired by one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Northern Lights, this unique lava lamp provides magical colors. A gorgeous sight of northern lights decal covers the top and bottom part of the lamp. The globe is hand-painted with three colors that divide the globe into three beautiful parts. The glitters will fly swirl up and down gracefully to make sure you enjoy the lights.

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What are the coolest lava lamps?

Personally, we think all lava lamps are cool with the combination of science and arts. However, if we should choose the coolest of the cool lava lamps, it will be this unique lava lamp from the 1970s. It has a different shape and visual from other lava lamps with beautiful liquid and lava color. Another coolest lava lamp will be this rainbow glitter lava lamp because it doesn’t need a long time to flow like others.

How do I choose a lava lamp?

Before you buy a lava lamp, you should consider many aspects of the lava lamp that suits your preference. You can check the lamps’ size, material, price, etc. If you really want to make it the sole attention of your living room, the best choice is a giant and unique lava lamp like this vintage lava lamp or a shining confetti-like filler lamp like this glittery lava lamp

Why do people like Lavalights?

Lava lamps have a calming ambiance, even though some unique lava lamps have bright and vibrant designs. They give a soothing feeling that can relax people who are looking at them. The gentle movement of wax and the soft light make people feel calm and help them to destress. 

Can you leave a lava lamp on all night?

Many say it’s okay to leave the lamp overnight. But many others say not to run the lamp for more than eight to ten hours straight, even though the warm-up time is quite long. The bulb can burn out because of overuse. Thus, we suggest you not leave the lava lamp on all night.

Why is my lava lamp cloudy?

You should make sure it’s not already on for 2000 hours. If so, it’s time for you to say goodbye to your unique lava lamp because the lamps’ age average is 2000 hours. However, if your lava lamp is a new one, maybe it’s cloudy because it has been shaken or moved while it’s hot. Wait for the water until it’s cleared out before turning on the light again.

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