50th Birthday Gifts To Celebrate Golden Jubilee

The 50th birthday is one of the happiest moments, as they celebrate the halfway of their life, the one which is known as the golden birthday. On their 50th birthday, they have accomplished many achievements that need to be appreciated. Meanwhile, a 50th birthday can be a milestone to start something new in their life. To make the moment precious and to make that person feel special, you can give a memorable 50th birthday gifts from our curated choices.

What Symbolizes A 50th Birthday?

Black and glittery golden colors commonly symbolize the 50th birthday celebrations. These colors are a charming combination to congratulate and commemorate your someone special’s 50th birthday with 5 decades of his achievements and adventures. You can choose the best black and gold gift according to our curated choices above.

How To Celebrate Your Husband’s Birthday Differently?

You can celebrate your husband’s birthday differently by giving him a sweet surprise such as a unique personalized gift which he will undoubtedly love. This great gift will mark his lifetime achievements and adventures which will be a memorable memento. Add sparks to your relationship by giving him sweet kisses and warm hugs.

How To celebrate Your Husband’s Birthday with No Money?

If you have not much money, you can still celebrate your husband’s birthday by expressing your love language to him by your sweet kisses and warm hugs. You can also express your love language with acts of service like massage him or make his favorite meals. Otherwise, give him words of affirmation or appreciation to show how much you love him and how grateful you are to have him.

BEST 50th Birthday Gifts – Our 3 Best Picks

50th Jewelry50th Pesonalized Gift50th Memorable Accessory
Sterling Silver NecklaceBox of Birthday Wishes50th Birthday Plaque
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Awesome 50th Birthday Gifts To Celebrate It Differently

1. Book for 50th Birthday

50th birthday gifts

Looking for a perfect piece for a 50th birthday gift? Surprise your special one with this unique birthday book that you can personalize to make his day memorable for years to come. You just need to provide his date of birth and The Book of Everyone will create a book filled with fascinating facts and interesting illustrations specifically tailored to the recipient’s birth date. The pages are crafted by some of the world’s best designers and the copy is written with care and charm.

2. 50th Birthday Candle

50th birthday gifts

As an awesome keepsake, this charming candle with vanilla fragrance is a great gift for the 50th birthday of your special one. This candle can be personalized with the choice of name and warm message. It is made with high-quality materials of paraffin wax, cotton wick and glass jar.

3. 50th Birthday Plaque

50th birthday gifts

To congratulate and commemorate someone special in his half century, this 50th birthday gift is a perfect pick. It is finished in 24ct gold and presented in a high quality moulded capsule. This proof quality gift features very intricate detailing throughout with fully embossed designs to both sides.

4. Personalized Light Up Wine Bottle

Send your beloved one this beautiful bottle for her 50th birthday. This is a great gift that your someone special will treasure forever in the shape of a sensational personalized light up wine bottle. It is a delightful decorative piece that certainly looks stunning on a mantelpiece or coffee table. It combines fabulous clear glass with beautiful LED’s and a vinyl quote, to create a look that’s simply magnificent.

5. Fifty and Fabulous Mug

50th birthday gifts

Looking for a sweet and sentimental 50th birthday gift for that special someone? This marvellous mug can be personalized with your special one’s name printed on it with high-quality sublimation that will never crack, fade or peel. This 11Oz mug has a sturdy handle which is easy to grip and it is dishwasher and microwave safe.

6. “50 Looks Good on Me” T-shirt

50th birthday gifts

Let your someone special feels comfort and confident with this unisex T-Shirt which is a great gift for your special someone 50th birthday. It is made of 100% cotton which is a high-density fabric with exceptional printing clarity. 

7. 50th Birthday Charm Bracelet

50th birthday gifts

For someone special turning fifty, this beautiful bracelet will be a gorgeous gift. She will surely love the meaning of the warm message beyond it. Its chain is made of strong material with durable lobster clasp. It is made to accommodate most wrist sizes.

8. Sterling Silver Necklace

50th birthday gifts

Surprise your special one with this sterling silver necklace. This ultramodern style necklace has 5 rings which symbolize 5 decades of life achievements and adventure. This is a perfect piece for your special one’s 50th birthday gift. A modern lady like her will love this simply stunning designed necklace.

9. 50th Birthday Coloring Book

50th birthday gifts

This brilliant 50th birthday gift comes with a large printed coloring book. Either for man or woman, this is a great gift to let your special one sitting relax and coloring plenty of pictures for stress relief and happy times. Each coloring picture is printed on its own 8.5 x 11 inch page.

10. 50th Birthday Funny Travel Mug

50th birthday gifts

Looking for a thoughtful and funny gift for your special someone? This travel mug is a perfect pick for his/her 50th birthday. You can add an extra effort by putting tea bags, chocolate bars or candies inside the mug.  It is made of the best quality material so it is long-lasting to use and it will not crack or lose its prints after several washings.

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11. Mindful Breathing Necklace

50th birthday gifts

This gorgeous 50th birthday gift is inspired by a conversation with a flute-maker who taught about the breathing technique of ancient Japanese Komusō monks. Then Todd and Vanessa Steinberg created this mindful breathing necklace to help you slow your heart, calm your brain, and become mindful of the present moment. Inhale normally then exhale through the breathing straw pendant, and float to a mini meditation while stress melts away.

12. Box of Birthday Wishes

50th birthday gifts

Show your special someone that your someone are always close to your heart, near or far, with this handcrafted and customizable collection of birthday wishes by Sandrine Froehle. Your recipient will get a container filled with ten star-shaped wooden messages they will always cherish. Choose from more than 40 various options, from the heartfelt “May this be your best year yet!” to the hilarious “May you never lose your keys.”. The charming cylinder’s lid can be personalized with color and text to celebrate your special someone who has made another trip around the sun.

13. Edible Gold Lollipops

50th birthday gifts

Gold surely symbolizes the 50th birthday celebrations. These edible gold lollipops are spot-on treats for 50th birthday celebration parties. These raspberry-flavored confections offer a grownup take on the classic candy. Each pretty pop is filled with edible 24k gold leaf, making them delicious gifts for discerning sweet tooths.

14. 50th Birthday Rose Gold Tiara

50th Birthday Rose Gold Sash and Tiara

Looking for a fabulous 50th birthday gift which she will surely love? This 50th birthday rhinestone tiara, sash, pearl pin and cupcake topper will surprise her with splendor. 

The sash is made from high quality glitter fabric and printed with rose gold foil words and comes with a pretty pearl pin. The tiara is 100% handmade from high quality alloy and rhinestone with 2 combs to grip the hair tightly.

15. 50th Birthday Flannel Fleece Blankets

50th Birthday Flannel Fleece Blankets

Bring warmth, love and joy for your special someone with this limited edition 50th birthday gift! This beautiful blanket is made of 100% premium super soft and cozy flannel fleece with perfect workmanship which printing will not fade easily after machine washing. It is lightweight but warm, breathable and skin-friendly.

16. 50th Birthday Royal Gift Set

50th Birthday Royal Gift Set by Luxe England

Honor her 50th birthday with a luxurious Queen themed gift set to surprise and delight her! This gift set contains 8 interesting items beautifully packaged for an unforgettable unboxing: coffee mug with lid, notebook and chic crown pencil, trinket tray, fresh lavender candle, makeup pouch, 2 bath bombs and 4 shower steamers, and a greeting card. Bursting with scent as soon as she opens it, watch her face light up with these matching royal birthday presents that will accompany her every day and treat her to the relaxing home spa experience she deserves.

17. Personalised Engraved Wine Glass


This great gift set is a perfect pick for your special someone to celebrate your special person 50th birthday which includes a pair of wine glasses engraved with his/her name and age, and the beautiful box. The text engraved on the wine glass will not fade away even after several washings. This gorgeous gift is made of high-quality wine glass material which looks luxurious and elegant.

18. Birthstone Keyring with Custom Message 


Delight your special someone with this birthstone keyring which features a customized message to motivate your lover. This keyring is silver plated with a birthstone charm based on his or her birth month, an antique silver number charm, a silver plated letter charm based on the initial letter of his/her name, a crystal heart charm and a round message charm. This gift also comes in a luxury box with a small card for you to write your own personal message. 

19. 50th Birthday Wooden Plaque


Congrats and cheers to the 50th birthday of your special someone with this wooden white heart plaque. This handmade gift is made from high-quality wooden material with gold and black text printings which symbolize 50th birthday celebration. Featuring a black rope, this gift is great for hanging in a car or home.

20. 50th Birthday Favor Gift Box 


This 50th birthday gift set includes 12 large golden boxes with decorative tops. It can be filled with his or her favorite chocolates, candies, other sweet treats, trinkets, or small mementos. These boxes are fun and artful, making them perfect accents at 50th birthday party table settings. These beautiful boxes are printed on heavy-duty paper with a photo-like shine.

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21. 50th Birthday Photo Booth Props


Celebrate your special someone’s 50th birthday with these pretty photo booth props! This great gift set features 20-piece pink, black and glittery golden photo booth props, 20 wooden dowel sticks and adhesives for assembly. Photo booth props are fun birthday party supplies for everyone who will love the funny faces. Your special someone can take entertaining and shareable party photos with his or her friends and family while making memories with these stylish photo booth props.

22. 50th Birthday Wish Jar


With a 50th birthday wish jar, you help your special someone capture all those important moments and memories, so he/she can remember them long after that very special day. Use this wish jar by placing it out at the birthday party with blank tickets and pens where guests can easily find them. Then the party guests fill out the tickets with their own personal wishes and memories for your special someone’s birthday. Once the tickets have been filled out, add them to the jar. You’ll be surprised at how quickly it fills up. Then your special someone can enjoy all the caring wishes and thoughtful words from his/her friends and family long after the party is over.

23. Into the Wild Blanket

Into the Wild Blanket

The 50th birthday celebration is commonly symbolized with gold and black color like this beautiful blanket with an original cheetah’s skin colors and pattern. It is made from sumptuous and super soft microfiber. Add cozy detail to your living room or bedroom décor with this irresistibly blanket for around-the-clock cuddling.

24. 5-Tier Tower Chocolate

5-Tier Tower Chocolate by Godiva®

If your someone special is craving for chocolates, cheers and congrats his/her 50th birthday with this 5-tier tower signature chocolate by Godiva®. With radiant red and golden boxes and ribbon, this Godiva® tower is filled with all the most sought after Godiva® goodies. Your special someone will enjoy dark, milk or white chocolate truffles, dark chocolate covered pretzels and many more!

25. Bright and Beautiful Floral Arrangement

Bright and Beautiful Floral Arrangement

With the bright and beautiful blooms of fresh flowers in an array of cheerful colors, this is a gorgeous gift to congratulate and celebrate your special someone’s 50th birthday. Artistically designed and hand-tied, it will surely impress and delight her. This beautiful bouquet is thoughtfully arranged incorporating hot pink, bright orange, yellow, blue and purple so it will surely bring a smile to the lucky birthday recipient.

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What can we give on the 50th birthday?

You can give the best 50th birthday gifts for your special someone by considering his/her characteristics and favorite things. To be a memorable gift that he/she will remember long after his/her 50th birthday celebration, you can personalize the gift by adding his/her engraved name, age and heartwarming message.   

What can you give a 50 year old woman?

You can give the best gift for a 50 year old woman from our 5 curated choices above, such as: Bright and Beautiful Floral Arrangement, 5-Tier Tower Chocolate by Godiva®, 50th Birthday Royal Gift Set by Luxe England, 50th Birthday Rose Gold Sash and Tiara, Fifty and Fabulous Personalized Mug. These gifts are full of feminine energy which will empower her on her special day.

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