50th Birthday Gifts to Show Your Love!

A birthdays is one of the most wonderful days of the year. It’s the perfect moment to be thankful for everything we have in our life. For some, being old can be a burden, but in reality, being old is actually a blessing. If you know anyone who’s about to be 50 soon, you need to be part of the special celebration. Whether it’s your mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, colleague or your teacher, it would be a great idea for you to prepare a wonderful 50th birthday gift for that special person. After all, welcoming 50 is one of those moments to celebrate together with loved ones and family.

When it comes to choosing the perfect 50th birthday gifts for a special 50 year-old in your life, you’ll be dealing with lots of options. We understand your struggle, because choosing the perfect one can be confusing at times. Therefore, we are creating a list of 26 most recommended 50th birthday gifts for a special person in your life. In this list you’ll find items like candles, tumbler, make up bag, keychain, and even a baseball cap. Scroll down now to find more inspirations!

50th Birthday Gifts for Her

Whether it’s your mom or grandma, a thoughtful birthday gift with a special meaning will mean the world to them. You can share happiness with them by giving something meaningful, sweet and useful as their 50th birthday gift. In this category you’ll find a list of the most recommended 50th birthday gifts for a special women in your life.

1. Personalized 50th Birthday Candle

Personalized 50th Birthday Candle

Let your mom or grandma enjoys a relaxing time at home with this personalized 50th birthday candle. This adorable candle will definitely be a thoughtful and useful birthday gift for her. In addition, you can include your sweet birthday wish or message on the front side of this candle to make it even more meaningful.

2. Engraved Eco Bamboo Travel Flask

Engraved Eco Bamboo Travel Flask

This is one of the sweetest 50th birthday gifts you can find on the internet. This is an Engraved Eco Bamboo Travel Flask that features a sleek design with natural wooden look. This travel flask is the perfect gift for your mom or grandma, because it comes as something they can use everyday. Made of high-quality material, this bamboo flask can be something to use for many years to come.

3. Aquamarine & Sterling Silver Stretch Birthstone Bracelet 

Aquamarine & Sterling Silver Stretch Birthstone Bracelet 

A nice jewelry is every woman’s best friend. For them, jewelry will always be a nice gift for any occasion, including for their 50th birthday celebration. For that reason, this Aquamarine & Sterling Silver Stretch Birthstone Bracelet will be the perfect pick. Made of sterling silver and genuine aquamarine semi precious gemstone, this bracelet will definitely become their new favorite item to wear everyday.

4. 50 and Fab Coaster

50 and Fab Coaster

Age is just a number, and being 50 doesn’t mean a woman can’t stay fabulous, right? Therefore, you might want to consider having this 50 and Fab Coaster as a 50th birthday gift for a special woman in your life. This item can be a nice addition to your mom or grandma’s dining room. Moreover, it can also remind her how fabulous she is.

5. Engraved Tea & Biscuits Board

Engraved Tea & Biscuits Board

Now, you can treat your mom or grandma on their birthday by giving them this lovely present. This is an Engraved Tea & Biscuits Board and it will be a useful 50th birthday present for them. Aside of being a stylish and usable item, it also features a very cute design the design. Last but not least, the material of this board also offers extra durability. 

6. Happy Birthday Gift Box for Woman

Happy Birthday Gift Box for Woman

Show your love for your mom or grandma who’s about to celebrate their 50th birthday soon! You can try to give them this Happy Birthday Gift Box for Women. Inside the box, they can find adorable items such as key bottle opener, shot glass, stainless steel wine tumbler, as well as 2 silk roses. Moreover, you can customize the gift tag according to their 50th birthday theme. Plus, the packaging inside this set is 100% recyclable.

7. 50 & Fabulous Tumbler for Women

50 & Fabulous Tumbler for Women

Look at the cuteness of this adorable tumbler! Due to its cuteness, it will definitely be a great 50th birthday gift for a special woman in your life. This sweet item is called 50 & Fabulous Tumbler for Women. With a BPA free material on its lid, this tumbler comes with a stainless steel straw and also a brush. As for the brush, you can use it clean the straw after use.

8. 50th Birthday Gift Spa Set

50th Birthday Gift Spa Set

A happy and sweet 50 year-old woman will be super thrilled to have this spa set as her 50th Birthday Gift. This spa set will the much needed self-love items in welcoming 50. Inside this set, she will find a rose petal bath bomb plus an uplifting orange bath bomb. If that’s not enough, she will also find a peppermint-shea lip balm and lavender natural castile soap.

9. 50 Birthday Light Up Wine Bottle

50 Birthday Light Up Wine Bottle

In order to show your gratitude to your lovely grandma or sweet mother, why not give them this cute gift as a great 50th birthday gift for them? This Light Up Wine Bottle will definitely become one of the most ‘glowing’ gifts for her. The design of this wine bottle also has a warm vibe to create a comforting ambience. They can make this gift as a home decoration, too.

 10. 50th Birthday Funny Makeup Bag 

50th Birthday Funny Makeup Bag 

If you know a woman who still love to put on her make up even in her 50s, then this Funny Makeup Bag will be a great gift for her. She can keep her essentials inside this pouch, including her make up and other stuff, too! With a funny design that says “I’m not 50, I’m 25 with 25 years of experience” that will definitely keep her young at heart.

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11. 925 Sterling Silver Circle Pendant Necklaces

925 Sterling Silver Circle Pendant Necklaces

This necklace has a deep and meaningful element, which can be a nice 50th birthday gift for a special woman in your life. This 925 Sterling Silver Circle Pendant Necklace will enhance her everyday look that describes eternity of love and also relationship.

12. 50th Birthday Gift Tote Bag

50th birthday gifts

For a woman, they might find it convenient to bring all of her essentials inside this tote bag, everywhere she goes. For that reason, it would be a great idea to give this tote bag as a useful 50th birthday gift for her. This tote bag is made of high-quality cotton with a 67cm long handle. This item is also very light, which is only 140g in weight. Moreover, it also water resistant and features a 10 lt of volume to keep her stuff inside.

13. Fifty & Fabulous 50th Birthday Sock

50th birthday gifts

Get this 50th birthday gift for your mom and grandma as a surprise. This is a Fifty & Fabulous 50th Birthday Sock that will be a funny birthday gift for a special woman in your life. Made of high-quality fabric, these socks come with adorable colors and graphics.

50th Birthday Gifts for Him 

Show your gratitude to a special man in your life by giving him a special 50th birthday gift. You can give him a useful or practical gift that can be a nice item for him to spend his days at home, or while running errands.

14. 50th Birthday Gift: Personalized Book

50th birthday gifts

This Personalized Book is probably one of the most adorable 50th birthday gifts for a special man in your life. Whether it’s your dad or grandpa, he will fall in love with this gift because he will find cool and funny facts about him inside. You can personalize this book by including his favorite films, sports, music and other things as well. All the pages are specifically crafted based on request, so it will be a one-of-a-kind gift for him.

15. Reasons Why I Love You Poster

50th birthday gifts

This 50th birthday gift is a unique item that will put a smile on your grandpa or dad’s face. This poster consists of many reasons why you love them, 50 reasons to be precise. That’s why this item is called a poster with 50 reasons why you love them so much. The poster consists of words of affirmation that can brighten up his days.

16. Photo Collage Gift

50th birthday gifts

The best gift for your father or grandpa’s 50th birthday is definitely this Photo Collage Gift, which will be a lovely keepsake for him. You can personalize the collage with photos of him in it. In short, this collage consists of a maximum 85 photos depending on the size that you choose.

17. 50th Birthday Survival Kit In A Can

50th birthday gifts

Have you ever considered giving your dad or grandpa a unique 50th birthday gift? Well, we think that this item can be the best answer to that question. You can give them this 50th Birthday Survival Kit In A Can as a useful gift for them. Inside the can, they will find things like cute souvenirs that will definitely bring a smile to their face.

18. 50th Birthday Black Socks 

50th birthday gifts

This 50th birthday gift has a very good sense of humor! This is a 50th Birthday Black Sock, which we know that your special 50 year-old father would love to receive. After all, being 50 means that he will need something to keep his feet warm every night. These socks are made of 75% cotton, which is really comfortable to use everyday. 

19. Personalized Docking Station

50th birthday gifts

Sometimes, you need to lift up your dad or grandpa’s mood with a useful 50th birthday gift. This is a Personalized Docking Station that will be the perfect item to keep his belongings secure. This docking station can be personalized as well. You can customize this item by engraving the name of your dad or grandpa’s.

20. 50th Birthday Keychain

50th birthday gifts

Look at this beautiful 50th birthday gift! This is a 50th Birthday Keychain made of silver plated charm. This keychain has a good meaning as it is written ‘Aged To Perfection’. You dad or grandpa can use this keychain as a decoration or maybe as the item to keep his keys ready whenever he needs them.

21. Personalized Bamboo Wine Box With Tools

50th birthday gifts

Lifting up your grandpa or dad’s mood will be very easy with this 50th birthday gift. This gift comes in the form of a Personalized Bamboo Wine Box with Tools. Made of high-quality bamboo wood, this item can be engraved with your grandpa or dad’s name on it. This item will be a perfect gift to celebrate their 50th birthday, and it comes with crocs, a foil cutter, a stopper, and also an aerator.

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22. Top Shelf 50th Birthday Wish Jar

50th birthday gifts

Birthdays are beautiful days we often wait and remember for a long time. You can celebrate your dad or grandpa’s special day with this 50th birthday gift. It is a Top Shelf 50th Birthday Wish Jar. This can be a unique keepsake and thoughtful gift for him. As a receiver, he can enjoy the personal messages and memories in this jar. This package comes with 100 wish tickets, a pen, decorative lid and rewritable twine-hung plaque. 

23. Vintage 50th Birthday Gifts: Baseball Caps

Vintage 50th Birthday Gifts Baseball Caps

Undoubtedly, your dad will surely love this 50th birthday gift for him. Give him this Baseball Caps and he will love both the design and also the material of it! It has a vintage design with funny sayings, ‘It Took 50 Years to Look This Good’ on its front side. This cap is made of 100% cotton, making it comfortable to wear daily. Don’t worry, this cap also features an adjustable metal buckle as the back closure.

24. Vinyl Record Clock as a Classic 50th Birthday Gift

50th birthday gifts

We’re coming closer to the end of this list, and here we have a vinyl record clock that specifically designed to be come a classic 50th birthday gift for your dad. Your dad will definitely love this item due to its unique and vintage design. The vinyl record design can remind him about the good old days where vinyl record was a hit

25. Personalized 50th Birthday Gift Engraved Pen 

50th birthday gifts

To celebrate your dad’s special day, you can get him this 50th birthday gift, which comes in the form of an engraved pen. The color of this pen is very beautiful and also elegant. You can personalize this pen by adding an engraving of his name on it. This pen comes with a pouch as a gift. Moreover, if you need a box, you can also request for one from the seller.

26. Golden Birthday Gift Watch

50th birthday gifts

Do you have a dad who loves to collect unique and classic watches? If so, why don’t you get this Golden Anniversary Gift Watch as a gift? This can be a very meaningful gift that he will definitely adore. The band is made of leather, making it an elegant watch to wear daily. Moreover, you can also personalize it by adding the date and year of his birthday.

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What is the traditional gift for a 50th birthday?

If we talk about someone’s 50th birthday, we might associate it with a certain color. The color that symbolizes 50th birthday is gold, which is why, the traditional gift for someone’s 50th birthday can be something with a touch of gold. If you want to find the best 50th birthday gift that has a gold accent in it, you can try to get a present like this Golden Anniversary Gift Watch.

What do you buy a 50 year old man?

As a birthday gift for a 50 year old man, you can give him presents like a Top Shelf 50th Birthday Wish Jar, a 50th Birthday Keychain, a 50th Birthday Black Socks, and also this Vintage 50th Birthday Gifts Baseball Caps. Those are the most suitable gifts for him, not only for the look but also for the meaningful element. A 50 year-old man can enjoy his special day with such gifts to cherish a lifetime.

What is the symbol for 50th birthday?

A symbol for the 50th birthday is the Golden Jubilee. If you are looking for something to be a great 50th birthday gift, you might want to get something related to that color. There are so many presents related to this color. One of them is this personalized 50th birthday gift engraved pen.

What do you get for a 50 year old woman?

For a 50 year old woman, they might want something related to jewelry or beauty. So, why don’t you get her these gifts, such as this 50th Birthday Funny Makeup Bag, a Happy Birthday Gift Box for Woman, a Personalized 50th Birthday Candle, a sweet 925 Sterling Silver Circle Pendant Necklaces, or a 50th Birthday Personalized Gift Bag? These choices are the things that have a beautiful design, which can also can be used on a daily basis. 

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