25 Funny Grandpa Gifts to Show Your Gratitude

Grandpa lives alone if your grandmother has passed away. The loneliness struggle is relatable, not to mention the effect of aging. Therefore, funny grandpa gifts are the solution to reduce his stress. Find items that can remind him of you. Let him know that despite him being old, he still has a family member to talk, joke and rely on.

Funny grandpa gifts have an extensive range of varieties. Still, it is better to choose practical items that he uses every day. Exciting games are also suitable. Find something that can play in old age. It will provide him with amusement and an outlet to pass the time. He will feel less lonely if you play games with him once in a while!

1. Lucky Animal Cups for Grandpa

Lucky Animal Cup

The illustration of the cup makes it suitable as a funny grandpa gift candidate. The surface is covered with adorable pictures of birds and pigs. The size is also versatile, so your grandpa has many choices to pick when he wants to get a glass from the cupboard to enjoy his drink. 

2. Musical Wine Glasses

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses - Party Set

Your grandpa may have a lot of free time because he has no other jobs to do. Instead, he can have fun by drinking some wine to his heart’s content. At his birthday party, he could play music with this wine glass. It will be funnier if he can produce funny sounds.

3. Land Shark Golf Ball Marker

Land Shark Golf Ball Marker

Golf is a sport that is usually played by retired old men. If your grandpa spends his time golfing in retirement, these land shark golf ball markers will make funny grandpa gifts. You can show that you support his golfing hobby.

4. Horse Racing Game as Funny Grandpa Gifts

Horse Racing Game

Watching horse racing is thrilling and exciting. Now, you and your grandpa can play the horse racing game together. It is an exciting retro game where you can interactively do a miniature horse race. Decide which horse will arrive at the finish line! The item is crafted from the finest wood.

5. Eyeglasses Holder as a Hilarious Grandpa Gifts

Eyeglasses Holder

Your grandpa’s eyesight may have been deteriorating because of his old age. Therefore, older people tend to wear glasses, especially to read small letters. To support your grandpa, you can give this eyeglass holder. The eyeglasses holder is crafted with wood and made like a hilarious statue.

6. Funny T-shirt for Grandpa

If Grandpa Can't Fix It No One Can T-shirt

The statement in the t-shirt might be inspired by if mom can’t find it, no one can. Instead, it says: “if grandpa can’t fix it, no one can’t”, which is quite amusing. Your grandpas can fix many things because of his experience as an engineer or the head of his household. 

7. Sink or Shoot Game for Grandpa

Sink or Shoot Party Game

Your grandpa needs funny grandpa gifts in the form of a game to enjoy his birthday or wedding anniversary party. The board game looks like a tic-tac-toe game and is suitable to make your grandpa happy. It is a lot like the Battleship game.

8. Coronavirus Piñata Holds for Grandpa

Coronavirus Piñata Holds 2lbs Candy

Older people are more prone to Covid-19’s risk than the younger ones. Of course, they will be angry to know that. The virus-shaped pinata is excellent for releasing stress because of the fear of the virus, especially for your grandpa. He will surely smash the pinata into pieces.

9. Grandpa Dinosaur Card

Grandpa Dinosaur Card

The A6-sized grandpa dinosaur card is perfect to be given at your grandpa’s birthday party. The card is printed professionally. Don’t forget to write a heartfelt or funny message in these cards before giving them to your grandpa.

10. Potty Putter Golf Game for Grandad

Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game

Even for old people, potty time is a boring time. Right now, people do potty while bringing their handphones to the toilet. There is a unique way to spend that boring time. Your grandpa can play mini-golf with a putter stick in his potty time. The gift is perfect, especially if your grandpa often has constipation.

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11. Grandpa Hilarious Candle

Grandpa please light when you Fart Soy Candle

Does your grandpa’s house have a blackout often? Then, buying a candle might be one of the best solutions there. Blackouts are boring because there is no electricity flowing in the house. Funny grandpa gifts like these soy candles play a perfect role in solving that. “Please light this candle when you fart” will make your grandpa laugh!

12. Funny Gift for a 50 Year Old Man or Woman

Funny Gift for a 50 Year Old Man or Woman

A romantic couple like your grandpa and grandma, who has a solid and long-lasting relationship, will be familiar with their own spouse’s fart. Your grandpa should put this in his room to surprise your grandma.

13. Handmade Paper Mache Masquerade Mask for G-dad

Handmade Paper Mache Masquerade Mask

Searching for a mask for your Halloween party with grandpa? There is good news, the handmade paper mache masquerade mask is perfect for him. The mask is handmade but doesn’t lose its quality. The special feature is the adjustable strap.

14. Old Man White Beard Face Mask

Old Man White Beard Face Mask

Has your grandpa lost his beard recently? If so, you should buy this mask for your grandpa. The funny grandpa gifts like these masks will make everyone stare and laugh. Also, we are still living in a pandemic era, so the hilarious face cover is an excellent addition to protect your grandpa’s health.

15. Funny Cups for 90 Years Old Grandpa Gifts

Funny Birthday Gifts 90 Years Old You Do the Math Coffee Cup

Not many people can grow old and live until 90 years old. We should celebrate our grandpa’s life by giving funny grandpa gifts like these mugs. The mug is perfect as a gift at your grandpa’s 90th birthday party

16. Funny Wall Sign for Grandpa

Wall Sign Theres no bear like an old Bear

There is no bear like an old bear is an empowering message for your grandpa. The quote is beautifully engraved with a caricature of an old bear on this stunning wall decoration. It is perfect for motivating your grandpa. The sign will also teach your kids to respect and be polite to the elderly because an old bear is still a bear.

17. Inflatable Dinosaur Costume for Grandpa

Rubies Adult The Original Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

This dinosaur costume will be a funny present for your grandpa. He can wear it at the Halloween party to scare his grandchildren. After all, the ancient dinosaur has a connotation that means old people, so the costume fits your grandpa. The outfit is 100 % of nylon

18. 2-Pocket Grandpa’s Spot Throw Pillow

2-Pocket Grandpa’s Spot Throw Pillow

Your grandpa might need a new fluffy, comfortable pillow to help him sleep, especially if he has insomnia. Grandpa’s pillow is the ideal gift to help him sleep better. Furthermore, every purchase will include a spoon with a “best grandpa ever” engraving on it.

19. Funny T-Shirt Gift For Grandpa

Papa T-Shirt Funny Fathers Day Gift For Grandpa

Does your grandpa not want to be called grandpa because he despises aging? Then, the t-shirt will surely fit him perfectly. He will wear it every day because of the funny design! It is made of 100% cotton and eco-friendly material, which can help the environment.

20. Funny Diabetic Travel Bag

All My Diabetes Shit Funny Diabetic Travel Bag

Older people are prone to diabetes because their beta cell work is not as good anymore. Consequently, your grandpa may need to have a routine insulin injection. If your grandpa love traveling, this travel bag is excellent for him because it is tailored for diabetic people. 

It is the perfect compartment to store diabetic emergency supplies. The pack also features a funny quote that will surely make your grandpa smile.

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21. BBQ Grill Master Ornament for Grandpa

BBQ Grill Master 4 Figure Ornament for Grandpa

Older people might be working from their youth till retirement. Because of that, some of them didn’t have a chance to enjoy a party at all. Now that your grandpa is retired, he can relax more. This keychain features a figurine of a chef that cooks a BBQ is excellent for him. The figure should remind him that he needs a BBQ party to enjoy his life after retirement.

22. PEPPA PIG: Grandpa & Granny Plush Toy Set

PEPPA PIG: Grandpa & Granny Plush Toy Set

Plush dolls are not only meant for kids but only for the older generation. Your grandpa would be delighted to have these funny gifts that feature Peppa Pig’s grandpa and grandma dolls. These items reflect his love for your grandmother. A long-lasting love with no end even until the afterlife.

23. Flashing LED Sunglasses for Grandpa

Flashing LED Sunglasses

Grandpa is always associated with old-school stuff. However, it is not always the case. You can class up your grandpa with these futuristic-looking pair of rave glasses! The glasses can produce LED light that will make your grandpa be the center of attention at the Halloween or birthday party.

24. Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler For Grandpa

Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler With Lid

Traveling may be one of the best ideas that come to mind after retirement. To celebrate your grandpa’s retirement, you should give items like these travel tumblers. It may encourage your grandpa to go out and see the world despite his old age. If you closely look at the tumbler, there is a funny inscription that says, “I am a Grandpa, what’s your superpower?”.

25. Toilet Bowl Night Light with Motion Sensor LED

Toilet Bowl Night Light with Motion Sensor LED

Potty time is one of the most boring times, especially for the older generation. Fear not, the toilet bowl night light can change the closet to become colorful, and your grandpa will not be bored in the toilet at all.

Final Thoughts

Having a sweet and kind grandpa is truly one of the most beautiful gift that life can give. If you have such grandpa, then you are definitely the lucky one. For such a wonderful person, you need to make sure you give him the most precious gifts ever. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it surely needs to be meaningful. If you’ve been searching here and there for the best gifts, you need to stop by and read our list above, since we have gathered a list of the most recommended gifts for a special grandpa in your life.

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What are the best funny gifts for grandfather?

The best funny gifts for grandfather can be anything. The important thing is your sincerity when you give grandpa funny gifts. Usually, older people, especially family, won’t have many demands and want to live peacefully. If he needs peace, the grandpa mug is a good choice. The funny mini-golf is also not a bad idea to give because it’ll make his potty time a lot more exciting. You can also encourage your grandpa to enjoy the outside world with the travel tumbler.

What are the best funny grandpa Christmas gifts?

The best funny grandpa Christmas gifts could be personalized snowflakes because it reflects the winter season and snowy environment on Christmas day. Other than that, a BBQ Grill Master figure might come to mind because it is related to a party and celebration.

What are the best funny new grandpa gifts?

There are various funny gifts suitable for grandpa! For example, try items like glasses holder, t-shirt with hilarious design, a custom mug, and a retro game. Unique funny grandpa gifts like these will help him spend his time in his retirement.

What do grandparents like for gifts?

Grandparents like gifts that bring peace to their homes. They include items that can help them find new adventures or hobbies in the retirement era. A relatable gift like diabetes bags, If grandpa can’t fix it no one can t-shirt might be the suitable funny grandpa gifts for them.

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