25 Funny Work from Home Gifts to Deal with Your Stress

In times of a pandemic like this, we have to reduce interactions such as working from home to prevent the spread of disease transmission. However, rarely meeting colleagues or a monotonous home atmosphere makes some people have higher stress levels. Routines that are carried out every day bring even more severe boredom. To surmount this, we can have or give a funny work from home gift to overcome that boredom.

Funny work from home gifts can also be used as an alternative as a way to increase productivity. By taking short breaks several times to reduce your fatigue so you can return to work refreshed. Besides that, funny work from home gifts can also raise your mood so that you can work more relaxed.

And so, here are some funny work from home gifts that will interest you! This list is full of some good stuff for your needs while working from home.

1. Mute Yourself Mug

Mute Yourself Mug

Sometimes some of your coworkers are not used to doing online meetings and forget to turn off the microphone. That can be very disturbing for the person who is doing the presentation because we can hear a full conversation or chewing sounds. Give this mute yourself glass as a funny work from home gift or your sarcastic way to those people.

2. Funny Mousepad

funny Mousepad

Working from home sometimes makes you stressed and gain weight because you are at home too long. Give this mousepad as a funny work from home gift to make fun of it. Besides being funny, this mousepad is also functional because it is made of durable material and also has the right thickness for your daily use.

3. Funny Cat Cross Stitch

Funny Cat Cross Stitch

When you have an online meeting, we usually choose or arrange a part of our house to make it suitable and aesthetically pleasing as a background. You can use this cat cross-stitch as an addition to online meeting background decorations. When you turn on the webcam and your coworker sees this decoration, they may smile or laugh. With a unique material, because it is made of stitches with cat ornaments, this makes it a funny work from home gift.

4. Self Print Wall Art Zoom Background

Self Print Wall Art Zoom Background

Another background decoration that you can have for your online meeting. Sometimes you argue because of differences of opinion with coworkers. Just make fun of it, and don’t make it too serious by having this wall art. “I see your point” tell them your opinion just by using this decoration. One of the best funny work from home gifts. You can have it easy because you can self-print directly from home.

5. Work From Home Computer Flag

Work From Home Computer Flag

When you work from home, you may feel disturbed by your family. Like when you are presenting at an online meeting, it turns out that your children are noisy or as simple as telling them that you can’t be disturbed. These computer flags help you communicate with people in your home with simple signs and a touch of humor. Equipped with a wooden dowel with a suction cup plus five interchangeable flags, making it a funny work from home gift.

6. Funny Work From Home Mug

Funny Work From Home Mug

One of the funny work from home gifts you can give is this mug. Make a clear and funny statement by using this mug with “I’ve put everyone on mute” print on it. If you are looking for a gift that is sure to be used, then this product is for you. In addition, this mug is also made of quality materials suitable for enjoying coffee or tea while working.

7. To-Do List Notepad

funny work from home gifts

Your to-do list notepad can also be funny if you are using this product. Present this to-do list notepad as a funny work from home gift printed on the recycled paper that has a chilling seal that seems lazy and does not want to do anything for a day. Write down all of your agenda in this notepad, then do some checklist if it’s done or not yet. Being procrastinate is an option, but being funny is a preference.

8. Funny Pug Print for Background

funny work from home gifts

For those of you who are dog lovers and are working from home, this pug print background might be suited for you. Be a decoration for your online meeting background, suitable as a funny work from home gift with a cute pug face on it. Printed on high-quality cards with A4 size that you can display anywhere.

9. The Keanu Color Wheel Calendar

funny work from home gifts

Our iconic movie star Keanu Reeves is now available in calendar form. With digital illustrations of all his hit films, it makes your calendar funny and not boring. You can fill in the space for each date on the calendar with an agenda for upcoming activities. Having an attractive color and iconic background makes this calendar worthy for you to buy.

10. Funny Coaster for Work From Home

funny work from home gifts

If you feel bored and don’t care about your work, be sure to relax a bit with your favorite drink on this funny coaster. Working is just not your priority, the same as the writing on this coaster. With a high-quality epoxy material that can be used for hot drinks and will not leave water spots for cold drinks. Become one of the coolest funny work from home gifts for you to have.

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11. Cat Print for Work From Home Decor

funny work from home gifts

This item is for you cat lovers. The perfect decoration for your space when working from home is suitable as an item as an online meeting background. A grumpy cat that looks like working from home describes your current situation. It is fit as a funny work from home gift because you can easily print it yourself from your home.

12. Dad/Mom Do not Disturb Door Sign

funny work from home gifts

For dads and moms who are working from home, maybe what you need is this “do not disturb door” sign. Made of natural birch plywood which is polished with semi-gloss polycrylic to make it durable. Be playful with some clear communication in this back and front door sign. So that your family can understand and give you some quiet and don’t disturb you.

13. Work From Home Survival Kit

funny work from home gifts

If one is less, then you can get nine at once. In this work from a home survival kit, there are nine items that are useful for you while working. Everything you need is probably included in this set. Give this as a funny work from home gift for you or your co-workers.

14. Funny Shirt for Online Meeting

funny work from home gifts

This one t-shirt is a funny work from home gift, the perfect outfit to wear when attending your online meetings. When you start your presentation, everyone present will see what you are wearing. You can easily throw light humor with this t-shirt to lighten the mood. Made with quality ringspun so soft and comfortable to wear every day.

15. Funny Quotes Notepad

Funny Quotes Notepad

Plain paper is very humdrum. Replace your old notepad with this sarcastic quotes notepad that you can make a funny work from home gift. Available in 12 types of quotes and different colors to make your days not monotonous. You can freely write anything from work notes to your complaints decorated with sarcastic writing.

16. For Fox Sake Glass

For Fox Sake Glass

If you are looking for a funny work from home gift for coworkers, we recommend you to present this for fox sake glass. Made of stemless glass and safe for you to use in the dishwasher. Get your mood back by drinking wine in this funny glass on a tough day after a series of endless online meetings.

17. Funny Four Memo Pad Print

Funny Four Memo Pad Print

For some people, doodles can represent their expressions in a simple and clear way. Add a sense of humor on stressful days by giving this Memo Pads bundle as a funny work from home gift. You can make decorations for your workspace while enjoying the workload you are working on.

18. Humor Wooden Desk Sign

Humor Wooden Desk Sign

Hello, mister fixers! For you or colleagues who are often asked for help by superiors to fix all work problems. Make fun of it by presenting this humorous wooden sign with a title fixer of everything as a funny work from home gift. With a shiny gold nameplate and the right size, fit on your desk as a title for the workload that is given to you.

19. Self-Inking Message Stamp

Self-Inking Message Stamp

Stamps are not only a sign of approval. Give this stamp to the paperwork, which is not your responsibility, but you have to handle it. Express your frustration and disappointment by getting this self-inking message stamp as a funny work from home gift. Then, simply give the “Not my job” sign to all of those documents.

20. Giant Fake Check Award

Giant Fake Check Award

Giant fake checks may be a unique funny work from home gift for your coworkers. Like voting for the most trolling coworkers and gifting this check for him as a joke. Oversized 16″ x 32″, this check is available in a blank state so you can write anything on it.

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21. Talkie Toys Bullshit Button

Talkie Toys Bullshit Button

Sometimes people can talk so much bullshit even in just one presentation. For those of you who know that it is sheer nonsense, you must be annoyed. Just make fun of that by having this talkie toys bullshit button as a funny work from home gift. Press it every time you hear bullshit on an online meeting but make sure to mute your mic first, or you better don’t.

22. Funny Stress Ball

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Get more stable emotions and relieve your stress level by using this stress ball. You can make it as a funny work from home gift because the stress is too big due to being at home for too long. Just squeeze it whenever you feel irritated to regain your composure. Consists of 4 pieces of balls in one pack that you can put anywhere.

23. Desktop Cornhole

Desktop Cornhole

Are you familiar with the cornhole game? Now lawn games are available in mini sizes that match the size of your desktop. It can be a funny work from home gift for you to play with in your spare time at work. Comes with a two-raised platform and eight bean bags plus an instruction book manual on how to play it.

24. Glow ‘n’ Bowl Desktop

Glow ‘n’ Bowl Desktop

You really want to go bowling but are hesitant to go out because of the pandemic conditions. Now you can do it even on your desktop while working at home with a glow ‘n’ bowl. With a size of 11 “that fits the size of a desktop, it has six pins that you can play with. This item is also equipped with colorful lasers and sound effects when the ball collides with pins to add to your fun.

25. Desktop Punching Bag Gag

Desktop Punching Bag Gag

Have you ever felt so annoyed with your co-workers? Vent your anger out on this punching bag. With a suitable size for your desktop, make it the perfect funny work from home gift. Strong suction and springs make it durable. Just be careful not to hit your laptop/computer, okay?

Latest Post:

What is a funny gift?

Funny gifts are related to your sense of humor. How you interact with other people with your sense of humor can be realized in the form of funny work from home gifts as in this list. Give it as a present for them to reduce stress or just a joke to have fun.

What to get for someone who is working from home?

For people who are working from home, you can give many gifts such as the funny gifts on our list. If they feel stressed easily, you can give them a stress ball or punching bag to vent their anger. As another option, you can give a complete gift set such as this survival kit for them. 

What to give someone who works all the time?

Working all the time can accumulate stress due to a relentless workload. You can give them a to-do list notepad and remind them to write down the rest schedule in it too. Or you can also give this funny coaster as a joke for them. The humorous wooden sign can also be given by changing the plate to a “Non-stop worker” as a satire.

What are the best and funny work from home gifts for coworkers?

The best funny work from home gifts may be different for each other. It’s hard to arrange them by a ranking because each one has its uniqueness. However, in our opinion, we would like to recommend the survival kit as the most complete gift. In addition, this “I get your point” wall art is the best background decoration for your online meeting.

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