25 Funny Drinking Shirts for Ladies for Your Next Girls Weekend

It’s been forever since the last time you made a schedule and plan to spend a nice weekend getaway with your beloved best friends. Now that the world’s health crisis is finally getting better, it’s time to get back together and do things only your friend’s group understands. 

Drinking time on the weekend? Sounds fun. But because it is so special, you might think of a special outfit to go with. And nothing is more appropriate than drinking shirts. To accommodate your needs of the best drinking outfit, we’ve compiled a list of the cutest and funniest drinking shirts for ladies. Take a look and get ready to look awesome while having some fun!

1. Funny Wine Shirt

Funny Wine Shirt

The girls’ party agenda may make you skip a gym session.  But you can still wear your work out t-shirt to the drinking gateaway. Why not? Especially if the work out t-shirt is drinking appropriate. Due to its funny graphic, this t-shirt will make your friends laugh and a good time is guaranteed. 

2. Vintage You Had Me At Day Drinking Tank Top

Vintage You Had Me At Day Drinking Tank Top

Best friends usually know each other very well. You know exactly where to find them. And if your group loves to drink during the day time, this tank top will make a great drinking shirt for ladies. It is available in different colors with vibrant prints to emit a good vibe while making you look stylish.

3. May Contain Alcohol Shirt

May Contain Alcohol Shirt

Partying is great but it often leaves us with an uncomfortable hangover the next morning. You may act a little bit weird because you still have alcohol in your system. This drinking shirt for ladies will be an appropriate shirt to wear and it will explain your odd behavior. It is funny but also very practical. 

4. Princess Drinking Shirts

Princess Drinking Shirts

Do you ever dream of being a princess? Having an animal pet as a company, having daddy or mommy issues, wanting to have a change in your life and finally a prince charming comes to save you from your mundane life. But of course, there is no prince charming in real life. But you know what? Alcohol can also take you places. This drinking shirt for ladies is available in different designs representing different princesses. It will be a lot of fun if you can have these shirts for the whole gang. 

5. Drinking Squad Shirt

Drinking Squad Shirt

Friends stick together through good and bad times. And when things went so bad and you needed to involve alcohol to cope, who would you like to call? Your drinking squad, indeed. This drinking shirt for ladies will also be a cool choice for the entire group member.

6. Drink Wisconsibly T-Shirt

Drink Wisconsibly T-Shirt

As an adult, you are allowed to consume alcohol, but remember to drink responsibly. But why drink responsibly when you can drink Wisconsinbly? Not only is this drinking shirt for ladies funny for its pun, it also refers to the famous brandy brand we all love. A perfect basic outfit for a drinking getaway.

7. Show Me Your Titos T-shirt

Show Me Your Titos T-shirt

Enough with showing your tattoos. It’s time to show your titos. This drinking shirt for ladies is perfect for Tito vodka lovers out there. It has a cool graphic design of a Tito bottle in leopard along with eye-catching typography. It looks casual and you can simply pair it with jeans and sneakers.

8. Drinking Around The World T-Shirt

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A world tour? Sounds interesting. But while you can’t go on a world tour, you can start on a drinking world tour. Spice up your next girls weekend by trying different drink recipes from around the world. Drinking time can’t be more exciting. Even better, you can do it while wearing these awesome drinking shirts for ladies. You can even make this shirt as the unofficial uniform for the event if you plan to do it regularly. 

9. Drinkerbell Fairy Tank Tops

Drinkerbell Fairy Tank Tops

Who doesn’t love Tinkerbell? She is one of the most loveable Disney characters with unique traits, out of the box ideas, and amazing talents. Modern ladies are practically Tinkerbell in real life. We can do so much in a short period of time. Working, being a mom, and taking household chores all at once. But even real-life Tinkerbell can feel exhausted at times. It is okay to have a little drinking moment as a form of self care and self reward. And don’t forget to put on this Drinkerbell drinking shirt for ladies to remind you how awesome you are. 

10. Beer and Sunshine Tank Tops

Beer and Sunshine Tank Tops

Happiness comes from simple mundane things. It can be as simple as beer and sunshine. While getting enough sunshine is extremely important for your physical health, getting some beers is also important for your mental health. It allows you to enjoy yourself and let you take a moment to just relax and appreciate all the hard work you’ve done. This tank top will be the perfect drinking shirt for ladies to wear. 

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11. Drinks Well with Others Muscle Tank Tops

Drinks Well with Others Muscle Tank Tops

As a member of society, we have to be nice and think of others so we can create a balanced and harmonious community. The same thing goes with drinking. Do you ever encounter some random guy who acts annoying at the bar and picks up a fight with others after a couple of drinks? No one loves that kind of personality. You can wear this tank top the next time you are going to a bar. Not only can you look cool and comfortable wearing it, you can also send a positive message and remind people around you to keep it together and drink well with others. 

12. That’s A Horrible Idea What Time T Shirt

That's A Horrible Idea What Time T Shirt

Of course, drinking heavily is not a good habit and we are not, by any means, encouraging you to drink irresponsibly. As an adult, you and your besties might be familiar with this concept as well. But having a good time once in a while is not a crime. Especially if you do it with people you can trust. So every time one of the group members invites you for a drinking spree, you may think that’s a horrible idea but still down for it anyway. In this case, this drinking shirt for ladies will represent how you feel.

13. Looks Like I May Accidentally Get Drunk On Purpose T-Shirt

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Sometimes, drinkers are the funniest people you can meet. They know how to have fun and make their habit as a light joke. The text printed on this drinking shirt for ladies is an example for that. And if you like to make jokes, this shirt is a nice option to get. It can be a way to tell people that you know exactly what you do and you take responsibility for all your every action, in a funny way.

14. Cheers Bitches T-shirt

Cheers Bitches T-shirt

Life is hard, and no matter how well you do, sometimes you still encounter some uncomfortable circumstances. Of course, it is okay to feel bad when things do not go according to plan, but guess what? You can always cheer for it. It is a neutral way to acknowledge the condition, accept it, and move on. This shirt will be your companion during the turbulence you have to go through. And for all the bad things that happen, you can say, “Cheers, bitches!

15. I Like Crafts T shirt 

 I Like Crafts T shirt

Crafting is a hobby many ladies pick up. It allows them to express their creative side and make great stuff. While some ladies are busy making crafts, some other ladies may not have the interest in crafting and that’s totally okay. It is also okay if you are more interested in drinks. Therefore, this drinking shirt for ladies can be a great companion that shows who your true self is.

16. A Day Without Wine Shirt

A Day Without Wine Shirt

Drinking wine is an activity many ladies love. You may be familiar with the term ‘wine mom’ referring to moms who start to drink wine in the daytime. While of course, drinking too much is not good for your overall health, having a glass of wine every day is totally fine. This t-shirt might be the perfect one for you if you love to drink wine on a daily basis. 

17. Womens T-Shirt Rhinestone Bling Black Tee

Womens T-Shirt Rhinestone Bling Black Tee

Why not add a little touch of glam to your daily drinking activity? Instead of having a graphic print, this drinking shirt for ladies features rhinestones on its design making it look fabulous and glamorous. If you think that drinking is fun, then this t-shirt will absolutely double the fun.

18. Womens Im On A Juice Cleanse T Shirt

Womens Im On A Juice Cleanse T Shirt

Juice cleansing became more and more popular in the past few years. So many people approach a more healthy lifestyle and juice cleanse is a part of this healthy movement. Drinkers may also participate in this movement, only with different kinds of juice. If you find yourself suited to this kind of group, you need this drinking shirt for ladies.

19. This Is My Drinking Shirt

This Is My Drinking Shirt

If you are looking for drinking shirts for ladies as your drinking uniform but you practically drink all day, this t-shirt is going to be perfect for you. It comes in a simple text design that is straightforward and people are going to understand the true you just by a single glance at this t-shirt. It doesn’t have to be literal, tho. If you only drink every other day, you can still wear this t-shirt because it’s funny.

20. Weekend Forecast 100 % Chance Of Wine

Weekend Forecast 100 _ Chance Of Wine

This forecast is very accurate as you can see from this t-shirt. How do we know? Because you also know that this is 100% going to happen. Wine is the perfect way to spend the weekend whether you spend it with your girl friends or all by yourself. Go get this t-shirt and enjoy a relaxing weekend with a glass or wine. Or more. No judgments here. 

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21. Sweet Child of Vine

Sweet Child of Vine

Any Guns N’ Roses fan here? We have all agreed that Sweet Child O’ Mine is a rad song. But do you know what is even sweeter? Wine. Wether you’re a hardcore fan of the rock band or you simply enjoy some leisure time drinking wine, this t-shirt can never go wrong. It is funny and has a fun design on it making it the perfect drinking shirt for ladies any day or night.

22. Drinking Wine and Feline Fine

Drinking Wine and Feline Fine

Calling all wine and cat lovers out there. Don’t you think this t-shirt is cute? Yes it is not only super cute but also very funny. The phrase feline fine is clearly a pun for feeling fine representing the feel you get after a couple of sips of wine. The design is very simple and gives a casual vibe. Very suitable to wear on a drinking spree with your best friends. 

23. Save Water Drink Beer

Save Water Drink Beer

The environmentally conscious community will remind you how important it is to preserve water. Drinkers will take that advice rather seriously by replacing water with beer. It is a win-win solution that will make everybody happy. If you agree with this idea, you definitely need to get this drinking shirt that will make you look awesome, funny, and environmentally friendly. 

24. Wine Doesn’t Ask Questions Wine Understands T-shirt

Wine Doesn_t Ask Questions Wine Understands T-shirt

Sometimes in life, we only need someone (or something) that will understand us without having to ask questions. And wine undoubtedly has this characteristic. It helps you to feel a lot calmer no matter what kind of struggle you are facing. Sometimes a glass of wine works even better than sharing your problems with others. This t-shirt captures that concept and will be a great drinking shirt for ladies. 

25. Will Run For Beer Women’s T-Shirt

Will Run For Beer Women_s T-Shirt

We all know how important exercise is for our physical health. But lack of motivation often hinders our intention to exercise. But what if we have something strong enough that will make us willingly move our legs and start running? Something like beer? This t-shirt is the perfect option if you’re going to participate in a drinking game.

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What are the best cute drinking shirts for ladies?

The princess drinking shirts are very cute, especially if you buy them for the whole group of friends. It can represent the unique characteristics of each group member and will make you look cute together. The Drinking WIne Feline Fine t-shirt with a cat picture is also very cute, especially if you’re a cat lover.

What are the best funny drinking shirts for friends?

You can get the Drinking Squad t-shirt to match the entire group. You can also get other funny drinking shirts for ladies such as the You Had Me at Day Drinking tank tops or Drink Up Bitches rhinestone t-shirt. But every other t-shirt on this list will also make a great gift for your drinking besties.

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