26 Mindful Gifts for Netflix Lovers That Enhance Their Experience

Are you looking for gifts for Netflix Lovers?  Do you think about giving them a gift card, birthday cards or subscription cards but still think that it’s not enough? Consider yourself lucky because here we are presenting you the best ideas of gifts for you. Netflix presents a wide variation of shows, which allow subscribers to watch many different shows from various genres. TV shows, movies, even series are available as choices of video entertainment. Netflix can also be accessed through different devices such as TV, smartphone, and laptop, which let subscribers choose what device gives them more comfort and convenience. To add to the enjoyment of Netflix lovers in watching their favorite movies, giving gifts for Netflix lovers would be an exciting idea.

Choosing the best gifts besides gift cards for your loved one who is a big fan of Netflix can help them in enhancing their movie watching experience to the max. Here we are presenting you with the best gifts for Netflix lovers. Without any further ado, let’s jump in to the list!



TV has an important role in providing the best watching experience for Netflix Lovers. If you are giving gifts to someone who would enjoy watching Netflix better with TV, choose the best TV for them. LED TV might be a great choice for them to enjoy the best visuals while watching their favorite series on Netflix. Go get one and make them happy!

2. Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

Another sense to be satisfied is the sense of hearing through the best audio system they could get. Netflix would be more enjoyable with clean, smooth, and noise-free sounds that can give better experience in watching Netflix. Love your Netflix lovers by helping them to reach their best experience doing Netflix marathon by getting a bluetooth speaker for them.

3. Couch Bowl

Couch Bowl

The third sense to be pleased is the sense of taste. While watching Netflix, they need their favorite food to accompany them while enjoying their favorite series. To enjoy the food, they need this couch bowl that has a small part to rest their spoon while watching. It includes a small detail yet very useful for Netflix lovers who do not want to leave the screen for any second to look for a spoon.

4. Wooly Socks

Wooly Socks

Satisfy the sense of touch of the Netflix lovers by these wooly socks. Watching Netflix during cold weather or even winter will be more enjoyable when their body is warm and comfortable. While laying on their couch with their favorite blanket, a pair of wooly socks will make the feel more comfortable. So, go get them some pairs to make them more comfortable watching Netflix!

5. Soft Shoes

Soft Shoes

As soft as a warm cuddle to their feet, Netflix lovers might need this pair of soft shoes to walk on getting their favorite snack during Netflix marathon. These cute shoes are a perfect gift for Netflix lovers who love a warm, soft and loving hug. Even if they are watching by themselves, these warm soft shoes never leave them. Go get them these and let them feel the hug to their feet!

6. Sweater for Netflix Lovers


A warm body can be very comfortable especially when watching Netflix. Lying on the couch or bed while doing a Netflix marathon will be more comfortable with a cute sweater. With this catty hood, your loved one will feel warm and even look cuter. Get this warm cute sweater and support their Netflix marathon!

7. Self-stirring Bottle

Self-stirring Bottle

Show your love to your loved one who loves watching Netflix by giving this self-stirring bottle as a gift. A cold beverage is great to accompany them watching their favorite series and enjoying the show. A homemade iced coffee, iced tea and other beverage will be perfect for a Netflix watcher. Go get one and make them happy!

8. Floor Couch for Netflix Lovers

Floor Couch

Watching Netflix is very enjoyable when you sit on a cozy couch where your back is relaxed. Sometimes sitting on a standing couch is so boring that you need to change your position and give a variation to where you are sitting. Considering this, a floor couch is an alternative solution to give a sitting variation for Netflix lovers. Giving this as a gift will surely give them more space to relax their body and enjoy their favorite Netflix series.

9. Floor Pillow

Floor Pillow

Another alternative solution for a comfortable Netflix marathon is this floor pillow. This also allows Netflix lovers to watch their lovely series on the floor while stretching their back and making a better posture compared to laying on a couch. They can sit down straight and be fresh to watch Netflix. Get one of these and encourage your loved one to vary their watching positions!

10. Personalized Blanket

Personalized Blanket

Blanket and Netflix have the same vibes as popcorn and caramel. It is a perfect pair that supports each other. With the best blanket, a Netflix watcher can feel more comfortable while enjoying their favorite movies. So why not get a personalized blanket to be the gift for Netflix lovers and enhance their satisfaction in doing what they love, which is watching Netflix?

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11. Portable Table

Portable Table

Can you imagine moving from your cozy couch just to take a piece of snack that you served on a table that is quite far from you? It is annoying, right? Especially when the series you are watching is currently on its tense scene, Netflix lovers might feel frustrated. However, that frustrating situation can be changed by moving the table closer to the Netflix lovers with this portable table. Help your Netflix lovers to put everything they need closer to their side!   

12. Netflix Lovers Coloring Book

Netflix Coloring Book

Netflix lover’s activities should be vary and fun. Only looking at a screen might give tension and boredom to the Netflix watcher themselves. Here it is a Netflix inspired coloring book as a gift for Netflix lovers that can give a variation and new activities to do besides watching their favorite shows. They will feel fresh after coloring the book, and can continue to watch Netflix.

13. Snack Palette with Bowl

Snack Palette with Bowl

A satisfied sense of taste can lead to a fully satisfied feeling when you enjoy it while watching your favorite shows or movies. For Netflix lovers, this satisfying feeling is really important and could influence their mood. Give them this artistic snack palette with bowls that are as colorful as an artist’s palette with small colorful bowls that allow variations of snacks served in one plate. Get them this as a gift for Netflix lovers and let them be the artist of their own senses!

14. Lazy Spoon

Lazy Spoon

Feeling a bit challenging to find the best place to rest the spoon while watching movies? Well, Netflix lovers might feel the same thing and feel annoyed by that small thing. Here is a great invention of a lazy spoon that has a small detail which allows the user to rest it just on the side of the bowl or plate. Get one of these lazy spoons as a gift for Netflix lovers and help them solve this one problem. 

15. Netflix Lovers T-shirt

Netflix T-shirt

A t-shirt is the simplest gift that can be worn on a daily basis. Especially when the favorite things were printed on the t-shirt, it will be a favorite t-shirt to wear any day. This t-shirt with Netflix things printed on it would be a great gift for Netflix lovers. Get them this t-shirt and let them show the world that Netflix is their favorite.

16. Popcorn Seasoning Set

Popcorn Seasoning Set

Popcorn and movies cannot be separated because it is a perfect fit for each other. However, popcorn is basically tasteless and need seasonings to make it more tasteful. This seasoning set can be a great option of gift for Netflix lovers who really need tasteful popcorn to accompany them watching their favorite series. Help them to complete their watching experience with this popcorn seasoning set and see how glad they are getting this gift from you!

17. Ice Cream Bowl

Ice Cream Bowl

Have you ever seen how quickly a cup of ice cream melts ever since it was taken out from the fridge? That happens because of the warm room temperature and the warmth of your hands. Don’t worry! There is a solution for that and this solution would be a best gift for Netflix lovers to support their marathon Netflix watching. This ice cream bowl comes with 2 parts that would give a space for your hand and the ice cream, so the ice cream would be safe from the warmth of your hands. Get them this ice cream bowl as a gift for Netflix lovers! 

18. Squid Game Beanie Hat

Squid Game Beanie Hat

Squid game has been viral worldwide and has been watched by people in many countries. It was a viral Netflix series, which surely will be a great gift for Netflix lovers. This beanie hat of the Squid Game winner will be an amazing gift for Netflix lovers who enjoyed watching Squid Game over and over again on Netflix. Get them this beanie hat and let them wear it while watching Netflix!

19. Netflix Pillow for Netflix Lovers

Netflix Pillow

Netflix series come differently from one another with their own genres that are highly enjoyable for Netflix lovers. They might feel happy, sad, angry, grumpy, rejected, or even feel touched by a heartwarming scene that a pillow is a necessary thing to be hugged. Get this Netflix pillow to be hugged by your Netflix lovers! 

20. Full Body Pillow

Full Body Pillow

A full body pillow is a great gift for Netflix lovers because it can give a comfortable feeling while lying down on the bed watching Netflix. It is also completed with space to rest the feet and back, which elevates the comfort to its maximum level. Get this full body pillow for your Netflix lovers for their watching experience as well as their sleep.

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21. Automatic Cleaner

Automatic Cleaner

Be mindful by giving this automatic cleaner as a gift for Netflix lovers because cleaning the floor is necessary to be done every day. Do you think it would be awesome if they can watch Netflix and leave the job to this robot vacuum? It would be very helpful for them especially when they get this as a gift from you. Give this robot vacuum as a gift for them and help them take care of their house while watching Netflix!

22. Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine

Coffee is a caffeine source, which helps people to stay awake a bit longer. Especially when they need focus to do something important or watching their favorite Netflix series. This coffee machine will surely help to provide enough caffeine for Netflix lovers. Give this as a gift for Netflix lovers and help them fulfill their curiosity about how their favorite story will pass and end.  

23. LED Candles

LED Candles

Candle light dinner, candle light night movies, and other romantic activities are mostly supported by a soft light from candles. However, a real candle produces light with smokes while shrinking itself to die. It would cost every time it is used and it can affect the lungs by its smoke for a long term usage. Thus, these LED candles are a better solution to build a romantic atmosphere, with a low cost and lungs friendly, too. Get this for your loved one and enjoy watching romantic Netflix together!

24. Netflix Gift Card for Netflix Lovers

Netflix Gift Card

A Netflix gift card is a perfect gift for Netflix lovers that simply shows your support for them to enjoy Netflix more and more. You can choose the value of your gift card and send it to your loved one. Give them this and show your love!

25. Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth Earbuds

If you want to give a gift for Netflix lovers who love privacy, or who are living in a densely populated place, these Bluetooth earbuds will surely help them enjoy Netflix without causing any noises. They can fully enjoy the sense of sound for themselves and keep the neighbors at peacef. Get them this pair of earbuds immediately! 

26. Aromatherapy Diffuser

Aromatherapy Diffuser

The last senses to be touched are the sense of smell with this aromatherapy diffuser. The characteristics of diffuser, which smells smooth and spread to the air can help your Netflix lovers feel relaxed and comfortable while watching their favorite Netflix series. Help them relax by giving this aromatherapy diffuser as a gift for Netflix lovers!

Latest Post:

What to get someone who is a Netflix Lover?

Give them some tools that will help them reach their best watching experience like automatic cleaner, Bluetooth speaker or ear buds, or even a coffee machine. Those tools will surely help them not only in elevating their watching experience, but also in their daily activities.

What do you put in a Netflix and chill basket?

A set of Popcorn seasoning would be the main player of the show on Netflix. A chill basket coming with aromatherapy diffuser and Netflix gift card can do, as well. Or a basket of their favorite snacks would also be very enjoyable.

How do I give Netflix as a gift for Netflix Lovers?

A Netflix gift card is the best way to give Netflix as a gift to your big fan of Netflix. It can be used as a Netflix subscription and has no expiry date but it is a one-time used gift card. For your information, the card cannot be redeemed and recharged. 

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