Belle: Premium portable Bluetooth Speaker Hub

The Belle: Premium Portable Bluetooth Speaker Hub is the best speaker for any outside party. It delivers high-quality music wherever you go and is more versatile than you might think.

The market these days is quite filled with portable speakers, connected through a cable, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. But there’s always something wrong with them.

Their bass tends to be weak, sound quality can be poor, they are too fragile or too heavy. The Belle, on the other hand, combines the best qualities of existing speakers and adds much more. 

Belle: Premium portable Bluetooth Speaker Hub

It works great as a portable speaker. You can connect to it via Bluetooth and enjoy high-quality sound plus great bass thanks to a built-in subwoofer.

You can also create a party by connecting up to 6 speakers (of any brand) to the Belle and stay in awe of the awesome sound surround it creates.

Belle: Premium portable Bluetooth Speaker Hub

The Belle is quite a tough cookie. Its body is made from fiberglass, giving it light weight but also durability. It is also splash resistant so you can enjoy your music in peace even by the water.

The Belle is powered by a strong battery, withstanding 8 hours of music on one charge. Then you can juice it up via USB while still playing music or even charge up your devices from Belle.  

Belle: Premium portable Bluetooth Speaker Hub

The Belle seems to be a perfect portable speaker. It can do more than you can imagine and that includes syncing other speakers with it and playing music on all of them. If you like to listen to music outside then picking the Belle should be a no-brainer. 

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