25 Lovely Gifts for Movie Lovers

Watching movies is a culture that is evolving throughout the years. People used to go out to the cinema to watch movies. It was a fun time to get a bag of popcorn and binge the latest movie release in the dark with our loved ones.

Nowadays, the way people watch movies is swifting. Especially since the pandemic hits that make going out to watch movies in cinemas is forbidden. People become more familiar with streaming platforms such as Netflix and watch great movies from the comfort of their own homes.

So what to get a movie lover when buying movie tickets is still not an option? Below is a list of gifts for movie lovers carefully selected by the Awesome Stuff to give you some ideas.

1. Personalized Director’s Clapboard Coaster

 Personalized Director’s Clapboard Coaster

A clapboard is something that is closely related to movies, hence a clapboard shaped gift is a great gift for movie lovers. This clapboard coaster is personalizable. You can customize any text such as names, movie quotes, or even images. It is a nice addition to kitchen sets in homes and offices. 

2. Glow In the Dark Movie Slate Keychain

 Glow In the Dark Movie Slate Keychain

Another clapboard shaped gift that will make any movie lover excited. This keychain glows in the dark. It will make sure you will never lose your keys. Even in the dark, you can find your keys easily, A perfect gift for movie lovers who often forget where they put their keys. 

3. Movie Review Notebook

 Movie Review Notebook

A true movie lover often finds the urge to write a review about the movie they just watched. This notebook can be a great gift for them. They can write down their thoughts right after the movie ends so they don’t miss any points before they write the real review on their computer. It can also be their personal movie reviews they keep for themselves. 

4. The Year You Were Born Cinema List

The Year You Were Born Cinema List

We often want to know what happened in the year we were born. For movie lovers, it can be what movies are in the box office that year? This film poster is a great gift for movie lovers. They will have an awesome poster with the best movies on the day they were born. This poster is fully customizable. You can choose the year, and add their names and date of births. 

5. Unpaid Movie Critic Mug

Unpaid Movie Critic Mug

Movie lovers often can’t help themselves but share their opinion about movies they watched. If this hobby turns into a profession, it’s good for them. But oftentimes, they ended up only sharing their thoughts to their closed ones making them unpaid movie critics. This mug is a great appreciation gift for movie lovers who lovest comment on the movies. Especially when their critics are on points. 

6. Movie Night Dice Set

Movie Night Dice Set

Don’t know what to watch next? This dice set might help you with that. It will help you to decide on what to do on a date night. You don’t have to spend hours arguing about what to watch anymore. Whether it is a movie, a series, or a movie show, let the dice decide. This dice set will be the perfect gift for your movie lover girlfriend or boyfriend. 

7. Movies to Watch List Pad

 Movies to Watch List Pad

Another way to overcome the struggle of deciding what to watch is by having a movie list. Sometimes we stumble upon great movie reviews and plan to watch it on the next movie night. But when the time comes, we suddenly forget it and have no clue on what to watch. This list pad will help you to record every great movie so you always know what to watch. A great gift for busy movie lovers. 

8. Cinephile T-shirt

 Cinephile T-shirt

Cinephile is the term used to refer to a person who is passionate in films, film theory, and film criticism. What better gift to get a movie lover other than this cinephile t-shirt? As a cinephile themselves, they will relate to this t-shirt and will wear it proudly. You can even get some of this t-shirt and wear it to match with the rest of your movie club members. 

9. Hollywood Movies Puzzle Book

Gifts for Movie Lovers

If a movie lover you know has a special interest in 40s and 50s classic movies, this puzzle book can be a great gift for them. This book includes 75 challenging puzzles featuring award winning movies trivia and quotes. A nice way to pass free times and quality times with family. It is enjoyable and challenging the brain at the same time. 

10. Movie Lover Watch

Gifts for Movie Lovers

For movie lovers who are not afraid of showing their true cinema geek identity, this watch can be a great and funny gift. It may look obnoxious, but it is a funny accessory every movie lover deserves. It features popcorn, soda, and movie tickets to showcase the movie theme. The straps are trendy and will go together with other movie themed accessories. 

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11. Popcorn Lovers Sign

Gifts for Movie Lovers

Looking for a hilarious gift for movie lovers? This popcorn lovers parking sign might be the one you are looking for. It is made out of sturdy aluminum material that will last a lifetime in indoor placement and up to 4 years outdoors. It is a perfect sign for a bedroom, man cave, or family home theater. 

12. Movie Lovers Coloring Book

Gifts for Movie Lovers

When you don’t have a movie list to watch but still want to do movie-related activities, this coloring book is what you need. It features easy to advanced level drawing of popular movies. It will be a fun activity for teens and adults who love movies and often imagine the movie characters in different colors. 

13. Classic Movies Quiz Book

Gifts for Movie Lovers

Can you name the movie title in which a cigarette is put out in a jar of cold cream? Who is the top-billed male in This Gun for Hire? This book will be the ultimate gift for classic movie lovers. The quizzes inside this book will put their classical movie knowledge to a test. It will be a fun activity to do among classic movie lovers. 

14. Movies Scratch Off Poster

Movies Scratch Off Poster

A movie lover usually has a bucket list on what to watch. A top 100 movie to watch is a pretty popular list. It contains 100 best movies of all time that any movie lover should watch in their life. This poster is an easy way to do the list. When you watch a movie, you can scratch it off revealing the colorful icons behind. It is a fun activity that will make a nice new year resolution. 

15. Popcorn Variety Pack

Popcorn Variety Pack

A perfect movie night is not complete without popcorn. This is why a popcorn variety pack can be a nice gift for movie lovers. This pack includes non-GMO popcorn kernels and comes in different tastes. It will make the movie night a lot more fun and enjoyable. This pack is also perfect as a gift basket filler

16. Clapboard Blanket

Clapboard Blanket

A soft blanket is crucial on movie nights. It will provide you with warmth and comfort during the movies. It also can be a quick shield when you watch scary and nerve-wrecking scenes. This blanket is perfect as a gift for movie lovers because it has a clapboard design. The microfiber material makes it soft and lightweight. Perfect as a movie night companion.

17. Retro Movie Projector Wine Rack

Retro Movie Projector Wine Rack

This wine rack is so cool and will make any movie lover happy. It can hold three bottles of wine and comes with a wine cork holder that can hold up to 30 corks. Every joint is welded firmly to make it strong and sturdy. It is powdered finished making it waterproof and dustproof. It will be a nice decorative piece in the home bar or family home theater. 

18. Movie Lovers Socks

Movie Lovers Socks

Before starting a movie, you better make sure that you have everything you need to make yourself comfortable. Popcorns, soft blanket, and a pair of comfortable socks. These socks are especially important if you don’t want to get interrupted during your movie time. They can be a nice pair of gifts for avid movie lovers. 

19. Vintage Camera Bookend

Vintage Camera Bookend

For movie lovers who also collect books, these bookends will spice up their book shelves. The design is so cool and aside from doing its main function to hold books, it also adds a decorative value. These bookends can be the perfect gift for movie lovers who love to arrange and decorate their bookshelves in a movie themed way. 

20. Movie Night Chalkboard Kit

Movie Night Chalkboard Kit

Being unable to go to cinemas due to social restrictions doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun watching movies. You can create a cinema like experience by providing some kit and decorations such as this movie night chalkboard kit. It is a simple decoration but will make a huge difference. It will elevate the in-home movie time into a whole new level. A perfect gift for movie lovers who miss going out to the cinema. 

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21. Cinema Wall Clock

Cinema Wall Clock

When decorating a movie lover’s space, you may want to think of the wall clock to play a role in the interior design. This wall clock will match a movie themed design perfectly. It features everything movie related including popcorns, clapboard, and movie rolls. This can be a great gift for movie lovers who want to bring the cinema atmosphere to their space. 

22. Director Baseball Cap

Gifts for Movie Lovers

This baseball cap can be a great gift for movie lovers or aspiring directors. This hat features embroidered directors essentials including movie rolls and a directors’ chair. It can be a nice gift for a movie school student. The black color makes it versatile while the embroidered design is enough to show their love towards movies. 

23. Old Fashioned Movie Camera Standee

Gifts for Movie Lovers

Made out of cardboard material, this camera standee has incredible details. It will be a nice prop if you want to make stop motion movies or other similar cinematic works. This little camera standee can be a great gift for movie lovers who love to make movies themselves. It can also simply be used as a decoration in their room. 

24. Cute Movie Director Figurine

Gifts for Movie Lovers

This director figurine is so cute and will make a great gift for movie lovers who want to be directors. This can be a nice desktop or shelf decoration. The pastel color will suit a pastel themed room perfectly. A nice collectible for a true movie geek. 

25. Vintage Movie Posters

Gifts for Movie Lovers

These movie posters are so cool and worth collecting. It will transform any regular home theater into realistic retro cinema. The design is so bold and cohesive. A set of these posters will make any movie enthusiast beyond happy. 

Latest Post:

What do you get someone who loves movies?

You can get them movie related gifts such as a clapboard keychain. You can also get them retro movie posters they can use to decorate their rooms. A movie lover mug and t-shirt can also be a good option since they are not only cool but also functional. 

What do I need for a cinephile?

You can get the movie puzzle and quiz book to challenge their brain and test their movie knowledge. You can also get them the movie review notebook since they must write a lot of reviews. A movie scratch off poster will also be a nice gift they can use to keep track of their watching list. 

What are the best movie lover gift baskets?

You can fill a gift basket with popcorn variety packs. It is the best gift bag a movie lover can get. You can add some items to the basket such as a pair of movie lover socks and mugs. You can also add some drink coasters and keychain to complete the ultimate movie lovers gift basket. 

What are the best gifts for western movie lovers?

You can get them western movie posters. You can also get them scratch off movie posters. These posters come in different themes such as best movies, horror movies, etc. You can get them with western movie themes to keep track of their western movie watch list. 

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