25 Lovely Gifts for Long Distance Grandparents

For the majority of us, grandparents hold such an important role in our lives. A time spent at your grandparents’ is always nice no matter if you spend just the weekend or the whole summer. 

Sadly, since the pandemic hits, a visit to the grandparents’ is nearly impossible. Especially if our grandparents stay far away from us. While of course the internet provides easier communications options, it still can’t replace the real interactions we use to experience. 

While we can’t see them in person now, we can still make meaningful memories. One of the ways we can maintain relationships is through meaningful gifts. Below is a list of gifts for long distance grandparents you can pick.

1. Personalized Framed Wall Art for Grandparents

Personalized Framed Wall Art for Grandparents

An artwork can always be a nice reminder. A personalized artwork will do the job even better. With this wall art, you can choose the characters as well as the pose, the additional messages, and names. This can be a longing healer gift for long distance grandparents. They can admire the artwork smiling, knowing that their beloved grandchildren are always close to their hearts. 

2. Memory Books for Grandparents

Memory Books for Grandparents

Memories are meant to be remembered forever. When the human brain has limitations on memories, books come to help. This is a set of fill-in-the-blanks photo memory books for grandma and grandpa. When you can’t come to visit your grandparents in person, you can send these books filled with your latest pictures to entertain them. Not only do these books make great gifts for long distance grandparents, it will also be an all time keepsake they can keep forever and revisit anytime. 

3. Custom Grandparents Mug

Custom Grandparents Mug

Grandparents love everything about their grandchildren. A mug decorated with a custom illustration of their grandchild will surely make their day so much better. They will love this mug for sure. They may use it in their daily life to drink coffee or tea, but it is also possible that they will keep it in their special cabinet to admire. 

4. Personalized Hand Stamped Keychain

Personalized Hand Stamped Keychain

When you’re around, you can help your grandparents find their belongings. But when you can’t always be with them, finding small stuff can be quite challenging for them. Help your grandparents to never lose their keys using this amazing personalized keychain. This keychain is made to order and you can request a personalized message. You can even add your birthstone to make your grandparents feel closer to you. 

5. Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board

Grandparent’s kitchen is one of the most special parts of their house. It is the place for them to cook special dishes for you. Most of the time, their cooking will make you feel better and overcome a rough time. This personalized cutting board can be such a special gift for long distance grandparents. This cutting board is fully customizable and you can personalized it with basically anything including a handwriting, sign, pictures, and sweet messages. Most importantly, it is treated with food-grade beeswax making it safe to use. 

6. Coir Doormat

Coir Doormat

Even when it looks rather simple, this doormat is a housewarming gift for long distance grandparents. It is funny and will remind them of the times you spent in their places. This can also be a secret message you send to let them know how much you miss being there and being spoiled. 

7. Grandfather Vintage Sign

Grandfather Vintage Sign

Grandparents always try anything they can to make their grandchildren happy. If their grandchildren face a problem, they will do their best to help them. You broke a toy? Don’t worry, take it to Papa and let him do his magic. This sign will warm their heart knowing how much you appreciate their love and effort to help you fix any problem you ever face. 

8. Grandparents Parking Sign

Grandparents Parking Sign

Grandparents are special people in our lives. Hence they deserve a special parking spot. All jokes aside, your grandparents will be beyond happy when they receive this parking sign you send them. It will make them laugh and feel warm knowing that you look up to them and see them as such an important person in your life. 

9. Grandparents Wall Hanging Sign

Grandparents Wall Hanging Sign

Remember when you used to visit your grandparents just to get spoiled? Yeah, good old days. This wall sign is a great way to recall those memories. While you can’t experience the love of your grandparents in real life, it is good to send this sign to them as an appreciation. Your grandparents will be happy to attach it on their walls while waiting for you to come. 

10. Clear Double Sided Frame

Clear Double Sided Frame

A picture can say a thousand words. It is a way to freeze moments while bringing some memories closer. When you can’t visit your grandparents, you can send them your family best picture in this double sided frame. Since it is a double sided frame, they can put it on their coffee table and see your warmest smile from both sides. A perfect gift for long distance grandparents. 

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11. Grandpa and Grandma Tumbler Travel Set

Grandpa and Grandma Tumbler Travel Set

Your grandparents may like to go on a walk nearby or to the park. It is very important for them to stay hydrated. And what better to keep their water ready other than a matching travel mug? These mugs can be the perfect gifts for long distance grandparents that are actually useful. They will be very thankful for this gift

12. Pregnancy Announcement Grandparents Gifts

Pregnancy Announcement Grandparents Gifts

If you have great news for your parents but you live far away from them, you can surprise them with this gift. These mugs are a fun way to announce your pregnancy to the soon to be grandparents. The design of the mugs are pretty and elegant. They are made out of ceramics and decorated with gold foils. It can be a nice way to surprise them with the good news. 

13. Photo Holder Gifts for Grandparents

Photo Holder Gifts for Grandparents

Send this photo holder along with the best photos of your family. Your grandparents will be able to hang the photos and put it in the best spot in their house. The message on the holder is also pretty powerful and warming. It says “Side by side or miles apart, grandkids are always close to the heart” making it an immense gift for long distance grandparents. 

14. Grandparents Legacy Journal Memory Book

Grandparents Legacy Journal Memory Book

Grandparents always have the best stories and advice. When they can’t tell you directly, they can write it down in a book like this one. You can send them this journal as a gift and tell them to write whatever they want to tell you when you’re apart. This can be a forever keepsake and even a legacy that can be passed for generations. 

15. Grandchildren Welcome Garden Stone

Grandchildren Welcome Garden Stone

If your grandparents love gardening, this stone can be a great decoration to their garden. Why not a flower pot or plants, you may ask? Because they are not as cool as garden stones. Ask any grandparents and they will agree. This stone can be a reminder for them of their spoiled grandchildren that are currently can’t visit them due to the inconvenient circumstances. 

16. DecoWords Mini Sign

DecoWords Mini Sign

The sky is always blue over our grandparents’ house. Most of us will agree to that saying. The loving and warm vibe in the grandparents’ house is what we miss the most. This sign can be an appreciation gift for long distance grandparents. It will let them know that you miss them just as much as they miss you. 

17. Grandparents Picture Frame

Grandparents Picture Frame

Any grandparent in the world will be very happy to receive this picture frame featuring their latest photo with their grandchildren and a loving message. It can be a nice reminder and they can put it in their living room or bedroom so they can remember the best memories with their grandchildren every day. 

18. Wishin’ I was Fishin’ with My Grandkids Sign

Wishin’ I was Fishin’ with My Grandkids Sign

What is your favorite activity to do with your grandparents? If it was fishing, then this sign would be a great gift for them. You know they love doing things with you. And they need to know that you enjoy the activities just as much. This sign will make them a little bit closer to you. And when you finally have the time to visit them and go fishing, it will be the best moment you can ever have. 

19. Customizable Christmas Gift for Grandparents

Customizable Christmas Gift for Grandparents

Not being able to celebrate Christmas together might be the saddest thing ever. But you can always look at the bright side and do the simplest thing to ease the feeling. You can make the entire family including your children sign this wooden decoration. It will be a very special Christmas gift for long distance grandparents. The random signs and messages make it feel more personal and full of love. 

20. Grandparents Gifts Sign Decor Plaque

Grandparents Gifts Sign Decor Plaque

This is such a strong message to give to grandparents, especially when you can’t pay them a visit. This plaque will remind them that you value them and love them so much even when you can’t be close. This plaque will affect them in the best way possible. They can save the plaque or display them proudly. They might even brag about it to their friends. 

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21. Personalized Family Print

Personalized Family Print

If a family photo looks kinda boring, you can try this personalized family print. You can make it as personal as possible to match the characteristics of each family member. When you send this family picture as a gift to long distance grandparents, you might as well add a loving message just for them. You can even feature them in the picture as well and create the whole big family picture. 

22. Memory Keepsake Dish Set

Memory Keepsake Dish Set

Grandmas love to collect dish sets. If you want to give a truly memorable gift for your long distance grandparents, you can try this dish set. You can pick your best family pictures to turn as trinket dishes. The artist will turn them into black and white vintage style pictures on ceramic trinkets. This set is finished with a gold rim to create an elegant finish. This set can be a timeless collection and even passed through generations. 

23. Locket Family Tree Necklace

Locket Family Tree Necklace

Necklace is a great way to keep things we love the most close to heart. This necklace can be a great gift for your long distance grandparents. The design of these necklaces is also very well-thought. The locket design slides and reveals an inscription that says “from deepest roots, tallest branches grow” which represent the strong roots your grandparents planted to grow such beautiful and strong generations. The front part is in the form of the tree of life representing the livelihood they bring. The necklace is also completed with a birthstone to make it even more personal and beautiful. 

24. Mosaic Initial DIY Kit

Mosaic Initial DIY Kit

This is a DIY kit, meaning you can make it yourself. The gift then becomes a lot more personal and special since you craft it by your own hands. You can create whatever you want. It’s not always have to be an initial. You can do artwork and other fun designs and your grandparents will appreciate it. 

25. Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

In the older times, people used to exchange sweet messages through notes. Nowadays, with the development of technology, we can do it better and faster. This beautiful wooden box is connected with an app. You can send your grandparents this box and send them a loving message via the app. Everytime they receive a new message, the heart will spin to notify them. You can send anything from photos to simple and sweet messages. finding a new sweet message from the loved ones every time they open the box will be such a great experience they will love to embrace. 

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What to get parents that live far away?

Send them the lovebox heart messenger is definitely one of the best options you have. It will give them a sweet and different experience everyday. Getting them a photo holder can also be a nice gift since pictures will remind them of their sweet memories with you. You can also get personalized decorations or cutting boards. 

What do you get a grandparent that has everything?

You can give them something they can’t buy. A DIY coaster that you make yourself is one of them. They can never find it anywhere else since you make it yourself. It will feel very valuable for them and also very unique. A great gift that is very hard to match. 

What should I get my grandparents for Christmas as an adult?

A personalized, signable wall decor will be great. You can add every little piece of each family member’s personality on it. You can also get them something worth collecting such as the ceramic dish trinkets. It is a valuable collection since it is custom made and they can keep it for life. 

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