25 Memorable Long Distance Gifts for Family

It is not easy to maintain long-distance relationships, even with our blood relatives. Living away could be problematic due to the schedule, the time difference, and misunderstandings. The solution is actually not that complicated! You need to send long-distance gifts to your family. You can let them know that even though you are far, you still think about them.

Fortunately for you, here we have 25 ideas of memorable gifts you can send to your long-distance family members! Let them feel your presence with every inch of these unique items and create more memories together even though you’re a thousand miles away!

1# Message in a Bottle as a Gift for Family


Send this cute bottle of messages that are perfect for a long-distance family! Call them and ask them to open the ‘pills’ inside the jar one by one. This way, you can express how much you loved them. After all, the pills contain your loving messages. You can surprise them with an unexpected love message.

#2 Long Distance Message Box


This messaging box is adorable. You might have the sophisticated smartphone with you, texting those you love every day, but now feel the whole new experience! Put this box on your work desk, in the kitchen, or anywhere near you and see the heart spin when your ‘other half box’ is sending you a heartwarming message! 

3. Long Distance Touch Bracelet as a Gift for Family


What could be more exciting than knowing that your family is now thinking about you? This long-distance bracelet is not only made for the couple but also for long-distance relatives! See how the light blinks every time one of the owners touches the bracelet and signals to the other bracelet. 

 4. long distance Touch Lamp as a Gift for Family


Physical touch is the most wanted thing for those who live apart miles away. This touch lamp might be the answer to that problem. After all, whenever you touch this lamp, the one in your family’s house will also light up. Do you have other family members who live apart? Get more lights and create a unique light show for everyone!

5. Memorable Video Book


This video book digitally and physically reminds you of your best memories. Sometimes, you want to keep the video of a family gathering and share it with the person you love. However, some older family members might have issues playing those videos on their gadgets. 

Pick this video book so you can share your moments with everyone! All they need to do is open the book and enjoy the automatic video playback! It is like a regular album but more sophisticated because of the digital function instead of paper.

6. Long Distance Clock Reminder


This epic clock would be an excellent accessory to remind you of a long-distance family member. We have FaceTime, Messenger, Zoom, or anything you can use to call your loved ones. Nevertheless, we also know that the time zone difference sucks.

You just wake up from your bed, missing your mom while she just falls asleep on the other side of the world. And so, this clock will be a good reminder when you’re intended to call your family. It is also customizable with a writable paper board!

7. Custom Engraved Cutting Board


Remind your family of you whenever they cook for dinner with this custom engraved cutting board. Using the best wood material, this cutting board will last longer, and you can pass it down to the next generation. Personalized and made by order, this cutting board will have different details, making it more and more memorable!

8. Custom Warm Blanket as a Gift for Family


Do you miss your long-distance family and want to hug them? This custom dye printing blanket would be a perfect choice for that! Write every message you want on this blanket and tell them what you feel about them. With the best cotton material used in this blanket, you provide memories and quality to your family.

9. Personalized Soy Candle as a Gift for Family


Remind your family of your presence with this personalized handmade soy candle, where you can mix three of any scent and write custom text on the jar! With premium soy wax and natural fragrance oils, this scented candle is not only relaxing but also harmless for your loved ones!

10. Custom Vinyl Record – Unique Gift for Family


Give this dope custom vinyl to your family to remind them of the songs you used to sing! Retrace the memorable playlists for Christmas, Easter, or a pop song on a daily carpool. Put any theme and photos you would like, add a QR code that would be scannable, and direct them to the family’s favorite music platform.

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11. Personalized Family Painting Wall Art

Personalized Family Painting Wall

This personalized family sketch is perfect to represent the warm family! Choose how you and the family member would look in the frame as the artist offers you a wide range of style options and even a broad type of pets! Also, you can customize your text above the picture.

12. Personalized Christmas Ornaments

long distance gifts for family

Feel sorry because you will be unable to return home for a holiday? No worry, get your family this cute fuzzy weather ornament! You can personalize it to look exactly like each of your family members. Write the name under every cartoon, and voila! The funny ornaments are now part of the family!

13. Personalized Scrabble Family Name

long distance gifts for family

Isn’t it lovely to put everyone’s name in one frame? This snazzy and unique family name comes in the shape of customizable scrabble tiles! Put this framed scrabble where everyone can see it to remind them of you all the time.

14. Quote Bracelet as Long Distance Gifts for Family

long distance gifts for family

This tiny classy-looking bracelet will remind you of your family without ruining your daily style! The surgical grade Stainless steel simply makes the bracelet more durable and robust. The silver color of the bracelet won’t quickly fade away, even if you use it in your daily life!

15. The Adventure Memories Book

The Adventure Memories Book

You don’t have to feel sorry for being away from home. This adventurous challenge book will provide you and your family with 50 quests to do. To play, you will need to scratch it to reveal the quest. This game is thrilling because no one knows what kind of quest they will get. Do the task apart but collect the photos together on the same page!

16. Gourmet Food For The Family 

The Gourmet Food For The Family

Who can deny delicious food? This food gift basket provides the family’s favorite, from the mild sausage to the famous rare harvest cheddar. Send them this package and be present in your family’s dinner moment (represented by the video call, of course.)

17. Electric Family Grill

long distance gifts for family

This George Foreman electric grill is perfect for a family gift. Imagine having a family barbeque day out, and everything will be easier! These tools can be used indoors or outside, so no matter how the weather is, the family can still enjoy the togetherness.

18. Automatic Robot Vacuum

long distance gifts for family

Ease your family’s duty on daily cleaning with this Anker automatic robot vacuum! The robot vacuum is perfect as your family’s new assistant because of the excellent suction and extended durability. Furthermore, this robot will automatically go back to its station and recharge whenever they are low on battery!

19. Coffee Maker Machine

long distance gifts for family

Here is a practical gift for your long-distance family! Of course, they will use this Keurig coffee maker machine every day! Simplify the daily routine of morning coffee as they start their everyday life with their head full of caffeine. 

20. Digital Wifi Control Frame

long distance gifts for family

Meet Sylvania, the astonishing digital frame that you can actually put in your living room! Change the photo whenever you want, and show them either your new friends or your old memories with your family. With the Wifi control and application, feel free to send photos to this frame from anywhere in the world.

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21. Fill-In-The-Blank Love Journal

Fill-In-The-Blank Love Journal

Brought to you by Knock Knock, this memorable empty journal is ready to entertain your long-distance family! Write why you love your family on the blank space to make it a personalized gift. Let them know what you think of them! This way, you will fill not only the book but also their heart.

22. Unique Journal as a Long-distance Gift for Family

A Five-Year Journal

People change, but did you realize how far you’ve changed? This adorable journal will record everything. Send another copy to your family to see how they will answer every question over the year. See what changed in you when you finally come back home and be thankful for how much you’ve learned!

23. The Sharper Image Massager

long distance gifts for family

This massager will provide your family with excellent shiatsu techniques! It offers a warm feeling and is easily controlled with the application on your phone! It would be a perfect gift for your parents because they can use it to relax. This way, they can enjoy some relaxing massage. This item will substitute your presence before you finally return.

24. The Kitchen Utensils Gift Set

long distance gifts for family

Get this fancy-looking kitchen utensil set for your family! The premium wood material would be perfect because it will remind them of you every time they cook for the household! Furthermore, this set is heat resistant and non-toxic, so it’s safe to use for the family you love!

25. Humidifier as a Long Distance Gift for Family

long distance gifts for family

This multifunction humidifier is perfect for everyone in the household! Ease their breath and let them smell the relaxing scent of your favorite essential oil inside this colorful humidifier. As if those functions are not enough, this little buddy is also helpful as a night lamp.

Latest Post:

What is a good gift for someone who lives far away?

A simple yet memorable thing is a good gift for someone far away from you. For example, try the video book! Collect your memories with them and make the device come to life! Easy to use and handy, this gift would be a perfect heartwarming present for someone who lives miles away from you right now!

What should I buy my family for far away?

You should buy the Sylvania digital frame that you can control from far away. It will connect you with your family even if you’re apart. Find new memories to share with them or dig those old memories to remind them how beautiful it is. A lovely device like this frame is the type of present suitable for long-distance families.

How can I feel closer to my family?

Some quotes said that we could feel closer by having something that will remind us of them, or vice versa. You can find a touch bracelet and a touch lamp that could quickly warm each other’s hearts to make every side think they remember each other. It’s not one call away anymore; it’s only one touch away!

What are the best gift ideas for parents who live far away?

The best gift idea for parents who live far away is the Sharper Image shiatsu massager! After an exhausting day, they must be tired, and you’re not there to ease their tiredness. So, let this helpful, sophisticated tool substitute your role. It’s easy to use by elderly people, so don’t worry because they will be able to use it anytime.

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