25 Unique and Memorable Gifts for Landlords

Each renter-landlord relationship is very unique. Sometimes you love each other, and oftentimes, it can be a love-hate kind of situation. But, no matter how your relationship with your landlord, you still have to admit that they play an important role in your life. They keep the property clean, and do their best to make you live comfortably.

Giving your landlord a gift is not an obligation, but if you feel generous, it can be a nice gesture to maintain a good relationship. We’ve compiled a list of gift ideas that are appropriate for your landlord either you’re moving out or planning to stay longer.

1. Personalized Coffee Mug

gifts for landlords

An extra coffee mug won’t hurt any landlord. Especially if it comes in a pretty design that is customizable so it has their names on it. This personalized mug can remind them of their good work so they can keep on doing their best performance. 

2. Personalized Landlord Christmas Ornament

gifts for landlords

Christmast can be the most appropriate time to give your landlord a gift. And a Christmas ornament can be a nice thing to give since it feels more casual but your landlord will be able to see that you care. This Christmas ornament has a funny message and you can customize your name so everyone who sees the ornament will know which renter has the best sense of humor. 

3. Funny Landlord T-shirt

Gifts for Landlords

Landlords are sometimes known for their undebatable rules that every renter must obey. Sometimes the rules can make no sense and only landlords can understand. Renters may feel upset but can’t do anything about it. They have to follow the rules just because the landlord says so. This is why this funny t-shirt can be a great gift for your landlord. You need to make sure that they share a mutual sense of humor, though.  

4. Personalized Landlord & Landlady Home Bar Sign

gifts for landlords

This metal home bar sign can make a great gift for any landlord and landlady. This sign is made out of aluminum and can be attached simply using sticky tabs. Yes, no nails or screws needed as we know that sometimes landlords can be annoyed by the idea of getting their walls drilled. It is fully customizable, not only you can put on their names but you can also request a quote to put on it. 

5. Funny Shot Glass

Gifts for Landlords

The message on this shot glass is relatable to both landlord and renters. You can both laugh about it while using the glass at a party. It can be an inside joke between you and the landlord as if you’re both saying “The rent is due. Take a shot!”

6. Landlord Record Book

Gifts for Landlords

Keeping income and expenses records is very important for landlords. A neat record will help them manage their finances easily. Better finance management will cause them less stress and they may act nicer towards you. This record book can be a great gift especially if you know that your landlord loves to keep everything recorded neatly. 

7. Keys Holder Organizer

Gifts for Landlords

Landlord or keylord? Who can really tell? Landlords have every key to every door which sometimes can be hard for them to keep all the keys together. A keychain organizer can be incredibly helpful for them to keep all the keys in order. You can get one of these key holders as a gift and your landlord will be very happy knowing that you care. 

8. Landlord Keychain

Gifts for Landlords

If you think that a key organizer is way too simple for your landlord, you can spice it up by giving her the right keychain with the “Best Landlord Ever” quote in it. This little gift will get them flattered and bring a smile to their faces. They can attach this keychain to their personal key or to the key holder they alway carry around. 

9. Art Prints

gifts for landlords

A beautiful art print can also be an appropriate gift for a landlord. They can hang the art print on their room or anywhere they feel like. This art print titled “Ivan Gave the Landlord a Ride in his Gig and Fell Inside” is one of the perfect examples you can choose. But other kinds of art prints will work as well. 

10. Scented Candle

Scented Candle

Scented candles can change the mood. Relaxing scents can also make the room feel more homey and comfortable. If you want to show appreciation to your landlord, getting one of these scented candles can be a great idea since it can elevate the entire room’s atmosphere. The right scent will also make the space feel more relaxing and friendly. 

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11. Throw Pillow Covers

Throw Pillow Covers

Throw pillows are essentials in any home decor. You don’t necessarily have to buy your landlord a brand new pillow. Instead, you can get them one of these beautiful throw pillow covers so they can experience a new vibe with the new covers. A throw pillow cover with an initial on it can be a good option to consider. 

12. Faux Succulent Plants

Faux Succulent Plants

Greenery can make any space look better and more natural. Even faux plants can give the same vibe. These multi-artificial succulents look very realistic that unless people get so close to it, they can never tell. It comes in a wooden box that will suit any interior design. The best part of a faux plant is that it serves the look but needs minimum maintenance so your landlord doesn’t have to worry about forgetting to water the plants. 

13. Sparrow Desktop Sculpture

Sparrow Desktop Sculpture

A sparrow is a symbol of courage and hard work. A great representative of your hard working landlord. This figurine can be a great farewell gift when you’re leaving the property. This colored glass sparrow can be a memorable gift for your landlord and they can put it either on their desktop, fireplace, or shelf. 

14. Personalized Wine Bottle Coaster

Personalized Wine Bottle Coaster

This personalized wine bottle coaster will be a great gift if your landlord happens to be a wine lover. This coaster will give the wine bottle an elegant place to rest in between pours. It can also catch the wine droplets and can be reliable to keep their tablecloth clean. This coaster is personalizable so your landlord can have that one coaster with their initial on it. 

15. Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board

A cutting board can also be on top of your list of your options when you’re planning to get your landlord a humble gift. Aside from its main function, a personalized cutting board can also be a nice addition to their kitchen decoration. Put their name on it and they will remember your nice gesture for as long as they have it. 

16. Wall Clock & Framed Art Set

Wall Clock & Framed Art Set

This wall clock and framed art set can be a great gift that is suitable for any room. Your landlord will be able to put them together horizontally, vertically, or put them separately so it feels like they get two gifts at once. This can also be a funny joke for both of you since keeping track of time is very important for your landlord? So, what time is it? Oh, it’s paying the rent o’clock!

17. Multitool

Gifts for Landlords

A landlord is always reliable when it comes to repairing some damages. You can tell them about your issues and they will come to fix it so you have the most comfortable living experience. A multitool can be very useful to them, hence, getting them a multitool can be a great choice. 

18. Dinnerware Set

Gifts for Landlords

This beautiful dinnerware set contains a salad plate, a dinner plate, and  bowl. Each piece is handmade so it will make a true unique and memorable gift for anyone including your landlord. If your landlord loves handcrafted goods, they will appreciate this set as a gift

19. Standing Flip Desk Calendar

Standing Flip Desk Calendar

Keeping track of when the rent is due is also another important thing a landlord should do. This is what makes a standing flip desk calendar a perfect gift for them. It looks beautiful on the desk and is easy to access. This calendar can also be used as a planner because it has a yearly overview, monthly plan, and memo page. 

20. Decorative Refrigerator Magnets

Decorative Refrigerator Magnets

Refrigerator magnets can be a great little addition to a kitchen decor. This magnet set comes in a cactus design that is very cute and can hold photos and paper steadily. Your landlord can use these magnets to decorate their fridge and might also use them to send passive-aggressive notes to undisciplined renters if necessary. 

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21. Fun Doormat

Fun Doormat

Doormat is the first thing we see everytime we come home. This is why it is important to welcome anyone who comes with a warm greeting. People might not think about it, but a doormat can be a great gift too for landlords. They can use it for good and the renters will feel more welcomed so that everyone can get the benefit of this gift. 

22. The Alphabet Vase

gifts for landlords

This vase comes in alphabet shapes so you can choose the letters to create a word or pick the letters of your landlord’s name initials. This vase is made out of porcelain and meant to be a new way to bring sculptures to houses. It will elevate the space with elegance. 

23. Customizable Picture Frame

Customizable Picture Frame

This customizable frame includes two picture frames and a board that can be filled with customizable quotes and messages. It also comes with the letters you can use to customize the quote. You can set an appreciation message on the board and later on, your landlord will be able to create whatever quote they want to display. 

24. Personalized Apron

Gifts for Landlords

If your landlord loves to spend time in the kitchen, then this personalized apron can be the perfect gift to get. It is useful, comfortable, and has a beautiful design. You can add a personal touch to it by customizing the name on the apron with your landlord’s name. 

25. Video Doorbell

gifts for landlords

Last but not least, you can upgrade your landlord’s security and convenience by getting them a smart doorbell that is connected to their mobile phones. This doorbell has a camera providing a high-definition video your landlord can watch on their phone so they will always know who is coming. Even better, the camera also provides a night view video just in case there are some intruders trying to get in at night. 

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