25 Best Couple Maternity Photoshoot Ideas To Create Memories

Couple maternity photoshoot ideas are a great way to document a mom’s growing belly and the adventures she had during her pregnancy. They are also a fantastic experience to get the soon-to-be mother in the mood for a baby! However, those fantastic photos won’t be complete without the soon-to-be father as well. By taking a couple maternity photoshoots, you can create a beautiful family journey that is captured in the heartwarming scene.

Today, there are various amazing couple maternity photoshoot ideas to keep those beautiful memories forever. You can wear matching outfits with your partner and choose the right indoor or outdoor location to create fantastic photos. As a result, your future kid will have a wonderful memento of their loving parents’ pleasure as they await their baby’s arrival into the world.

In case this is your first time looking for couple maternity photoshoot ideas, you may be confused about getting the right theme. However, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! Whether you want beach maternity photos highlighting the warm summer scene or just looking for casual photoshoot outfit ideas for winter, we guarantee you will find them in this article. Let’s jump to the list! 

How To Look Good In Maternity Photo?

Try to hold the baby bump for a warm touch in your maternity photoshoot. This pose is ideal for both standing and sitting photoshoots. Or, you can try to do a ‘hear the baby voice’ pose from the belly. The dad can close his head to the belly as if hearing the baby’s kicking, while the mum can hold the belly while staring at her belly.

BEST Couple Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

1. Black Outfit In Vintage Building

Couple Maternity Photoshoot Ideas
Source: instagram (@carooliinnnn)

Black matching outfits will never go wrong to radiate the charm for your couple’s maternity photoshoot ideas. Try to wear a comfortable blouse for the mum to highlight the belly. Meanwhile, the dad can wear a black polo shirt to complement the mum. A vintage building will make an amazing background to express long-lasting love.

Besides, the color makes an excellent camouflage ideal for new moms who are not confident about changing their body shape. At the same time, the dads will look bold wearing black sleeves. In addition, posing to hug his wife from behind depicts dear affection for a woman who is pregnant with her baby.

2. Sexy Underwear for Maternity Photoshoot

Couple Maternity Photoshoot Ideas
Sexy Underwear for Maternity Photoshoot

Bring the sexy underwear to another level for couple maternity photoshoot ideas. Wearing the underwear will create intimate vibes for both mum and dad. Besides, it will expose the mother’s belly and have a skinship to strengthen the bond between new parents.

The mum should lie on the bed, while the dad will kiss the belly as a love expression for the baby and mom. Don’t forget to decorate the bed with flowers for gorgeous accents to match the vibes!

3. Rustic In Style Maternity Shoot

Couple Maternity Photoshoot Ideas
Source: instagram (@meilymerindco)

Combine the rustic theme with a modern outfit for your couple maternity photoshoot ideas. The mother can wear a light brown sleeveless midi dress to expose the belly, while the dad can wear a suit in the same color tone to match the decor and background.

Add artificial feathers and grass for rustic accents. You can take a lying position while the head is connected and facing each other, creating a romantic vibe. It will be better if both sides have the same expression to make beautiful harmony; for example, dad and mom smile together while their eyes meet.

4. Feels Like Home Maternity Photoshoot

Couple Maternity Photoshoot Ideas
Source: instagram (@kseniaprophoto)

Make casual couple maternity photoshoot ideas by simply wearing a home shirt and pants. The concept is to create a homey atmosphere in welcoming the baby. The mother can wear a white tank crop that highlights her belly, while the father can wear a sleeveless shirt. Match the outfit with jogger pants to make it feel like home truly.

You can lay on the sofa and hold each other for this photo shoot as if it is captured in your home. If you prefer sitting on the floor, you can try to lean back to back while laughing and glancing at each other.

5. Baby Bump In Winter

Couple Maternity Photoshoot Ideas
Source: pinterest (@ricklouiephotography.com)

If you are looking for photoshoot outfit ideas for winter, then you can try this concept. You can wear a warm and comfortable jacket and scarf. For the mum, try to expose the bump by wearing an open long coat. In addition, you can wear the woman’s straw hat for cute accents.

Meanwhile, dad’s outfit will follow mom’s tone. We recommend long sleeves with dark shades, like grey, and light-colored long trousers to make a color contrast. Try to stand on the snowy road and stick each other’s bellies in a fun pose. 

6. Luxurious Outfit for Future Parents

Couple Maternity Photoshoot Ideas
Luxurious Outfit for Future Parents

For those couples who love formal outfits, this fancy concept can be one of a couple maternity photoshoot ideas you should try. Choose a neutral gray color for your matching outfits and to make your overall look even more elegant.

The mother can wear a long satin maternity dress to expose the curvy belly, while the father can wear a complete suit and white shirt. For the pose, the soon-to-be dad can hug the mum from the back while both hands hold the belly together. We recommend having a fierce expression to suit the luxurious theme.

7. Meet You At The Sunset Maternity Shoot

Meet You At The Sunset Maternity Shoot
Source: instagram (@shannonpaynephotography)

The sunset theme for couple maternity photoshoot ideas will never fail to create amazing memories. The beautiful view of sunsets is indeed calming and relaxing, making a perfect atmosphere for the baby as well.

For extra glam, the mum can wear an elegant fit maternity gown for this outdoor photoshoot. Meanwhile, the father can wear his semi-formal outfit outdoors. You can pose opposite each other while linking your arm to your hubby. Don’t forget to sync your expressions! It would be better to close your eyes while smiling as the happiest couple waiting for the baby.

8. Playful Savannah Maternity Shoot

Couple Maternity Photoshoot Ideas
Source: instagram (@marieerikssonphotography)

Thinking of having a maternity photo shoot in a large open space? Well, you can try the savannah for your coupe maternity photoshoot ideas. This theme is perfect for those couples with pets. It allows your pet to play around the savannah while taking photos.

For an attractive and playful outdoor outfit, the mum may wear the two piece top and skirt outfit. Such attire is also breathable, thus allowing the mother to move freely. Meanwhile, the soon-to-be dad wears gray long sleeves to contrast with the surroundings. He can hold the puppy while kissing you. If you think that kissing is too much, you can try a nose-to-nose pose while closing your eyes and smiling.

9. Beach Maternity Shoot with Balloon

Beach Maternity Shoot with Balloon
Source: pinterest (@loveloveloveblog.com)

Make a strong statement of your love with romantic beach maternity photos. Mum can wear a Sabrina long midi dress that beautifully exposes the baby bump. For an additional accessory, a floral headpiece will make the mum looks stunning. Meanwhile, the dad can match the outfit with long or short sleeves and his favorite trousers.

To create a romantic scene, make a kissing pose with a sunset beach view with the father. Don’t forget to add colorful pastel balloons as the background that will blend perfectly with the beach tones and the sunset view!

10. Secret Garden Date

Secret Garden Date
Secret Garden Date

Reminiscing the good old times while dating in the park will be a romantic experience. With this secret garden concept, you can remake a romantic date while waiting for the coming soon baby. Considering the casual theme, you can freely choose your outfits. But please don’t wear green ones as they will blend in with the background.

Choose a garden full of trees and greenery as the location. The dad can hold the belly pose from the back, and head kissing pose for a romantic maternity photoshoot.

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11. Jeans and Shirt for Casual Maternity Photoshoot

Jeans and Shirt for Casual Maternity Photoshoot
Jeans and Shirt for Casual Maternity Photoshoot

Do you want to have casual but romantic couple maternity photoshoot ideas? If so, try to wear your white shirt and jeans from your wardrobe. You can tuck the shirt in or open some buttons to expose the belly. Furthermore, the dad can wear a white polo shirt to match the mum’s outfit.

For a romantic pose, the dad can hold the mum’s belly from the back and kiss the nose, while the mum can touch the dad’s face with a smile. As an alternative, both hold the mum’s tummy while looking at the belly and smiling. It gives the impression of soon-to-be parents excited to welcome their baby to the world.

12. Drawing Belly Maternity Photoshoot

Drawing Belly Maternity Photoshoot
Drawing Belly Maternity Photoshoot

In case you need funny couple maternity photoshoot ideas, you can try this concept. To celebrate the pregnancy, you can draw the mum’s belly with the word “Baby,” while the dad can have the word “Beer” on his stomach. Don’t forget to give a picture of an arrow pointing to the navel to offer a hilarious touch to the shoot!

For the outfit, simply wear a comfortable and stretchable black maternity outfit to expose the belly easily. Mom can match the crop tube with a jacket, while dad will look awesome in a plain black polo shirt.

13. White Minimalist Maternity Photoshoot

White Minimalist Maternity Photoshoot
White Minimalist Maternity Photoshoot

Choose white matching outfits for minimalist couple maternity photoshoot ideas in your life! Just simply wearing sleeveless midi dress, the mum will look fresh and bright in welcoming the baby. And she can comfortably lean on his arms.

Moreover, the dad may wear a white long-sleeve shirt, holding the mum’s belly from the back. If he wants to expose his six-pack, pick the transparent one. Elegant, simple, and charming! 

14. Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot In The Car

Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot In The Car
Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot In The Car

This is definitely one of the best outdoor couple maternity photoshoot ideas! You don’t have to be a professional model to take amazing photos. The concept is just a couple laying in the SUV truck, perfect for couples who love traveling.

Put some rustic farmhouse decorations such as the straw picnic basket and wooden box. It has a beautiful meaning that they are expecting additional family members during their journey. For the outfit, mom can wear a long, white Sabrina dress with transparent brocade-like material. Meanwhile, a casual style with a white polo shirt will match the dad.

15. Hearing Baby From The Belly Shoot

Couple Maternity Photoshoot Ideas
Hearing Baby From The Belly Shoot

Remake the precious memories of hearing the baby kick from the belly in this couple’s maternity photoshoot. The father needs to lay on one knee while hearing the baby from his wife’s baby bump. Meanwhile, the mum can wear the tribal bump friendly dress for the focal point of this photo. You can take this photo outdoors for better light and vibes.

With such a theme, you don’t need to go anywhere. Simply set up a photo shoot in your backyard or garden in the summer or spring. For a golden vibe, autumn will make the best season if your baby hasn’t been born yet.

16. Underwater Maternity Photoshoot

Underwater Maternity Photoshoot
Underwater Maternity Photoshoot

If you want unique maternity photoshoot ideas, this concept will be a breakthrough. Especially if you are a couple who loves swimming, then you can use the underwater theme. The mum can wear a maternity bikini which exposes the baby bump.

Meanwhile, the dad simply wears the trunk, holding the wife underwater. It will be a unique and precious photo showing your love underwater. This theme is perfect for new parents who like swimming or diving.

17. Dancing In The Beach Maternity Shoot

Dancing In The Beach Maternity Shoot - pinterest @youngmommaslife
Source: pinterest (@youngmommaslife)

Dancing during your pregnancy? Why not? Let you and your partner have a great time while waiting for the new family member at the beach. This will be one of the best couple maternity photoshoot ideas that allow you to have fun and be yourself.

To create natural photos, wear your maternity white dress at the beach, and ask your husband to dance together while enjoying the beautiful view together. Match the outfits with this romantic and fun theme by wearing a white tube dress for the mom. Meanwhile, the dad can wear shorts and a white long shirt.

18. Gorgeous Maternity Silhouette

Gorgeous Maternity Silhouette - pinterest @thebump.com
Source: pinterest (@thebump.com)

Making an elegant maternity photoshoot in silhouette is worth trying. Moreover, the silhouette theme will highlight your belly better than any other shot. Therefore, you need to wear a slim-fit maternity dress to create a curvy look for your baby bump.

You can hold your husband’s hand and face each other, creating a romantic feel. Alternatively, both can also see the mum’s belly as an expression of waiting for the baby. It will be one of the most brilliant couple maternity photoshoot ideas for those who feel awkward with camera shots.

19. Romantic Forest and Flowers Maternity Shoot

Romantic Forest and Flowers Maternity Shoot
Romantic Forest and Flowers Maternity Shoot

If you want a green nature view, then you should try this forest and flowers scene as your couple maternity photoshoot ideas. The gorgeous white flowers, as well as the greenery from the forest that surrounds it, are incredibly amazing.

It makes a perfect view with natural lights, creating wonderful maternity photos. For the outfit, you can wear a maternity orange dress that blends with the nature scene. As for the pose, your hubby can hold your belly or hips from the back and kiss your head while you are holding a handful of dandelion flowers with your eyes closed and looking up at the sky.

20. Autumn Love for The Baby

Autumn Love for The Baby - pinterest @winterlotusphotography.com
Source: pinterest (@winterlotusphotography.com)

Show your love to your future baby in the romantic autumn vibe for your couple maternity photoshoot ideas. Wear the red and orange tones for the outfit to radiate the passion of the fall season. You can choose a midi dress while your husband will match the tone with bright trousers and a blue shirt.

Place the baby shoes on the road full of orange leaves as the main focus, indicating that soon there will be a new member in your family. Meanwhile, the couple will hold each other at the back as the beautiful background.

21. Beauty and The Beast Maternity Cosplay

Beauty and the Beast Maternity Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@eyreeffect.com)

When it comes to fairy tales, Beauty and the Beast has to be the most romantic! It teaches us that love is not only about superficial things. It is all about what is inside your heart. Now, imagine if Belle, the main character, got pregnant after getting together with Adam, the Beast! 

You can recreate this beautifully imagined scenario in your maternity photoshoot. You can wear the frilly princess dress in yellow. For your husband, the blue aristocratic attire would be ideal for capturing the Beast’s appearance. Let your husband hold you as he leans forward to kiss you. The photo result would be magical!

22. Hilarious Maternity Photo

Hilarious Maternity Photo
Hilarious Maternity Photo

The best couple maternity photoshoot ideas do not have to be formal. After all, some couples may enjoy more lighthearted poses. Now, this idea is the way to go if you are looking for something funny. A couple who does not have a problem joking around about their body during pregnancy would be thrilled to get this photo shoot.

By playing with the camera perspective, you can have the dad stand farther and the mom closer to the lens, creating a unique scene. The tiny dad would look as if he was holding the mom’s giant belly! It is hilarious and would make an everlasting memory. 

23. Maternity Photoshoot Involving The First Child

Maternity Photoshoot Involving the First Child
Source: Pinterest (@Schuyler Shalna🌾)

If you are pregnant with your second child, it is a good idea to involve the firstborn in the maternity photoshoot! That way, your first kid can develop a stronger bond with the upcoming baby. It is also a good way to prevent jealousy from the firstborn toward his or her new sibling.

You can opt to do a funny pose! Have the husband and the pregnant wife kiss while the firstborn is sitting in between. The kid can pretend to have a panicked or confused expression, pretending that she or he does not want a sibling. It would result in a quite hilarious maternity photoshoot that would produce a lot of smiles down the line.

24. Maternity Photoshoot with USG Ultrasound Picture

Maternity Photoshoot with USG Ultrasound Picture
Source: Pinterest (@Alexia Macias)

Here is how you include your unborn child inside your family photo! Hold the ultrasound picture as you take the maternity photoshoot. You can hold the photo with your partner to be the central focus of the image.

Now, some mothers may feel insecure about their bellies because of the pregnancy. In such cases, they can hold the ultrasound photo forward. By adjusting the lens, the whole unborn baby picture will cover the mom’s stomach, creating a lovely memorable photograph!

25. Silhouette Maternity Photoshoot

Silhouette Maternity Photoshoot
Source: Pinterest (@adamoprisphoto.com)

If you are looking for unusual couple maternity photoshoot ideas, this one is what you are looking for. Instead of getting a regular photo of the husband and pregnant wife holding each other, you can play with the shadow and silhouette.

For instance, you can find a place with good lighting that allows for a silhouette photograph. The lighting source should be behind the couple. Then to enhance the artistic value, the couple can hide behind an umbrella. The resulting picture would blow them away, even though their faces are not shown. The shadow of the pregnant wife is such a beautiful sight to behold!

Final Thought

Maternity photo shoots for couples can be memorable moments for couples about to become new parents. They can have a flashback on those hard days while pregnant with their first child, which was quite tiring but also very enjoyable. Depending on the preference, maternity shoots are usually done when the womb reaches 6-8 months because the mum’s belly is big enough to become the photo’s focal point.

You can choose a theme that suits your taste. For casual ones, wearing clothes like dresses or even jeans with an oversized t-shirt can be an option. If you want to go beyond, choose themes that don’t depict the house’s surroundings, such as beaches, forests, or savanna.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What color should you wear for maternity shoot?

It depends on the concept of your maternity shoot. If you want to be the focal point, you should wear bright colors if you have a dark photo location and vice versa. Meanwhile, you should wear the same color tone with the location if you want to blend in the photo. You can take a look at the Autumn love for the baby photo concept as an example. Moreover, neutral colors such as black, white, or brown can blend with any photo concept.

What to wear for maternity photos?

You should wear an outfit that matches the concept of the photoshoot. For example, if the concept is casual and homey, you can wear a tank crop that exposes your belly as it feels like a home maternity photoshoot.  Or, you can wear a long-fit maternity gown for an elegant and luxurious concept. For more inspiration, please check the article above.

What color should you wear for maternity shoot?

You can wear neutral colors such as white, black, and brown for a minimalist look. The neutral color is versatile for any theme of photoshoot. Or, you can wear vibrant colors, such as a red gown, to make you stand out. This vibrant color radiates cheerful vibes in welcoming the baby.

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