Buku Innovative Baby Shoes

These Buku Innovative Baby Shoes are stylish, easy to put on and fit both boys and girls.

When you have a new baby, everything has some sort of a learning curve to it. Even putting a pair of shoes on those chubby little feet is somehow harder than you have imagined.

But Buku shoes aim to make that experience a whole lot easier.

With a zipper running along the base of the shoe, putting it on will be a matter of seconds. Just slip them on and zip up. The rubber zipper pull will be easy to grip even for your adult fingers. 

Buku Innovative Baby Shoes

The Buku shoes have been designed to open up completely. This way, you can see inside the shoe and stop guessing if the shoe is the right feet. Just look inside and it will be obvious if the shoe size needs changing.

Buku Innovative Baby Shoes

The shoes come in three sizes, fitting for babies aged from 3 to 18 months. There are also talks of launching additional two sizes, so sit tight for that announcement. 

Buku Innovative Baby Shoes

You can choose the pair for you from 10 different variations of the same three styles. Those include suede or leather exterior with leather or faux fur interior.

With Buku shoes, you will at least have a strong footing when it comes to outfitting your baby. 

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