26 Wonderful Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas for Baby and Couple

A great sanctuary to relax your body, you may find your bathtub is a fantastic location for the next photoshoot!  Whether you are going to do it with your baby or your significant other, a bath photoshoot can make an adorable and charming result. In addition, bathtub photoshoot ideas can provide a lot of fun and joy. Creating such a photoshoot is not very difficult, but it requires creativity, preparation and some investments.

Suppose you are looking for ideas about photoshoot photography in the bathtub, then you come to the right place! From milk bath photoshoot ideas for babies to glam bathtub shoot photo sessions for couples, we have compiled the best bath photography for your inspiration. What are you waiting for? Let’s check out the list! 

How Do You Take a Photoshoot an a Bathtub?

You need the right concept and photo angle to take a proper bathtub shoot. For example, if you want to capture the innocence of a baby, you can take a photo from above, displaying clear water with his pure smile on the bathtub. For more bathtub photoshoot ideas, please check the article above. 

Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas for Baby Girl

It’s time to make your cute baby girl remember how charming she is as a baby! Besides, bath time is one of the best parts of the day. Therefore taking bathup shoots are a great way to remember this important milestone in your baby’s development.

1. Rose Milk Bath

Source: Pinterest (@amazon.com)

Show your baby girl’s beauty, love, and charm through a rose milk bath photoshoot idea. All you need is some fresh roses and a milk bath! Let those roses float around your baby girl. Your baby girl can wear a flower headband, giving a statement that she is the main flower at this rose bathtub party. Don’t forget to take the photo from above, displaying the surface of the bathtub.

2. Orange Baby Milk Bath

Source: Pinterest (@rileyfausner)

What a sweet and fresh photoshoot theme! Just like oranges, make your sweet baby girl look adorable with oranges milk bath photoshoot ideas. On your milk bathtub, prepare orange slices to add refreshing colors on your bathtub shoot. Let your baby girl hold a slice of orange, adding to the level of cuteness. A piece of broken white headband is also a great accessory to complete the baby bath photography.

3. White Flowers Baby Bath

Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

If you are looking for ideas about bath photography to express the purity and clarity of a baby girl, white flowers in the bathtub concept can be perfect. Use white flowers with many petals such as crysthanamum and daisy. Spread those flowers on the clear water, showing the innocence of a baby girl. For the baby’s accessory, you can give her a blue turban to give a contrast with the all white baby photoshoot. 

4. Baby Play with Rose Petals

For a baby girl who is already able to sit, it’s time to teach her some poses! On the bathtub, let her play with rose petals, giving a lively vibe on the photo session. Fill the bathtub with milk soap, water, and of course pink rose petals! You can give some decoration around the tub with some fresh roses and leaves. Don’t forget to wear your baby a cute polka dots headband in matching colors with rose petals. 

5. Fresh Strawberries Bath

Source: Pinterest (@brittanyleighphotographs.com)

As your baby girl begins to eat fruits, why don’t you take the bathtub photoshoot with her favorite strawberries? Make your baby girl enjoy the bathtub party with a strawberry photoshoot theme. Simply spread strawberry slices on your baby girl’s bathtub that is filled with warm water. Let her bring some slices and eat them, making natural cute poses to treasure. Make sure she wears a red headband, similar to strawberries. 

6. Sunflower Baby Bath

Source: Pinterest (@Taylor Natt)

Let your baby girl shine brightly on her glam bathtub shoot with beautiful sunflowers! This photoshoot theme allows you to portray their cuteness and wish her bright future ahead. You need to put some sunflowers on her milk bathtub and wear her yellow headband. On this outdoor photoshoot, you can also put some sunflowers around the bathtub. 

7. Pumpkin Milk Bath

Source: Pinterest (@Mindy Green)

It’s Halloween time! In celebrating your baby girl’s new age who’s born in the autumn, create beautiful memories with a pumpkin milk bath photo session!  Simply use your backyard with some dried leaves for this photoshoot. Buy small sized pumpkins and let them float on the milk bath! Don’t forget to wear your baby girl orange ribbon headband to radiate the autumn atmosphere.

Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas for Baby Boy

Who said taking photos of baby boys are boring? They aren’t! We’re here to prove it with our bathtub photoshoot ideas for baby boys. We know that a bathtub is a common place to be in but we have some great bathtub concepts to make a fun baby photoshoot.

8. Bubbles Baby Bath

Source: Pinterest (@betheaces.com)

To make your baby boy excited on the photoshoot, why don’t you use bubbles? Besides a great tool to make your baby boy happy, bubbles also can give a dreamy feel in the photos. All you need is a bubble maker and soap solution to produce bubbles continuously. In addition, a large plastic duck is a charming decor on this outdoor photoshoot.

9. Fruit Loops Milk Bath

Source: Pinterest (@BellaBloom)

If you want to make a colorful indoor photoshoot but not too feminine for your baby boy, choose fruit loops then! Inspired by a bowl of fruit loops with milk, let your baby boy play inside the fruit loops milk bathtub. Since fruit loops are soggy easily, you can use colorful gummy bears. Your baby boy also can eat those colorful cereals and jellies while taking some adorable photos! 

10. Cookie Boy Milk Bath

Source: Pinterest (@Megan Reed)

For your cookie boy, this indoor photoshoot is definitely heaven! To make this adorable setting, buy small and large cookies. Spread the small cookies inside the bathtub and arrange the big ones outside. Use milk for the bath so your baby boy can also get delicious cookies in milk! This concept is simple, minimalist, but fun and exciting for your baby boy!!

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11. Watermelon Summer Bath

Source: Pinterest (@amazon.com)

It’s time for summer party! To celebrate the summer, a watermelon bath photoshoot is definitely refreshing and fun. Especially if your baby boy was born in summer, mark his first birthday by taking a special photoshoot. Prepare some watermelon cuts, let them float in the clear water and around the bathtub. Make your baby boy the coolest summer boy by wearing him sunglasses and a headband! 

12. Lemon Splash Baby Bath

Source: Pinterest (@Miranda Williams)

Lemons are a healthy and refreshing fruit that is good for babies. In case lemon is your baby boy’s favorite fruit, you can use some lemons on the refrigerator for the photoshoot decor. Simply put lemons and leaves around the bathtub. To give a more refreshing feel, ask your baby boy to play with water. Make sure you capture the splashing water, making a dynamic photo result.

13. Natural and Pure Baby Bath

Instead of making your baby boy look energetic and active on the photoshoot, why don’t you try to expose his calm and pure persona? All you need is a white bathtub, milk soap, water, and some leaves. Show the purity from green elements in white milk bath. Cover his bottom part with some leaves, making your baby boy look adorable. Don’t forget to make your calm baby boy relax in the bathtub, as if this is his regular bath time.

14. Little Fisherman Photoshoot

Little Fisherman Photoshoot

A little fisherman is a great concept that will turn the bathtub into a fishing boat! With this idea, your baby boy will look charming. Prepare some fisherman equipment such as fishing nets and a fishing rod with a fish caught on it. For the background,  use various fish props hanging on the wall. Don’t forget to dress your baby boy as a cute fisherman with a straw hat and sleeveless shirts! 

Bathtub Photoshoot Ideas for Couple

Nothing says romance like a relaxing bathtub session, but as any tub lover knows, sometimes soaking in a warm bubble bath and holding hands isn’t enough. So here are 12 super sexy ways to make your next bathtub photoshoot even more romantic. 

15. Playful Couple Bubble Bath

Playful Couple Bubble Bath
Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

Create an intimate feel with your partner with a bubble bath. For this photoshoot, the woman can wear a white blouse while the man topless. Do some fun poses such as playing with bubbles together. The woman can grab some bubbles and blow it to her man. Make sure to capture the happy moment when some bubbles fly around this lovely couple. 

16. Romantic Drink in Bathtub

Romantic Drink In Bathtub
Source: Pinterest (@Pauline Sarit)

Inspired by a fancy bath time, warm yourself with a glass of wine. Create a romantic setting with electric candles around the bathtub. You can turn off the main lamp, giving a warm feel in this photo session. Simply sit down on the bathtub and face each other while cheering with a glass of wine. Give your best and sincere smile to your partner and enjoy the wine during the photoshoot.

17. Couple in Luxurious Bathtub

Couple In Luxurious Bathtub
Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

What can be more beautiful than a passionate couple in the luxurious bathtub? For this idea, you need a bubble bath surrounded by luxurious furniture. Place a large flower vase near the bathtub and a crystal lamp above the bathtub. Let the crystal lamp shine on the romantic couple as they kiss on the bathtub. You can also add splashing water on the floor, giving extra details for the photoshoot.

18. Outdoor Couple Bathtub Photoshoot

Outdoor Couple Bathtub Photoshoot
Source: Pinterest (@gingerseyes.com)

For those adventurous couples who want to have a romantic bathtub photoshoot, we’ve got you the perfect idea! You can do an outdoor bathtub photoshoot, making you still feel close to nature. To create this photo, find an outdoor jacuzzi and fill it with water and bubble soaps. Let the woman lay on the man’s shoulder and get a hug from the back, making an intimate and romantic pose for the couple.  

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19. Candle Light Bath Date

Candle Light Bath Date
Source: Pinterest (@thewell.spafinder.com)

Instead of candle light dinner, having a candle light bath date can be your next photoshoot idea. Put some large candles around the bathtub. If you are sensitive to smell, you can also use aromatherapy candles. A great smell will enhance the romantic vibe during the photo session. Do intimate poses such as romantically touching your partner’s neck and keeping your face close to each other.

20. Bathtub Photoshoot with Mountain View

Bathtub Photoshoot With Mountain View
Source: Pinterest (@clkuk.tradedoubler.com)

A simple but gorgeous photo you should take while traveling with your partner, the mountain view is the best! Find a hotel that serves a great mountain view from the bathroom. To create a remarkable photo, prepare a bubble bath and sit down in the bathtub, facing each other. Attach your forehead to your partner, as you give a gentle hug. Let the beautiful mountain view witness your love!

21. Romantic Couple in Rose Petals Bath

Romantic Couple In Rose Petals Bath

Rose petals are a great symbol of love and passion. So, why don’t you fill your bathtub with rose petals for this photoshoot? Make your bathtub the most romantic place for a couple with roses floating on the surface. Moreover, surround the bathtub with red candles to add the romantic feel. Although you may need a lot of roses and candles, we guarantee that the photo result will be amazing.

22. After Party Bathtub Photo

Source: Pinterest (@naomiderosephotography.com)

After a long night of partying with your significant other, you would want to have a nice bath inside your comfy bathtub at home. Do you know that it can be a nice idea for a couple bathtub photo? Take a photo inside a bathtub with your lover as if you just finished a wild party together. First, wear your party outfit that includes a mini dress and a suit, plus your stilettos on. And then, get into the bathtub and create cute poses that will make great photos of you two together. 

23. Morning Kisses in the Bathtub

Source: Pinterest (@brontebride.com)

Every newly weds love to spend their time in the bathtub every morning. Based on that fact, we have this adorable bathtub photo idea for a couple, especially for the newly weds. Let the bride occupy the bathtub with bubbles while the groom sits on the floor next to her and then have their morning kisses. This photo will perfectly describe the love they have for each other. To add a touch of nature to the photo, you can add some hanging plants to the picture and take the picture from the bathroom door angle. We must say that there is so much love in this picture. 

24. Backside Bathtub Hugs

Backside Bathtub Hugs
Source: Pinterest (@~Val~)

This photo idea is another romantic photo idea for lovers. The angle was pretty unique because the photo was taken from the couple’s back while they were looking at the huge window with a beautiful view. In our opinion, this idea is going to be a great Honeymoon photo idea since it has the most beautiful scene plus two glasses of wine to celebrate their most beautiful day together. 

25. Lovebirds Playing Bubble Bath

Lovebirds Playing Bubble Bath
Source: Pinterest (@Kisyusha)

Just look at how cute this photo is! This black and white photo is showing an adorable couple playing with bubbles inside a bathtub. Based on their expressions, we can clearly see how happy they are, which is why we think that this one would be one of the greatest bathtub photo ideas for couples out there. You can definitely recreate this photo with your lover and make it one of your most adorable couple photos ever. Just soak in the tub together and create as many bubbles as possible and just have fun! Also, we think that this photo is the kind of photo that will be a lot more meaningful if you take it candidly.  

26. Fun Black and White Bathtub Couple Photo

Fun Black and White Bathtub Couple Photo
Source: Pinterest (@compartiendomacarrones.com)

If you are looking for a funny bathtub photoshoot idea with your loved one, then we must say that this one is highly recommended. Similar to the previous idea, you can both play with bubbles inside a bathtub by creating as many bubbles as possible. For this one, blow bubbles to his face and see how it can turn into a funny yet adorable couple photo of the two of you. Funny expressions are some of the things that can show the love between a couple. 

Final Thoughts

A bathtub photoshoot can give a special meaning for babies or couples. It can be a fun place for babies to play in the water. Or, it can be an intimate location for couples to express their love and passion. As a comfortable and private place, the best bathtub photoshoot themes can show your personality and the genuine version of yourself in the photo session!

In our opinion, finding something you like and bringing it to the bathtub for a photoshoot will be a great way to express yourself. We hope those photoshoot ideas above can be your inspiration for your next bathtub photo session! 

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