Fish Bowl Christmas Decoration Ideas

20 Easy And Creative Fish Bowl Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas might be one of the most anticipated holidays around the world. It brings joy and holiday spirit together with our loved ones. As a Christmas tradition, people will decorate their house with ornaments such as lights, pine trees, balls, and other decorative things. Many people also loved doing DIY décor as Christmas ideas for a festive vibe. One of the most popular things for decoration is a fish bowl. 

Fish bowls are a great resource to create Christmas decoration ideas. From the cheap DIY to an exquisite decoration for your dining table, a fish bowl is the perfect fit for every creative idea. Check the list below for 20 creative and easy fish bowl decoration ideas that would help you to get the perfect Christmas decoration.

1. A Glass Christmas Tree

These fishbowl Christmas decoration ideas would make a magical centerpiece for your dining table with a dazzling glass Christmas tree and a star on top. To decorate your fish bowl this way, you have to put the fishbowl upside down with a lid on the bottom.

Then, add some snow powders or any other fake snow to the lid. Place the Christmas glass tree on the lid and cover everything with the fishbowl. The LED string that surrounds the tree will create a magical and warm effect for the decoration. 

2. Snow Globe with a Hanging Rope

Hanging a winter scene would be a great fish bowl Christmas decoration idea for your Christmas tree. As Christmas decorations will be hung on the Christmas tree, a fish bowl of a smaller size would be perfect.

Place the fish bowl upside down on a lid and create a Christmas scene with a decorative Christmas tree, a house miniature, some snowflakes and snow powders, then tie with a natural jute rope and some ornaments for the finishing touch. 

3. Fish Bowl Snowman

Source: Pinterest (@fabartdiy.org)

Besides making a lovely centerpiece and decoration for your DIY Christmas ideas, you can also create a snowman to complement your fish bowl Christmas decoration ideas. You will need 3 different sizes of fish bowls stacked on top of each other.

Create a Christmas scene with an artificial Christmas tree, some house miniature, and a Santa Claus figurine. For the snow, you can use snow powder, snowflakes, or white cotton balls. Add a snowman hat on the top and it is ready for your Christmas decorations. 

4. Christmas Light Up Penguin

Source: Pinterest (@leapoffaithcrafting.com)

Add a cute penguin into your Christmas decorations with some fish bowls stacked into each other. What you need is 2 glasses of fish bowls in different sizes, white glitter, black acrylic paint, a hat ornament, and an LED light to light up the penguin.

Paint the inside of the fish bowl with black acrylic paint and white glitter, then stack each other with the smaller size on top. Decorate with a hat, light strips, and the other Christmas ornaments you prefer.

5. Glitter Ball Christmas Centerpiece

Source: Pinterest (@merricksart.com)

Finding some fish bowl Christmas ideas can be as simple as putting some glittery balls as Christmas centerpieces. These fishbowl Christmas decoration ideas would make a great centerpiece when paired with the other tube glass. 

You only need some glittery balls in several colors, a fish bowl, and some other glass tubes. Simply fill the fish bowl and the glass tube with glitter balls, and finish with some red ribbon. Voila! You just made a centerpiece for the Christmas decoration in a super-easy way. 

6. A Fish Bowl with Floating Candle

Source: Pinterest (@Soumik Roy)

Another simple and easy fish bowl Christmas decoration idea would be this fish bowl with a floating candle. Fill the fish bowl with water, a floating candle, and holly as the Christmas ornament. The holly and floating candle inside the fish bowl will instantly spice up your Christmas decoration and would make a great centerpiece on the table. 

7. A Snow Globe with Sheet Music

Source: Pinterest (@homeroad.net)

For music lovers, adding some music things to the Christmas decoration would be a great DIY craft project for fish bowl Christmas decoration ideas. Creating a snow globe with mini sheet music inside will show how much you are attached to the rhythm and melody.

You can add some snow powders and snowflakes into the fish bowl, add some small Christmas trees, and a music sheet. Lastly, put the decorated fish bowl on the top of a wood block to give the rustic feeling to the decoration. 

8. Christmas Terrarium Candle Holder

Source: Pinterest (@hikendip.com)

A terrarium is another easy Christmas DIY craft which will be some nice fish bowl Christmas decoration ideas. You can turn the terrarium into a candle holder for a calming and magical-vibe Christmas décor.

It’s easy to make, you just need to fill the fish bowl with snow powders, snowflakes, and some Christmas ornaments such as pine cones, then place the long candle in the middle.

9. Santa Snow Globe

Source: Pinterest (@wayfair.com)

Christmas is the magical day when Santa comes to every house with a train full of gifts. Create a scene of the great Santa and reindeer coming to the town as the fish bowl Christmas decoration ideas. You can buy the finished product which is a hand-painted fish bowl filled with snowflakes and plays the Jingle Bells. It will add a cheerful vibe to the magical Christmas eve.

10. Fish Bowl Lamp Holder

Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

Christmas is a special day where your family gathers and celebrates the magical day together. For a very special day, create an extraordinary decoration such as a fish bowl lamp holder as inspiration for fish bowl Christmas decoration ideas.

You can turn the ordinary fish bowl into an exquisite lamp holder which would be a great companion to the Christmas tree or as a centerpiece of the table. 

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11. Upcycled Tin Snowman

Source: Pinterest (@Kathy Rodden)

Do you have some used tin in your house? Don’t throw it away. With a little creativity and some fish bowl Christmas decoration ideas, you can turn used tins and a fish bowl into a lovely snowman. Fill the fish bowl with snowflakes or snow balls as well as some Christmas ornaments such as pine trees and gift boxes.

Cover the fish bowl with a lid, and add 2 used tins of different sizes on top of the hat. Don’t forget to decorate the tins to match the Christmas vibe. 

12. Round Snowman Head

Source: Pinterest (@kpcreek.com)

Add a cool glow to your Christmas decoration with this round snowman head. It would make great fish bowl Christmas decoration ideas for your home. To create the cracked effect, you need acrylic paint and glue to form the cracks in the glass.

Add some LED light string inside, then cover the fish bowl with a hat and a red berry, pine greenery, and a pine cone. 

13. Frosted Candle Holder

Source: Pinterest (@craftymorning.com)

The other fish bowl Christmas decoration idea that will add a cool glow to your house on the magical Christmas evening would be this frosted candle holder. The frosted effect creates a cool ambiance for the décor. You might be wondering how to make the frosted effect, and it’s super easy.

It only needs glue and snow powder. Cover the fish bowl with glue and sprinkle the snow powder to create that frosty effect.

14. Mini Doll House

Find your childhood memory into some fish bowl Christmas decoration ideas with this mini doll house. It would make a beautiful centerpiece as well as a warming Christmas tree decoration. Fill the fish bowl with a wooden house, greenery, and some natural rocks. For a more magical effect, add a yellow-tone light on the back of the house.

15. Glitter Balls as a Centerpiece

Source: Pinterest (@christmas.365greetings.com)

Turn the colorful balls which usually served as Christmas ornaments into beautiful fish bowl decoration ideas which would make a gorgeous centerpiece for your table. Fill the fish bowl with glitter balls and add some artificial stems on the top.

You can decide the color combination that suits the whole decoration. Adding artificial stems as the finish would level up the total look of a fish bowl into a gorgeous centerpiece. 

16. Fish Bowl Basket with Stuffed Sweet 

Source: Pinterest (@hikendip.com)

Children would love these fish bowl Christmas decoration ideas! Turn the fish bowl into a basket and stuff with many adorable gifts such as sweets and chocolate. Fill the fish bowl basket with children’s favorite chocolate and snacks. These fish bowl decoration ideas surely will be the center of children’s attention during Christmas.

17. A Sweet Candy Jar

Source: Pinterest (@candystore.com)

This is a fish bowl decoration idea your kids would definitely love. Take your fish bowl Christmas decoration ideas to the sweetest level with this sweet candy jar. Start by painting a plant pot, then placing it upside down to hold the fish bowl.

Next, fill the fish bowl with some candies and place it over the pot. For a neat look, you can add a ribbon and a lid that matches the plant pot. 

18. Easy Snowman for Kids

Source: Pinterest (@discover.hubpages.com)

Making a snowman out of a fish bowl would be an amusing DIY fish bowl Christmas decoration idea for our kids. You can copy the simple snowman design so kids would not be overwhelmed.

You will need 2 fish bowls in different sizes as well as some snowman decorations and Christmas ornaments such as snowballs, snowman’s hands, snowflakes, a scarf, and artificial greeneries for the hat. Consider doing DIY Christmas décor with kids as a bonding activity to strengthen the relationship between kids and parents.

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19. Light up Fish Bowl Terrarium

Light up the corner of your house with this light-up terrarium as the fish bowl Christmas decoration ideas for your DIY Christmas décor project. The terrarium is easy to make as you only need to arrange artificial greeneries and cherries with snow powder and LED light strips inside the fish bowl.

The fish bowl could be placed as it is or turned upside down with a lid on the bottom. 

20. A Christmas Diorama 

Source: Pinterest (@Alexandra Tsami Mousa)

Build a beautiful Christmas diorama inside a fish bowl for the heart-warming fish bowl Christmas decoration ideas. It will make a cute decoration for a tabletop or placed around the house corner. It’s an easy DIY for your Christmas decoration project.

You will need snow powder or snowballs and some Christmas ornaments such as greenery and figurines. For a magical effect, you can add a yellow light or light strips underneath the snowballs.

Latest Post:

How do you decorate a Christmas fish bowl?

You can decorate a Christmas fish bowl in several ways. For amazing fish bowl Christmas decoration ideas, you can create a snowman by stacking 2 or 3 different sizes of the fish bowls. With some Christmas ornaments and décor, the fish bowl also can be a beautiful centerpiece to decorate your tabletop or house corner.

How do you make a snowman out of fish bowls?

You can make a snowman out of a fish bowl by stacking 2 or 3 different sizes of fish bowls as the snowman’s body. Fully fill the bowl with white snowballs and add some decorative ornaments as the finishing touch such as the hat, hands, scarf, snowflakes, and some greeneries on the hat. Another way, you can fill each bowl with a Christmas scene and add some figurines on the inside.

Where should a Christmas fish bowl decoration be placed in a home?

A Christmas fish bowl decoration can be placed anywhere in your home. Many people create a fish bowl decoration as a centerpiece of their dining table. It’s a great centerpiece for a festive dining table. For a larger fish bowl decoration such as a snowman, you can put it next to the Christmas tree as a companion for a festive arrangement inside the house.

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