21 Awesome And Rousing Christmas Chalkboard Ideas

All over the world, Christmas is celebrated with joy and happiness. People will put Christmas decorative things in their house, and one of them is a Christmas Chalkboard Art. It is usually used at home by family, and also in other places such as restaurants, shops, caffe, even hospitals. Christmas chalkboard art even can present any good spirits and joyful holiday into the area.

Christmas Chalkboard Art is a decoration that can be made by everyone of any age. Parents can even do it with their toddlers and have fun making it. There are tons of Christmas things that you can draw on your chalkboard colorfully, simply, or funnily. We compiled those awesome and rousing Christmas chalkboard art ideas for you below. Let’s check them out!

Colorful Christmas Chalkboard Ideas

Christmas that comes in Winter should be celebrated colorfully. Especially in a white dominated season, colorful Christmas chalkboard art would perfectly stand out. What are they? Here we compiled various positive vibes chalkboard art for you below.

1. Colorful Merry Christmas Chalkboard Art

Source: Pinterest (@Jennifer Della-Santina)

Colors should always be put on your chalkboard, especially when you are welcoming Christmas and your guests into your house or shop. Send them the best wishes for a happy Christmas by drawing a snowman with some green leaves and a little happy bird. The colorful lights might give the brighter color to your chalkboard art. Wish them a merry Christmas and happy new year. They might need more spirit to reach their new year goals and resolutions.

2. Yummy Chocolate Menu on Chalkboard Art

Source: Pinterest (@chalkboss.etsy.com)

Chalkboard art used as a store’s welcome sign is effectively used to update the menu and promotions of the day. It can also be used when you have a delicious hot chocolate menu for winter in your shop especially during christmas. The cup of chocolate chalkboard art that you make will surely tempt everyone that is passing by. Make sure you prepare the strongest chalkboard and manage the composition of objects, colors, and text on your chalkboard art.

3. Christmas Things Tree Chalkboard

Source: Pinterest (@Mandi Packer)

The presence of a Christmas tree is not only used as a decoration, but also holds a deep meaning within. The evergreen tree represents eternal life and joy of holiday, the joyful and brightest time of the year. On chalkboard art, it can be presented in the form of a Christmas tree with Christmas ornaments forming it. A star, a deer, presents, Santa’s socks, little lights, candies and joy would be lovely things accompanying your holiday.

4. Christmas Affirmation Tree Chalkboard Art

The evergreen tree on Christmas symbolizes immortality and spirit that would stave evil spirits off. It is not only a belief, but actually works through good words and affirmations. Joy, love, peace, and a merry Christmas are basic good words you should go with everyday. The green leaves ornaments and the sparkling star on your Christmas chalkboard will give a wonderful spirit to your holiday.

5. Christmas Things Chalkboard Art

Source: Pinterest (@Lindsay Cowman)

Put an awesome sign in front of your house or shop by putting some Christmas things onto your chalkboard art. Good words, lighting candles, pine leaves, candies, presents, and Santa’s hat would be lovely things accompanying your Christmas. Don’t forget to put some cold wind accents on your chalkboard. The wind blow sensation will beautify your Christmas chalkboard art.

Simple Christmas Chalkboard Ideas

In welcoming this festive season, sometimes you can be simple as well. Being simple will not reduce your joy and happiness. It can even lead you to another level of Christmas celebration when you feel stressless in deciding what to draw on your chalkboard art. Herewith we compile simple Christmas chalkboard ideas for you below. Let’s check it out!

6. Snow Globe on A Chalkboard Art

Source: Pinterest (@Meagan Paquette)

Snow globe is one of the Christmas decorations that is always there. Whether it is decorating a home or a shop for business, snow globe has a wonderful energy of bringing the joy of Christmas home. Even when you do not have one physical snow globe, you can draw it on your chalkboard. With a little touch of a great snowman and pine tree, your chalkboard art snow globe will look wonderful. Make sure you give your words admiring the wonderful winter bringing joyful Christmas along.

7. BW Merry Christmas Chalkboard Art

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

A simple wish for your Christmas is to be merry and delighted. Put that wish into a beautiful drawing onto your chalkboard by only using a white chalk. It will take you a minute to decorate your chalkboard art with some leaves, twin bells, and flying deers. This simple Merry Christmas chalkboard art will always remind you to enjoy and be grateful for the Christmas you have this season.

8. Black and White Today’s Menu

Welcome your customers with the happiest Christmas by a simple today’s menu on a chalkboard. Simply write down your today’s menu on the board, the food and beverages that suits the cold winter season. Let the customers know you are serving the best menu for the festive season. Hot chocolate and marshmallows would be the star of your show. Meanwhile the apple pie, brownies, and other desserts would complete the whole winter tradition. Warm and sweet.

9. A Simple Christmas Tree

A simple Christmas tree chalkboard art would be the simplest Christmas chalkboard art of all. Simply draw a standing pine or fir tree, leaves, and of course, the star topping the tree. There is not much thinking and planning process. Just grab your white chalk, sketch, and you’re done. The simplest Christmas chalkboard art but symbolizes longevity perfectly.

10. Joyful Christmas Ball Chalkboard Art

The word “Joy” written on this chalkboard art may seem simple to you. But if you take a deeper look, you will see a crystal ball forming the word “O” and it looks so beautiful. Besides, there are also pine trees on the bottom part of the chalkboard with a snowy sky. This simple joyful christmas ball chalkboard art requires only one white chalk. It is so simply adorable. Even though it is a simple chalkboard art, you need the best chalkboard eraser when you want to start a new art.

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11. Christmas Ball Chalkboard Art

Are you not good at drawing but you really need to make chalkboard art? Well, the simple Christmas balls can be a great option for you. It is the simplest yet cutest piece of art that almost anyone can make. Little sparks would add the sense of glamor festive season into your Christmas chalkboard art. Draw as many sparkling Christmas balls as you like, and that’s it! Merry Christmas!

12. Good Words for Good Vibes

Source: Pinterest (@liketk.it)

Good vibes in this Christmas can be built through your mind. The place where your reality is designed and planned. It is important for you to be grateful for the Christmas and special moments of the year. White color dominates the chalkboard with “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” with the green pine and fin leaves decorating and beautifying your chalkboard art. Seeing this Christmas chalkboard art will bring you the best vibe this season.

Funny Christmas Chalkboard Ideas

Winter may be the coldest season which Christmas comes along with. The coldness may be icing and freezing sometimes until you need something to warm yourself up. Humor can be the best thing you can put on your Christmas chalkboard art which you put in front of houses or shops. Let the fun spread and be received by everyone!

13. Small Letter for Santa Claus

A cute little letter for Santa is usually said by kids. They strongly believe when they do good, Santa will give them presents on Christmas. But as we grow up, we might find it is hard for us to do good everyday and wish for Santa’s presents. So, it may make us give up wishing and instead, buy the gift by yourself. What a poor little grown up kid.

14. Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather
Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.ca)

“Sweater weather” sounds cute and looks simple at the same time. The rhyme makes it a funny Christmas chalkboard art along with the connected knitted gloves at the bottom. The snow crystals are so iconic in symbolizing the cold winter season and how the gloves and sweater would be perfect for this Christmas. Moreover, there is a little lovely heart connecting the gloves. How lovely and fun this season could be!

15. Snowmen’s Christmas Tree

Source: Pinterest (@Tara D)

Christmas is not only for humans, even snowmen would love to enjoy the Christmas and build their own Christmas tree. Take a look at these snowmen! They are placing the star as the tree topping by stacking themselves one on another. It must be so hard for them to put it on the tree, especially for the snowman at the bottomest. Thank God they are all wearing scarfs that keep them warm.

16. Christmas Countdown Chalkboard

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Christmas is full of anticipation because it is the biggest annual event celebrated by most people all over the world. People even count it down impatiently, waiting for Santa to stop by and put the presents under their Christmas tree. As it is written on this Christmas chalkboard asking Santa to stop by for their kids on Christmas. What a lovely and funny Christmas chalkboard art.

17. Gnome Chalkboard Art

Gnome Chalkboard Art
Source: Pinterest (@Trisha)

These cute little guys are so magical. With their little body, long body hair, eyes covered in hats, and only their noses being uncovered, they can even understand emotions and feelings. It is a simple chalkboard art when you do not need to think about drawing the face and much detail. Moreover, it is a funny and cute main character of your Christmas chalkboard art. You can only draw 4 gnomes, and give little hatchlings.

18. Sip Me Baby One More Time

Sip Me Baby One More Time
Source: Pinterest (@thriftyniftymommy.com)

Seeing this chalkboard art would make you sing the song of Britney Spears automatically. The blue cup also is made in blue color with some icy crystal accent on the cup. There is chocolate in the cup which makes it seem to be filled with a delicious drink to drink on cold winter. Seeing this Christmas chalkboard art is funny but lovely at the same time. It makes you want to have a cup of hot chocolate to warm your body.

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19. Red Wine for Christmas

Red Wine for Christmas
Source: Pinterest (@Primitives by Kathy)

Drinking a glass of red wine in winter would be delightful. Especially for adults who want to enjoy the warmth inside your body when it is cold outside. This Christmas chalkboard art represents that feeling perfectly and funnily. Who does not love the combination of a white Christmas and red wine? I guess most people would love them.

20. Jingle ALL THE WAY

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Do you remember the song “Jingle bells”? It is a popular song that is usually sung during Christmas. Thus, putting one of the lyric lines on a chalkboard would be a lovely idea this holiday. This Christmas chalkboard picked the line “Jingle all the way” but added inner thoughts below it. It says “seriously nobody likes a half assed jingler” which makes it so funny.

21. Nutcrackers Chalkboard Art

Nutcrackers Chalkboard Art
Source: Pinterest (@media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com)

Besides gnomes, nutcrackers are also cute things that can be drawn on chalkboard art. The iconic mustache, soldier costume, and strapping posture would attract good luck into your house and shop. The strong image of this German folklore will protect your house and shop from any bad spirit. Be sure to use colorful sidewalk chalk to give the best color for your nutcrackers. Don’t forget the tooth detail that somehow seems cute and funny.

Final Thought

Your Christmas chalkboard art will be a charm which attracts good things coming into your area. Make sure you make it happily and joyfully so the good feeling can be spread out around you. Colorful, simple, and funny chalkboard arts we compiled above would give you ideas and options of how to celebrate this Christmas. Christmas related objects are perfect for your chalkboard art.

Latest Post:

What is Christmas Chalkboard Art?

Christmas chalkboard art is one of Christmas decorations that is made as a welcome sign for stores and adding more holiday soul into houses. It is a cultural and artistic thing for Christmas that almost everyone has. Snowmen, Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, deer, and other Christmas related things are often drawn on the chalkboard art.

How do you create chalkboard art as a welcome sign to your store?

A chalkboard art used as a welcome sign to your store has an important role for your income this season. Thus, in making the chalkboard art you can start with preparing the supplies that you need like chalks, cotton bud, damp rag, masking tape, and any other necessary things to create the best chalkboard art as your store welcome sign. There are lots of templates you can use on the internet, or you can just let your imagination and artistic talent flow freely.

How do you easily erase chalkboard art?

If your chalkboard art was made of traditional chalks, you just need a wet towel to erase it easily. But if you use chalkboard markers, you may need a little vinegar mixed in the water before you wet your towel. There are also chalkboard erasers sold on various marketplaces. Wet the eraser and clean your chalkboard. You may need to repeat the process until you are satisfied with the result.

What color can you choose to create an awesome colorful Christmas chalkboard?

A black chalkboard is a wonderful color to build an awesome colorful christmas chalkboard art. Make sure you combine the best colors that can support each other and make your art look appealing. White, blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, green, dark pink, and light pink will surely bring a colorful atmosphere onto your black chalkboard. Be considerate to put and combine those amazing colors to make an awesome christmas chalkboard art.

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