25 Amazing Halloween Chalkboard Ideas For Halloween Decor

Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays of the year and that’s why you need Halloween chalkboard ideas. The best way to decorate your front door for Halloween without spending a lot of money is with a simple Halloween chalkboard. They add a fun element to your front door and require little effort on your part! There are many great ways to use this fun, easy and inexpensive decoration for your home. A Halloween signboard can be of different styles, like making an abstract image using the word “Halloween” or coloring it in a vibrant color and placing it at festive places.

When it comes to Halloween chalkboard ideas, this article will guide you for amazing styles and patterns. From DIY chalkboard art signs to colorful chalkboard decor in Halloween theme, you will find the best ideas to enhance Halloween vibes. Let’s take a look at awesome top lists we have compiled for your inspiration below!

1. Starbucks Halloween Chalkboard

Halloween Chalkboard Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Kari Kari)

For those who want to bring a Halloween vibe to your cafe, you can use this idea. Inspired by the Starbucks menu with a touch of Halloween, write those unique menus on the black wooden chalkboard with orange and peach chalk pens. Add 3 cups of iconic coffee cups in a large smoky caldron and the creepy Witch’s hat to complete the design, making perfect Halloween chalkboard ideas for the cafe. 

2. Ghost In Jack o Lantern Chalkboard

Halloween Chalkboard Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@tumblr.com)

A creepy but stunning chalkboard art, this design will be one of the best Halloween chalkboard ideas you should try. Combine creepy Halloween elements in one chalkboard. Draw a large Jack o Lantern which is filled with spooky ghosts, giving a double scary feel. Draw some spiderwebs to fill the empty background, making a pretty DIY Halloween chalkboard.

3. Trick or Treat DIY Chalkboard

Halloween Chalkboard Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@bloglovin.com)

In case you are looking for pretty DIY Halloween chalkboard ideas for beginners, we got the best option for you! The idea only needs you to draw straight lines. From the Trick and Treat lettering to the artistic spider web design, all you have to do is to draw straight lines and connect them all. Simply use white chalks to create this chalkboard decor and you will get a simple but charming Halloween sign.

4. Hocus Pocus Chalkboard Art

Halloween Chalkboard Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@elegantnest.blogspot.com)

This Halloween chalkboard sign is indeed adorable and pretty! Let your guest feel the Hocus Pocus effect after seeing this stunning chalkboard art. It has a classic image of a witch’s flying broom and hat, along with a little spider hanging and its spiderweb that give another appeal. Draw this unique spell on the gold metal frame chalkboard to add a magical feel. 

5. October Feast Chalkboard

Halloween Chalkboard Ideas

Since you need Halloween chalkboard ideas in October, why don’t you create a unique chalkboard art about October feasts? Use a rustic chalkboard decor to give a vintage autumn feel. You can draw pumpkins, apples, bats, and other iconic October feasts on the chalkboard. Create unique Halloween word arts to fill the blank space using colorful chalks to make this design more attractive.

6. Happy Halloween Chalkboard

Halloween Chalkboard Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Melissa Hicks)

With using orange and white chalks you can create a pretty DIY chalkboard art sign to celebrate Halloween. Simply draw a unique curvy Happy Halloween lettering with orange chalks on the center. You may add a little bit of pink color to give depth to the text. Decorate the blank space with a large spider hanging on the word art, spider web, and an adorable pumpkin to complete the picture.

7. Boo DIY Chalkboard

Halloween Chalkboard Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com)

Suppose you only have white chalk pens, this is one of the best Halloween chalkboard ideas for you. Using a chalkboard stand, let this idea inspire you to create a spooky yet pretty DIY chalkboard art. Simply draw a large Jack o Lantern on the bottom left corner of the chalkboard for the main focal point. You can add an artistic “Boo” lettering with spider web and bat around it. Complete the design with a tendril pattern on the empty space.  

8. Welcome My Pretties Chalkboard Art

Halloween Chalkboard Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Hemimacktruck)

Welcome your guests at the Halloween party with charming Halloween chalkboard ideas like this concept. Draw a witch’s hat hanging on a flying broom with a mysterious boiling pot next to it. Give spooky elements such as a hanging spider and its spider web. Don’t forget to add attractive welcoming words in bright purple color to create a wonderful chalkboard decor.

9. Spooky Scary Skeletons Chalkboard

Halloween Chalkboard Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Emily Cornwall)

When it comes to scary Halloween chalkboard ideas, skeletons will be a fantastic picture to draw. Use a large chalkboard to draw 3 skeletons with hanging spiders to give a spooky feel. Don’t forget to add the “Spooky Scary Skeletons” word art that represents the Halloween vibes with purple chalks. You can also add more colors by drawing orange pumpkin below the skeletons.

10. Happy Halloween Black Cat and Pumpkins

Happy Halloween Black Cat and Pumpkins

A black cat design is one of the most ideal Halloween chalkboard ideas since you don’t have to color it. To create a neat outline drawing, you can use the fine tip chalk pens. Choose a purple outline for the black cat. Meanwhile, you can draw some Jack o Lanterns in orange outline behind the black cat. Create a Happy Halloween word art above the picture, making a wonderful chalkboard decor.

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11. Trick or Treat Halloween Chalkboard Poster

Trick or Treat Halloween Chalkboard Poster

In case you want to create a Halloween chalkboard poster, then use the chalkboard paper roll to get the perfect size you want. Draw an appealing Halloween message such as “Trick or Treat” in the iconic Halloween font style. Below the work art, try to draw a Jack o Lantern outline with Halloween treats in orange, white, and purple color, making one of the best Halloween chalkboard ideas for poster. 

12. Cemetery Halloween Chalkboard

Cemetery Halloween Chalkboard

Create a spooky Halloween atmosphere with the perfect chalkboard art. Try to draw the creepy cemetery feel on the chalkboard. Simply use cool tones such as blue chack to draw the cemetery. Add trees and bats outline images along with a scary Jack o Lantern to enhance the vibe. In addition, you can add a full moon which brings a little light to the cemetery.

13. Happy Halloween Chalkboard Menu Sign

Happy Halloween Chalkboard Menu Sign

Make your own Halloween chalkboard menu for your restaurant! With Halloween chalkboard ideas, you can create a chalkboard art for your seasonal menu. Draw an artistic Jack o ‘Lantern with your food pictures on the menu sign chalkboard. Use colorful fine tipe chalks to add depth on each image. Customize the word arts with Happy Halloween greeting or other appealing Halloween themed words.

14. Halloween Chalkboard with Liquid Chalk Markers

Halloween Chalkboard with Liquid Chalk Markers

If you love paint art but still want to have Halloween chalkboard decor, then you can use liquid chalk markers. By using these markers, you can create a spooky DIY word art with a smooth narrow edge font style. In addition, try to draw some iconic Halloween elements such as a Jack o Lantern, witch’s hat, ghost, bats, spiders, and spiderwebs. 

15. Happy Halloween Doodle Chalkboard

Happy Halloween Doodle Chalkboard

For those who love adorable doodles, this concept will be one of the most charming Halloween chalkboard ideas. First, draw a Happy Halloween lettering on the center. Let your creativity and imagination draw Halloween doodles to fill the chalkboards. You can draw a creepy cemetery, ghosts, or spiders around the text. Add some candies and bats to make the doodle more lively.

16. Halloween Monster R.I.P Chalkboard

Halloween Monster R.I.P Chalkboard

A simple yet challenging chalkboard art, this chalkboard art sign is ideal for those skillful painters. Since this design calls for very precise curves and straight lines, use white chalk markers with a fine tip. You should draw the iconic R.I.P monster which is inspired by tombstone. Add the Happy Halloween lettering in spooky bones style below the iconic monster.

17. Halloween Witch’s Broom Chalkboard

Halloween Witch’s Broom Chalkboard
Source: Pinterest (@Rachel)

Delight your guests with playful Halloween chalkboard ideas in your Halloween party. You can use a long white frame chalkboard to draw several unique witch’s brooms that suit their style. There are various irregular brooms that may entertain your guests. You can put this chalkboard decor near the welcoming sign to bring the Halloween atmosphere.

18. Spooky House Chalkboard Art on Door

Spooky House Chalkboard Art on Door
Source: Pinterest (@Jill Stansberry)

Suppose you don’t have a large chalkboard for the welcoming sign, try to decorate your door then! You can use the chalkboard wall sticker on the door, so you will have a large area to draw a spooky house scene with trick or treat lettering. Use the regular chalks to create a haunted house along with those creepy ghosts around. This is one of the most creative Halloween chalkboard ideas to welcome guests.

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19. I Put A Spell On You Chalkboard

I Put A Spell On You Chalkboard
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Show your romantic yet funny side in a Halloween party to your special person with this idea. The funny “I Put A Spell On You” text is one of the most attractive Halloween chalkboard ideas that will impress your loved ones. You can create the design on the mini memo chalkboard. Put the chalkboard on their table and they may feel the potent spell on! 

20. Halloween Sign Word Art Chalkboard

Halloween Sign Word Art Chalkboard
Source: Pinterest (@andersonandgrant.com)

Combining various font styles, this is definitely one of the most aesthetic Halloween chalkboard ideas you should try! The key of this idea is the word art style and the magical feel text. You can add a crescent moon and witch’s hat along with a tendril pattern to frame the text. Place the chalkboard on a white wall frame in matching tone with chalk color.  

21. Scary Owl Chalkboard

Scary Owl Chalkboard
Source: Pinterest (@44haven.com)

Have this owl Halloween chalkboard as part of your home decorations this year. It’s not really hard to create, but you can really build that Halloween mood around the house. After all, an owl standing on a tree branch will always give you that Halloween chills, right? In addition, add some Halloween decorations such as candles to be placed in front of the board, and add some lighting to create a spooky Halloween mood. 

22. Spooky Halloween Castle

Spooky Halloween Castle
Source: Pinterest (@Freak Collect)

Play around with your colorful chalks by drawing this cool Halloween castle. Prepare your black, yellow and orange chalks and you can recreate this spooky Halloween castle to be part of your Halloween home decoration. This spooky board has the main elements of a spooky Halloween, including the full moon, haunted castle, scary pumpkin, and the flying bats, too.

23. Halloween Ghost and a Pumpkin

Halloween Ghost and a Pumpkin
Source: Pinterest (@tisjulia)

Although this Halloween chalkboard looks simple and easy to recreate, we have to agree that it looks super spooky, which makes it perfect for Halloween. Let the ghost wish us a Happy Halloween by handing us his pumpkin, which will bring Halloween to our home. With so little effort you can get a huge impact because this one is one scary Halloween chalkboard. 

24. The Nightmare Before Christmas Themed Chalkboard

The Nightmare Before Christmas Themed Chalkboard
Source: Pinterest (@Amy Manus)

We just can’t get enough of the full moon! This one also includes a full moon with the whole image inspired by the Nightmare Before Christmas, one of Tim Burton’s most famous animation movies. This artwork required extra efforts because the images are pretty difficult to recreate. But looking at how it turns out, it’s totally worth it.

25. A Bunch of Hocus Pocus Chalkboard

A Bunch of Hocus Pocus Chalkboard
Source: Pinterest (@caravanshoppe.com)

Let this flowery skull decorate your home this Halloween. However, we must tell you that this one also requires extra talent. It looks like a piece of art, and it might take a lot of time and concentration to create the perfect piece. But if you want to create a different kind of Halloween chalkboard this year, this can be a great option to pick.

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How do you make a Halloween chalk menu?

First, you should decide the creative Halloween themed menu names. After that, try to draw the food image and its unique names with colorful chalks. You can draw Halloween ornaments such as Jack o Lantern, spider, or witch’s hat to fill the empty space and make the chalkboard more lively.  

Are chalkboards still in style?

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