25 Selections of The Best Female Villain Outfits to Pull Off

If you are a fan of superheroes’ comic books or movies, then you must know that there are so many cool female villains to adore. Some are evil from the start, and some are evil due to certain conditions or circumstances that force them to become evil. One thing for sure, most female villains have amazing superpowers and costumes.

villain outfits female
villain outfits female

Thanks to the increasing popularity of Disney, Marvel and DC superheroes’ stories, we are introduced to so many cool female villains with super cool outfits and powers. Therefore, many cosplay enthusiasts choose to cosplay female villain characters for cosplay events or even Halloween. Many of the costumes offer amazing attention to details and include all the necessary accessories to complete the look. 

If you plan on cosplaying one of your favorite female villain characters, then it is best to also embody the character through your outfit. The best kind of cosplay is the one that has more than just the perfect outfit, but also carries the true persona of the character as well. You can achieve that by practicing your confidence while wearing the outfit, and bringing out the evil expression of being a villain female.

Comic Book Femme Fatales

Now let’s start with the first category; comic book femme fatales. In this category you will find the recommendations of female villain outfits inspired by comic books. If you are a true fan of original comic book characters, we’re pretty sure you will find the best choice of outfit in this category.

1. Poison Ivy Outfit

Female Villain Outfits
Source: Pinterest (@Leelookris)

Poison Ivy is sweet, cares so much about plants, and she is also very seductive towards men. Well, no wonder why so many men are falling for her ‘poisoned’ seduction. If you are a fan of Poison Ivy, then you need to check out this Poison Ivy outfit. It comes in an all-green outfit with red long hair that will make you look stunning.

The costume includes a green tube top, stockings, gloves, and a cape that has green leaves. We also recommend you to wear green shoes, too. With this all-green female villain outfit, we believe you will become one of Batman’s sexiest enemies ever. 

2. Elektra Costume 

Female Villain Outfits
Source: Instagram (@snarkyjaycosplay)

Elektra is more than just pretty, smart and evil, because she is also very good with knives. With this red Elektra outfit we believe you will look like a super cool female villain with a sexy outfit. 

Elektra’s costume comes in red and it includes the sexy dress, boots, and bandana. As for the weapons, make sure you carry two hand knives with you because the knives are Elektra’s main weapons and you are sure no Elektra without the knives on your hands. 

3. Emma Frost Outfit

Female Villain Outfits
Source: Instagram (@elena_strikes)

Yes, Emma Frost is sweet. But do you know that she is also evil and has the power to transform herself into diamonds? Yes, don’t be deceived by her innocent look and white outfit. You can cosplay Emma Frost by wearing this sexy costume, which we think comes as one of the sexiest female villain outfits in this category.

You will need to wear a crop tube top, hot pants, stockings and a cape, and all come in white. And oh, make sure you wear the white gloves as well. As for the hair and makeup, you can leave your long blonde hair as it is and put a sweet innocent makeup that shows the sexiness in you. 

4. Classic Jean Grey Costume

Female Villain Outfits
Source: Instagram (@braekor)

We all know that no power can beat the power of Jean Grey. With such power, she is the lady that can create and destroy anything in seconds. We can understand why she has so many fans who would want to cosplay her for the next cosplay events. However, since there are several versions of Jean Grey’s outfits, here we recommend you to pick her most classic outfit.

This classic Jean Grey outfit comes as a one-piece costume in blue and yellow, and it also needs to be complemented by long red hair as her iconic style. However, since this costume is pretty tight, you need to make you pick the costume made of high-quality material, which will ensure your comfort throughout the event.

5. Black Cat Cosplay

Female Villain Outfits
Source: Pinterest (@cardeas.ph)

This Black Cat cosplay is another option for female villain characters to choose, especially if you are a fan of classic comic books. It comes with a on-epice black suit with a white leather accent on the neckline.

In addition, it needs to also be completed with a white eye mask and a black pair of boots, which are her iconic style in the comic book. Lastly, make sure you don’t forget about the white long hair. If you have long hair already, then we suggest that you bleach or dye your hair white. 

Movie Female Villain Outfits

Now let’s move on to the next category on the list, which is the category of movie female villain outfits. In this category we will share with you some of the most recommended female villain cosplay ideas that are inspired by famous movies or films.

Let’s check them all out!

6. The Other Mother Costume

Female Villain Outfits
Source: Pinterest (@aivenl·she/her/they/them)

To be honest, we think the Other Mother costume is truly one of the scariest female villain characters we know. Behind her sweet personality lies an evil that we can never imagine. With the two black large buttons on her eyes, we can assure you that no one dares to harm you on Halloween, or any costume event that you attend. 

Her outfit includes a black and white polkadot dress with shoulder-length black hair, plus of course, the two black buttons to replace the eyes. If you are a fan of the Other Mother, then we highly recommend you to pick this costume.

7. Regina George Outfit

Female Villain Outfits
Source: Pinterest (@franciscadanielaseplvedasoto)

Calling all Mean Girls fans out there! We believe that although this girl is super evil, Regina George has a lot of fans out there. If you are one of them, then you might want to pick her iconic outfit for the next Halloween of costume parties. 

Her outfit includes a white tank top, pink cardigan and also a mini skirt in pink as well. As for the hair, put on a long blonde wig and add some bling-bling accessories that show her true character as the most popular girl in high school, such as an initial necklace. And oh, make sure you don’t leave the famous ‘Burn Book’ at home. Because Regina George needs to have the book everywhere she goes.

8. Bellatrix Lestrange Outfit

Female Villain Outfits
Source: Instagram (@sydneynicoleaddams)

We know that Harry Potter and his friends hate Bellatrix Lestrange. But we think it’s not a sin to adore her look, especially her outfit, right? Looking like a true evil witch, cosplaying Bellatrix Lestrange will officially make you the most evil witch at the costume party. 

It comes in all black dress plus a pair of black boots and gloves. We suggest that you also style your hair in a messy curly style with a smoky makeup that will definitely complete your look. Last but not least, make sure you carry your wand, just in case some magic comes up and needs your instant spell to put something evil to it. 

9. Dolores Umbridge Costume

Female Villain Outfits
Source: Pinterest (@maskerix)

Next up we have another female villain character from the famous Harry Potter movies, Dolored Umbridge. If you noticed, she actually has a typical and conservative teacher look plus the leather shoes, too. 

We have to admit that we love her look, especially this look that comes in pink. It makes her look nice, although in fact she is an evil, evil person. If you are a fan of Harry Potter and love how the character of Dolores Umbridge really shows her evilness in a unique way, then this is the costume for you. You just need to wear a pink outfit with a patterned pink and black coat. Also, make sure you style your hair in her style while carrying the wand to punish the students of Hogwarts who disobey her rules.

10. Princess Revena Outfit

Female Villain Outfits
Source: Instagram (@paolavillahairdesign)

Talking about evil, let’s not forget about how evil Princess Revena is. She just had to be the prettiest of them all, otherwise she would kill other beautiful princesses.. Well, you don’t have to win any beauty pageant to cosplay Princess Revena for sure. Wearing her outfit will already make you feel like the prettiest of them all.

With amazing details, this costume is worth the pick. It comes with a beautifully crafted design plus the additional accessories that will complete your look in the best way possible. Say the cool pair of boots, the robe, and last but not last, the crown. In order to cosplay her look, make sure you include all of the accessories, too!

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Disney Female Villain Outfits

Our third category is the one with the list of Disney Female Villain Outfits that will take you to a childhood nostalgia of watching Disney movies on TV. If you are wanting to wear your favorite female villain’s costume, then make sure you check out the ideas that we included in this category.

11. Ursula Outfit

Female Villain Outfits
Source: Pinterest (@smrtscholhouse)

We just don’t know how Ursula can be so cruel to Ariel. Well, perhaps that’s because she’s just pure evil, that’s all. Since it only happens in the Disney’s Little Mermaid movie, we think you can choose to become Ursula for your next costume event, or Halloween which is just around the corner. 

In our opinion, Ursula’s costume is very unique since it comes with some tentacles that make you look as if you have more than 5 feet. Pretty cool, right? It comes in a black tube dress plus a purple skin and gray hair. As for the accessories, wear a shell necklace to complete your look, and put on bold and colorful makeup, too. 

12. The Evil Queen Costume

Female Villain Outfits
Source: Pinterest (@thatdisneyfam1)

The evil queen has an iconic outfit that will definitely remind us of our childhood watching the classic Sleeping Beauty on TV with mom and dad. If you are a fan of the story, then we think it is a must for you to try cosplaying the evil queen for your next Halloween costume event. 

As you probably imagined already, the costume features a purple princess dress with a combination of black, red and gold accent. You can get the ready-to-wear costume pretty easily, and usually it includes the iconic crown as well. As for the apple, which makes the Sleeping Beauty spend her time sleeping, we think you can grab one from your mom’s kitchen. 

13. Maleficent Outfit

Female Villain Outfits
Source: Instagram (@alysontabbitha)

Angelina Jolie plays the character of Maleficent perfectly, and it even makes us think that the true face of Maleficent looks exactly like Angelina Jolie, with the horns and stuff. If you are a fan of Maleficent the movie, just like us, then we highly recommend you to pick her costume, just like this one. 

It comes with a white off shoulder top with a long black skirt. However, one thing that is truly the main element of this costume is none other than the black horns and wings. The two accessories might be a bit costly, but we can assure you that it will all be worth it. 

14. Mother Gothel Outfit

Female Villain Outfits
Source: Pinterest (@alwayshalloween)

Hello Mother Gothel! Here we have another lady who just needs to be the prettiest of them all, the Mother Gothel. As a female villain character in the movie Tangled, we have to say that her outfit is pretty elegant. In fact, we think it is one of the most elegant female villain outfits on the list. 

She is wearing a classic red suede dress paired with a pair of leather boots to complete the look. If you are thinking of becoming her, then make sure you wear a dress that fit your body perfectly and wear a curly black hair wig with simple makeup and red lipstick. 

15. Cruella De Vil

Female Villain Outfits
Source: Instagram (@amandapoesie)

Cruella De Vil is all about fashion and evil. As the name suggests, she is an evil woman who needs to have everything she wants. Well, we do know that she is evil and stuff, but we can assure you that her outfit is elegant and unique, making it one of the best female villain outfits to wear. 

Among so many versions of Cruella De Vil outfits, we think this version is the one that needs to be included in our list. It comes in a tiny tube dress with a Dalmatian-patterned furry coat. You can pair them with a pair of black stilettos with black stockings, and dye your hair in black and white, which is her iconic hairstyle. 

16. Madame Medusa Costume

Madame Medusa Costume
Source: Pinterest (@erinshute5)

Madame Medusa is a female villain in the animated feature film The Rescuers. She has a messy physical appearance with short bright orange hair and also green eyes. As for the outfit, you can cosplay as her by wearing a bright red sleeveless cocktail dress.

As for the accessories, she is also wearing a pair of green earrings, so you might want to include the earrings as part of the costume element. Also, complete the look by wearing a long coat with fur accents. 

17. Madam Mim’s Colorful Outfit

Madam Mim’s Colorful Outfit
Source: Pinterest (@altmoddirectory)

In the original story, Madam Mim was actually an old lady with a messy and scary look. But since we are talking about the outfit and costume you can choose her look for your next cosplay event. 

You can pick a purple top with a pink skirt, and wear a purple hair wig which has become one of the most iconic characters. You can then add some accessories to complete your look such as a pair of sift purple stockings and a pair of black high heels. Thanks to you, Madam Mim will now have a sexy and elegant look. 

18. Lady Tremaine Costume

Lady Tremaine Costume
Source: Pinterest (@alwayshalloween)

Lady Tremaine might look like a classy lady with an elegant dress. But she is actually a very bad step mother who never treats Cinderella properly. Well, we think that makes her one of the most evil female characters in the world of Disney, don’t you think? Therefore, we think it would be a great idea to pick her character as your Halloween outfit idea.

Her outfit includes a magenta dress with a touch of purple on the chest and hands areas. As for the hair, we would suggest that you get a wig that you can find easily online. As the final touch, carry a wooden stick, and you’re all set to rock the party and perhaps, meet Cinderella somewhere in between?

19. Darla Sherman Outfit

Darla Sherman Outfit
Source: Pinterest (@Disney)

We know how annoying this little girl is, and therefore we can really say that Darle Sherman is probably one of the most evil-ish female characters ever! We just hate to see Neo and friends being treated the way this girl treats them, right?

However, in terms of outfit, her outfit is not actually that bad. She wears a schoolgirl outfit that includes a purple Rock and Roll sweatshirt, a yellow and black shirt, plus a long pair of white socks and sneakers. As for the accessories, you must include the braces and make sure you carry a plastic of fish with you. The fake one will do. 

20. Yzma Costume

Yzma Costume
Source: Pinterest (@dstanz)

If you watched the Emperor’s New Groove, we believe that you recognize the character of Yzma, Not because she is so evil and loves to make devious poisons, she also has a very unique outfit that will make you the star of any party, whether it’s Halloween or costume parties. 

Pick a skinny purple dress with purple feathers spouting out from the collar around the neck. Pair it with blue earrings and bold makeup. However, if you pick to become Yzma, make sure you wear the iconic hairpiece since it is one accessory that makes your look complete as Yzma. 

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DIY Female Villain Outfits

Our net category is dedicated for those who have no more time to check out some costumes in stores. Time is ticking and if you have only several days to prepare for your costume, but still want to look like your favorite female villain character, then scroll down, because we have the best ideas of DIY female villain outfits for you. 

21. Chic Queen of Hearts Outfit

Chic Queen of Hearts Outfit
Source: Pinterest (@manuhockey48)

We know that in Alice in Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts is evil. But can you imagine becoming her but in a chic and sweet look? With this super chic DIY Queen of Hearts outfit, you can be the most fun and chic version of her, ever. 

This is a costume that you can create yourself, since you only need to wear a black tube top covered with a red crop jacket. Then, create a black tutu skirt and add some accents of red heart shapes all around it. Lastly, create a crown made of cards and wear a red handbag to add your sweet and chic look. And you’re all set. Super cute!

22. Bonnie and Clyde Costume

Bonnie and Clyde Costume
Source: Pinterest (@costume_works)

If you are planning on wearing a matching outfit with your significant other, why not try to become Bonnie and Clyde? They are undoubtedly one of the most wanted couples in America, making them one of the most evil, too! 

You can be Bonnie by wearing a long-sleeve cream top with a black mini skirt that will create a sexy look. Then, wear a black painter hat under your short blonde hair and a scarf to add a feminine touch to the look. Lastly, carry a gun that will confirm your place as one of the most badass female villains at the party. 

23. DIY Valak Cosplay

DIY Valak Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@hikmaharc)

The next idea of female villain outfit comes as the easiest, yet the scariest costume recommendation. We need to remind you that this next outfit is not for those who are afraid of Valak. 

However, we just need to include Valak on the list because it’s very easy to create her costume on your own. You just need to black robe with a white head cover and a black hood to cover the head. Then, create an all white makeup with a black smoky eyes, and just enjoy how people will be scared of you, even just by looking at you with the outfit  from across the room. Super fun, right?

24. Miranda Priestly Outfit

Miranda Priestly Outfit
Source: Pinterest (@costume_works)

For the next costume event, how about recreating Miranda Priestly’s elegant look? In our opinion, her outfit is not that hard to create since you just need to wear an all-black office attire and a black suede robe to add an elegant touch to it.

Then, wear a black pair of stockings and pair them with red stilettos, and wear your sunglasses throughout the event to show her persona. Then, carry and hand by and some papers to show how busy you are, and yes, you are now officially the busiest woman in the fashion industry.

25. Easy Harley Quinn Outfit

Easy Harley Quinn Outfit
Source: Pinterest (@itstaylorlately·she/her)

Harley Quinn’s outfit is probably one of the most cheerful outfits on this list. If you have a fun and cheerful personality, you can choose to create your own Harley Quinn outfit using some of the stuff you have at home. 

You only need to wear a white shirt, a pair of black leggings, a pair of ankle boots and a colorful jacket that becomes her iconic look. Well, for the jacket, we do recommend that you purchase one, because the design is one of a kind and only Harley Queen has it, literally. Well, you can easily get one from e-commerce or online stores, though. 

Factors to Consider When Buying a Female Villain Outfit

We know that looking for the perfect female villain outfits is not easy. But there’s no need to worry, because we are here to help you with the task. We will make sure you look your best at the next cosplay event, and we will make sure you have everything you need to be the star of the night with the best female villain outfit. 

1. Key Factor Buying Female Villain Costume

The first thing you need to do is to pick the female villain character to cosplay. Our advice is to choose a character with an outfit that you’ll feel comfortable wearing, since it is important to carry the personality of the character through the costume as well. Once you know what costume that you’re looking for, you need to make sure about the quality of it. 

Search for a costume that has all the elements of the actual outfit, because in the world of cosplay, accuracy is key. Next, you need to make sure you are comfortable in it because you will be wearing it all night long, and lastly, set a budget for the costume and stick with it. However, do bear in mind that quality comes with a price.

2. The Importance of Choosing the Right Female Villain Outfit

The core of cosplay is to look like your favorite character, and those with the best look are the best cosplayers out there. Whether you’re a professional or amateur cosplayer, we believe to look your best is always the goal. Therefore, choosing the best female villain outfits that align with your chosen character is very important. 

One of the best ways to choose the right female villain outfit is by choosing an outfit that fits your body and also character. It will make you feel comfortable wearing it, thus it is easier for you to show the persona of the chosen character as well.

3. Tips on Sizing and Fit

Just like choosing a new pair of jeans or dress, choosing the perfect female villain outfit also needs consideration about having the right size as well. Wearing the right size of costume will make sure you are comfortable wearing it all night long. Also, it is important to be able to move freely as well, because most cosplay events, costume or Halloween parties tend to make you feel like dancing the night away!

Now that you know the basics of buying the perfect female villain outfits, now it’s time to find some inspiration about the best female villain outfits to choose. Below we have a list of 25 best female villain outfit ideas that will help you find the best one, and w

Accessories and Makeup Tips

Just like other characters such as superheroes or anime characters, most female villain characters also have unique outfits with particular accessories like wigs, jewelries, footwear, and makeup that make them look unique and different from other characters. 

Therefore, it is crucial for you to pay attention to these elements as they will complete your look, making you look exactly like your favorite female villain character. In fact, some characters are defined by their costume accessories and no one will recognize them with their accessories like weapons of jewelries. So make sure you have a costume that includes all the necessary elements, always. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know some tips on how to pick the best female villain costumes to wear, plus get some ideas on the most recommended and iconic female villain characters, then it’s time for you to make your decision. Again, remember that it is important to pick a character that also represents your personality and pick a costume that compliments your physical appearance as well.

After all, confidence and attitude plays a crucial role in rocking these outfits. So, pick the best character to cosplay and make sure you have fun! 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What accessories complement female villain costumes?

The best accessories to complement your female villain cosplay are accessories that resemble the actual look of the character that you are cosplaying. Some of the most common accessories are the weapons like sticks, guns, arrows, or rope. Other important accessories are also jewelries like earrings, necklaces or bracelets or rings. 

How do you achieve the perfect makeup for a female villain look?

For a perfect evil female look, it usually helps to go with dark, bold makeup. Go for a dark, smokey eyeshadow look, and add plenty of black eyeliner. Also, you can recreate the look of the character for the makeup to make you look even more authentic. 

Do you need to act in character when wearing a female villain costume?

Ideally it is advised that you try to “play” the character while costumed as them hence cosplay. However, don’t let that hold you back, just do your best. No one should give you a hard time. It takes practice to be good and comfortable, and most people will be more concerned by the way you look.

Can you wear female villain costumes for events other than Halloween?

Yes, absolutely. There are other annual events that generate the chance to dress up in female villain costumes; cosplay events, costume parties, amongst others. However, Halloween is the most popular costume or fancy dress event of the year in western society. 

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