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Harley Quinn Metallic Bomber Jacket

Do you enjoy playing the villain? 

This Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Metallic Bomber Jacket is a one-way ticket to bad guy town or bad Girl town!

Get Harley Quinn’s signature look with when you order the matching shorts, and the ” Daddy’s Little Monster T-Shirt ” in glorious metallic red, white and blue, also her trademark ( Spiked Cuff Bracelets )

Perfect for Halloween, fancy dress-up occasions, or those that just like to dare to be different! 

To complete the look you will need to become a psychiatrist and then fall in love with your most insane and dangerous patient and help him escape.  Also, carry a Baseball bat with the words “Good Night” on it like this one Here  

Harley Quinn Metallic Bomber Jacket


harley quinn bat

Harley Quinn Metallic Bomber Jacket

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