Thor’s Hammer Toilet Paper Holders 

Complete your Marvel-themed décor with Thor’s Hammer Toilet Paper Holders.

After all, the mjolnir deserves a break after a lifetime of epic battles with villains. And where better to take a break than in the restroom?

Probably, that’s not the way Thor envisioned his hammer spending its sunset years.

Sure, it has done quite a bit of dirty work in its lifetime, but this is a new low. (or high – depending on where you are standing).

Thor's Hammer Toilet Paper Holders

If you love Viking décor or have a soft spot for all things Avengers, this makes the perfect addition to your throne room.

Thor's Hammer Toilet Paper Holders

It is a one-of-a-kind piece that is sure to delight guests and residents alike. You can be sure it will make a unique conversation piece.

Thor's Hammer Toilet Paper Holders

Adding whimsy to the design is the quote “Whoever sits here and holds this hammer is deemed worthy and will possess the power of THOR.”

For anyone whose bowel movements could use some motivation, Thor’s power will certainly come in handy.

Thor's Hammer Toilet Paper Holders

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