20 Fun Activities on How to Celebrate a 70th Birthday 

Being able to celebrate a 70th birthday is truly a blessing. It’s definitely one of the greatest milestones in life. 70 is a number that shows someone has lived for seven decades, and that is something that we all should celebrate. Moreover, celebrating a special 70th birthday can also be a good way to show gratitude for being able to live for 70 wonderful years. If you are about to celebrate your 70th birthday this year, then it’s time to gather with family and friends to start with your 70s. Or, if you have parents, grandparents, family or friends who is about to celebrate their 70th birthday, then you may want to arrange a special 70th birthday party for them, too!

There are many ways to celebrate a special 70th birthday. Whether it’s yourself, your parents, or even grandparents who is about to turn 70, you need to make sure that you celebrate it with fun! However, since we know that sometimes searching for the best birthday ideas is not as easy as it sounds. Therefore, we have collected some the best ideas to help you with your search. So let’s wait no more and find the best idea on how to celebrate a 70th birthday below!

Why is the 70th Birthday Important?

Since we know that not many people can reach their 70th birthday, this occasion is definitely special. Birthdays at the age of 70 also have implications for Social Security benefits. Although people can start receiving Social Security benefits at age 62, there are benefits to delaying benefits claims until full retirement age, which ranges from 65 to 67 depending on the year of birth. Therefore, 70th birthday is indeed special and important. So if you want to celebrate the special occasion, you can find some ideas and recommendations below.

Should You Celebrate Your 70th Birthday?

Yes, you should! Use this special day to show your gratitude and spread joy and happiness to others. Whether you want to spend it with family or friends, make sure your 70th birthday is filled with unforgettable and wonderful memories.

What to Expect when You Are 70 Years Old?

You’ll notice a decline in your immune system and general health. After the age of 70, bad nutrition is characterized by fatty foods, foods with a lot of sugar, alcohol, and caffeine, as well as foods with a lot of dairy. Therefore, consider your health status if you are planning to celebrate your 70th birthday.

Amazing Ways on How to Celebrate a Special 70th Birthday

1. Play Board Games

Even at the age of 70, you are never too old to play games! On your special day, we think that playing board games will be a great party idea to celebrate your 70th birthday. You can play with your family and friends because everyone at any age will have a great time playing card games.

You can consider playing some of the old favorites like Scrabble, Sorry, Clue, Life, and Trivial Pursuit. Just make sure you have enough chairs or room on the floor, and we would also advice that you prepare a small gift for the winner.

2. Watch Old School Live Music

Sometimes you may want to bring back the good old days by listening to your favorite songs from the 60s or 70s at live music performances. On this special day, you can hire a tribute band to play hit songs from your favorite bands. Or, you can simply go to a live music performance and request some playlists. We believe that this is definitely a great 70th birthday celebration for music lovers.

3. Vintage Costume Party

Vintage is definitely a charming 70th birthday party theme that will delight your guests, especially women. If you throw a vintage 70th birthday party, you can ask each guest to wear costumes inspired by the 70s or 80s fashion era, which we believe your guests will wear the most fashionable vintage outfits to your party.

To make the party even more exciting, you may also host a mini fashion show, which we think will make a perfect party idea for a women’s 70th birthday party. Lastly, make sure you don’t forget to give a small present for the winner and the one with the best costume!

4. 70th Birthday Cocktail Party

Say cheers to your new age by having an open bar at your birthday party. In case you love alcohol, how about serving your special birthday drink to all the guests of your party? You can invite your closest friend for a simple 70th birthday treat at home or at your favorite bar.

Ask the bartender at the bar to mix your favorite cocktails to make your special signature birthday drink. We have no doubt that this one is an idea that will make your 70th birthday remarkable, especially if you are a man who loves to drink.

5. Take a Professional Photoshoot

As we get older, society isn’t always nice to us. Whether it’s you or someone else who is planning to celebrate the day of turning 70, we recommend you to think about scheduling a birthday photo session with a help from a pro.

You can take the special photoshoot with your family and friends. Ask the photographer to take both indoor or outdoor photo sessions. Personally, we think that having special photoshoot with loved ones will mark the special day with a precious photo to cherish forever!

6. Host a Casino Night

Does your husband enjoy visiting casinos? If he does, then it might be a great idea to celebrate your husband’s 70th birthday! You can plan a casino night at your house, and print the celebrant’s image on all the cards, poker chips, and machine slots. Since it’s a party, you can invite his friends and give them a night to remember forever. We can assure you that it will be a great birthday activity for men at home.

7. Drive Around Town with Classic Car

A classic car’s shining metal is a beautiful thing to behold! If you happen to be a 70 year old car fanatic, then we think it would be a great idea to take advantage of the opportunity to drive around the city in your favorite vehicle.

Even better, you can also rent a classic Ford Escort or Peugeot 205 GTi and ask your loved ones to come along with you for a drive. We can really say that there is nothing can beat watching the beautiful city view while celebrating your 70th birthday with your own favorite classic car!

8. Set Up Mini Golf at the Backyard

When you are turning 70, you may want to celebrate the special milestone with a fun but light activity. And for that reason, we assume you that mini golf would be a great way to celebrate the day you’re turning 70!

If you and your friends love golf, then you can create a miniature golf in your home’s backyard. With this idea, you can experience the mini version of golf that won’t be too tiring. Even better, you can also throw a mini golf competition with your son or even friends at home, creating a memory with family.

9. Go Fishing

In case you want to celebrate your 70th birthday party alone, fishing would be a fantastic choice. According to experts, fishing for elders is recommended as it is calming and can help reduce anxiety as well as tension.

Moreover, due to the fact that it requires light physical exertion, it is also safe and comfortable for senior people, too. Besides, you may feel the joy as you get the first catch after a long time waiting in the river.

10. Enjoy Popular 80’s Food

For those who are food lovers, having some delicious dishes on their 70th birthday party will be amazing. If you are one of them, then you may miss Mini Quiches, which were so popular in back in the days.

In case you need advice, we would advice you to pick Cheeto Puffs and Cool Ranch Doritos because those are two snacks that will help you capture the spirit of the 1980s. For one day only, forget about sugar and calories for a while and enjoy them all on this special day!

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11. Take a Painting Class

At 70, you may spend more time appreciating art and tempting to paint as well. Therefore, if you are currently thinking about how to celebrate a special 70th birthday party, we think that taking a painting class is definitely a brilliant choice!

You can take an offline class in your art studio nearby or simply watch a tutorial video online. Then, you can pick and set up a comfortable location to start your first painting. As for the painting objects, you can paint the backyard view or even the portrait of your adorable grandchildren!

12. Fly with Hot Air Balloon with Family

In case your 70th birthday milestone is to create a remarkable moment with your family, why don’t you try a fun activity together? Well, the hot air balloon experience with family will be a perfect choice! While you’re up in the sky, don’t forget to take everyone for champagne in a hot air balloon. In our opinion, celebrating your 70th birthday on a hot air balloon with a beautiful city view from above is a memory not to forget forever. In addition, this activity can strengthen your family bond, too.

13. Fancy Cruise Dinner

It’s time to treat yourself with a fancy cruise dinner after several decades of hard work! If you want to have a romantic 70th birthday celebration with your partner, the we think that you must consider a cruise dinner.

With such a romantic and beautiful ambience, you can get a chance to enjoy a delicious dinner with a beautiful ocean view. We recommend you to take the evening session where you can also see the sunset from the cruise, which will add to the romantic atmosphere.

14. Give Donations

At the age 70, you may have achieved so many things in life. Therefore, we believe that a special 70th birthday party is the perfect time to show your gratitude by giving donations to the less fortunate people.

Therefore, why don’t you celebrate your birthday by visiting the orphanage nearby and give donations? Or, give your money to Global Orphan Charity in the US. Moreover, you can also share your knowledge and experience with kids at the orphanage. We can assure you that sharing knowledge and experience is also one of the best forms of donations that will last forever.

15. Watch Comedy Shows

Watch Comedy Shows

Watching comedy shows is definitely a funny idea for a 70th birthday celebration that will make you happy all day! Go to the comedy club nearby or simply watch Grace and Frankie and The Kominsky Method on TV to have some laughters and produce more feel-good hormones. In fact, science has shown that people live longer when they are happy. Therefore, if you want to enjoy more happy decades to come, then go watch your favorite comedy shows!

16. Join Aerobic Dance Class

Join Aerobic Dance Class

If you are looking for a fun activity to celebrate 70th birthdays to keep your health, then we highly recommend you to join an aerobic dance class is definitely worth a try! As you age, maintaining muscle strength through aerobic exercise might help you keep your mobility. In fact, exercise can also help your 70 year old body reduce their risk of falling and suffering injuries from falls. Additionally, it can raise your quality of life. 

17. Do Knitting Project

Do Knitting Project

Perhaps the idea of going out and partying to celebrate your 70th birthday is not your cup of tea. If that so, then how about spending the day doing a creative project for elders? If you also love calming and therapeutic activities, we have no doubt knitting will be perfect. We can’t deny that you may develop problems with hand-eye coordination as you age. Therefore,  the knitting project forces your hands and brain to cooperate, preserving your fine motor abilities.

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18. Refresh Your Body at the Swimming Pool

Refresh Your Body At The Swimming Pool

When you wake up in the morning on the the day of your 70th birthday, let’s start the day with a refreshing activity like swimming! You may feel the soothing sensation as you soak your body in the swimming pool in the morning.

On your special day, you can also challenge your 70 year old body to break the personal swimming record. Your cardiovascular health and endurance will be improved by swimming, which also makes your heart bigger and stronger.

19. Have a Good Read

Have A Good Read

When was the last time an excellent and fun book had you completely absorbed? If you can’t remember when, then it means that you need to celebrate your 70th birthday by reading some unfinished books or new ones. Reading great books can benefit your cognitive abilities in addition to providing a delightful retreat for our imaginations. You may spend a productive birthday while possibly delaying the onset of dementia diseases like Alzheimer’s.

20. Learn Musical Instrument

Learn Musical Instrument

Have you ever desired to play the piano but have lack of time to do so? We believe that one of the best times to start a hobby like this is definitely on your 70th birthday. You can start by playing a simple happy birthday song for yourself. Also, you can learn piano or harmonica for beginners, too. In fact, playing instruments also will help with memory retention, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity improvement in addition to keeping the brain healthy and active.

Final Thoughts

One of the best ways to show your gratitude at the age of 70 is by doing fun activities. You need to find activities you enjoy to pay back decades spent with work. Moreover, it’s also the best time to spend the special day with your loved ones. Hopefully our ideas above can help you to celebrate your 70th birthday with fun!

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