20 Ways on How to Celebrate Birthday in Miami

What pops up in your mind when you hear the word Miami? We’re pretty sure it’s all fun and games, indeed. Also known as the gateway to the Americas, Miami has a handful of amazing beaches and scenic city attractions that will surely bring out so much joy, making it a great place to celebrate your birthday. If you plan to celebrate your special day in Miami but don’t know where to go, we’ve selected a list of places to go for your birthday in Miami along with fun activities in Miami you must do. So the next time you are about to celebrate your special day, you just know how to do it the right way.

What are Some Highly Rated Fun Things to do to Celebrate a Birthday in Miami?

There are lots of highly rated fun things to do when it comes to celebrating a birthday in Miami, including a boat nightclub experience, Jet Ski Tours, outdoor shopping by the bay, and artistic get-together at the design district. In fact, Miami has a lot to offer and you’ll get to choose what you want to do. From the most festive party ever to more educational museum tours, Miami has it all.

What do People Say about Fun Things to do when It Comes to Celebrating a Birthday in Miami?

People say that there different fun things to do in Miami, in terms of having a blast birthday celebration. Everyone has a different taste and preference when it comes to celebration after all. Some people love wild parties while some others may like to just chill and relax at the hammock park. Some people want to connect to nature, while others love to connect with the citizens. Whatever it is, Miami is a place for everyone and is able to cater to all of the different desires.

Ideas on How to Celebrate a Birthday in Miami 

1. Food Tour at Little Havana

Little Havana is a special Cuban area located at 144 NW 11th Ave, Miami. There are countless independent owned bakeries, restaurants, and stores that you can explore while you’re there. We must say that Little Havana is the best place that gives you a great opportunity to treat yourself.

You can taste various Mexican cuisine along with the vibrant colors and immersive culture. You can celebrate your birthday by booking a birthday dinner at the best restaurants to celebrate the special day with your loved ones.

2. Millionaire Homes Cruise Sightseeing

Explore Miami in an unusual way by taking a cruise trip. With Millionaire’s Row™ Cruise, you’ll witness the spectacular coastal sites, including the beautiful downtown Miami skyline, the Port of Miami, Fisher Island, Miami Beach and Millionaire’s Row™, the Homes of the Rich and Famous.

Tickets are available daily and start from only $30 for adults. It is located at 401 Biscayne Blvd, Miami. However, do keep in mind that you need to redeem your ticket 45 minutes before the schedule or your ticket will be marked as “no show”.

3. Private Fishing Experience

Looking for something that is truly unique but also relaxing to celebrate your 40th birthday in Miami? For that particular purpose, we recommend you to go on a private fishing tour. Tour Travel & More is a travel agent that provides you with all kinds of private tours, including Miami private fishing charters.

Tickets are available from $299 for a group tour. To make your 40th birthday special, we think it would be perfect if you celebrate it with your best buddies. You will get a 4 hours guided fishing experience and go home feeling satisfied with the best catches.

4. Jet Ski Tour

It’s your special day, so go ahead and be adventurous. To enjoy the best kind of adventure, we definitely think that Everglades Activity is your best friend when it comes to jet ski rental. With $145, you’ll get one hour full of experience with thrilling speed. The path? You decide.

You can create your own adventure and surf through the clear blue waters, and enjoy the thrills as you ride past celebrity mansions, the Miami skyline, and enjoy the views of Miami Beach.

5. Art Talk and Brunch at Vizcaya Museum & Garden

Artsy brunch is the best activity that you can ever get on your birthday. Even better, it is located in the beautiful Vizcaya Museum & Garden, which is a breathtaking Gilded Age estate on Biscayne Bay surrounded by ten acres of formal gardens, a mangrove shoreline and rock land hammock.

We can assure you that it would an experience you won’t forget. The museum is open Wednesday through Monday, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm and you’ll need to book an online ticket prior. Check their website for more information regarding events including art talks and brunch that starts from only $5.

6. Dolphin Mall Shopping Spree

Going to the largest retail shopping center can be the best thing to do on your birthday in Miami. We highly suggest you to visit the famous Dolphin Mall. The Dolphin Mall has over 240 stores, restaurants, and entertainment that you can enjoy with your closest friends. We promise you will never run out of culinary ideas since there are so many restaurants you can pick from fast food, grills, cuban, to the best ice creams and gelatos.

7. Shopping at Bayside Marketplace

Bored of shopping malls? Fine, if that’s the case, how about Bayside Marketplace? It is located at 401 Biscayne Blvd, Miami and actually located by the bay. We can guarantee that this shopping place will surely give you a different shopping experience with different attractions that you will never find at regular shopping malls.

It has everything from well known brands, restaurants you can have your birthday dinner at, and special events such as Dino Safari adventure. Therefore, we believe that it is a must visit place and can be a great location to celebrate a birthday party in Miami.

8. Visit the Museum of Science

Are you a nerd who doesn’t like no extravagant parties and opt for a stimulating experience instead? Worry not, because Miami has one the best museums you can visit, which is The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. It’s located at 1101 Biscayne Blvd, Miami. Ignite your curiosity and see the world differently at Miami’s only planetarium, aquarium and science museum.

We personally love the place as it has a combination of live shows, cutting-edge technology, and face to face experience where you can see wildlife creatures up close. They are open daily from 10 am to 6 pm and you can get all-in-one tickets for $29,95 for adults.

9. Take a Walk Through Deering Estate

Looking for a unique way to celebrate your birthday? Why not make it historic. For that reason, we think visiting historical sites such as Deering Estate in Miami will give us a different sense of time and life stories. Hence, it gives us the opportunity to look back at our life and contemplate on both the good and the bad.

Even better, this site offers a beautiful scenic area you can enjoy and relax on your special day. Located at 16701 SW 72nd Ave, Miami, they are open daily from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and are close to various restaurants and attractions to come by.

10. Feeding Spider Monkeys at the Monkey Jungle

You can share some birthday treats with our monkey friends at the Monkey Jungle. And guess what? They provide venues for private events including birthday parties, too! You can have the most unique birthday celebration ever with a jungle theme, with the best people in your life. It is located at 14805 SW 216th St. Miami, and you can check their website for available tickets and events.

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11. Birthday Dining at Joia Beach

While you are at the coastal city, then we think that you need to make the most of it. One of the things you can do to celebrate your birthday is getting birthday meals at beach restaurants such as Joia Beach. Being one of the most popular restaurants in the area, it is a located at Jungle Island with a tropical vibe, offering fresh caught seafood, prime cuts of meat, and extensive raw bar. In our opinion, Joia Beach will let you enjoy one of the best birthday celebrations ever.

12. Lively Cocktail at Baccarat Boutique Bar and Lounge

If you are an artsy type and wanting a classy yet vibrant birthday celebration, then Baccarat Boutique Bar and Lounge is the absolute place to go. Located at Miami Design District, it offers indoor and outdoor dining experience, along with robust and delightful cocktails that are served in Baccarat crystal.

Very extra, indeed, but we promise you that the experience will not let you down for sure. After the extravagant experience, you can take a walk along the design district where different shops, restaurants, and art space are available for you to enjoy.

13. Group Gathering at Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is an original neighborhood in Miami where you can experience the real Miami culture. It is the home of various shops, hotels, and last but not least, restaurants. What do you want and need, we can assure you that the grove will get you covered.

From fine dinings, comedy shows, to meditation class, you’ll get to choose the right way to celebrate your birthday in Miami. To start, you can take a look at their website to see the available events on the date of your birthday.

14. Watch a Performance at Cubaocho Museum

Watch A Performance at Cubaocho Museum

Cubaocho Museum is a performing art center where you’ll get to watch the best art show ever. Take a walk at their gallery to witness their fine arts collection. Attend the events they hold regularly, and then grab a drink at the bar where they offer different types of drinks.

We have to say with so much to offer, the menu is pretty affordable with only $2 for teas and ginger, $15 for meals, and $13 for drinks. Located at 1465 SW 8th Street Suite 106, Little Havana, this is clearly the place to go for a wholesome birthday experience.

15. Dancing to Old School Tunes at Sweet Liberty

Dancing To Old School Tunes at Sweet Liberty

Wanna dance in Miami? Wondering where exactly can you do it? At Sweet Liberty, of course. We have to say that this is the best Miami bar for your birthday, especially if you want to avoid the tourist crowd.

This is the place where everyone is welcomed no matter what age and musical taste. You’ll get a more intimate experience and witness people dance to old tunes. It is located at 237 20th St suite b, Miami Beach and don’t miss their happy hour every 4:00-8:00 pm where you can get the best deals.

16. Chill at Matheson Hammock Park

Chill at Matheson Hammock Park

Maybe you don’t want to celebrate your birthday with parties and just want to just chill instead. Well, that’s OK too! If that’s the case, you can always just chill and enjoy the warm Miami weather at Matheson Hammock Park. It is located at 9610 Old Cutler Road Miami and is open daily from sunrise to sunset.

The entrance fee is very affordable with only $5 on weekdays and $7 on holidays per car. You can enjoy different attractions and adventures including kite-boarding, kayaking, and enjoy fresh seafood grills.

17. Write Your Birthday Wishes with a Ribbon Ceremony

Write Your Birthday Wishes with A Ribbon Ceremony

An old Asian culture suggests that we write our wishes on ribbons and tie it up to trees for eternal blessings. You can do this ceremony for your birthday wish at Upper Buena Vista, which is a bohemian oasis located at 184 NE 50th Terrace, Miami. It is a sanctuary for artisan and merchants for an outdoor shopping experience that helps you connect with nature and be mindful.

18. Talk to Senior Citizens at Domino Park

Talk To Senior Citizens at Domino Park

Wanna be happy and feel fulfilled on your birthday? Then, we would advice that you try to talk to senior citizens, because it will be a unique yet fulfilling idea for a birthday activity. You can do it at Domino Park, which is a hidden gem located at 8th street, Little Havana where senior citizens gather and play domino and chess.

You can play a game or two while having a meaningful conversation with them. After that, you can take a walk at Walk of the Stars and get yourself an ice cream at Azucar Ice Cream Company. What a wholesome birthday, and we can assure you that it will be a once in a lifetime birthday experience.

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19. Beer Brewing at Wynwood Brewing Company

Beer Brewing at Wynwood Brewing Company

No adult birthday party is complete without a beer brewing experience. At Wynwood Brewing Company, you can have a first hand beer brewing experience from the brewing experts in Miami. They also offer the Wynwood Cycle Party Bar crawl for a fun on wheel party with your besties, starting from only $59 per adult. Located at 565 NW24th St, Miami, it is close to various restaurants you can visit for delightful meals after your brewing party.

20. Ocean Nightclub and Boat Party

Ocean Nightclub and Boat Party

Celebrating your birthday at a nightclub is common sense, but celebrating it at a boat in the ocean, that’s what we call a VIP experience. With El Agua Miami, you’ll get a 3,5 hours of boat party with open bars and live DJ.

Personally, we think that this is a fun activity in Miami that you must do with your friends. They are open daily but you need to make your reservation in advance. The tickets are pretty affordable with only $40 per person. They are located at 1508 Bay road, Miami Beach, and you’ll get a one night of an experience worth remembering.

Final Thoughts

Miami is an exciting cities full of attractions and excitements. Therefore we think that it would a wonderful idea to celebrate your birthday in the city. From outdoor excitements like jet ski experience, boat fishing and a visit to the Monkey Jungle, to a more lay low activities like beer brewing or having a deep conversation with senior citizens, Miami has it all. So, whatever activity you choose to have, let’s make sure you have an unforgettable birthday celebration in Miami with your loved ones.

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What is a memorable way to celebrate your birthday in Miami?

A tropical birthday dinner will give you a tropical experience you’ll remember forever. Also, the cruise tour and ribbon ceremony will give you a different experience, both will be memorable in different ways. It depends on what you want and how you want to do it. The performing art show will also give you a long lasting memory that you can remember for the rest of your life.

What fun activities can you do to celebrate your birthdays in Miami?

There are so many fun activities you can do to celebrate your birthday in Miami. We can start with beer brewing, go on a cycle party bar tour, taste delicious meals at the best restaurant, and have a shopping spree. You can also go on a culinary feast at Little Havana along with other attractions to visit.

What can you do instead of a birthday party in Miami?

Instead of having a birthday party in Miami, you can go to the Monkey Jungle and interact with the cute monkeys. You can also take a walk through the Deering Estate. And if you prefer museum visits, Miami has a lot of options including the Museum of Science. And of course, you can always go on a shopping spree at numerous shopping centers in Miami.

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