20 Fun Ways on How to Celebrate Birthday at the Beach on Summer

Birthday celebration at the beach? Yes please! This summer, when celebrating your birthday with friends, family or even a special someone, there is no need to pack gowns and suits. Instead, pack a few swimsuits, towels and head to the beach! Bring sunglasses and a cooler to keep the drinks cold, and celebrate an epic birthday at the beach that everyone will remember. With a day of fun in the sun, sea, and delicious picnic snacks plus a birthday cake out of the oven, you’ll be ready for the perfect celebratory cake pop.

The sand and warm, sunny weather will make you forget about everything else and bring out the good times for all your friends. You can build a sand castle and then hang out in the ocean, or just lay out on the beach with some sunscreen. This is a great, relaxing way to celebrate a special day at the beach because it’s natural, relaxing and fun━all at once! Here are some fun ideas to rock your birthday celebration at the beach this summer.

1. Try Water Activities

In ur opinion, for those who love water activities, a beach is a perfect home to celebrate their birthday, including you perhaps. You can meet new sea creature friends while diving or snorkeling. If you are looking for more adrenaline pumping games, then you can consider jet skiing and parasailing. You’ll definitely want to attempt it repeatedly as long as you adhere to the safety instructions. Before packing your stuff for your beach summer vacation, find must-have and unique beach items in awesomestuff365.com.

2. Have a Picnic at the Beach

A beachside picnic is the ideal setting for a birthday celebration. It’s not just simple and handy, because it’s more than that! If you ask us, we definitely think that celebrating a birthday at the beach is fun and exciting! All you need to stretch out on the sand is some food, beverages, and a blanket. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen and bring an umbrella for shade. Find cool tents for your picnic in awesomestuff365.com. This is a simple but fun way to celebrate birthdays on the beach with your family and friends.

3. Night Beach Party

Throw an epic birthday party on the beach that will last all night! For this kind of party, the beach club is definitely one of the most ideal settings for a party with all of your friends. Try Seacrets, which is popular as the most fun bar in the entire state of Maryland. To make sure you have fun all night, you can play same games with your friends. If you’re unsure about what games to play, in our opinion, you can definitely play truth or dare games, which will live up the party. Moreover, you can also do other fun things like dance the night away, have some drinks, and many more.

4. Order Ice Cream Truck

How To Celebrate Birthday At Beach

Nothing beats an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. No matter how old you are, ice cream will always be something to enjoy! Since it can be challenging to bring your own ice cream supplies to the beach, then hiring an ice cream truck to sell at your birthday celebration can be a great idea. You can ask the ice cream guy to stock up on the most popular flavors and provide guests a wide variety of toppings.

5. Swimming Competition

What could be more cooling on a hot summer day than a swim in the sea? If you happen to have friends who love water sports, then you can give them the right activity to bring out their competitive sides by holding a swimming competition. Spending a sunny afternoon by swimming in the sea couldn’t be more exciting than this. After all, swimming is good for your health, and no one can deny that. So create something different for this year’s birthday celebration by arranging a swimming competition. Just be certain that you have some towels available. Furthermore, you can give a reward to the winner to celebrate your birthday.

6. Water Balloon Battle

In case you need more “water” for your beach birthday party, then you definitely need this game. Set up a water balloon fight if your party goers don’t mind creating a physical splash. Small balloons can be inflated in advance and kept safe in a transportable container with handles. When it’s time to play, divide your guests into several teams or have them compete against each other to see who can pop the most water balloons.

7. Build Sandcastles and Sculptures

If you are looking for a simple beach birthday decoration that won’t pollute the beach, then beach sand will be the answer. Ask your family and friends to make various sculptures and sandcastles. Friends who enjoy getting their hands filthy will adore this exercise. Additionally, you don’t need to bring back this environment friendly decor. There is always the possibility of subsequently destroying your invention. And based on experience, these kinds of activities will tighten the relationship between everyone in the family and friends, too!

8. Beach Party Favors

When it’s time for your guests to leave the beach birthday party, you would want them to take something with them that perfectly captures the memories they’ve shared with you. Party favors with a beach theme like barefoot sandals can be a gorgeous keepsake. Or, you might buy some beach towels that your guests may enjoy all season long. Also, you can decorate some cupcakes to resemble starfish and mermaids.

9. Set a Beach Bonfire

Why not have a bonfire on the beach if you’re searching for something to do in the evening? Dig a small, round hole and gather rocks and make a circle with them around the hole. Add in three logs and a lot of kindling and use a long reach lighter to light the kindling under the wood. You can toast marshmallows, sing songs, or just have a great time together. There’s nothing more relaxing than spending time together at the beach with our loved ones, around the bonfire. In our opinion, it’s also a great way to celebrate a birthday on the beach at night.

10. Have a Tropical Drinks Bar

Enjoying fresh and energizing beverages at the beach is indeed exhilarating! Therefore, creating a fun DIY bar for your party attendees is a great idea. You can include a variety of components for mocktails and cocktails, chilled water, and fresh fruit juices. If you have extra budgets available, you might also consider hiring a bartender, so you and your guests can focus on enjoying the party while the bartender make the drinks for you. Decorate your drink area with sand dollars, starfish, and palm palms for a wonderful beach themed celebration.

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11. Take Fun Beach Photos

Keep your birthday beach celebration memories in pictures to remember forever. As we all know, people just love to take pictures wherever they are and whatever they do. Therefore, make sure you have all the fun moments during your birthday party at the beach captured in pictures. Take photos of everyone at the beach in various stances while playing with water and sand. Especially if you have a good camera and photo-editing apps, you can even recreate some famous historical images at the beach!

12. Host a Bikini Fashion Show

Next up we have a unique 50th birthday beach party idea. It’s time to shine in your golden age! You can host a bikini fashion show at the beach and show off your sexy curve to celebrate your birthday. Have some fun by asking your guests to participate in the fashion show. Simply arrange some beach towels and umbrellas to create the runaway.

13. Stargaze at the Beach

When the beach is fully dark at night, you might be able to spot shining stars in the sky. Take your loved one for a nighttime sky viewing session on the beach, and you might be fortunate enough to live somewhere where the stars are visible in their full glory. There is nothing quite as enjoyable as observing stars with a loved one, and based on experience of many couples, spending time at the beach watching the stars above is one of the most romantic things to do together. Moreover, you can also make a wish upon a shooting star on your special day.

14. Watch Sunset at Santa Monica Pier

Watch Sunset at Santa Monica Pier

What’s the point of having a birthday trip at the beach without sunset? Go to the Santa Monica Pier for one of the most enjoyable and stunning sunsets on the west coast. You could easily spend the entire day here while watching the sunset magnificently over the Pacific Ocean. Bring your beach chair and find the perfect spot to watch the sun go down. Don’t forget to enjoy the arcades, a historic carousel, live music, a ferris wheel, and the fantastic beach.

15. Make Jewelry From Seashells

Make Jewelry From Seashells

When you walk on the beach, you may spot some beautiful seashells around you. Seashells are perfect for making jewelry or for treasuring moments at the beach! You can collect some of them to make a beautiful necklace on your birthday. Or, keep the seashells on the small bottle, making a wonderful keepsake to treasure.

16. Romantic Dinner

Romantic Beach Dinner

If you are planning to celebrate your birthday with your partner, then consider having a romantic dinner with the beach setting. Place a simple table with candles and flowers near the beach. Then, order some seafoods and wines from the nearest restaurant. Enjoy your romantic dinner and have a light conversation while hearing the sound of the waves.

17. Night Walk on the Beach

Night Walk on The Beach

Consider going for a nighttime stroll on the beach if you’re feeling daring. Invite your pals to join you as you explore the beach at night. You might even catch a glimpse of some shooting stars while you listen to the waters lapping against the shore. Have a deep conversation with your friends or contemplate your new age while admiring the beach at night.

18. Play Volleyball Games

Play Volleyball Games

Celebrate your birthday at the beach with fun sports like a volleyball competition. You can ask your family and friends to participate in this game. Consider giving prizes to the winning team and also to the most valuable player. By participating in the birthday celebration competition, you can draw in larger audiences and have fun together.

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19. Beach Barbeque Party

Beach Barbeque Party

Beat the cold night air at the beach with something warm and delicious. Host a beach barbecue party with your family and friends. You can bring your own barbeque tools or simply order the barbeque service from a restaurant near the beach, like KAIBO in Cayman Islands. Gather everyone for a beachside barbecue and some fun.

20. Write Birthday Wish on the Beach

Write Birthday Wish on The Beach

Sometimes you just want a simple but meaningful activity at the beach during your birthday. If so, why don’t you write your birthday wish this year on the beach? Choose the sand area near the ocean to write. Let the waves wash over your writing, and hope that your wishes come true. You’ll definitely experience greater relief after writing on the sand.

Latest Post:

What do you need for a beach birthday party?

A perfect location, food, decoration, and entertainment are those you need to consider before throwing a beach birthday party. Invite your family and friends to have fun at your party. Moreover, if you need more ideas on how to celebrate birthdays at the beach, please read in the article above.

What is a unique way to celebrate your birthday at the beach?

If you love parties, you can host a mini fashion show at your beach birthday party. Ask your guests to wear their best swimsuits and walk on the DIY runaway. Meanwhile, for those who are adventurous, you can explore the beach at night and wait for shooting stars. In addition, you can also try exciting outdoor water activities during the day.

How do you celebrate a low budget birthday at the beach?

Instead of buying birthday themed decoration, use your creativity skills to make sculptures and sandcastles for your birthday decor. You can also bring your own food and have a picnic near the beach. This is a perfect birthday setting for those who have a limited budget to celebrate birthdays at the beach.

What fun activities do people do at the beach to celebrate birthdays?

Sports are always a fun activity you can do at the beach. Bring your volleyball to the beach, ask people to participate in the game. In addition, dare yourself with water activities like jet skiing and parasailing to create a wonderful memory on your birthday. If you need more fun tips to celebrate your birthday at the beach, go check in the article above.

How can you celebrate your birthday without a party at the beach?

For those who prefer activities rather than parties at the beach, try snorkeling and diving. See the beauty under water to celebrate your new age. In addition, write your birthday wishes on the sand and let the waves grant them all. At night, you may stargaze and wish upon shooting stars.

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