30 Gorgeous Barefoot Beach Wedding Sandals For Brides & Bridesmaids

Barefoot Beach Wedding Sandals

The barefoot sandal trend has taken the world by storm and is the most fun way to accessorize and make your gorgeous feet stand out. Barefoot Beach wedding sandals are incredibly dainty and a beautiful addition to your bridal ensemble giving you an opportunity to flaunt intricate designs.

These beach wedding shoes create a lot more visual interest than anklets and allow you to enjoy the feel of warm sand softly massaging the soles of your feet. They also give you the chance to show off your pretty manicured feet in style.

Make it the perfect destination wedding to remember with a point of difference. There is no end to the design options available for jeweled sandals for beach weddings. We have compiled a list of some of the most outstanding for you to make your pick.

Best Barefoot Beach Wedding Sandals:

Take a visual walk through our remarkable collection and choose the one that best reflects your personality and taste.

#1 Boho Bride Beach Wedding Sandals 

Boho Bride Beach Wedding Barefoot Sandals Aisle

Boho Bride Beach Wedding Shoes Online Ancient Greek

These delicate foot chains make use of pretty rhinestones and kundan gems on a silver plated chain to create an artistic masterpiece.

Their stunning beauty is capable of transforming even the most ordinary feet from plain to amazing in a matter of seconds and the adjustable closure guarantees comfort. They are the best way to complete your bridal outfit without compromising the relaxing effect of beach sand underneath your feet. Find it Here.

#2 Spring Flowers Barefoot Beach Sandals 

Spring Flowers Barefoot Beach Sandals

Spring flowers are the perfect raw material to create the ultimate beach wedding sandals that harmonize with the natural environment.

These particular ones create an alluring and delicate effect that makes them unique and captivating. They allow you to incorporate the subtle elegance of flowers making them all the more distinct. They are very simple yet extremely graceful and can blend in with any wedding theme. Great for the flower girl, or bridesmaids at your destination wedding on a beach. Find it Here.

#3 Aquarius Barefoot Turquoise Sandals 

Aquarius Barefoot Turquoise Sandals

The highlight of these ocean-inspired sandals is the prominent Aquarius centerpiece that perfectly reflects the tranquil color of the ocean.

They are set on a silver framework and feature an eco-friendly concept that is at one with the natural surroundings of the beach environment. The metallic chain creates a luxurious glittery effect and they have an adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit for any size.

#4 Dream Girl Barefoot Beach Sandals 

Dream Girl Barefoot Beach Sandals

These double-layered barefoot beach wedding sandals are an ideal choice for any festive occasion thanks to the moon charm centerpiece. It creates significant visual interest and highlights the natural allure of the feminine foot.

The less prominent metallic charm is ideal for drawing attention to a slender ankle and highlighting the natural contours of gorgeous feet. Their intricate design blends well with any wedding attire adding to its appeal. Find it Here.

#5 Champagne Barefoot Sandals 

Champagne Barefoot Sandals

Champagne Barefoot Sandals

These chic beach wedding barefoot sandals suit the free-spirited and adventurous bride who is not limited to the traditional pearly white that themes most weddings.

The choice of champagne color creates a sense of cohesiveness with the natural skin shade and the ornate crocheted design makes them a visual marvel. Cotton is a most appropriate material for the beach environs since it is not prone to water damages and therefore allows you to have a fun and memorable time. Find it Here.

#6 Lace Barefoot Footless Wedding Sandals 

Lace Barefoot Footless Sandals

The use of rhinestone to create these delicate floral patterns has injected a dose of awesome into these otherwise simple beach wedding sandals for bride.

Unlike most other subdued pieces, these make a loud fashion statement and attract the best kind of attention. They are cheerful and reflect the spirit of summer and the exuberant mood of a beach wedding in every way imaginable. White is the ideal color choice as it could blend with most wedding color themes. Find it Here.

#7 Rhinestone Beach Shell Barefoot Wedding Sandals 

Rhinestone Beach Shell Barefoot Wedding Sandals Bride and Groon

Simple is the new elegant with these subtle oceans inspired barefoot sandals. The shell centerpiece is most appropriate as it makes an eye-catching centerpiece that is bound to draw every eye to your perfectly manicured feet.

The use of an elastic stretch cord for its framework is ideal as it makes the sandals fit every foot snugly and does not necessitate the use of a clasp. The combination of rhinestone, seed beads and pearls is remarkably chic. Find it Here.

#8 Lace Barefoot Bridesmaids Sandals 

Lace Barefoot Bridesmaids Sandals Bride and Groom

For anyone who wants something that goes beyond the barely-there effect of nude sandals, this lace set is the one. Its creativity is evident from the color choice yet the fabric and pattern make it perfectly suited for festivity.

They hold a fairytale-like effect while still maintaining the simplicity that informs this design. They bring true meaning into the words look good and feel great! Find it Here.

#9 Bohemian Black Lace Barefoot Sandals 

Bohemian Black Lace Barefoot Sandals Rehearsal Dinner

If you would like to add some creative contrast to your bridal outfit then these beach wedding shoes make that possible in incredible style. The color choice is a sure way to get them noticed, an important consideration considering their intricacy and beauty.

The fanciful bohemian design draws the best aspects from both worlds making the sandals a delicate blend of a contemporary and traditional appeal that would create quite a stunning effect on any wedding theme. Find it Here.

#10 Ivory Tan Barefoot Sandals 

Ivory Tan Barefoot Sandals Wedding Dress

Barefoot Wedding Sandals Bride and Bridal Party

These beautiful lacy barefoot sandals have the same amount of sex appeal as a slinky dress showing off enough skin yet remaining outstandingly modish.

The subtle ivory tan gives them an air of royal adornment and the delicate ribbons that go halfway up the bride’s legs make them even more stunning. They are the ultimate pieces to capture the mood of a beach wedding while at the same time not detracting from the fashion standards required. Find it Here.

#11 Luna Light Barefoot Sandals 

Luna Light Barefoot Sandals

The Luna light beach wedding sandals are a great way to add a much-needed dose of bling to your festive look.

This pair is quite outstanding thanks to the prominently placed and reasonably sized pearls that reflect the essence of the beach environment. The chains around the ankle and toe loop are polished to perfection and reflect natural light for a glittering effect that is the mark of any great wedding.

#12 Off White Lace Barefoot Wedding Sandals 

Off White Lace Barefoot Wedding Sandals Wedding Veil

The romantic essence of a beach wedding is greatly enhanced when the beautiful bridesmaid’s deck on these irresistible cute barefoot wedding sandals.

They are an awesome choice to keep the sexy vibe strong and powerful throughout the event, allowing the maids to be the best they can be all day thanks to the comfort enjoyed and the connection with Mother Nature. Off-white lace is highly popular since it does justice to virtually any wedding outfit. Find it Here.

#13 Blue Flower Lace Sandals 

Blue Flower Lace Sandals

If your style is the exact opposite of subtle then you need a statement piece that will capture your personality and express your fashion sense in style.

This is just the concept for you as it makes an impressive combination of the most tranquil shade of blue paired with a striking pure white. These beach wedding shoes use a delicate blend of lace, beads and floral cutouts to exemplify creativity at its best. Find it Here.

#14 Pink Flower Bridesmaids Beach Sandals 

Pink Flower Bridesmaids Beach Sandals Attire

Pink is the color of passion and fashion and these lovely beach wedding sandals for bridesmaids bring both to the fore.

They are an excellent choice for them to bare their soles and show off a wide array of pretty feet to feed any fetishes in the audience. With these ones, the party could go on all day and night without a single drop in elegance as no one will have to kick off uncomfortable heels. Find it Here.

#15 Butterfly Barefoot Sandals 

Butterfly Barefoot Sandals

Jeweled sandals for a beach wedding do not come any better than this bohemian nature-inspired pair. It is an ornate creation combining the beauty of turquoise beads, a silver chain and a charming butterfly centrepiece.

The natural appeal of the butterfly’s design enhances the aesthetic appeal of these unique works of art. They are not limited to barefoot adventures as they can be worn under sandals as well. Find it Here.

#16 Personalised Rose Gold Barefoot Beach Sandals 

Personalised Rose Gold Barefoot Beach Sandals Bride

These beautiful rose gold beach sandals have a personalization option that makes them suitable for gifting your bridesmaids for gracing your event and giving you a most stunning performance at no pay.

The customization feature is a simple inclusion of an initial on the ankle chain while the rest of the sandal combines seed beads and pearls for an awesome effect. The centerpiece is a starfish that brings the ocean dream to life and creates an irresistible focal point. Find it Here.

#17 Bright Red Lace Barefoot Sandals 

Bright Red Lace Barefoot Sandals Destination Wedding

These lace and chain beach wedding sandals are made extremely impressive by the choice of bold red and its stunning blend of silver.

The design is pretty simple but the effect is incredible and they are bound to incorporate lots of fun and elegance into your event. They are a great contrast to the ordinary subdued colors that permeate this line and make a great name for themselves as well as a powerful fashion statement. Find it Here.

#18 Gothic Black Lace Barefoot Wedding Sandals For Guests 

Gothic Black Lace Barefoot Sandals Bridesmaids

A perfect way to make beach wedding sandals for guests that will carry the day and make you the talk of the town for a while is this black lace gothic concept.

They would make for a most outstanding wedding photo shoot, perfect for a top-tier magazine collection. They feature a perfect contrast against the skin and are a perfect distraction to focus attention away from any real or perceived imperfections. Find it Here.

#19 Lace Chain Barefoot Sandals 

Lace Chain Barefoot Sandals Veil

These barefoot beach sandals exemplify the simple mantra that assigns the greatest appeal to the designs that never have to try too hard to garner attention.

They comprise a simple combination of lace and chain with a delicately placed single white pearl set as the focal point. The white color of the lace is pure and has a striking effect that can be used to light up any outdoor event that involves a fun time on the beach. Find it Here.

#20 White Pearl & Heart Barefoot Beach Sandals 

White Pearl & Heart Barefoot Beach Sandals Cross Country

The heart design is one of the most enduring fashion highlights of all time and will certainly never go out of fashion.

Its use of these beach wedding sandals takes them a notch higher on the scale of elegance and makes them perfect to pair up with your white gown for an incredible look. They feel even better than they look thanks to the comfortable effect of lace around the ankle and the loose fit of the toe-loop. Find it Here.

#21 Bohemian Goddes Barfoot Wedding Sandals 

Bohemian Goddess Barfoot Sandals Wedge Heel

This pair employs the use of bling to make a Bohemian enthusiast look stunning while enjoying the comfortable massage of nature’s best and most relaxing surface.

It is the best choice for someone who is not afraid to go over the top in a bid to achieve a striking look and stand out from the crowd at all costs. The silver pieces reflect sunlight and create a remarkable and luxurious effect to compliment any festive outfit.

#22 Floral Crochet Peach Barefoot Sandals 

Floral Crochet Peach Barefoot Sandals Flower Girl

Crochet designs are the epitome of creativity when it comes to creating an awesome pair of wedding sandals.

This one is an awesome choice for a bride who likes to go against the grain and incorporate the use of vivid colors to accent the event and make it memorable. The long tie design has a certain hidden appeal to it that makes it outstanding and somewhat rustic, perfect for the adventurous soul. Find it Here.

#23 Purple Flower Beach Sandals 

Purple Flower Beach Sandals Honeymoon

The outstanding purple flower delicately placed on the ankle piece makes these the most impressive choice of shoes for a beach wedding guest. It transforms the sandals from a simple lacy pair to an ethereal and intriguing work of art to accent any outfit.

They provide an opportunity for a remarkable beach photo-shoot and if paired with the perfect outfit could make you an instant celebrity. Enjoy the comfort and class they provide while looking your best.Find it Here.

#24 Romantic Lace Barefoot Wedding Sandals 

Brides Romantic Lace Barefoot Sandals

These lovely wedding sandals cohesively blend with a white wedding gown to make the most practical beachwear choice that in no way compromises your sense of fashion and style.

Any trendy bride will appreciate the instant facelift they provide to the simplest of outfits and how perfectly they match with any given theme for the most aesthetically impressive effect and utmost comfort all day long. Find it Here.

#25 Floral Yellow Barefoot Sandals 

Floral Yellow Barefoot Sandals For Brides

If you love the effect that color has to brighten up the mood and generate good cheer then you will definitely love this knitted pattern in bright yellow.

It would work really well with an island themed wedding creating such a high appeal that it would seem more like a work of fiction that a real live event. The lace up makes it all the more classy and sophisticated and keeps it perfectly secured throughout the festivity. Find it Here.

#26 Mermaid Barefoot Beach Sandals 

Mermaid Barefoot Bridal Beach Sandals

Any ocean themed event would enjoy a breath of fresh air inspired by these beach wedding sandals that feature a prominent mermaid centrepiece.

The design is rather simple making great use of chains for an understated kind of appeal that is best suited for the demure bride. The pearl and mermaid, however, take it to a whole new level injecting some life and character into the sandals for a charming allure from a fairy tale. Find it Here.

#27 Red Lace Bridal Sandals 

Red Lace Bridal Sandals

The only thing better than lace in all its delicate allure is when it comes in a vivid shade of red. These beach wedding shoes provide the perfect focal point to direct attention to your feet and let the world take in all the beauty that has always remained hidden under the burden of shoes.

The best part about these nude sandals is the fact that you enjoy all the appeal that comes from wearing shoes without all the inconvenience that usually marks the experience. Find it Here.

#28 Belize Barefoot Wedding Sandals 

Belize Barefoot Wedding Sandals

Wedding sandals have never looked more stunning than this divine combination kundan stones and rhinestone on a gold chain.

Anyone who loves jewelry will certainly appreciate these sandals and their capacity to captivate interest is beyond most others. They are an extraordinarily stunning choice for the ethereal bride who loves to look gorgeous and will go to any extent to achieve this effect. Find it Here.

#29 Salmar Barefoot Sandals 

Salmar Barefoot Sandals

Salmar Barefoot Wedding Sandals

Barefoot sandals have quite an outstanding ability to amaze especially when paired with the perfect feet and manicured toes underneath.

These remarkable barefoot sandals feature a lobster centerpiece on a silver plated chain interspersed with ornate rhinestones for the utmost appeal.

The design is nature-inspired with leaves and flower petals comprising the spirit informing the patterns. Their full capacity to impress is particularly evident in the sun where they glitter and sparkle like a jewel. Find it Here.

#30 Blue & White Barefoot Beach Wedding Sandals 

Blue & White Barefoot Beach Wedding Sandals

Blue & White Barefoot Beach Wedding Sandals

Something blue for your wedding ensemble might very well be the tiny floral details on these woven barefoot beach sandals.

They feature a striking white that contrasts remarkably with the floral focal points to create a visual delight. The natural fabric is comfortable and made to fit most feet perfectly. The design is highly minimalistic yet does not cease to amaze and the coziness feature is beyond all expectations. Find it Here.

Any trendy woman will agree that this is among the best ever innovations for feminine appeal as it makes a rare combination of elegance and comfort in a manner that few others can manage. The wide array of options available take into account every personality and fashion sense to ensure that every foot gets a taste of the remarkable beach wedding sandals. Keep in mind that you can enjoy their immeasurable level of luxury and style on any other beach event and you do not necessarily have to be a bride or attend the wedding to enjoy their delightful feel. Choose yours today and make the sassy switch to a whole new level of elegance.

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